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I would presume this could've been discussed already, but is there any reason why Co-op don't contribute to our general exp? Like it's still StarCraft, you still play one of three races, why can't you progress to unlock portraits and skins for races? An honest question.

Plus, it would've been cool to play as commanders outside of strictly 2 player co-op mode. Is there anything for that in the arcade?
The general levels are supposed to show your experience with Versus while the Ascension levels do the same for Co-op. Versus and Co-op are different game modes that arguably play differently and require different game skills. So it only seems fair to me that the rewards for investing your time in one or the other are separate as well.

Besides, gaining exp for Versus games is pretty easy, since daily bonus is 100k for each race. So just win 1 game with each race vs Very Easy AI per day and you will level up fast. I prefer PvP ladder games though, since they are more fun and challenging, you learn more and they bring additional rewards for winning.

I would like to see more than 2 player coop myself, but that will never happen. The reason for that is that the game can get really laggy in some scenarios (especially with Stukov and now Stetmann) and additional players, larger maps and more enemy units would make it unplayable.

I'm not sure if there are any arcade or custom games that attempt this. I know that an arcade called Desert Strike has a commander mode that uses coop based units. It's a RTS-TBS hybrid and a really fun game - give it a try, if you haven't already.
Well, that's reasonable if you look at that this way. But aren't AI opponents increase their difficulty level? Last time I played I was forced to play against Very Hard.

Also, don't player's personal statistics like w/l ratio, ranked rating and etc. are better suited for this. After all, levels don't say that much about players skill, only time put into that race. Some people are slow learners, after all.

As for Co-op, I was hoping they'd create an alternative. Instead of commanders we could play as heroes with their unique abilities and passives. More like adding a bit of RPG to RTS. Like it was in WarCraft III.
If I'm not mistaken, you get experience points for custom games as well. There you can choose the AI's difficulty. And yes, MMR is the only true measure of skill. But if someone has very low levels or no levels in certain races, you can most likely tell that he is a beginner at Versus.

If you are looking for a good hero-based game in arcade, try Crap Patrol 2. There are couple of coop commanders there as well (Swan, Nova, Tychus...). You progress them through 70+ levels, pick perks, abilities, etc. Its basically an RGP RTS, like you describe. It takes some time to get fellow players, but it's well worth it. And start with Normal difficulty - it gets really dicey beyond that.
Oh, that's good to know. Thanks for the mod.

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