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Hi guys!

Is there somebody who played Lord of the Rings the Battle for Middle-Earth 1?
I loved base building mechanic there. It was really unique and worth to explore.

Now I am playing with idea of creating SC II map mode that would simulate this kind of base building system with similar game-play ( slower than SC II, more units on scene, hero units with leveling mechanic )
Well basically copy of mechanic from bfme1

Finally my question.
Is there anybody of you open to discussion about this idea and possible cooperation in creation such mode?

I am aware of this idea scope complexity.
Here are some games I made so far:
All in unity engine

To be honest my experiences with CS II editor are basically none.
Yet thanks to programmer background it will not be problem to learn.
i have worked on something similar in warcraft 3. each build site inside your base needs to be a structure that can be upgraded into a building. when you claim the base site, you need a script(trigger) that generates those structures and another trigger to replace the building when it is destroyed. if you have warcraft 3, you could try to get some ideas from my warcraft 3 map which is here.
Thank you Sir!
I should have good old W3 somewhere under pile of dust :)

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