[Solved] Editor: Dialogs for a single player

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I have a problem with "Dialogs":

1) I would really like to load from a "Bank" the name of an unit.
2) This bank is specific to the player.
3) This name would be displayed in a "Dialog".
4) I managed to display the names of everyone's units in the same "Dialog".
5) The problem arises when you have to display this "Dialog" for a single player: I can decide to display it for a particular team, but not for a single player (unless I'm mistaken).
6) I could isolate each person in a team (at least, I think) but I would lose the benefit of the teams...

Is there a way to display a "Dialog" for a single person or do I have to do it differently? And, in any case, how should I proceed?

Thanking you in advance and wishing you a great weekend! :)
Best regards.
Answer: I can convert a player to a player group (do not confuse with team). My problem is now solved.

Convert Player to Player Group
Returns a player group containing the specified player. This allows you to call a specific player as a player group parameter in triggers.

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