tvt is cancer

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Retarded coinflipp so i go 2 reaper helion and we both go 2gas, so we basetrade and he built 4 reaper 1 cyclone and i buit 3 reaper and 2 helion so i guess i autolose, tvt is so cancer, pure rng start of the game, coinflippy trash.

Go watch pros, even to pros this happens
1.mass viking vs mass viking, which is like phoenix vs phoenix you are unable to tell who has more, which is coinflipp. Raven vs raven took skill, usually better palyer would have won.
2.randomly someone siege under cliff, u cant have 2 sensor at that point, or marines on all paths on map, even if you have there one marine, if he dies and you don't have scan you autolose, even if you send units to defen cliffm he can choose to attack from somewhere else.
3. random doom drop, if you choose to put vikings in airspace at your third and at that point u can have max 1 sensor and he drops everything in natural you autolose, or if you split between 3 bases and he attacks at one point.
4. game is who randomly attacks first, because you can't have at that point all information in the game, if you choose to attack and he defend specific stuff you are doing you autolose, but if you stay and def, attacker has advantage and if you put all vikings at air space and he drops natural for example you autolose, but point is you can't be alwas attacker, you don't know if he has random medivac or something and if you go attack you may autolose,
it is just rng. I betean with helion drop even gm 5600 mmr, or with siege viking 1 base, someone go helion, but it loses to 1 base cyclone, but if you opne with marines, it loses to 1 base viking... Even polt lose to helion drop vs supernova, because first repaer can't scout and noone scan at 3 minute, because if they don't do it you are behind and you need scan 4 minute, also you need 5 minute.. YOu can't scan all time...

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