Looking for active 2v2 team mate.

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Didn't really know where to look Im sick of RT getting no where really.. looking for someone who at least has around my APM 140-160.Im z so T or P pls if you enjoy 2v2 drop a message here. we can also practice 1v1
How much APM you have, doesn't mean a thing. What's your MMR in 1v1 and 2v2?
Hi good point thought it could be an indication of potential tho i seemed to peaked 187apm today in a game that was more intense.2v2 mmr doesnt really mean much as its Rt and i seem stuck at top plat but most cases reach di in rt.. did master before with active ally so wouldnt mind again. 1v1 i tend to be aroud di di 3 but havnt played a place game this season to tell you the mmr. hope thats some sort of indication of mmr tho.maybe i should start by joining a clan. wheres a good place to look?

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