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Hello dear Blizzard,

lately I am experiencing random dissconnents from ladder games, and it is becoming really annoying, espically when you are winning the game and suddenly the game just shows you "attempting" to reconnent. Thats very stresful at Grandmaster lvl play. I am not experiencing any kind of network issues during this. Everything is working properly, no spikes in ping whatsoever at other sites.

Is there something you can do to help me fix it? Its already like a 10th loss I have just because of disconnect with no network problem. Its not funny anymore.

Thank you.

PS: I have asked some other players in my friends if they do experience such thing, and some of them acutally experience it aswell. So I dont think there issue on my side.
Same problem here, happened the first time this afternoon, now i cant play a single game without dropping after 10 minutes ish

If you encounter any connection issues such as the disconnects you mentioned, start by going through the steps listed in the Connection Troubleshooting Support Article. Please go through the listed steps thoroughly, and see if that improves things for you.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
With all sincerity,

I dont think the problem is on my side at all. I tried those things at first to see if it helps, and it didnt stop occuring. And from what I know from my friends, those disconnects are happening on a massive scale. A lot of my friends are experiencing it too, so this might be some kind of bug in the Starcraft 2 network service. I hope the technical servise is aware of this issue already, because if its not its pretty sad. Since it started like 2 weeks ago, for almost everybody .. might be a bug in latest patch or smth. I tried checking my network during the disconnect, and I am not experiencing any kind of packet loss anywhere besides battle.net.
Happening to me too.

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