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" Another important aspect is the language used by us. Often we use a lot of neologism and acronyms, here you can find an helpful list:
--> "

There seems to be a problem with those 2 links.
Apparently there are errors which deny watching the page fully.
( or it's just me ? )
Hello :) I'm new to multiplayer, so i was wondering...
If I want to have a match with a particular user (a friend of mine that's also playing) how do I find him? Or better said, how does he find the game I host and joins me?
Can this be done? I read that you cannot play multiplayer on local network, but he is also on ..
can someone help me?
Thank you :)
You need to create party, invite you friend, then you can create custom game and he/she can play with you, nothing more :)
I am still bad at this game, 10 loses on ranked matches,

I guess now you know why I only played usm maps on sc1 the base game is simply too hard for me.

If only sc2 had fun arcade maps 80% of them are boring as an !@# and everyone seems to like that.

At least both campaigns were enjoyable, I always used cheats on sc1 back in the day. :)

Worth the money regardless, I can't wait for void.
I am a new player, basically did what you describe except didn't play in practice league but vs AI. After placement I am in silver and after laddering a bit I am getting destroyed.
I consider myself to be bronze level so I was kinda surprised with the placement, and I'm getting matched against high silver gold and plat.
Since you can't be demoted anymore, am I doomed to have a 0% winrate until I improved drastically ? I'd like to face bronze players or low silver because right now I just don't have any chance at winning...
How do I do a co-operative?
07/03/2011 15:16Posted by Ligario
Starcraft II was build from the beginning to be an e-sport.

In the meantime I query this often repeated statement. When I directly compare the competitive details between non-reliable behavior of SC2 and reliable behavior of StarCraft Broodwar (Thanks God for SC2BW, Mass Recall etc) I become more and more sad. Especially because LotV is coming in the same situation.

Which situation? Here it is:

Depth of Micro compared ::

A detailed critique and examination on the causes of sluggish and unreliable unit micro in Starcraft II.

gl hf no-gg more and more..
Hey guys and girls,

I'll be making a basic guide to player Terran in Legacy of The Void.
I'll be writing it for the Myinsanity Team and hope you'll like it.
The guide will cover basics as in how LOTV has changed the race, what you need to focus and work on in lower leagues (up and sometimes including diamond). It'll include a written out build order, go over hotkeys, control groups, the general idea behind terran and how to play it.

Follow me on Twitter @BelgianSC2, this way you'll see it when it's released. I'm aiming for it's release early next week.
Starcraft II team matchmaking is either joke or beyond bad. Even Nintendo's Mario Kart or Dune 2000 had better matchmaking systems, and now we are talking about a Blizzard game..

Also you haven't fixed achievement and statistics bugs. You had more than 6 years to do it, but no. Activision doesn't give A !@#$
Its cool best 4vs4 but sometime to laggy
To go of subject how come I am getting windows security alerts when playing gold players ? Also when I turn of the game I have to restart the laptop its like it doesn't want to turn off, I have tried to log off the turn game off but still the game refuses to turn off :)

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