OMG Plint.

StarCraft II General
You're still here o.o'.

Are Darth and Mawi and Shen still here too!?

En mario popeye.

He is still here, and he has got folowers.

Ruul dat ass
En Taro Omo'Talass

Taro teh'Skhala ta'quir priw

Shta'fart Enta Hai'ry Ballsz Protis Tada.

Can I now plz has job at Blizzard? :D
Yes you can bart, now go sit in the cornor.
En Taro Tassadar.

He's still here.

Taro ruul azs.
You forgot to mention me you slimy son of "beach". Repent your sins or pay with your blood.
They are always watching over the forums !
You better watch your back guys. :P
Eta poki poki claus.

Camping the forums all day and posting in as many threads as possible.

Est la outske kebeutske de al de kebeutske.
I am Dave!

Plintstorm made me troll more. He wins!

Yognaught! And I have the bawls!
Altough I don't know who you are, yes :P.

go start a damn clan already...
Hey Avyn Darth quited and im about to do the same good to see you again :<

16/03/2011 8:59 PMPosted by Shen
I can speak for Mawi and Darth... they are both online as I post this thread... so am I...

Darth hasn't been on for 1month.
Shen, on last post you forgot to *Unburrow*->*Burrow*. No-one can hear you from the underground. Lurkers are not in the game yet.

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