Sensor Tower bug

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I've found a slight bug with sensor towers; basically there can only ever be 16 sensor circles on the minimap at one time. If a 17th tower is created, then the 1st circle is removed from the map (it still functions however). Creating an 18th tower removes the 2nd and so on.
If the 17th tower is destroyed then the 1st returns.

As an example, if you had a 4 vs 4 game where everyone was Terran, each player could only make 2 sensor towers before the circles start getting removed.

Although towers are fairly expensive (125 minerals, 100 gas), they could potentially be exploited (e.g. An opponent attempts to fly Mutalisks into your mineral line not realising that its within the sensor tower radius).

This bug could be by design however, to prevent the minimap from getting too cluttered.
Yea the same thing happens if there are too many mineral patches / geysirs on the map.
The minimap can only display so many things.
While this is certainly worthwile to know, any terran who wants to spend 2125 minerals and 1700 gas to sneak detect my 10 or so mutas who will still outrun anything he throws at them is perfectly welcome to do so :p

Not to mention I'll see a gazillion circles on the map so I know he's hiding towers, and unless he builds 17 or more towers simultaneously I'll know where the first ones were located.

So yeah, definitely good to know, but I don't see many practical applications.
thank you this has won me so many games♥

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