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Welcome to the StarCraft II discussion forums! This particular forum is actually not about StarCraft II but still abides by the same rules, so please keep the forum guidelines in mind (except the point about relating to StarCraft II, of course):

Here are some additional key points to keep in mind while posting here:

This is Not an Off-Topic Forum
The forum is specifically and purposefully labeled with very specific topics. Discussion outside of these specific topics, like all other forums, is not allowed and will be moderated.

No Politics/Religion
There is no tolerance for discussion of politics or religion in this or any forum. While we appreciate people’s beliefs and political ideals, they are not appropriate to be discussed or mentioned within these walls, even if brought up objectively.

No Hatred
Hatred against individuals or groups in any manner, for any reason, will not be tolerated.

No Illicit Topics
This is mostly geared toward warning against any intent to discuss drug-use, but can and will extend to any topics of an illegal nature that are deemed to not be pertinent to the discussions allowed in this forum.

Moderation is At Our Discretion
Like all moderation, we are within our right to take (or not take) actions we deem necessary based purely on our discretion.

All of that scary stuff out of the way, please go, talk, and enjoy the Games, Entertainment & Technology forums!

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