What can we do in this forum?

Gaming, Entertainment and Science
"What can I do here? What kind of topic can I open? Is this an off-topic area?". Here we are to give some answers.

One of the Blizzard Entertainment’s eight core values ( http://eu.blizzard.com/en-gb/company/about/mission.html ) is: embrace your INNER GEEK

What is a GEEK?
"Geek" usually identify a person with a strong passion for technology, but we can extend this concept to a lot more things (music, comics, books, film, science fiction, science etc). Everyone is a Geek in a specific area.

In this forum we can speak about our common passions, in particular: Games, Movies, TV shows, Literature, Tech and Science.

This is NOT the spam area or the off-topic forum of this site, we cannot open thread non related to those specific topics listed above. Have you seen a good film? Do you want to say something about it? Is that book near you really cool? How amazing is Doctor Who?

This is the right place for those threads. :)

Remember that we have always to follow the Battle.net Code of Conduct: http://eu.battle.net/en/community/conduct .
/request sticky
14/05/2011 08:12Posted by BrotherRoga
/request sticky

Thanks mate! Nice to see that you find this useful. :D
14/05/2011 08:12Posted by BrotherRoga
/request sticky

"My Hive Cluster is under attack!"
En Taro Tassadar

What BrotherRoga said

Taro ruul asz
Requested sticky too. But why no off topic forum? It would be a blessing to this humble forum.

I assume the bussinesses of legislative body of forum government also known as its aristocratic elite, that is, the noblisse obligae caste of the community, cannot be off-topic BY DEFINITION.
Define spam because it's just posting the same nonsense again and again at a rapid rate. Otherwise this thread is good.
I feel like this forum should also allow for discussion of sports.
Geeks do not like sports ;D
10/06/2011 14:22Posted by SolidSven
Geeks do not like sports ;D

I beg to differ.
like he said
there is Geeks of sports
but sorry they are hard to find here in sc2
Can i get cheesecake on this forum?
It says: Gaming, entertainment and SCIENCE... !

I like the science part.
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Hello, my name is Dustin Browder, I'm the Lead Designer of Starcraft 2.

It's a shame these Forums became the untimely graveyard of the Why No thread and its reincarnations.
Do you like Husky??? :D
Do you like Husky??? :D

Husky... funny caster but his comments are wrong 80% of the time.

So many better casters out there and Husky gets all the attention... good for him though (not so good for many others). Im sure he works hard to be where he is, though.

I guess thats why television became what it is today though. Ppl prefer mindless entertainment above usefull information.
/end of rant
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