Starcraft logic!

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Bronze-silver level terran logic:

Well my tank marine attack got destroyed... guess i'll mass banshee!

Bronze-silver level Zerg logic:

Well my mass roach didnt work! F*** you /quit

Bronze-silver level protoss logic:

Well my void rays got destroyed... guess i'll DT!
Good whriting dude!

me to think so too, the battle can more be action?

but i think- very good
go go go
If you are stranded in the animal kingdom for 4 years, with the only speaking creatures being definately female, you too will evolve a pair of high-heels for your feet.
Also so Starcraft logic that doesn't make sense:
Why do they have to research armor and weapons upgrades in the middle of the fight? Wouldn't they already have it researched beforehand or in any of the thousands of battles they researched it? Even in campaign they have to research the same armor every battle, can't they just use the research from the previous fight?
Don't necro old threads. Participants most likely can't answer you. I know at least one here that was banned in the meantime.

This is the second thread I noticed being necroed by 1-post accounts lately.
Sorry, I didn't see the date

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