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Terran buildings that are capable of creating addons place them next to the main building on the RIGHT side.

I suggest enabling addons to be placed on the LEFT side as well!

A lot of terran players place a supply depot, and a barracks to block their entrance at the start of the game. Because barracks are hard to destroy with their 1000hp, wich makes them ideal to block passages.
On almoast every map there is a starting position where your entrance is a rampart to your right. Therefore you cannot create/add an addon to this barracks because you have no room to. Meanwhile the other players entrance is a rampart to his left, and so he doesn't have this disadvantage as the other player!

Also protoss don't suffer this problem, beacause they don't need addons, therefore they don't get this diasadvantage as a terran player does.

Ofc you can place a barracks a little farther from the entrance, so you can deploy that addon, but an addon has much less hp making it an easier target to kill, therefore it is not anyway good as a " blocking " building.
I agree with the general notion, though in the case of a right side rampart I tend to switch out for Bunkers and if the door is that important pick up the armour upgrade for buildings.
I actually thaught we could turn the buildings when placing them. Like press a button to chose 4 directions before placing them down.

I miss that plus a free 360 degree camera with more zoom out.
Yeah, i mentioned this about a month ago, that you should be able to change the buildings orientation before you land/build it....
I agree with that, though it's not a big issue. It means you have to ajust your strat/build taking this into account. If you spawn on a right side position it means you can safely wall in and have addons inside. I actually lost a few games trying to do a barracks reactor build while I was a left side position. I simply lost to baneling busts because of it, if I had spawned on the other side of the map it would've been a non issue.

Just think about it when you decide what build you are gonna use.

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