Dear Blizzard

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Dear Blizzard:
Can you add an option in 1vs1 , that lets my enemy see my army & buildings
in the map

Reason is:
I have friends that i play 1vs1 that dont belive that they can win in 1vs1 match ups
or dont want to play, saying they will never win...etc

I gut this idea from the forum , people that map hack to win there games
that lets them see where the army is & what buildings he made

i saw good use for teaching, if he can see what army i have and what buildings i made
so he can take advantage of this vs me to win & learn that the build he does have some reason behind them, then just say what ever i do will not help

when he gets better he will not need this option any more & play with fog of war & know there is allways a open place to attack
I don't know if this is something Blizzard should add to the game.

This seems something for the custom map makers. You should try posting this request to the custom maps forums.
well they added the: Life % to the game
to play vs your friends to give them a handicap

i just want my friend to see everything in the map vs me then just change the life of my units
so he can win
I have a solution for you -->

If you stream yourself playing and asks him to watch your stream when both of you are playing, so he can see what army and buildings you have.

Or you could ask someone to make a custom map :)
I think that would be a horrible teaching method. If you do that your friends will completely undervalue scouting, and when they then play on ladder they are dead, since suddenly they can't see anything.

Teach them to scout instead. (And if you want to be nice; don't kill their scout.)
It would be a huge gift to hackers that normally have to sift that data out of the data stream. I can't see Blizzard ever doing this.

Teaching your friends that they don't need to scout is not a way to help them improve.

All they would get from this is bad habits and an even steeper learning curve when they play a real game and have to unlearn all the things they've been doing so far but that no longer work.
21/06/2012 15:52Posted by Spirit
Teaching your friends that they don't need to scout is not a way to help them improve.

I don't agree.

First of all: There is no need to scout if you have no idea what is going on. If you see 2 gas early in the game versus a Protoss, a new player would have no idea what was going on.

An experienced player would immediately think of Dark Templars or a possible Stargate.

- Learning to scout is a waste of time when you have no idea what you are looking for.

The better option would be to just play the game with a friend, let him have a worker in your base and let him scout around with it. Tell him that you are going for example Forge first and tell him why and what it does. Eventually he will learn what the different buildings (and building count) means and how to behave accordingly.
How about switching the power of your units to 50% while they are at 100%?
I taught myself how to scout just by using replays.
I'll watch everyone mode so that I know what both sides are doing and then I say to myself:
"What could have been seen that would indicate what they were doing?" Sometimes I can see things in what I had already done like overlord placement, drone scouts etc. but that I hadn't noticed in game.
A lack of scouting is harder to rectify unless it's immensely obvious, like not having units on the map at all when I knew it was safe to do so.

The gas before 2nd depot is very indicitive of reactor hellion or tech lab openings for terran. That's something I can tell just by the timing of the gas because I looked through replays.
I`d suggest a little different type of "Blacksheepwall Project".
Let it be some Satellite or an Research Centre on the middle of the map, or in some random corner, and controller of thingie get a full map overview. Like Xel Naga but make that one destructible.
If this is your goal... pick one of the standard blizzard maps in the editor, Open the map. then go to Map info and then configure fog of war, set it to revealed, so there is no fog of war at all times.
then save this map as a new name and then publish it and play with your friend.
play a custom game -> type the fog of war cheat -> profit

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