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Hey Folks,

As many of you may be aware, today was the launch of patch 1.5.0 for StarCraft II. We would like to summarize some of the current issues we have identified with the patch and keep you up to date on our progress finding appropriate solutions.

1.) Viewing certain players’ profiles was causing the client to crash. We have released a temporary fix that allows these profiles to load without crashing, but some ladder related data may not appear. The ladder data is not lost; it is just not being displayed while we work on a long term fix for the issue.

2.) Attempting to open version 1.4.4 of StarCraft II, pinned to the task bar, will cause the launcher to go into an infinite loop. Please try launching the game from the installation directory to get around this. We are working on a solution to address this.

3.) Some games appearing in the “Join Game” list of the “Custom Games” menu on the StarCraft II side of the client will cause that game to be played using an older balance. As a temporary work around please start lobbies from the “Create Game” page.

We are rapidly working to solve the issues listed above. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you experience any other problems with the patch over in the Technical Support and Bug Report forums.

We look forward to seeing you in-game!

When I logged in the client told me I had -170 bonus pool. Not giving it much thought I queued up for a game, and when I won it it had the regular Win +x points, but I also lost 170ish points from my bonus-pool, making it a total of -159 points "won". Is this something you are aware of, and will fix, or will these points be permanently lost?


Thank you
ctrl+f (center camera on current selection) hotkey is not working as intended. Camera gets stuck or the hotkey works only after repeating it a few times. The gpu temp is 0 degrees.
More confirmations
Hi there,

I got a problem playing the custom map Desert strike. I can join the lobby and i see the loading screen. but when the game start it freezes after 1 sec ingame and i recieve the message starcraft2 is not responding. I waited 5 mins but was forced to restart the game from desktop.

Could not use ping on minimap Alt+ click (leftmouse minimap) on 2on2 ladder.

Greetz LowlandSR

I've noticed two bugs in the menus. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Case one:
You can't sort your career by 1v1 or 2v2 modes. You only get 4v4 and 3v3 twice (and "all"), one of which is greyed out and cannot be selected. You can see badges for playing 1v1 and 2v2 in the listing as well in the picture

Case two:
My profile page says I'm currently "Master" in 1v1. But that's incorrect, I'm not in Master league and never was. You can see that in the first picture as well (Top 1v1 league I was in is Diamond)
You can't view a players rank by hovering over the league icon as you could before. Now you have to navigate through several tabs to check this, and that's pretty annoying. Also, the win/loss ratio is not shown in the profile, you also have to navigate some more to find this. I don't understand why you had to make this more difficult and time consuming. It was so easy before.
01/08/2012 14:27Posted by Cerunya
3.) Some games appearing in the “Join Game” list of the “Custom Games” menu on the StarCraft II side of the client will cause that game to be played using an older balance. As a temporary work around please start lobbies from the “Create Game” page.

Tried this "work around" and it does not work. (atleast not for Antiga shipyard). roaches are 1 food, queen range 3 etc etc. so lookes like an old patch.

as a side note: Some spells/uppgrades does not appear on its regular spot in the action bars, giving it new hotkeys when playing with grid hotkeys, examples: pathogen glands, pneumatic carapace, neural parasite and fungal has swapped spots. Cant remember how things were back in beta so cant tell if its because of the old patch or if its implemented in the 1.5 patch and haven't checked how it works on the ladder yet. hoping for a quick fix though.
nah this new patch is nonsense... any custom game i join in a party it says, streaming game while downloading the map and just says 0 players accepted.... its so annoying... besides the fact that im rank 40 in gold and i play diamonds.... because that is so even match.... i view the guys profile he has 6000 league games! wtf? and then viewing people profiles is completely messed up..... i look at my friend and it says he is plat 1v1 but hes never got our of bronze in his life..... and like monkybone said , this patch has made everything so more complicated just to view silly things like somebody rank you have to go through like 20 steps?... cant we just have the old patch back? and another thing.... the lag of the new interface is crazy... my gosh... its not like my internet is slow becasue i did a check before i started and my speed is at 6mbps....
You can add to the list "internal error" message popping up when trying to launch SC2.
I've allready written a post in the "Patch 1.5 impression" thread

Bugs I have noticed
  • When opening the ladder menu and then clicking friends, the game crashes
  • When scrolling the replays the button saying "versus ai" seems to wriggle
  • "My leagues" can currently not be bound to quick nav
  • A friend of mine has never been higher ranked then gold, still the profile says
    "highest:diamond" "current:diamond", even though both his current and highest are actually gold.
  • Match history hardly show any matches, rating just one week back, in addition I can't load in more games like the old match history could
  • The career tab can currently only sort 3v3 and 4v4
  • Seasons have been renamed, so I have "2010 season 1", "2011 season 1" and "2012 season 1" and so on. This makes no sense as the seasons didn't start exactly January 1st every year. In addition this makes a giant mess of all the "equal" seasons
  • I had the same problem. I hope they !@#$ing fix it.
    Hmm, I mean it's a new interface ,needs some getting used to. But Blizz.. the profiles man, you gotta change em back and let players see the information they had previously. That's all league rankings, when you click on them you see the ladder, with the star icon system. It's hideous right now. I can't see how you guys were looking at this as you got done with this and thought, hum, great profiles. In all honesty, it's a poor return for what I'm sure was a big effort.
    I like the new UI overall but there are some things that really grinds my gear, acually they annoys me so much that i have to come to the official starcraft forum for the first time.

    1. The profile:
    You have just finished playing and opponent or your friend logs on, you are checking out his profile. What is the main reason i would enter someones profile? To look up the players CURRENT skill level. I want to check for his rank, points an current league(horrible system anyway as it does not messure skill level). But what i see in profile is "highest team league ever achived and highest solo league ever achived", i have no interesst to see if he was masters 2 years ago. Bring back the old profile with seperate icons for 1v1,2v2,3v3 and 4v4.

    To watch his current skill level i have to go to profile - ladders - current season - wings of liberty - scroll for 1v1 tab - scroll through players division. He can choose to display his 1v1 league in the summary tab making it sligtly easier to acces.

    When i go to the profile, the first thing i want to see is "how good is this player right now"

    2. Quick match access: I'm gonna make this short, i think there is to long way to go to play a 1v1 quick match. Most Starcraft players want to duke it out in the ladders. Make it easier to play ladder to promote more people playing.

    Sorry for my english.
    Has anyone problems with the gameplay view. I ussually used top view and saw enough of the map and with the mini map with i could controll the game. Now it seems you get top view and then zoomed in 1 time. So i dont have top view anymore. I know alot of people can play and played like this, but I find it annoying that in my main screen ( not the mini map ) that I can't see enough of the field and battle. Is there some way that you can restore the top view again?
    i have a problem with keyboard messed up, since patch( dont actually know if its the patchs fault) but my keyboard is qwert changed ONLY FOR SHORTCUTS, not for typing, really strange and my shortcuts are set on azerty grid, but i have to use a qwerty keyboard setup for it , ONLY INGAME...
    01/08/2012 14:27Posted by Cerunya
    2.) Attempting to open version 1.4.4 of StarCraft II, pinned to the task bar, will cause the launcher to go into an infinite loop. Please try launching the game from the installation directory to get around this. We are working on a solution to address this.

    this problem i get when i try to start SC2 and install the patch, any way how i can fix this?
    and yes, i tried to use the disc, but it wanted me to just install game another time even though i had it on pc. also i tried to open SC2 in the installation folder. And the launcher something strange happened to it, i can't click on it because it have turned into a 1kb file with a flashlight in middle on a piece of paper. Tried anything that i can do and nothing works :/
    Hey there,

    There are countless bugs in this patch, blizzard listed a few of them here:

    (Interesting part over, the rest is just sharing my opinion)

    I personally ran into this one:

    and thus am not able to play at all until Blizzard finds a clue.

    (Of course, I'm not able to participate in the discussion, poor little European that I am... hum)

    I guess I'll just wait a week or two, and then come back. As I don't want them to fix my bug just in order to let me discover (and complain) about the 50 other bugs waiting for me inside :P. Come on Blizzard, get everyone on deck!!! ;-)
    i cant log in into battle net still offline im from czech republic i cant play now for an 60 hours guys this update sucks wery much thats 3 days battle net for me is still off nice work bllizzzz really nice one wtf
    i cant log in into battle net now is 3 days off line for me i checked my connection with provider he sad its oki a restarted everything still battle net is down thats nice patch guys really nice work im from czech republic and very disapointed by this situation thanx and i like how bllizzz response i write some emails no response problem message no response thats very nice from you blizzz thanx for really good customer support and thanx for your marketing strategies we pay for one game 3 times more satrting wings of liberty continues hos and the last one thanx

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