"preparing game data" SC" error

Starcraft II Technical Support
Downloaded latest patch to optimal, whenever I try to run the game I get a constant message:

"Preparing Game data".... Calculating. This runs for 20 minutes before I turn it off.

I see there are other threads which are unanswered on this subject. Perhaps somebody to deal with this error.

I run in admin and have tried deleting battle.net folder.

Found this, really don't want to be having to do stuff liek this, surely there must be a normal fix. Buy a game you expect it to work.

well it seems i have found a permament solution for the error:

you simply have to rename(/change location) starcraft II folder then use the client downloader tool Blizzard provides, the tool creates another starcraft II folder once its created exit the downloader. and delete the starcraft II folder that is recently created. and finally change the old folders name back to "Starcraft II"

i think error is caused by corrupted or altered reg files.

the post may remain to help those who experience the same error. thanks
Impossible to get through on the telephone and now nobody helps with support issues.

This a support forum or you check it once a month or something.

Wheres a refund thread.
Yeah Blizzard sucks big time! Have the same problem since HotS with no answer on the fourm or via telephone.
for me this problem was solved by:

1. change the name of the starcraft II folder
2. run the client downloader for hots
3. stop the downloader after it starts to dl, then check where the new starcraft II folder is located
4. change the name of the old folder back to starcraftII and move it to where the new one is

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