Failed to download required installation file

Starcraft II Technical Support
Its one week now and I keep getting this error when I want to update my SC2

failed to download required installation files [] .check your internet connection.

Please do something about it and stop telling people to turn off the fire wall and background programs or delete agent folder or cache folder because it wont work I tried everything you have said already.
Its not us its blizzard problem I have been playing this game since its release and suddenly now my antivirus does't let luncher to update ? I even uninstalled my antivirus and had same error.
Please Just give us real answer even if the answer is you can't do anything about it and we have to stop trying and forget playing SC2 .
considering the date of the above post 29/08/2012
and me getting the same error as many other people and no solution... I !@#$ing payed you!!! I payed you~~~~~!!! And the game was fine... Is there a subscription fee??? -NO!!! Why can't I enjoy my game??? You don't know... WTF...

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