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Here is my little request

As far i saw any comunication between somebody who created a extension/Map is at barely minimun

You only can recive feedback in Rating sections !? and you cant reply black to them

So please add some kind of comment section where you can talk with those who want something to say
I just found out about the SC1 campaign remade in SC2. But the install steps look like hacking the game - is this supported, and if not why not?

Can we have an easier way to install such custom campaigns? Allow us to install custom campaigns without hacking the game, and allow us to donate to the content creators.
Are there any plans on Skyboxes showing at all times and not just with Camera Far Clip at over 5000?
Hello guys , (I play under <BSG>LTMLSkorpion)

I hope it is the right place for this post. I am Starcraft 2 ladder map maker , i want show you my maps ,if is possible for play and tested it . This are balanced /symetrie maps , middle / big size of maps .
You will find them under "custom game" .
Region : Europa

1v1 Maps :

-> The Wild Valley LE
-> Destered Bay LE
-> Water Station LE
-> Ice Fortress LE
-> Aboretum LE

2v2 Maps :

->Ice Fortress
->Deserted Bay Co-op LE
(->Deadly Airport LE) bug if it is *Super Mod*

The pictures about "Destered Bay" arent in the pictures to see.
I hope to hear anything about your sides .
Friendly Greetings

LTMLSkorpion // Dave
Aboretum LE

Deadly Airport LE

Deserte Bay LE

Ice Fortress LE

The Wild Valley LE

Water Station LE
Bring back Nostalrius !!!
so i updated sc2 yesterday as i wanted to play some marine arena....
interesting, there can be ONLY ONE marine arena game at a time, if you're not in it, you get nothing on the search, as just for an error....

today i installed D3, as i wanted to play a bit... i start the game and it just gets into a loop, i can't even alt+tab, get to the task manager or anything else, except for restarting the computer....

really unprofessional from Blizzard, since they got serious cash from us gamers...
What about populair maps, that got due patches (mostly Co-up changes) got affected and the mapmakers are inactive? Please make one of the biggest maps playable again. Star Battle 3.0 - map maker zedu.

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