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StarCraft II Editor Questions Calling all veteran and aspiring map developers! Do you have any questions regarding the creation of player-made maps or usability of the StarCraft II Editor? If so, we encourage you to post your inquiries in this thread.

As this discussion is only intended for questions related to the StarCraft II Editor and map creation process, for general feedback regarding the custom map system, we ask that you please continue to post here:
I have been trying to make some custom units in the editor, but I have run into a problem getting a warp prism to fire a photon cannon shot. The shot starts at the ground underneath the the warp prism, how do I get the projectile to fire from the front of the warp prism?
  • I can't seem to stop a tank's turret from doing its idle turning animation. I've tried removing the "fidget" property from the tank's owner and from the unit itself (Set Unit State). I also tried clearing its animations and stopping baseline animations... it's still spinning its turret! :O Same goes for Missle Turrets or Auto-Turrets.

  • Is it possible to "flip" a doodad? Example: cliff doodads, "flip" them so that their side that normally touches the cliff will touch the ground instead. I guess the more proper term would be "tilt"?

  • Is there any way to use data objects (like images, sounds) from a mod in a map that has that mod set as dependency? I can see the objects in the editor, but once I run my map, the objects aren't there (images don't display, sounds don't play)

  • How do I make portraits move their lips in transmissions? The "talk" animation just makes them shake their heads. Is it possible to make the lips move in sync with the subtitles?

  • When I make a UI dialog and then put a portrait inside it, the portrait is underneath the whole dialog frame... how do i make the portrait render on top of it? The "Set Portrait Channel" function seems to be the answer, but it's not doing anything :(

  • Can I set more than one target for attack waves for an AI player? Overall the attack wave functions are very confusing...

  • Is there any way to instantly move a cargo unit out of its transport? Like moving a marine from a dropship. "Move Unit Instantly" doesn't work on cargo units.

  • How do i make two-cliff-level ramps? I'm certain I could do them in the beta editor... Did I flip some setting and disable it by mistake, or has it been removed?

  • Some doodads have different textures based on the tileset that used. Is it possible to switch their textures somehow? Example: Rock doodads - I'd like to use their Char texture on the Mar Sara tileset (along with using the normal mar sara rock textures)

Sorry this is so long, I've been making a list of questions since the US version of this thread was made :P

P.S. Please consider putting more wizards/creators into the data editor. Something like the "Create Doodad" option that's already in the editor. It's a big time-saver when you don't have to create 10 different things just to make a working unit :(
I can't seem to publish my map in for private release. If i attempt to do so, it will not upload. When I release it for Public Release, it does succeed. But the map in question is not meant for public release. How can I fix this?
I have one question only: how do I create lava surges?
Even though these are answers for questions asked by US players, we felt it important to share these answers ( with all of you too. If and when any other answers come in, we'll endeavour to share them with you also.
Making water/lava Raise and lower + adding a damage component.
Guys i need help!

three things:

could you tell me how i can make it able to conquer many buildings at once by step into a defined zone with a defined unit?
but so that another one can conquer it back, if he kills the other units inside that zone?

how can i achieve, that units or buildings respawn at a defined zone after a defined time?

if i add an ability to a unit or a building
wich things do i have to do all, so that it works ingame?
for example if i'd add a siege shot to a turret so that this turret could hit a ... pylon or a space marine or something that's placed on the other side of the map?
Question: How can I add Yamato cannon attack or any other kind of unit-usable power to the sensor tower?
I can give the Sensor tower building powers but not unit powers.
I gave to Zeratul the Yamato cannon attack without a problem. I added it to the sensor tower, it's there, it's "usable" (i.e. clicking it brings up the attack cursor) but it doesn't work!
I.e when I click on someone to attack him with the Yammato cannon, it does nothing.
@sora, for the first two things, create regions and use triggers, it is intuitive enough and i'm sure you'll figure it out. if you can formulate what the trigger conditions and actions should be in english language, you should quickly find the correct conditions and actions in the interface as well.
also, i get the feeling this thread is for more specific questions, like "how does condition X work" not general questions like "how do i make maps". your third question starts out very broad and generic and I doubt someone can figure out what you're actually asking.
for the specific part of hitting things on the other side of the map, just modify the range of the weapon or ability in the data editor

@alhoon, most likely you need to give the tower energy points, or to remove the energy cost for the yamato ability.

@Blizzard, apologies for taking on roles that I don't have and attempting to answer some of the other people's questions, remove the above part of my post if you deem it inappropriate. And here are my own questions for you:

What are map sections and how are they used? I mean the options in the overview manager module where you add sections that seem to reference other maps, then are able to place units and such in a certain section, but according to my testing they end up saved in the current map anyway... The default campaign map "story" (TStory01.SC2Map) seems to use sections referencing some non-existent map files, but that doesn't seem to cause it any problems.

Why are most backdrops and sets for the different rooms in this "story" map not visible in the editor? Even when I try to include them in different maps, I still can not see most of them.

When using actions such as "set next map", the argument is a string without any wizard or UI or even a hint about how to construct it. Do we always have to use the full absolute path where we have the other map saved locally, or can we reference our or someone else's published maps without downloading them?
How can i make a game 3rd person in the editor?

@alhoon, most likely you need to give the tower energy points, or to remove the energy cost for the yamato ability.

I did. :( I added energy to the sensor tower, that's how I gave it the Orbital's remote view ability, that works. But unit powers don't seem to work.
First Question: Why do we have to log in to when we start the editor, it just causes frustration. I can buy that you need to be online to publish maps, but I see no reason to need to login just to start the editor. It does more harm than good if you ask me especially when servers are down for maintenance.

Second Question: When will the Star Editor Wiki come online? I think it would be a great tool as forums tend to get full of redundancy where the same questions gets asked over and over

Third Question: Is it possible to change player numbers in Starcraft 2 lobby for a custom map?, for example me as host want to play as player 6 in a map even if I change team in lobby I still start as the same player number that I was assigned when I joined the map. Please tell me how to change it if possible.
1. Is there a way to let player use hotkeys when command card is hidden? (I hide the standard command card and create a custom one with dialog item template, but that ruins hotkeys -> totally useless)

2. Do unload validators (for transport ability) work? I tried using them (however before the patch), and they seemed not to work at all (they seemed to return true at all times, so I though maybe they are not checked at all)
I'm having a problem regarding beams. As far as I can tell, the bounding volume of a beam is around the beam's launch point. So, if I have a long beam, the beam disappears when the camera pans away from the beam's launch point. I suppose this is because the bounding volume of the beam moves out of the view frustum.

I've tried changing the Visual Radius of the beam's model but I still cannot get the beam to remain visible. Is there any way I can prevent the game from culling the beam when it considers it out of view?
How do i make 30 and 60degrees ramps?
How to import my own 3D models into SC2 editor?
I work in Blender and try to make something new.
How to import my own 3D models into SC2 editor?
I work in Blender and try to make something new.
You'll need 3D Studio Max. If you happen to be a student (like me) you can legally download it for free. Otherwise it costs 3k bucks.
People, sorry for the retarded questions, but...
1) I wanna do a map about a zerg queen. I want to get some dudes to talk. How i do that?
2)And i wanna change the queen's speed too... Need a trigger for quests and i want some1 to tell me how to make a custom spell! At quest 5 she would get a baneling strike spell. It's like this:
3 sec casting time, 1 sec the spawn larva thing plays but with no effect,2 she turns and uses the spawn creep tumor thingy but without making a creep tumor, instead a small baneling cocoon. Then finally, the spawn larva thing plays again, a scale 1.2 baneling emerges from the scale 0.9 cocoon, walks to the center of the area (with that kind of movement wich they got at upgraded speed) then explodes. It deals 40 damage and it's aftereffect is 5 damage per sec for 2 seconds.
3) I want to remove all her spells and when she gets a quest asking her to poop 2 creep tumors. So like: She has no spells. When she gets the 2 creep tumor quest, she receives the spawn creep tumor spell. Then when she is done the spell is removed. Please help! (scale = size, bros.)
This is not what I ask. I ask how to import models.
So my question is HOW. Its not a problem to convert .3ds, or any 3D files (like .max, .obj, .fbx, .c4d) with some converters.
HOW is the question. I need step by step answer.
Also how to import my own sounds into the editor? (.mp3, .m4a, or something)

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