Initializing Data & Account locks

Starcraft II Technical Support
Ok i am having a number of problems with Starcraft 2, i have re-installed it for the first time in months and the game keeps freezing at Initializing Data. I have done what people have suggested, deleted the variables, i have re-installed it, which created my second problem when i trying to logged in after the second re-install my account had been lock due to supicious activity??????? first time i have tried to play a blizzard game in months. So i got it unlocked, then i thought sod it i will re-install Diablo 3, and bam again my account is locked due to supicious activity. It happened again this morning when i tried to log in, what the hell is going on? I have run several anti-virus, spybot/maleware checks and my machine is clean, also i deactivate them when trying to play.

Is Initializing Data error being looked at as i have noticed there is a lack of Blizzard response on this issue, The game for all purpose is now un-playable.

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