StarCraft II Art Tools Closed Beta Test Signups *COMPLETE*

Custom Maps and Arcade
We’re currently preparing our StarTools suite of 3ds Max plugins for initial release to the public in Beta form and are looking for testers!

StarTools is a collection of custom-built plugins for 3ds Max 2011 which comprise the very tools that the StarCraft II Art Team uses to create all of the models in the game. With these tools, 3D artists can create textured and animated 3D models for StarCraft II custom mods, complete with all of the shader materials and particle effects available to the development team.

Requirements to participate in the StarTools Beta:
  • 3ds Max 2011
  • Experience in 3D modeling and/or animation
  • Texture or photo editing software able to save .tga files

The initial Closed Beta release will be limited to a select group of testers chosen out of this forum thread, and expanded testing will be ongoing during the remainder of the StarCraft II:HotS Beta. Once validated, the official release of StarTools will coincide with the 2.0 version of StarCraft II and will be available to both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm owners.

If you meet the requirements stated above and you’d like to help test StarTools, please reply to this thread to opt-in.

I'm the representor of the eXtreme Game Modmaking community ( the largest russian community of modmakers (31k+ registered users), which is producing modifications, maps and models for games created by Blizzard Entertainment. Also I'm the leader of WCR project, whose goal is to recreate Wacraft as a strategy in SC2.
Here you can see our works.
So I and some of my teammates want to take part in this beta test.
Thanks for your attention, I'm looking forward to your answer.
Made tonns of properly textured and animated models for sc2, also, modified lots of sc2 models, and have been using wow models (with normal/specular maps added and diffuse map edited - to fit sc2 shaders) for all my maps. Some examples:
I'd like to participate.
I have 3dsMax 2011 and Adobe Photoshop. I also have experience in using those programs, but not on a professional level.

As for my SC2 related stuff
I made some additional animations for the spectre model: (The new version has a some more)
and a health station model for my Map:

Not much, since I'm mostly working as a scripter/programmer
experienced Max/Maya/Photoshop user. Would like to opt in.
I like this idea <3
Hi there, I would love to participate. I have a about 2 years of experience using 3ds max on a university level. Here is something that I did about two years ago:

Im currently working as a technical artist in the games industry in Sweden.
I'd like to participate.
I am experienced whit both 3dsMax and Photoshop.
Here is some works from my showcase:
I would love the ability to participate in this beta. I a few years of experience with 3dsmax, and it would be very exciting to be able to use this in SC (moreso then now)
I already opted on the NA forums but I live in Poland so I guess I belong here ;)

I'd love to participate in the testing.

I work with 3dsmax everyday at work, I'm pretty fluent with it. I have an access to 2011 version.

Already did (at least) one model

I also know rules that drive the .m3 files creation process since I'm current developer of M3 Scripts for 3dsmax.
Working on a project with custom models, units, textures.
Here is some basic models (some of them with basic animations):

Project page:
I would like to participate in beta testing. Have experience in 3DS max animate and in modeling.
3ds Max 2011 and Adobe Photoshop are at my disposal (I model in conjunction with Mudbox).
I am waiting for the StarTools for ages (since WoL Beta) because Warcraft III has the Blizzard Art Tools, and I knew that Starcraft II would get them eventually, and I can't wait to get my Hands on them to test what is possible :).
I make models as a hobby and with mediocre skill level, but this could help to improve usability for newcomers.

Thank You for releasing the StarTools at last regardless of an invitation :).
Experienced 3DS Max 2011/Photoshop - some freelance work with animation and textures - I would love to opt in.
Hi there) I would like to test it!

My works with models in SC2 Editor:

My 3d artworks:

I'd love to test StarTools out. I am experienced in both 3DS MAX 2011 and Photoshop.
I'm a modeller for a SC2 project called Warcraft: A New Dawn. so I also have experience in SC2 modelling and have made a few models.
Repost from US forums :P

I would love to participate in the StarTools beta and help ensure that the StarCraft community gets the best possible tools to create custom maps.
I am currently a full-time student in my final year of BCs Computer Games Design and Programming.

I have extensive experience in working with 3DS Max, Photoshop, Zbrush, 3D Coat, nDo2 and specific game 3D asset creation knowledge.

You can take a look at my latest project (for mobile) in the following links:

Thank you for your time.
I would be happy if I had a chance to test StarTools. I'm skilled at 3DS Max and Photoshop and have some experience using ZBrush and Topogun. Actually, I've made few models for SC2 because of having no proper instrument to transfer my creations into the game and I was waiting for the appearance of such Tools for ages!

Here are some examples of my works if needed:

Thank you for the decision to release StarTools!

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