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I bought physical copy of HoTS and activated online. Started SC2 and then game optimization was in progress. Then it was resulting in starting download of more than 5GB. Whats going on????
I have never seen an install process like this.
It should be as simple as giving me an option on the disc I bought if I want to install add-on to existing copy of SC2 or the whole game. It got no data from the cd!!
I tried to do clean install but it is insanely slow and switching between cd and internet download with no information on how many MB it is actually downloading..

I think the install process is not good at all and it cannot be any worse.
Yes, I'm having the same problem. I bought a physical copy of the game, because I have a slow Internet connection. But HoTS decided to not install anything from my disc, but rather download the complete game.

I know blizzard touted this "feature" that if you have Starcraft 2 installed, you don't have to install from the disc. Blizzard, I want to install from the disc! Reading from a DVD is FASTER than downloading from the Internet. You can patch my installation after I've installed all the game files.

I also tried to delete my Starcraft 2 installation, now instead of a 4 GB download, I have a 6 GB download.

Thanks Bliz...
Yay, another happy customers (+ me)! Buy the more expensive box edition, be forced to download whole expansion... :)
Count me as well. I even bought the CE, and what do I get? 14 gigs to download... sheesh.
Hi Guys,

Yesterday I also installed my DVD copy of HotS (I left the installation process running over night though) and also made some traces with my network-check-bandwidth tool to see how much traffic is necessary to install it completely. So, there is unpacked almost 8GB on DVD and it will download at the same time around 6GB of additional data. So if you would buy only digital copy, you would need 14GB downloaded, but this way you save 8GB of download which resides on DVD.
Hope this helps in clearing any doubts about DVD copy of the game.

Unfortunately the DVDs do not contain all the game data, so there will be some info to download after install.

However if you have the game installed already and patched up fully (you can check this on the Connection Info option on the Launcher), there should only be an optimisation, and then the game should be active.

If you do not have the game installed, currently the fastest way to install would be to use the DVD, and then patch the remaining content in from there.
I got the SC 2 HOTS this Sunday and am very dis-appointed. I stay in South Africa and this story of regular downloads and patches affects us badly as we still pay high prices (in relation to other countries) for internet and our internet speeds are not the greatest.. The game refuses to install and just seems to want to access the internet. so my 3 questions to Blizzerd are:

1. Why cant i just install the base game from the CD I already paid for and patch up later?
2. Whats the point of buying a game whereby I have to spend lots of megs and time in down loading before I can enjoy the game?
3. When I try get technical support to help solve my problem it appears there is no way to get through to you guys and let you know the game wont install. Why is that?

In conclusion I feel that Blizzard did a half baked job on the instalation of the game and they basically are saying stuff the customer. We pay upfront for the CD and we must deal with the problems. Nice move Blizzard. I will be weary of touching any new products you sell! I really feel a reply from Blizzard to help me actually enjoy and play the game is forthcoming.
yep suffering from the same problem .. trying to update but game keeps giving errors saying that disc is needed not to mention that update bar is stuck and gives errors after a while

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