Spammer Achievement

Campaign and Story
How to do this achiev?? I used Leviathan, Kinetic Blast, Crushing grip and Spawn Banelings but nothing happened, I also used different combinations ....
Use leaping strike on a target with enough HP. (4x150)

The skill has no CD and can be spammed.
done, thx ;)
Strange doesnt work for me... :/
take the Dash skill, doesnt even require target.
Still nothing... something is wrong :/
You didn't forget to enable Ability Efficiency, did you?

I did it with Mend, Leap, Shift, Mend. Took like 4 seconds.
OMG im such a nab... ty Orc
hi orc, I ve tried with the same 4 that you took and it doesn't work for me
what can I do wrong
Just spam heroic leap with ability efficiency. It has no cooldown and can target the ground, you don't even need an enemy.
19/03/2013 13:58Posted by GhostHunter
Strange doesnt work for me... :/

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