Resource Stalls in last minute ?

Starcraft II Technical Support
When i play campaign and hover over the menu, which i do to see the time (great feature btw) its says e.g. "4 resource stalls for 124ms in the last minute"
What does this mean ?
It means you probably haven't downloaded all of the game yet and your system "stalls" (pauzes to load) for the information it needs at that moment.

I had this in the beginning and it stopped when I fully downloaded the game.
Mmmh i did wait till it said optimal during downloading. My Starcraft 2 folder is 13,1 GB

As Cookiefamous said above, "resource stalls" most commonly refers to the game streaming missing data or loading data assets from your hard drive. It should almost stop happening entirely if you wait for the game to finish the download. Though that said, you can just ignore it if you're not having any issues.
This happens all the time, even with the game fully downloaded. Apparently there's not much wrong with it?

I found more about it here:
Ah thank you 2 for clearing that up. I was not having any issues at all. Was just wondering/worried what that was about. Sounds worse then it is :).
One final question tho is there a way to be sure i have downloaded everything ? As i said i waited for the launcher to say 100% before it hit play. But when i play campaign i still see streaming data (again no issue here, just curios)
Thanks again

@ mods
The link that Nidhoggr provided is a sticky topic on the US server. Why does a Sticky like that not exists here ? This would prevent confusion and people making topic like these. I hope you will make such a topic or sticky this topic for future players that stumble on this

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