Bonus objectives crash (with Wine)

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TL;DR version
Problem: Game crashes on bonus objectives. Reason is Kerrigan's level up text

Fix: Install corefonts
$ winetricks corefonts
or copy arial.ttf into c:\windows\fonts

"In case you can't fix" workaround: Move your screen away from Kerrigan before she reaches/kills the bonus objective target
Wine bug report:


The level where u get roaches on the ice planet, when i kill the Ursadon Matriarch (any of the 2) for bonus objective, my game crashes (tried it 4x). Did anyone encounter this issue?

I tried to use the Repair Tool from launcher menu, but it didn't help.

I'm playing on linux through wine, and i never had a crash like this WoL or Hots beta

nVidia drivers 313.18 on GTX 660 Ti, 8GB ram and Phenom II X6 1100T

UPDATE: the error crash happens to me even on following mission's bonus objective (when i destroy a statis chamber in level with hydras), so i'd deduce that it happens on every bonus objective

UPDATE2: Also crashed on bonus objective on collection - xel'naga part, zerg biomases, essence in muta mission (altho strangely, once i managed to collect one without crash).., however, the only level which i tried where it didn't crash was in the Enemy Within, to rescue the zerg mob from being killed by protosss

UPDATE3: Mission "With Friends Like These" - (battlecruising) bonus objectives don't crash
I am having that issue right now, i primed my cpu and furmarked and 3dmarked my gpu and all is stable, i have also just recently completed crysis 3 maxed out @2560x1600 and never had an issue.

The other day i just logged back in for a few quick matches after a while of not playing just to get aqcuainted and i had a constants lag issue every few seconds (offline mode) i managed to sort that and started playing the HOTS campaign until this deep freeze type mission. it starts crashing on me after the erection of the second base. Hard lockups where my entire screen goes green and requires a hard reset.......
I know I'm just chiming in at this point, but I also run SC2 via Wine, and I'm also getting crashes when completing bonus objectives in the campaign. Going to start debugging now, will update if I find anything.

The only two wine stubs that are showing around the time the game crashes are
fixme:process:GetProcessWorkingSetSize (0xffffffff,0x4fed0a0,0x4fed0a4): stub
fixme:ntdll:NtPowerInformation semi-stub: SystemPowerCapabilities

It's hard to tell exact timings, but I would guess that these are actually related to the "Error reporting tool" popping up, and are not actually the cause of the issue.
Same problem here, crashes consistently when completing bonus objectives.
Same problem here.
For completeness, are the people who are chiming in with "Same problem here" also running SC2 through Wine? I'm fairly confident you are, as if it was a bug that happens with all users I'd expect a larger number of complaints.
Yes, I am running SC2 through wine too.
wine 1.5.25 here btw

i have another bug, sometimes some speeches in conversations keep repeating over and over until i go into mission or end campaign or so... usually 1 short sentence...
Yep, this happens to me too. I'm using the latest Crossover which is based on wine 1.5.15 more or less. I've already entered a ticket. If Codeweavers come up with a fix (this is a silver and supported application) it will probably make its way upstream into wine.

In the meantime, I'm playing on my W7 install :(
Yea, looks like it's wine issue, not sc2 issue, but it would be nice if both parties looke dinto it even thought at low priority.

I'm too lazy to reboot to windows, which i use like once a year. This just ups the challenge as brutal doesn't seem to be so hard, and achievements can wait ;)
Yes, running wine-1.5.25-179-g52fc8b3 on kernel 3.9.0-030900rc2-generic, using nvidia 313.26 driver.

Link to the Crossover ticket mentioned previously:
Well, I have an 8GB +relay log file, but ~45 minutes of trawling through the tail end hasn't shown me anything. I'll do some scripting to try to find more tomorrow.

As for the actual crash, it seems its an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ at address 0x128. I would hazard a guess that some Wine function is returning "128" somewhere where SC2 isn't expecting it. It's late now, so I'll dig further in the morning.

If any devs read this, and have access to the error reports I sent in, it should be possible to check the stack trace and work out exactly what Windows/Wine function isn't working as expected. I submitted a few error reports, and every stack trace is showing the same exception at the same location in the binary. If someone even points me to to the right Wine function I can hopefully get this working quickly.
Got the same crashes... running on wine 1.5.25 :S
Yes, same thing here, always crashes when bonus objective is reached. Wine 1.5.23. Probably all missions - Dominion (collecting eggs) and the next one (spreading creep) too.
Same here (wine 1.5.25)
It appears like not having Kerrigan selected and being somewhere else on the map helps sometimes. Did anyone find a acceptable workaround (or when this trick actually works)? I'm getting tired of restarting SC2 all the time.
Same here, wine 1.5.24 on Arch Linux :-/
12/03/2013 20:02Posted by ertecs
It appears like not having Kerrigan selected and being somewhere else on the map helps sometimes.

This definitely helped, for me: 3 crashes before playing "normally", and then with this technique, no crash in this mission and the next one.
It appears like not having Kerrigan selected and being somewhere else on the map helps sometimes.

Works for me too
So possibly the issue is having Kerrigan selected while she levels up. Some people have reported that certain bonus objectives never cause crashes
Mission "With Friends Like These" - (battlecruising) bonus objectives don't crash

So can anyone check for me (I'm at work right now so no SC2) whether these bonus objectives grant Kerrigan a level?

So can anyone check for me (I'm at work right now so no SC2) whether these bonus objectives grant Kerrigan a level?

I don't know if you're asking about the specific "battlecruising" mission (I didn't reach that one yet), but for other missions (so far) yes it works: you gain levels.

Also, not sure it's necessary for the workaround, but I'm also doing it without Kerrigan attacking the bonus objective targets (only a few regular units).

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