How to deal with anger?

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ForgottenOne;no problem ,i have to admit i can be grumpy after a few games and if my kid play to much on his playstation he's grumpy to ,you can't ask anything because he's to reared (i'm dutch so english not that good).
you can see it in his eyes (restless).
but everybody react different.
I rage when i
A: Lose to oracles
B: Played worse than a wood leaguer.

I dont know how to exactly subdue that rage but i really should learn before i break my keyboard...
@Luolis: Read the forum pages from 1 through 7. There's a lot of useful stuff in there. A lot of people gave a lot of diverse methods/solutions. It's up to you to decide what you feel is useful for you.
Watch this :

And see how funny and pointless people are when they flame or BM.

Try to go for a 5min walk and talk to somebody about a total other subject, that's what I do... x)
for people who feel bad I can suggest to consider to take Magnesium or eat magnesium rich food, this will calm down you and give a lot of mental power and resistance to stress (consult your doctor if you decide to take magnesium supplements).

SC2 is very energy (magnesium) consuming game, your anger is nothing more than an indicator that your body lacks minerals or vitamins.
Seriously the two of you just responded to a thread from nearly a year ago ?
yeah i got really cross and flamed the poor guy i was on 7 base maxed out vs 2 base and he pushed with mass mech and irrirtating.
yeah i got really cross and flamed the poor guy i was on 7 base maxed out vs 2 base and he pushed with mass mech and irrirtating.
Try to turn your negative energy into something positive, like go work out or something, get some weights in your room so whenever you get angry you just do a !@#$ ton of lifts.
Honestly if playing the game makes you behave in a way you don't like and causes you such anxiety I would stop playing, look at how much "fun" you are having vs how much hassle it is. I quit playing 1v1 on the ladder because I didn't like the way it left me feeling most of the time.
you need to go to a quit place where you have some privacy take a deep breath relax and then

Stomp you feed use words that would kill an old lady kick a tree because they can take it if you are near a tree that is then most importantly stop playing

Read a book a book calms you its easy entertainment nothing like a good book to fix your mood just walk away to play another game if you nor enjoying the game and play while angry you wil continue to play like crap and that would make you rage even worse.

I myself dont play every day no more but every second day I do make sure to do my training exersesis though and I am having a blast maybe you just need to play a little less go play heartstone its fun no multi tasking and play another day
smash your keyboard.
9gag/4chan, can NEVER take you seriously from now on, good job you are a joke.
Ok dude, I just had an actual solution, I checked out this vid and it actually totally worked;
15/03/2013 14:59Posted by ForgottenOne
Now, what is your way to deal with that "anger"?

i learned a psychology course and they teach there that everyone has the "grownup" part, i.e. the part that thinks reasonably and into the future and the "child" part where he is like a child, many emotions, doesnt really control itself ect.

the point is to talk to urself (ye, like some1 with schizophrenia) like a mother/father talk to an angry/heart little boy, let it all come out and why, with the smart and stupid reasons, no shame, and then tell urself that its ok, no harm, ur sweet, NN to be angry, and most important I LOVE YOU.

yep its a big key to learn to love urself and say it to urself.

solved most of my anger problems, and i had ALOT.
Just ignore it.
Dont play TvP.
Apparently, some people, not all.. have multiple personalities.
Not exactly dementia praecox.

Does it make sense to call it a mood?

But different modes of personality that the mind invokes when performing an activity.
This personality will exhibite all those functions that are suitable for the task at hand.

The personality that is responsive to anger is the exact personality you must be in to play Starcraft II with optimum capacity.

I never get angry during games, and always end the game with : gg wp..
( good game - well played )

saying that, I can assure you I'm an awful player.

BUT ALSO - (additional thoughts)
End the game with some one-liners like:

"If only you knew the truth, that I let you win"
"There is no trophy greater.. I pray yore worthy"
"Boast of this prize, it's the one mask to hide the fool that is you"

I'm kind of joking but you know!!
15/03/2013 15:12Posted by Cheeseling
My rule is "Game is balanced, there is no golden hammer, silver bullet or ideal unbeatable strategy, cheese so If you lost - you !@#$ed up. Go watch replay and learn and it will not happen again" And if you feel that you're playing underpowered race then switch to another. Whiners are weak and pathetic.

That is a completely broken mentality

The game is balanced because you say so? What a !@#$head you are

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