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While trying to instal HotS I get to a screen asking what directory I would like to install to and also telling me to read the install instructions.
I change the default directory from C:\Program Files\Starcraft II to C:\Games\Starcraft II and then scroll down and click accept.
It then gives me the error message:
Could not install.
Invalid installation options. Please try again.

I have tried changing the directory back to the default location and restarting the installer.

I had WoL installed previously but after being unable to update it for the last 5 days I have uninstalled it so as to use the fresh install from the HotS disk.
I have temporarily disabled my anti-virus and am only running Firefox.
I am using Windows 7 with full admin privileges.

Can I ask how much disk space you have free on the hard drive you're using to install to? I'm also wondering if you have a second hard drive you can test installing to? It may be worth testing the install there instead of the location you're trying to currently use.

If that doesn't help, then restarting into a Selective Startup may allow the installation to proceed:

Let us know if you still can't install after that.
66.5 GB free at present.
Can you make sure that all StarCraft II related info is removed, then try the installer again?
I followed your suggested instructions and the game is installed, fully updated and working perfectly.

i have that problem to and it wont install me the HOS.
I just got HoTS and I'm having the same problem. I uninstalled WoL, deleted all of the directories that I could find and when it came to installing HoTS from a disk it still wouldn't get past the agreement page of the installation.

If it comes to it, i'll download it from the blizzard downloader, and attempt to install it from that, to see if that works, but that is a last resort as my internet speeds aren't very quick and would take most of the day to complete.

Most of the problems I have read about are related to Diablo 3, which I didn't have a problem with.

Further advice of the matter would be appreciated.
May of fixed the problem, I'm now installing HoTS without WoL being installed. :)
why is this problem not patched, i had the same problem and its installing now. If I deleted all my WoL files this means i am going to have to update 6 gig again :<<<<<<?
Renaming the original folder with the SC2 WOL installed also worked for me.
w8 so if i rename the original SC2 WOL folder it will properly install HOTS??
Thats exactly it. Rename the folder and it should install just fine. Just did it a couple of minutes ago.
Thanks guys! I've also had the same error and renamed the SC2 WoL folder, then it installed just fine!
Thank you, renaming orginal foulder name helped me to. After 1 year returning it isn´t very nice to see error on first contact with Blizzard :( Come on Blizzard you can do better! I just checked news that you created 4 billion cachflow. Maybe you need turn little bit cash flow here and fix game!!
Thanks guys, renaming helped. Such a silly issue! You would think a company like blizzard would not let this happen.. Or at least have patched it by now...
sorry to bother you guys what did you rename your folder to?
whatever you like..!

I renamed mine to "Starcraft II WoL" for example! but all names are good!
I just got my copy of heart of the swarm and it came up with the same error, i tried renaming the folder, deleting the file and re creating it. Is my only option to digital download
renaming the folder once again did the trick thank you

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