Troll Special Forces.

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I recently found this map, and I like it a lot. But I'm kinda stuck on just grinding, so I thought I would ask about a few things on here :-)!

First of all, could someone name some of the easy achieves please? I know that you gain a significant power at the start of every match by having a lot of these, so I would really like to earn some of the easy ones :D.

Secondly, these Diablo Lord of Terror things that are scattered throughout the map, do they do anything? Do they give you an achievement if you kill a specefic amount of them?

Thanks for your time, and I hope someone can answer my questions :-)!
I just found the map as well, and i am in the same boat as you are.
Easy achievements would be to play on easy, get like 10/10/10 upgrades and just leave your computer on over night. Just farm up all the kills/minerals and finish the game.
That would be 10+ achievements (depending on what you already have)
If still interested add me and hit me up a game im pretty high level but theres only so much one can do solo
How do you reach hidden cliff and where is it?
2nd map. you need to have minimum judgment unit so you can teleport. You start with place with last artefact and diablo on 2nd map. Drop tower every clif going to the left of the map then down. usually fast way is to kill your own buggy to revive energy :)
If you are still interested, give me a shout and I will help with some of the achievements.
How does one get to map 3? I've beaten map 2, selected stay. I'm at a dead end at that point.

Edit: Nevermind I got it. Have your scv build a laser drill, and use the laser drill on the building.
hello , after 300 games i lost all my stats and achivments !!!!!!!!!!!! have you got a solution ??? i'm so furious , this game is great but i don't want to restart it after so many hours !!!!!!
seb you could use starbank if you know how many kills, wins and points you got
anyone know how to get to the 2nd map
01/10/2018 15:09Posted by MikkelZierse
anyone know how to get to the 2nd map

You can get the 2nd map by activating all xel'naga tower at the same time (difficult hard or highter). After these, you must kill secret boss.
I found these map after long time and I want to complete some achievments, to get better stats.

There is some achiev like "street cleaner" or "Scratch - Win easy and normal mutation 1 + 2 in Time for Max bonus" with whom I do not know what to do.
Any advice?

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