getting fps lag spike whenever cybernetics core finish

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in every game i play since hots release i get a 2 second lag spike when my cyber core finish, its the only point in the game i lag, anyone else experienced this or have solutions?
Yes, exactly 1,8 seconds resource stall when cybercore finishes. This is the most "visible" one but there are many other similar lag spikes.

The only PARTIAL solution I found so far is to run the Unit Preloader 2.0 from the arcade section every time I start up Starcraft II and only after that start playing. This will pre-load all the missing assets in the memory so the game does not have to stream them from the hard-drive/SSD during game play. Please note that this will only work if you have the particular choppy performance/mini-lag/ stuttering the first time the game loads a building model/unit/effect etc.

Other threads describing the EXACT same issues :

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Please Blizzard do something about this !
same here :( have SSD
same problem here, but iv a hdd
Have you tried the Unit Preloader from the arcade section ? It really helps.
Aye help , but it should work without it :(
I totally agree it should work without it...
glad I came to the forums and found 3 threads with the same issues, means blizzard will sort it out and its not on my end =D......found the unit preloaded helps alot btw
same problem here
this was how my lag and stutters started, it just increased in time and game is running so bad at moment
There is a map called "Unit Preloader" in the Arcade section of bnet. It preloads every unit, structure, spell and animation. Start it first after starting SC2. It will solve the problem.

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