Unbuildable plates

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What's the point of unbuildable plates? They just are there and do nothing from my point of view...
Theyre there for Zerg, it was first implemented by some tournament runners which got popular after a while and Blizzard took feedback from pros that they were discouraged to play on the ladder since it dident have maps from tournaments and other things like the bottom blocker.

Protoss blocking the end of the ramp with pylons and filling the background with cannons making it near impossible to exit base without teching so redundantly far that they dident have the economy to keep up or perform an counterattack since they had to eigther run throught a field of cannons or break them and lose units eigther way.

Terran did the same with bunkers, which was actually not possible to break because of them being contantly repaired in an minimal choke.
I still don't get it!
Tournaments wanted to see longer games, this only affected two borderline unfair strategies that only affects the first five minutes of the game in two matchups, Zerg liked it, Blizzard liked it, it was patched in.

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