Animated Kerrigan Background

Starcraft II Technical Support
I have an issue with main screen background.

I have HotS.
I have my video settings on maximum.
But when i enter the game - the Kerrigan backscreen is static - no animations.
If i go to settings - change to Planets - Ok - planets start animtaing.
I set to Kerrigan - OK - Kerrigan is now working ok, everything is moving, animated, works fine.

But i guess it is not normal - it should be animated from the very begging, doesn't it?

Looking forward for your reply.
Sure that you have everything to max + shaders on?
Positive about it.
As i mentioned, the animation starts after switching back and forth from Planets.
I have the same problem for several months now. Although, switching backgournds doesn't fix it for me. I don't think it depends on your graphic settings, but that it's a bug. Can't be bothered too much about it, but would be nice if fixed.

Edit: setting models from low to high and restart did fix it

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