Can I play Starcraft 2 on Linux?

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Can not install it on (K)Ubuntu 15.04. Tried it with Wine from the DVD. Crashes on startup. Copied the installer on my hard drive, tried it from there. Crashed. Tried from the digital installer. Tried with Play on linux, crashed later on, says it can't find the files or that an unexpected error occured.

Help !!!
It would be really nice to see Blizzard officially support linux. They already support OSX so it can not be that big of a jump to linux.
Guys i think its about time to have Linux support for SC2

When it will be available ?
Today i spent the whole day installing and tweaking the game, in the end, no tewaks were needed, just install the latest version of wine, (running on 1.9.4) play on linux tries to install 1.5 for SC2 by default, so I needed to tweak the settings. btw, 1.9.2 update for wine is specifically for SC2
i think its about time Blizzard to add Linux support
SC2 works well on Linux Mint 17. Everything that's needed is latest version of wine and a bit of time for configuring game.
This morning ending surprisedly a windows 10 upgrade a 2v2 Game.

I don't want Windows 10.


What i want is a Starcraft Game under Linux. Only for Starcraft was Windows 7 on my Disk. Nobody installs operations systems on my Computer.
I'm running Xubuntu 15.04 64bit. I played Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 on Playonlinux and everything was fine. Last 3-4 months I didn't play at all. Today I tried to play SC2 again but after updates it crashed at start. Thats why I changed the version of Wine from to the last version - 1.9.8 in Playonlinux and everithing is fine again. I hope this will be helpful for somebody.
Any news on linux support are Blizzard going to officially support Linux Mint or Ubuntu ?
it will be nice to get official support on the Linux mint :)
I installed winehq 3.18 Staging branch on linux mint 18.3: IT WORKS.

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