No bonus pool because of new season soon?

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I've gotten no bonus pool I see today and was just wondering if it had to do with the new season being close?
1700 games played and you dare to ask such questions ?
I could have played 20 000 games, it is not relevant for my question
I think that Karolis point was that you should know the answer to that question. It's in every single announcement for season lock.

Anyway on the topic. When season comes to a lock the bonus pool stops gathering points. Change of leagues stops and the only thing you could do is to utilize the bonus pool you have and increase your points and placement.
i have 1000 games and dont know the answer...
Ladder lock, bonus pool stops growing. Once you've used it now its gone XD New Season starts next wednesday the 1st of may
Damn power... I had such a witty and bitter reply typed in when power went down, and whole office had nothing to do but push-ups in turns for an hour.
1700 games played and you dare to ask such questions ?

he could have Power Played from 0 to 1700 since this season start and never knew about Bonus Pool and season locking (that would however require him to play over 50 games per day, the last month and a half).
well, thanks for the answers, i've not power played but i've been playing on and off for 3 years and only this season i started to play "hard core"
Yeah, the ladder is locked a week before the end of every season, bonus pool stops growing and you cannot be promoted or demoted, but your mmr can and does shift.

You then play one qualifier which, whether you win or lose, will almost certainly place you into your league based on your mmr, unless you didn't play in the previous season. If you're aiming for grandmaster, that comes a bit later.
Ow, lol how the hell did I even miss the announcement. I was wondering already why I didn't get promoted to Diamond. I have been facing Diamond players and even masters the last couple of matches yet still no prom>_>.

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