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Can anyone tell me where to find a guide on unlocking tauren comando hero on The Last Stand arcade game?
From what i can gather, you need wirt's leg (from the ugly bird near the crash in the city map), the town scroll (from the librarian High Templar miniboss on wave 25 or around that) and the horadrim cube from the burning Tauren Marine on wave 33 or 34. (im not sure if you have to also kill the last boss on 35 to unlock it or not)
I currently still need the cube on my HT and the scroll on my DT, but have beaten the last boss on DT and it didn't give any indication of whether it was required or not. The horadrim cube from the burning tauren marine also gives access to The Cow Level, i'm not sure if the cow level is also involved in some way in obtaining the commando. Try asking in the PsychoMC's The Last Stand arcade group in bnet in Starcraft 2.
i'll add more if i find out more myself. it would be nice if it was clearer in how to unlock it yes.
i say the same thing to darkma he need all objects.........

and the cow level )
can someone tell me how to save the files? whenever i format my pc i start with level 0 again.
hi hayDarlisk , the save files of arcade games are saved in folders > My documents/starcraftII/account/Banks

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