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When playing Starcraft 2 for about 1 hour the keyboard and mouse stop working. The game continues to play and internet access is fine. The only way to fix this is press the reset switch on the PC. All other games played on this computer such as League of Legends, Warcraft 3, starcraft original, battle forge, world of tanks ... etc. all work fine and do not have this problem. This problem has occurred on patch 2.08 and 2.09 of Starcraft 2. I am running windows vista ultimate SP2, 64 bit, intel 3770 cpu, 8 G RAM, 90 GB free disk space. The mouse is a wired USB mouse and no power saving options are enabled in windows. This problem is really annoying as it usually happens in the middle of a long game and the only option u have is to hard reset the computer. This only happens in Starcraft 2. All the other games played on the machine have no problem. Also under Menu->Options->Controls I have tried enabling and disabling mouse sensitivty and the problem still occurs.

Any ideas ? very frustrating !!!

Please run the repair tool and then delete the Variables.txt file.

Once this has been done, test the game again to see if the issue persists.

You can also test the game in Windowed (Fullscreen) mode to see if that helps.
I ran the repair tool. I have tried both full screen mode and windowed mode but I still get the keyboard and mouse lockup. Sometimes you can play for 2-3 hours before the lock up happens but otherwise it usually occurs around 1 hour of play. It's unusual in that this only happens in Starcraft 2. All other games run fine. Once the lock up happens the keyboard and mouse completely stop working. The Game continues to play visually, but you can not interact with it. The only option is to do a hard reset off the machine. I am using a USB keyoard and a USB mouse both connected via cable to the PC. I play fair few different games but have not experienced this problem in any other game on this PC.

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