Losing Unranked games makes no difference to MMR ?

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I've been wondering about this for a while as it seems most players have negative ratios so I thought I would do a test.

Before I started I found myself losing about 60% of games on unranked.

Here's what I did:

Over a period of 2 weeks I consistently lost A LOT of games on unranked. About 20 games a week. To make it as realistic as possible I:

Won at least 2 games a week.
Made sure all of the games lasted at least 4 minutes with some of them lasting 10 minutes.
Always created units, barracks etc.
Maintained an APM of at least 20.
Played a variety of races.
Usually I would surrender but sometimes I would let the opponent destroy me.
Each time I would check the ladder rank of my opponent.

After 2 weeks of this I returned to my normal play.

What I expected to see what that my MMR should have dropped down very low, so I should get very low ranked opponents until my MMR started to go back up again.

What I actually found is that:

While I was losing games my opponents stayed pretty consistent always coming from around the same level as my ranked matches.

Once I started playing normally again, I still got players that where around the same level as my ranked matches.

My conclusion

Your unranked MMR is simply pegged to your ranked MMR as long as you play ranked. There is no seperate unranked MMR for ranked players. You simply use your ranked MMR and unranked wins/losses don't effect it.

Hope this is useful for some of you.

Another thing I want to investigate is why so many players in bronze/silver/gold have such negative ratios when we should be seeing 50/50 if the system works. I will update you when I have investigated.
thanks for sharing

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