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I've been trying to load up Starcraft this afternoon, but I keep receiving this error message:

Patch Required

A new patch is required to connect to this region.

Restart Starcraft II to automatically install the patch, or press cancel to change region.

I've tried both of things it suggests. When I restart the game, there is no patch downloading. It is downloading the game still, however it is at 90% and hasn't affected me playing before.

When I change over to the North American server, I still get the same error.

I am playing on a MacBook Pro, 13-inch late 2011.

I have tried to delete the battle-net folder in the /user/shared/B-net directory, but it has not solved my problem.

Please make sure that your anti virus software is not blocking agent from updating the game. Disable or temporarily uninstall your security software and then test the game again.
I have the exact same problem, I am also on a mac and have no virus software running at all.
Hi I have the same problem here.

When I click on my desktop icon, it says Game is up to date, then the big PLAY button is active

Once I enter Starcraft II when I press CONNECT, there is a popup error message says "Restart Starcraft II to automatically install the patch, or press cancel to change region. "

So I cannot connect but have to press the Restart button from the error message. When I press the Restart button it restart my Starcraft II again and back to the popup error message. I cannot enter the game.

Why is this happening? I have no antivirus running and I've been updating Starcraft II patch successful previously without any issue. Only Patch v2.1 has issue.

Please help ! or can I manually update the patch?
Guys I had the same problem (after last patch). You need t delete the blizzard and battle.net folders (I think best to delete all of it), then the launcher should update normally along with the game


or simply look for "battle.net" and "blizzard" folders in your system partition/disk (most likely "C:" )

note to Blizzard: in the first link you need to correct systems descritpion: it should be windows vista/7/8 first (it;s double winXP now)

And frankly Blizzard should make these default things to do when encountering problems along with disabling firewalls etc (for me its like 3rd time when I solved problems by deleting these folders)
Step 1: Close and End Task Battle.net

Step 2: Show All Hidden Folders and Extensions

Step 3: Go to C:ProgramData

Step 4: Delete "Battle.net" & "Blizzard Entertainment" Folders

Step 5: Restart Your Computer

Step 6: Run battle.net shortcut from your Desktop!

Enjoy the 2.1.7 Patch!

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