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most seen in grand master is llllllllllll or llllllllllll is it many player named that and so high ranked ? hackers or real ones ?
They are bar codes, to hide their names so build orders cant be matched to certain pro gamers.
Just barcode ppl, they dont want to be reconized.
could be anyone, you can find out if you have an barcode reader
Milliliter = IlIlIlIlIlIl ??? i can see now in googlechrome if i right klick after writing it down?
Its legit, capitalized i or so used by masses so you cant find who youre looking for, Blizzard havent taken action least so far I belive.
its against people copying builds.
so that there are no replay packs of a player that can be studied by other players before a match.

Als it works against stream snipers i believe
Some people did it to stop being harassed (before Privacy options came) and blind countered in higher leagues because they were predictable.
they are evil and should be banned from major tournaments. It is simply not sportslike.
its progamers practicing under barcodes so that no-one reconginises thier playstyle/builds when they play them on ladder etc :p
I always thought it were UNICODE chars not displaying properly in ASCII mode.. Silly me xD

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