Transfering a NA arcade game to Europe region

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I am talking about the HOTS Hotkey Trainer (starcraft://map/1/203953). I can't find it in the arcade section if I am playing in Europe.

Any hints if this is possible at all or if so how I can manage it?
Thanks in advance.


PS Btw there are "lots" of different and worthy maps to explore as well as arcade games in every region of the
If the map isn't locked, you can just open it in the editor. Then it should be no problem as the author made the map open source.

Else, I would try to contact and ask the author of that map to publish it in the other regions. AM, EU, SEA, KR are all available for us. (We just can't access china's server.)

It's possible to open every locked map, but that's not knowledge I would like to spread as it would be the key to sc2's version of "map stealing" and I would like to protect the decision of the authors to protect their work.

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