What if SC2 was free?

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Really, Again a tread like this????!!!!!

Come on guys, we all know the drill.

Please lock this tread.
@Dreamdt but but but then the speedponies would die! NOOOO!!
nes in my career. I have earned over 1 million euro in 2010.

I love these little kiddos trying to sound c

Ok man you are rich.
You wont find women here...
We dont care about your money kids can say what they want.

Riot with lol a free game i am sure has biger profit than sc2.

Ofc bliz isnt a poor company after wow....10 milion people paying 30 euros every 2 mounths....
if SC2 becomes free u will get something like LoL, yes u get alot of money but you also get a free !@#$ty community with it.
24/10/2013 19:31Posted by LiquidSoul
Riot with lol a free game i am sure has biger profit than sc2.

Yes, but LOL sucks, Starcraft 2 doesn't.
The rise of F2P and games payed with ads is like going from small stores to one stop shop like Walmart. It seems good for our pocket but we get less quality. I played two F2P and it was like doing some routine like brushing my teeth. Comparing smartphone games to high budget console and PC game is like comparing yoyo to football in terms of entertainment.

I want to keep that opportunity to pay once a well developped PC or console game like I would like to afford a hand-made genuine wood furniture. But, it seem that in the future, there is a risk that I couldn't do both because we are in a messed up capitalist system!
The original poster is either mentally dense or a troll.
I hate f2p games
You get what you pay for
If sc2 goes f2p, il go look for something else to play.
Its already Free to Play, but not Free to Access.
Burn this idea with fire! :D

Nah I'd rather support Blizzard by paying for such a fine product that has played strong through out these years. That's quality, and I don't support repaying all their hard work and man hours/ideas with a unstable financial base such as F2P. Plus, as I've said elsewhere, I dislike this nasty introduction of "paying money" for a game after I have it installed on my computer. When I load my game I want to know I have everything for it. I understand some people pay more for exclusive content on launch and I think that's cool if it's cosmetic. But when I load my game, I expect it to be full, and I expect to not be subjected to this "Pay buy spend" mentality that's cropping in our games. It's akin to a gambeling mentality imo, and a very ugly concept to accept.

Ofcourse I believe in paying full for expansions aswell. But other things? No. Blizzards a strong company for these sorts of things, as far as quality in all it's works. And tbh I thank them for not succumbing to this wave of sly indriect extortion :P
doesn't need free to play, but does need the price drop to same level as other games. this isn't the same time anymore when 40e+ was ok for single game, if blizz would care for getting new players to sc2 again the price has to be, at least for hots 10-20e. srs 40e for expansion today is far too much.
So a guy from the nowhere, comes and tells the big idea to the people, why he thinks F2P would bring great positive changes. Also add, he owns two companies with over 1million euros of income. He dares and wants you to know that! By this he's clarifing his statement why is it valid and qualified over the rest of the community's opinion.

Sure bro, keep trying. You may want to give your best ideas for other games, also try giving your opinion to Titan's development. Blizzard would sure appreciate that, just tell them about your company and personal experiences. What about saving the world and giving some charity to the poor kids in Africa? Take your bussiness to a higher level!
I actually agree, i have so many friends id like to try and get into the game, but they are all playing LoL and don't have £35~ to shell out for SC2 which they may or may not even like.

I think especially in Esport games, paying for the title itself is outdated, and if Blizzard can't adapt they will wither (as SC2 currently is doing - arguably), there is big money and profit in the free to play Esport games market right now, very evidently. (A lot of SC2 Pros are calling for the same thing if im not mistaken)

it's like the Music business still trying to sell CD's whilst this generation have spotify or soundcloud etc and are just laughing at the idea of paying £15 for a hard copy music album that can be damaged and can't even be played on your phone or an ipod.

Individual LoL streamers can easily have 5* the amount of the entire SC2 viewers on any given night, and it's a sad case of affairs for me, because i believe SC2 pro's deserve equal if not greater followings for their skill and dedication.

sure some masters players might smurf in bronze, but honestly, they could do that now anyway, that is possible in LoL also, i don't see that game struggling as a result! this seems to be the primary complaint people have, and how that is remotely comparable to all the possible benefits i have no idea.
I actually agree, i have so many friends id like to try and get into the game

Isent this what the 2v2 free access to buddys as long as theyre with someone who already paid for the game is meant for?
06/12/2013 20:09Posted by Likkan
I actually agree, i have so many friends id like to try and get into the game

Isent this what the 2v2 free access to buddys as long as theyre with someone who already paid for the game is meant for?

how am i supposed to convince them to buy or even try a game on the strength of it's awful 2v2? SC2 is primarily a 1v1 game, just like in LOL none of my friends care about ARAM, and in WoW none of us cared about alts and achievements, it's fluff and irrelevant.
Honestly the game cost like 40 dollars and the rate blizzard brings out expansions and new games you have a very long time to save 40 dollars if 40 dollars is too much to pay for starcraft then you dont really want to play the game
Patch 2.1? Which is more than enough IMO. I'm afraid that it may even destroy the value of buying the game, since after the patch you can access everything except for ladder / chat / campaign for free without buying anything.
19/10/2013 22:07Posted by IIIIISBIIIII

- New cheaters, if they got banned they create a new free account.
- Troll people who won't take the game seriously.
- Blizzard need to hire more moderators for the game.
- Smurving on low league (and after that the new players leave sc2)
- People with bad PC's who never game will also join, this will create lag.
- People who have bought the game only for the single player would be stabbed in the back by Blizzard.

You need more - 's ?

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