Bad designe of 3v3 maps

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Due to Bad designe of 3v3 maps and maybe even 4v4 maps you can cannonrush mineral lines on the lowground with no effort cause the way to the place where the cannonrush is, is far to far!

requires just an overlord there or any other highground vision, you cant do !@#$ about it, unless you hurt ur economy so much that it isnt worth to play it even.... cause you will struggle the whole game in lose units while try to catch up in economy! NOT FUN TO PLAY (INSERT BAD WORD HERE)
Cannon rush is the least problem of the team map pool. If the team helps you, you can easily stop a CR.
Well, there are maps where cr is standard and that shouldn't be. Also two of the most recently introduced maps are horrible, because of short rush distance and huge/multiple ramps and CR (Untamed Spire LOL and Scorched Vista, Shadow Reactor is a standard CR map). Seriously, it's like there used to be decent 3v3 maps, typhoon peaks was a good map, as was citadel and Biolab. Those were decent maps that saw macro games more often than not. You could hold cheese on those maps. Now you cannot, you are forced into some kind of hellion ling all in that in itself is broken.

4v4 maps are slightly more balanced. There were also better 2v2 maps in the past than there are now. Twilight fortress comes to mind, a great macro map, comparing it to a map such as Reflection that sees 7 pool canon rush game after game is shameful. Geosync quarry? What on earth is that map about? It's rush distance plus a ramp that's bigger than 3 command centers combined.

Fossil Quarry is a horrible 4v4 map that features some kind of cheese 100% of the time. Shattered Terrace is a decent map that yields alright games, but the denying of zerg bases by rock is an issue that doesn't make any sense what so ever.

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