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I recently got the starter edition to play with some friends, but I ran into a problem when I wanted to play against several AI: when making custom games (or arcade games), I can't select AIs that are harder than Easy. Since this is not listed as one of the limitations of the Starter Edition, I was wondering whether there is something wrong with my version or whether this is just a SE limitation that wasn't stated anywhere.
it wasn't mentioned, but tooltip says, you cant choose harder AI in starter...

you can play agains up to elite in 1vAI though
Yea, noticed the 1vAI already. Was just wondering why I could face harder AIs there, but not in custom games.
Anyway, thanks for the reply :)
Me too:

I have purchased this game last year and today when i log in it gives a message to upgrade now from starter edition. My profile summary is still there but i can not start a match on ladder as it is locked.
All the replays and campaign missions are there but it says starter edition
Hi again Broberg!

Thank you for another message, but I would kindly remind you about forum rules regarding double posts.

You will find answer to your query here.


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