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5h Any Guilds or communities recruiting older players 30+ Hi there, I was wondering if there are any guilds with an older player base with most members over the age or 30 or so. I mostly play in the evenings as I have the normal adult stuff that means no 24/7 gaming. Looking for something social, definitely not hard core, friendly where people run stuff for fun, maybe run the odd Mythic + Thanks in advance...Grandmaester8 5h
17h [A] <Légend> - Casual Raid 2x per week - 4/8NM Légend is now recruiting all classes to join us and be apart of our raiding team. We are primarily looking for a tank with DPS off spec and and a tank healer but are accepting all good players. Légend was once a hardcore raiding guild progressing fast through content during TBC and WoTLK, since then real life has taken priority and the guild has remained casual with no real desire to raid until now. We are slowly building up our ranks and progressing through Uldir, we have 4/8 killed on normal and wish to make that 8 in the foreseeable future. We are a casual guild at heart raiding twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday although that is subject to change. Our progress isn't fast but we hope to change that with a few new recruits. We consist of players from the UK, South Africa, Sweden etc. We welcome all players but you must be over 18. So if you are looking at getting into raiding or just want a more casual scene with emphasis on fun during raids while still being serious about progression then please send Thoríus a message in-game and we can have a chat. What we expect from you: iLvl 340+ Commitment to 2 raids a week Mature and good attitude Know your class well Bring pots and flasks to raids What you can expect from us: Respectful, helpful and easy to approach players Organised raids with a good approach to progression Organised Mythic+ runs and other eventsThoríus0 17h
1d [A] <BUILD A WALL>- Recruiting raiders Currently recruiting for our core raid team and/or social members, We are returning players to wow trying to get up and running in the bfa end game content just need a few extra members to get started. My battlenet is Beeno#2851 or whisper in game if u have any questions!Beeno0 1d
3d [H] What a Anker - 2days What a Ankher is based on EU Auchindoun Horde. The majority of our players have been playing together in one form or another since Vanilla / Burning Crusade. Having taken a break throughout Legion from raiding, we are now reforming and looking for more players to grow into a two day Mythic guild. We raid on Fridays from 19:30 to 23:30+ and on Mondays from 19:30 to 23:00. These days are always the same & never change. We're always open to recruiting great players of all classes however we're most interested in the classes listed below. Melee DPS - Death Knight / Demon Hunter / Paladin / Rogue / Warrior Ranged DPS - Hunter Healer: Priest / Monk We're looking for players that are fun, dedicated and motivated to raid in World of Warcraft. Being able to talk on Discord is a must & having a strong sense of humour for just about anything is essential. We require that all applicants are strongly fluent in English, over the age of 18 & fully in control of their own schedules. If you wish to apply to our guild do not hesitate to add Makky#2117, Xahr#2367 or Bambooze#1841 on BattleTag and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. We have a chat with all new applicants before joining, it's a great way to get to know you & make sure we're a fit for both you and us. Thank you & see you in game !Andyo6 3d
3d [H] <Bladestorm> Recruiting for raids Who are we? Bladestorm has been around on Dunemaul since 2008 and we have raided in every expansion. Right now we are a small guild but we would like to expand our raiding team. We raid on Sundays (19.00-22.00) and Mondays (19.30-22.00). If you are looking for a laid back guild that still gets bosses killed Bladestorm might be the place for you. How to contact us? If you are interested please contact us in game, my battle tag is taz#2983 or whisper me on Dunemaul.Tazhorn1 3d
3d (H) <Hard Graft> A guild for people with obligations. Hard Graft - Newly founded guild is now Recruiting for casual raiding, mythic+ and much more in BfA. Requirements; Social and a Positive attitude. A little bit about the core of the guild; we are a bunch of people that have been playing together since Mist of Pandaria, we have raided every expansion (except legion) on different levels of difficulties and having a blast while doing so :). Most of us are older with families + children, so being on WoW is our "sanctuary" to get away from the daily must-does and blow of some stress while having fun in both PVE and PVP. We really enjoy to meet new people and are very social (maybe a bit too social at times). The guild does not have any requirements of you joining every raid / content since we all know how it is to have a family and other obligations on the side, we are a bit more laid-back on the attendance - if you can join, you can, if you cannot then its fine. Last but not least, we dont require you to have any raiding-experience we are all really good at teaching the game so you are most welcome to join us for raids, dont feel shy only because you are a new player :) Preliminary Raiding Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday - 20:00 to 22:00 Server Time. Does this sounds like its something for you? Feel free to send me a PM in game B:tag Madohan#2183 Ingame name Pidedipi-Jaedenar or message any of our officers in game :)Pidedipi15 3d
4d Tank LF weekend raiding guild Hello there, I am looking for a raiding guild that raids in During weekends. mainly because I created my account when I was outside the U.S but I moved here cause of college. Obviously I'm not in this server but I am looking around all the servers and will transfer the moment I am contacted by a guild that needs me. You can contact me in game or in discord or reply to this post ^_^. boogieface#2948 Discord: Boogieface101#1069 In game: Brutality - RunetotemBrutality1 4d
6d Looking for progressive Raiding guilds After leaving my previous guild due to the raiding teams not having a clue what to do I.E, setting up raids and leading i am looking for a new orginised raiding guild to continue raiding in this expansion if any one has any guilds that are looking for a alliance Ret Paladin let me knowPúrgíka0 6d
03 Sep <Oblivion Boost Community Services> Oblivion Boosting Community About us: Oblivion Boosting Community is Europe's greatest boosting service provider. The services offered are executed by Top Players from several different European Servers which are experienced, dedicated and high end raiders throughout many expansions already Important Information: The only valid payment option is Ingame Gold! Please do not ask any further, if we accept any other payment option. If, in any case, a boost is failing we will reschedule to another date and time that fits you, for free, if however, we can’t find a solution that benefits both you and the community, we will fully refund you. These are the services we’re currently offering: ST = Server Time (CEST/GMT+1) Uldir Normal - Full Clear (Saved Boosters) Uldir Normal - Mythrax + G’huun Only/Heart of Corruption (Saved Boosters) Uldir Heroic - Full Clear (Saved Boosters) Uldir Heroic - G’huun Only/Ahead of the Curve (Saved Boosters) Mythic Armor-Specific Dungeons (+10) - You can choose the dungeon, the group will be unsaved, a minimum of 3 Boosters will have same armor-type as you and will trade you items - Can be accommodated every day, on request Heroic/Mythic Expeditions - From single Heroic/Mythic Expeditions to full weekly Azerite caps, available on request Glory of the Wartorn Hero - Can be accommodated every day, on request - In the very rare event of a failed boost, you will receive a free rescheduled boost or a refund - Please reach out to us via the contact details below to learn more about the prices, available spots and the date and times we offer those services. If you don’t find here what you need and would like to have a custom boost, please feel free to reach out to us. We will consider it and will try to make you an offer according to the effort needed. Contact details: Oblivion Discord Server: Edit: New discord link.Teadog0 03 Sep
30 Aug Chromatic Sword for sale (H) Open to offersZetan1 30 Aug
27 Aug LFM For raids and M+ Boosting Team in BFA AGB is now recruiting on Horde and Alliance! AGB is a team of high end raiders which provide a smooth and enjoyable boosting service in Heroic,Mythic raids and Mythic +. With numerous successful runs we are looking forward to having a great start in Battle of Azeroth. For this quality service we are demanding the absolute best in terms of dedication,commitment ,professionalism and the highest level of performance. our team provides fair cuts and flexiable scheduale. Are you interested in making a nice amount of gold hassle free while surrounded by individuals with same mentality? Do you meet our requirements? Feel free to contact one of the leaders for more info (further details including your character's armory page,warcraftlogs and any source you seem to see fit will definitely speed up the process.Being able to perform at multiple specs and roles is a plus and will be taken into account). any attempts of try to pouch any of our customers will not be tolerated. Battlenet : Sinkronyzer#2299 Discord: Sinkronyzer#1775Justsink0 27 Aug
27 Aug [A]Rogue LF a HC guild on Auchindoun I'm a Rogue returning from a brake. I want to do M+ and raid Heroic content. I have done at least some raiding in each expansion and did EN, ToV and some ToS in Legion. My guild broke up around ToV and I didn't have time to raid either so didn't get much more experience at the time. I prefer raiding on weekday evenings (exept fridays) somewhere from 17:00 to 21:00 servertime. Send me mail, Whisper or contact me on Discord at Löpö#9290.Löpö0 27 Aug
25 Aug WTB mythic antorus boost. paying good. Hi everyone. I want to buy mythic antorus boosts on a weekly basis. I will pay good. PM me in game if interested.Ysdtwinkone0 25 Aug
21 Aug [A] Looking for pve guild Yo I've been checking these forums the past week, I didn't play legion but came back for BFA. I'm really struggling to find any kind of guild. I have a lot of past experience raiding in previous expansions, main tanked cataclysm and pandaria on a DK. Also have a healer friend with similar experience. We're both looking for a guild that we can find friends doing mythic groups and stuff and also raids when they come out. The guild finder seems to be garbage atm - millions of guilds, most of them dormant - and general/trade chat very inactive. Anyone know a guild looking, or a decent way to find a guild?Tsuli0 21 Aug
21 Aug WTB Throbia's Gauntlets As the title says, can never seem to snipe those off AH, so if anyone has an extra pair to sell, I'd greatly appreciate it.Slóth0 21 Aug
16 Aug Looking for pvp Guild Hello, I am a Paladin from Jaedenar. I am a freshly new to WoW and I am looking for a pvp Guild.Poppia0 16 Aug
16 Aug [A] UK - Auchindoun - LF PvP Guild Hi, I'm Bonse, from the UK. I'm 30. I'm looking for a PvP guild, not something overly serious at the moment but something that can get me into competitive scene. I'm experience in RBG is very little as none of my mates wanted to do it; i do. I'm generally a high skilled gamer, hitting global elite in CS and Champ in rocketleague with very little effort. Need to ask anything fire away. Add me: Bnet: Bonse#2513 Steam: Bonse (BMW logo) Discord: Bonse#2073Bonseex2 16 Aug
12 Aug WTS Extremely Rare Unobtainables It's a long shot, but I have two rare items that I'd like to sell on this realm. I can guarantee that neither have started dropping again with the recent patch, as the only sources for these items were removed with the release of Cataclysm. IMPORTANT: I'm looking to sell these at a discounted price. I will turn down shameful offers, but I am willing to strike a deal. 1st Item: Hollowfang Blade ( Median price on EU for these have been around 2 mil in 2018, last two were priced at 4 mil. There are currently none on the auctions house regionwide. 2nd item: Defias Rapier ( As of this post there are 11 on the auction house region wide, median price being around 2 mil. So far the best offer I have gotten has been 600k, which was a fair offer since the guy would have to transfer server here, pay me the gold, and transfer the items back to his own realm, but not enough dough for me to part ways with em. I currently have the items up on the auction house ONLY for visibility. If you'd like to make a potential deal, hit me up. You can either send me an ingame mail (Didgedelik-Auchindoun), or add my battletag: Didgedelik#21522Didgedelik1 12 Aug
06 Aug [A] Red Dawn PvP Guild open for new players Red Dawn is a PvP guild hosting players of all skill levels, focusing on arenas and BGs. Hardcore, casual and social players are welcome. Founded August 2012. Give us a whisper to join the mightiest PvP community on Auchindoun. We have a brand new, cross-server Red Dawn PvP community for our friends on different servers. We use Discord and Teamspeak. Use this link to join: Our Sunday RBG group plays around 2k rating. We hope that with BfA world PvP will be a good option for guild events again. Arena tournaments will also be on the menu. Hope to see you soon on the field of battle! --Gilgamesch / Síduri (Guild Master)Gilgamesch0 06 Aug
06 Aug [A]<thx> 2 days Mythic guild on Ravencrest. **WE CURRENTLY RECRUIT EVERY CLASS AND ROLE FOR BFA** <THX> was founded back in 2012 by a tight group of friends who raided together starting from T12 and achieving respectful rankings in the process, most notably World 80th Elegon HC on Ravencrest. We've decided to reform on Ravencrest after a few of us raided together on Defias Brotherhood in Animosity for the last few years, bringing over half of Animosity with us. We're a semi-hardcore guild raiding 2 times a week, but we're still aiming to maintain a good realm rank. Summary of recent history (As Animosity): Warlords of Draenor: T17 - Imperator Mar'gok - World 1103 / EU 599 T17 - Blackhand - World 594 / EU 300 T18 - Archimonde - World 750 / EU 414 Legion: T19 - Xavius - World 553 / EU 350 T19 - Helya - World 1037 / EU 685 T19 - Spellblade Aluriel (Latest NH kill) - World 754 / EU 453 T21 – Antorus HC cleared within first week ended up with 5/11M As a guild, our aim is simple: to clear Mythic content while it is still relevant, whilst raiding in a ‘fun’ and positive environment. While we are raiding just 2 days a week, we expect almost 100% of attendance on all main raids. Recruitment We will always consider somebody regardless of their class and/or spec! In order to give you a higher chance of approval, you should meet the following requirements: - have relevant raiding experience - able to maintain 100% attendance - competent in the class/role you play - have a working microphone alongside Discord **WE CURRENTLY RECRUIT EVERY CLASS AND ROLE FOR BFA** When do you raid? Monday & Wednesday We raid from 20:00 until 23:00 Server time Who can I contact? Bnet - Michael#23334, Kidneyxt#2328, Shaun#2102 Discord - Dathran#2016, Teelor#4882, Milkshake#7986Piens1 06 Aug
06 Aug (A) LF normal/Heroic raiding guild, Auchindoun. Hi, Looking for a normal/Heroic raiding guild on Auchindoun (or attached). I have played since vanilla, raiding through the years at all levels, but now have less time to commit to a hardcore raid schedule. Would like to find some like minded people that are not looking to push mythic but just to clear the mid level content, pref 2 nights a week, but mainly having a great laugh doing it. Willing to play any spec on my monk (whatever would be best for the group) or lock if ranged dps is needed. Hell, i'll play anything if you ask nicely. Hit me up on here on in game - bailey#2168. ShoozShooz0 06 Aug
31 Jul <Ascendance> [A] Auchindoun-Jaedenar-Dunemaul <Ascendance> English speaking active community Now recruiting for our RBG and Raid Teams. Also casual players welcome. We are a social guild with a keen interest in mostly PvE, we also have a RBG team for a bit of side PvP fun. Join us in preparing for BFA! Come say hi on our Discord server and speak to myself or one of our Ascended Masters for a guild invite Free Guild Repairs Selection of Guild Mounts Twice weekly raids Every other day RBG's Guild Events Extremely active members (Always 20-60 members online) Good Luck and Have Fun! -Néptune-Dunemaul <Ascendance Guild Master>Néptune0 31 Jul
27 Jul LFM For raids and M+ Boosting Team in BFA AGB is now recruiting on Horde and Alliance! AGB is a team of high end raiders which provide a smooth and enjoyable boosting service in Heroic,Mythic raids and Mythic +. With numerous successful runs we are looking forward to having a great start in Battle of Azeroth. For this quality service we are demanding the absolute best in terms of dedication,commitment ,professionalism and the highest level of performance. our team provides fair cuts and flexiable scheduale. Are you interested in making a nice amount of gold hassle free while surrounded by individuals with same mentality? Do you meet our requirements? Feel free to contact one of the leaders for more info (further details including your character's armory page,warcraftlogs and any source you seem to see fit will definitely speed up the process.Being able to perform at multiple specs and roles is a plus and will be taken into account). any attempts of try to pouch any of our customers will not be tolerated. Battlenet : Sinkronyzer#2299 Discord: sinko#8304Justsink0 27 Jul
23 Jul Paying good for ,,Overlords Armor,, !! im tired of farming , will pay good if someone sell it to me.Lazydin0 23 Jul
17 Jul raids and people getting kicked Why kick people from a raid? What really pi**** me off is when someone in raid chat says "kick ******". I play this game and have done for years for enjoyment and I don't get any enjoyment when this happens. Not everyone wants to watch utube for how to do it. Just remember these really classy players must have such quality that they give the impression they were born with the gear they now wear. One final bit, IF you cant put up with inequality then don't do LFR and stick with your own guild. Please don't spoil it for others. This is really aimed at Samirduran (monk) Endominus (guild). He did exactly this whilst I was in a LFR.Sogster0 17 Jul
15 Jul [A] LF HC Raiding Guild Hello, Seasoned HC raider looking for raiding guild for BFA. I play WoW since TBC, but technically i raid Heroics since MoP. I have cleared all Legion raids with my DK, both as DPS and Tank. I was pugging all these years and now i am sick of it. I am planning to be ranged dps for BfA. I'll probably main my mage but I also consider Warlock and Hunter. Please reply to this post if you are interested. Thx in advance P.S.: Don't mind the guild I am currently in. It is a guild that I and a friend of mine created so we can keep all of our toons in one place.Sporos0 15 Jul
14 Jul [A]<Lobotomized> Auchindoun (9/11 Mythic) <Lobotomized> Are recruiting for our raid team, we have cleared 11/11 HC and 8/11 Mythic for Antorus and are looking to push mythic even more. we raid 7pm GMT Wednesday and Thursdays and do an alt run on Sundays. the loot system we use is rclootcouncil No specific requirements but everyone is welcome regardless. If you are wanting to join our core raid team now is the perfect time so we can be ready for BFA!Luathá28 14 Jul
12 Jul [A] <Whatever> boosting service Hello Auchindoun, Dunemaul, Jaedenar, <Whatever> is now boosting once more! We currently offer the following boosts: ★ Gul'dan Mythic mount - 1m gold What you get: Fiendish Hellfire Core mount Mythic: Elisande / Gul'dan achievement + Vengeance Incarnate title Any equipment drops you might want from Elisande or Gul'dan ★ Argus Mythic mount - 6m gold What you get: Shackled Ur'zul mount Mythic: Argus the Unmaker achievement + Titanslayer title If before prepatch: Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker Feat of Strength Chance for Scythe of the Unmaker (red or blue) Any equipment drops you might want from Argus Payment The only form of payment we accept is gold. We prefer taking gold on Auchindoun, but feel free to contact us to discuss paying on another realm. When? Our boosts generally happen on Wednesday around- or after 20:00 server time, but boosts on Thursdays or Mondays at that time can usually be arranged as well. Contact If you are interested in buying a boost, or have any further questions for us, you can get in touch either on (Miles#2416) or Discord (Versaya#9508) Lastly, as a reference, this is our wowprogress page: 12 Jul
12 Jul ~Group Therapy~ Ravencrest-Selling Alliance Services ~Group Therapy~ World 55 Guild Selling Alliance Services Bastu#2490 - Bnet Note: All our boosts are for GOLD ONLY Now offering multiple types of boost: Antorus ★ Masterloot 9/11M - 5m ★ Masterloot 10/11M - 6m ★ Masterloot 11/11M - 9m ★ Masterloot 11/11M + Argus Mount(Shackled Ur'zul) - 12m ★ Argus - 4m ★ Argus Mount(Shackled Ur'zul) - 9m Nighthold ★ Gu'dan Mount (Fiendish Hellfire Core) - 1.5m ★ Chance at CoF - 200k Trial of Valor ★ 'The Chosen' title + Transmog set! - 1m List of Streaming Boosters 12 Jul
06 Jul NoM 11/11M Boosting Service (Horde) NoM 11/11M is now opening up the boosting service once more! We have been boosting since Mop, confidently providing full Siege of Orgrimmar runs for many months and also boosting throughout WOD ending HFC with lots of mount sales. Furthermore we boosted many people through The Emerald Nightmare. You can have a look at the comments and feedback we receieved here: and here :) Now, we are offering the below runs, with your choice of the loots. Nighthold Mythic : Elisande and/or Guldan with mount and/or without mount. Antorus Heroic: Full run PL We accept gold in any realm. Please get in touch with the below people for more info. Linblad#2519 Eth#21276 San#2583 Tankermanse#2817 Laiyaaa#2606Aliné1 06 Jul
26 Jun Argus Mythic Kill + Mount 8 mil golds! Hello have one spot for boosting argus mythic mount. get it b4 next patch and Bfa! Im top seller on silvermoon realm full population. check accept golds on all realms ! Battle Tag: Sparklystars#21949 Skype - twinkeuSaintelf0 26 Jun
25 May [H] Ginnunga Recruiting! 1/11 Mythic Hello People! Ginnunga is a PvE/PvP guild with our main Focus being PvE Progression. Currently clearing Antorus HC every week. Looking for more members to try ourselves at Mythic. We raid 2 days a week ( Wednesday-Thursday 8:00PM-11:30PM Server Time) Currently looking for: High priority: - Non Warrior Off Tank ! - Ranged DPS except Warlocks ! Any application with willing people will be considered though! If you are able to be online for at least 2 days a week to clear current content. Please Write here or write a whisper to anyone listed here: Grelda-Auchindoun Jezinka-Jaedenar Hérofwar-Jaedenar Lokai-Auchindoun Thanks for reading and hope to see you online soon!Lokai7 25 May
19 May Svensk auchindoun guild Tjena Söker en svensk guild är inte ute efter nåt hardcore, utan socialt-raid-dungeon och liknandeBlackbeauty0 19 May
15 May <Exception> Mythic Antorus Boosting Services <Exception> is offering multiple types of boosts please see below for the different types of runs we offer. What we have to offer right now is: Mythic +15 Dungeons for Weekly reward + Keystone Master achievment Argus Mythic + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot We ONLY accept gold as payment. If you can pay on Shattered Hand and connected realms you will get the cheapest prices. However we do accept gold on most servers. Antorus Mythic run is on Wednesdays at 19:30 server time. All our raiders are 965+ ilvl, so the run is smooth and efficient. To book a spot add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 We do our best to get our buyers as much loot as possible, this means no more than 1 buyer each armor and token type. For more info or if u have any questions please add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 or send me a whisper in-game. These runs are HORDE ONLYßíó0 15 May
28 Apr Disc priest [A] looking for casual raiding guild Disc priest looking for casual raiding guild, with raidstart no earlier than 2030. I am a returning player after a few months break, looking forward to bfa. CheersCrooked0 28 Apr
11 Apr [H] <Old Soul> Recruiting Raiders and Socials We are an English-speaking, non-hardcore raiding and social guild comprised of a friendly, relaxed group of both veterans and nooblets who aim to actually have fun with the game and help each other out while making raid progress at an easy pace. Our raid group is focused on simple, stress-free progression, but with a structure that ensures the smooth running of our activities - raiders are expected to perform at a decent level of skill (help is provided to those who need it), and come prepared and on-time to raids. More importantly, we try to recruit people, not players. So past experience is not mandatory to join us and there is no application form to fill out - if you are interested in joining, we will invite you to a raid or two and if we like having you around, you will be offered a permanent place in the group. You can whisper Radwell (CaptainRad#2751), Cynothoglys (Jornt#2405) or Solria (Dermy165#2816) (all Auchindoun) ingame, or visit if you want more information, and contact any guild member for an invitation.Radwell9 11 Apr
11 Apr LF guild undead shadow priest auchindoun horde Server: Auchindoun Horde Character name: Lana Undead Shadow Priest Looking for guild.Lana0 11 Apr
05 Apr Outland Revolution Hi please check out this video if you loved or enjoy The Burning Crusade and Outland. Add my Battle-Tag Rikard#2959 for interests in the new Project 70 on Silvermoon <Raiders of Outland>Zpikkz0 05 Apr
04 Apr [H] Looking to buy 950+ gear PM/Mail Tashu with the piece you have and the amount of gold. Plate.Tashu0 04 Apr
04 Apr Iron Starlette (offering 5k) Hi - Looking to buy a H/H Iron Starlette offering 5k Level 1 165 Health 11 Power 10 Speed PM if you have one, i'm online most nights ^^Nickolina1 04 Apr
20 Mar [A] 110 Hunter LF Active PvE/PvP Casual Guild Returning wow player looking for active, social, pvp/pve guild. Reply here or get me in game Thanks Saturn#2333 Néptune-DunemaulNéptune0 20 Mar
05 Mar [H] Dead Weight is recruiting! 7/11 Mythic Dead Weight [H] is a guild on the server Stormscale-EU. We recently moved from the realm Bloodhoof/Khadgar-EU to Stormscale-EU. Currently we are 7/11 Mythic and we’re going strong for achieving Cutting Edge this, and upcoming raid tiers. Our goal is to clear Mythic Antorus in this tier, so we’re only considering players that are on par or better than our top players in the guild. We strive to develop as a guild. All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding and a good social mentality during raids in order to created a pleasant environment we can enjoy as well as being able to progress raids at a reasonable pace also you will be needed to attend the raid prepared. We expect you to min/max your character and you should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it’s directed at you. You’ll also be required to install Discord and have a working headset and microphone and also be able to understand the English language. We raid the following days and times: (SERVER TIME) Wednesdays 20:30-23:00 Thursdays 20:30-23:00 Sundays 20:30-23:00 We are currently looking for: -Blood Death Knight -Fury/Arms Warrior -MM Hunter -Affliction Warlock -Frost/Fire Mage We are also taking exceptional players in consideration. Are you interested? Please contact Yvafourtwenty-Stormscale in-game or add Yva#21447 feel free to add any of the other officers too: -Azörius: Abobalypse#2387 -Discordiansz: Discordians#2834 -Ruxi: Miz7#2772 -Canine/Anubis/Coyote: TheKingEcho#1129 Team DWYva3 05 Mar
04 Mar [DUTCH guild] Optimus Pruim - Bloodhoof[H] Casual LFM This post is in English but we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Optimus Pruim is a guild on Bloodhoof/Khadgar with members from Belgium and the Netherlands. We’re a CASUAL guild and we value the SOCIAL aspect. We're not a raiding guild! We're a social bunch who enjoy different aspects in WoW, raiding happen to be one off those. We have a strong active core at the moment with guildies and a bunch off friends outside off the guild. Together we’re venturing into Antorus HC. Our progress: We’re very pleased with the direction the guild is going, and we want to continue this way in BfA. That’s why we’re on the lookout for like minded dutchies/belgians (18+) to expand our dutch/belgian WoW community. If you want to know more check out our forum post with more details: or add my battletag: Stougmeister#2832 Remember, we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Groet en misschien tot later, PuikPuik0 04 Mar
28 Feb Free "Boosts" High population, High Up-Time, Good Alliance to Horde ratio, Classic WoW Server. Sign up and play WoW for free! "Nighthaven-PvP" Is a classic server that will be transitioning to TBC (Constantly voted best expansion of all time in polls) Do not pay Blizzard for an MMO that should have been made F2P Years ago.Sulaco1 28 Feb
27 Feb Looking for something fresh, new, exciting ??? Hello fellow WoW´ers ! My name is Näruxo (Battletag: Näruxo#2882) and I am the Guildmaster of a brand-new Horde Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, called <HowMuchTheFish>. We just started out a few days ago, and are now happily recruiting for our Raid Roster in an effort to tackle Normal/Heroic and later Mythic, both in Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and beyond. Our raid days will be wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday - starting on 20:00 p.m each. You could be either a new player aswell, or a veteran, who took some time off of playing or someone who wanted to tone done his hardcore raiding schedule a bit. Currently recruiting all classes - this is YOUR chance ! I promise a nice guild and raiding enviroment, fair loot, and hopefully getting back all the excitement, that you felt, when you were in your first guild, ready to gear up your main for raiding or doing some M+ ! Would love to hear from you ! Sincerrely, Näruxo#2882Täntrum0 27 Feb
25 Feb [H] EU-Kazzak <HowMuchTheFish> LFM Hi all, <HowMuchTheFish> is a brand-new progression Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, which aims at a semi-hardcore approach when it comes to raiding. Our goal is to eventually do Mystic and progress through BfA and beyond. To do this, we are recruiting for our 25 man Raid Roster (for Normal/Heroic). We will raid on wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays, from 20:00 CET each. Right now we are looking for the following classes to build up our Raid Roster : 1 Tank (any class) 1 Retribution Paladin 1 Havoc Demon Hunter 1 Fury Warrior 1 Feral Druic or Frost Deathknight 2 Assassination Rogue 2 Affliction Warlock 2 Mage (Frost/Fire) 2 Hunter (multi-spec) 2 Shadow Priest 1 Holy Paladin 1 Discipline Priest 1 Restoration Druid 1 Restoration Shaman We accept socials aswell !!! Additionally, we are in need of dedicated Raid Leaders/Officers. If you would like such a role, please approach me :-) Here is our website, where you can file your application : Alternatively, whisper Näruxo#2882 ingame. Cheers, Näruxo, GM of <HowMuchTheFish>Näruxom0 25 Feb
22 Feb [H] EU-Kazzak <HowMuchTheFish> semi-hardcore Hello all, <HowMuchTheFish> is a semi-hardcore progression Guild, located on Kazzak-EU server, which aims at playing at the topmost level possible in each tier, while still having fun and not totally losing out the focus on the thing called "Life". (Small Disclaimer incoming : The guild needs to be created, I am lacking three signatures on the guild charter sheet) I am actively looking for members, to begin forming a raid roster. Socials are welcome too !!! What i am looking for "character-wise" and "class-wise" : Ideally you are mature, reliable, interested in raiding in a progression guild, no matter the level (normal, hardcore, up to mythic) and willing to put in some time. I have a couple of Officer and Raid Leader spots to give away, too - practical experience in raid leading, a knack for administrative duties, good knowledge of the game and your class(es) in particular, are bonuses. Aiming at three to five raids a week, distributed among the difficulties. Class-wise, i am willing to accept all classes in the game, as we are still a couple of weeks away (at least) from being able to function as a "unit" and grab the mythic bull by the horns, so to speak. (You should know that - coming from Destiny 2, which i will leave behind in favor of WoW - i have recruited 80 members for my clan in the span of four weeks, so i am determined to make this work) Looking forward to hear from you - i am accepting players from other servers aswell, even if you cannot - for some reason - move to Kazzak-EU right now. If youre interested, contact me on battlenet (Näruxo#2882). Cheers, NäruxoNäruxo0 22 Feb
29 Jan WTB - Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps If you find them and want a quick sale, please let me know :)Nickolina0 29 Jan
29 Jan [A] [Auchindoun] LF semi-casual raid guild Hi all, I've recently returned to the game after stopping mid Wrath. Been playing for about a month and, having leveled up a Frost Mage, am currently sat at i947. I've managed to get 4/11 Antorus HC, but have hit a bit of a pug wall. Looking for a semi casual raiding guild to help clear through Antorus HC and start working on Mythic. Cheers!Floe0 29 Jan