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3d Perceptive 11/11M Boosting Services Hello and Welcome to Sham's Boost Community, formed by Perceptive's Guild Master / Management Team, which consists of a variety of boost teams of multiple top guilds on Tarren Mill Horde . In Sham's Boost Community, you can order which type of boost that you would like on discord or via , so if you cant find a boost team to do weekly M+15 for example and cant find one of our advertisers in game, you can now just order it on discord and get way faster responses and achieve the boost as soon as possible. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. We accept payment on Any realm, you can find a regularly updated list of prices on our Discord Server. Discord Link: What we Offer: Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : Days: Saturday/Sunday Time: 16:30/17:00 Server Time Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Trinket (Whispers of the Dark): Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Mount: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Guldan Mythic Achievement and Mount! Guldan Mount + Full Run: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Full loot priority from all 10 bosses and Guldan Mythic Mount! Tomb Of Sargeras : Tos Mythic First 6 Package: Day: Sunday Time: 17:30 Server Time Extra Info: You will receive 6 Achievements and Full Loot Priority for your Class and Spec! Tos Mythic Full Clear Package : Day: Sunday Time: 17:30 Server Time Extra Info: You will receive 9 Achievements , Full Loot Priority for your Class/Spec and The Darkener Title! Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 17:00 Server Time (Flexible with Times) Group Size: 20-25 all unsaved Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Boosters are unsaved! Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: 10 runs per day Time: Team runs from 16 ST till 23 ST, 10 runs per day Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Antorus Glory Run : Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Mythic + Boosting Services: Mythic + Level 15 for Weekly : Day: Any Day/Time Extra info: This type of boost is only for weekly Mythic + 15 for Cache! Mythic + Level 15 Armor Loot : Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: This Type of Boost is for Full Leather/Mail/Plate/Cloth Group for Extra loot for you! Mythic + Level 20 for Score/Loot Day: Any Day/Time Extra info: Get More loot Drop and High Mythic + Score Note: If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide, please add one of the battle tags or Skype or Join the Discord, and if the boost you are looking for is not listed then you can ask about it aswell! Contact us Discord Invite Link: Skype: Prinishivace321 Battle Tag: Vyndon#2654 and Prinishivace#2678Shamserk5 3d
09 Apr Antorus Heroic Boosting Hello, Following our success with boosting during Warlords of Draenor we are back and now boosting for the end of Legion! We are open to payments on all realms Horde and Alliance. The prices listed below are for Draenor specific and will vary depending on your realm. Please contact me to discuss other realms/services. Currently we are selling: Antorus HC 11/11 Personal Loot Price - 400K (Will vary on other realms) With this boost you will receive: - Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker - Violet Spellwing (Argus Mount) - A chance at the Antoran Charhound (Felhounds of Sargeras Mount) - A chance at 945+ loot (first 10 bosses) & 955+ loot (Argus) - A chance at the following transmog weapons (Aggramar & Argus) - Aggramar - Taeshalach Argus - Scythe of the Unmaker - A chance at a Pantheon trinket/legendary trinket Aman'Thul's Vision (Argus) Argus Heroic (Personal Loot) - 120K With this boost you will receive: - Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker - Violet Spellwing (Mount) - ( - A chance at 955+ loot - A chance at a Pantheon trinket/legendary trinket Aman'Thul's Vision We also hope to begin offering Gul'dan Mythic mount kills with this in the near future. If you are interested in a service that has not been listed on this page please feel free to contact me regardless as I am likely able to help you with anything you may need. M+ boosting: If you are interested in purchasing a service from us please contact us at one of the following: Battlenet: Maz#2672 Asuna#2517 Jack#2958 Discord: 09 Apr
06 Apr Legion Raids GDKP Every Friday at 19:00 UPDATED Introduction: What is GDKP? GDKP stands for Gold Dragon Kill Points. It means that every item that drops from bosses is auctioned to the highest bidder. At the end of the raid, all gold is distributed evenly amongst buyers and boosters. When is this raid? The raid is every friday. We start inviting people to raid at 19:00, and start pulling at 20:00. Be on early and whisper one of the promoters in trade for invite to make sure you get a spot. The raid ends when either all bosses are dead or at 24:00. If the raid is doing well and we are near raid end time but near a boss we will do a vote and if the majority want to stay then we will extend the time by 30 minutes maximum. How does everything work? To enforce that buyers don't get a free boost and that boosters do their job well, there are a few rules for bidding: 1. There is a SPENDABLE fee based on your current ilvl and raid role. PRICES Buyers HEROIC Antorus, the Burning Throne 250k: Experienced buyer(has multiple clears on current char) and 945+ ilvl 300k: Undergeared experienced buyer(has at least 1 clear on heroic on current or multiple on main) and 930+ ilvl 350k: Geared but inexperienced buyer(945+ ilvl) 400k: Undergeared inexperienced buyer and 930+ ilvl 500k: Way undergeared inexperienced buyer: no experience and below 930 ilvl. If you come 3 or more weeks in a row, you will be able to get an additional 50k g discount on the entry fee. Missing a gdkp will reset the counter for the discount. This fee is SPENDABLE, so when you bid for gear you will not be charged until you have used it up. Entry fee will not be refunded. 2. Minimum bid is 10k gold 3. Minimum increase for bid is 5k. 4. Transmog and offspec bid starts at 2k and will only be offered if nobody bids for the item. 5. Bids are made by typing in chat. If you want to pass, type pass(this does not mean you cant bid again if you change your mind) You have to make a serious bid if an upgrade drops for you. The lower your itemlevel, the higher I consider a serious bid. The definition of an upgrade includes if you already have the item that drops but it has an extra proc (socket on top of the item you have) or is the warforged version of your current item. You're not required to bid if you currently have a warforged but not socketed item and the socketed, non warforged version drops; if the item we're selling is both warforged and has a socket and yours doesn't, that is required to place a bid on it. If the upgrade is only a tertiary stat on top of your current item, we'll not require you to bid on it. All preceding rules apply to mainspec only. If you fail to make a serious bid, I reserve the right to revoke your right to get an even share at the end of the raid or even replace you. Your gold share will be distributed among the remaining eligible members. Example: 2 buyers want item X, buyer A opens bid with 5k and has got crap gear, buyer B increases bid to 10k. If buyer A doesn't increase bid while having an item with far lower item level, he risks losing his gold share or getting replaced. Furthermore, I expect you to behave in my raid. Point out errors if need be, but do so in a polite manner. There will also be penalties for [5k fine] 1: Ninja pulls even if we do not wipe. (10k if we wipe) 2: Failing on mechanics that can cause raid wipes, regarldess of wipe actually happening It will be announced before boss fight for which ability there is a penalty for. 3: Since the raid will be group loot everyone will have to pass and pass fast, there will be a penalty for not passing within 30 seconds after the boss has been killed. 4: Accidentally pressing greed or need. Basically get used to pressing pass. It will be required to pay the penalty immediately after the boss fight. Which bosses will be killed? Currently we are doing Tomb of Sargeras Heroic full clear and starting Antorus, the Burning Throne Normal 01.12.2017 What is expected? First of all, you need to be UNSAVED to all of the bosses in Tomb of Sargeras Heroic. If we notice that you're saved to any boss, you risk losing your share of the pot or getting replaced. Boosters will be expected to perform, meaning they know how to handle mechanics and do their job well enough to carry lower geared people. Buyers are people with low gear or / and lack of knowledge of mechanics in adddition to people with good gear but can still obtain minor upgrades. In short, everyone can buy gear if they want to. If an item isn't an upgrade for you but you want to increase the bid, you're free to do so, but you are expected to pay up if it backfires on you. If you harrass the person assigned to need on items and holding the gold or are just rude to people, or you prevent us from giving instructions to the raid, we reserve the right to keep your goldshare and divide it among the other eligible people for goldshare. Due to the fact that some people fail to show up after saying that they'll show up, I have to recruit more people than my roster can fit in. So that means if everyone shows up, not all of them will get a spot in the raid. For boosters this means, if you get in raid first, you got your spot. Same applies for buyers. However buyers can pay the entry fee in advance to guarantee their spot. With guaranteeing a spot, I mean: your spot is reserved til 20:00 realm time, then it gets taken by the first buyer who gets in. You'll have an entire hour to show up and claim your reserved spot. What if I want to switch chars in the raid? To change characters you will have to firstly have it parked outside the raid entrance, notify the raid leaders before the raid, and only swap out during trash if you do not need anything. If you hold up the raid there will be a 10k fee for switching character. How to get a spot? Since our aim is a full raid of 30 people. We recruit more than 30. This is due to people not showing up when they say they will. We operate on a first come first serve basis. Invites start going out at 19:00. Getting into the raid first guarantees you a spot. You can afk or log a different character between 19.00-20.00 while we fill the raid. Buyers can reserve their spot by paying their entry fee in advance. If you do not show by 20.00. We will give your spot away regardless of being reserved. Summary 1. Everyone must be unsaved to all bosses. 2. Boosters dont slack on bosses or trash. 3. Buyers bring gold and pay attention to bidding. (can afk on trash if you're bidding on something) 4. Everone must be on discord. 5. Everyone must pass on all the loot. 6. Everyone must tag the boss so we get 6 loot items. 7. Dont talk in raidchat when bidding is going on. (use say/yell) Contact us ingame or leave a comment if you have any questions. Torturor - UltimateSpy#2461 Discodots - discopogo#2362 If you enjoy our runs please leave us a comment! :)Discodots13 06 Apr
05 Apr Outland Revolution Hi please check out this video if you loved or enjoy The Burning Crusade and Outland. Add my Battle-Tag Rikard#2959 for interests in the new Project 70 on Silvermoon <Raiders of Outland>Zpikkz0 05 Apr
03 Apr Antorus Heroic Boosting <Invalid Target> Invalid Target <Ragnaros> is selling Heroic !Antorus the Burning Throne! boosts on horde side with personal loot and rolling on unwanted items every Saturday. We can boost 4-5 player in heroic. If you can't get in due the lack of spots we offer you a 10% discount on the next weekly run. We only accept GOLD as payment (we accept gold on other high/medium pop realms as well). For prices, information and application feel free to add me on Arkhien#2198 or reach me out online on Ragnaros on the following character: 03 Apr
31 Mar Resubbed after 6 months, but uh... Ally where art thou? Well, it is 6 in the morning and Argus isn't coming out for another week or so from what I understood, but still. Haven't seen this population level since the end of Cataclysm. :,D - Dalaran - Serverwide I thought something felt off about Argus when I did the questchain on my warrior yesterday, I guess it might have been the severe lack of alliance.Mordorelf1 31 Mar
31 Mar Moohammed-Bladefist took a trinket meant for me It was a 13+ BRH. The healer got a trinket which I asked for, he tells me to trade. Moohammed then trades the healer for the trinket, the healer not expecting someone else to trade him, gives it to him. Moohammed instantly leaves. I whisper him about it, and he ignores me after a 'get gud' comment or something similarly cleaver. Want people to know what they will be dealing with if the grp up with him.Odion1 31 Mar
30 Mar Need Guildmembers 4 Mythic (NL) [Hello Kitty Adventures] Is een Nederlands talige guild die mensen zoekt voor onze core mythic raiding team (11/11 HC), we zoeken mensen die rond de 20 zijn en in het weekend kunnen raiden.Ditorz1 30 Mar
30 Mar [H] <Burn Phase> (11/11 Antorus HC) Recruiting Hello FroZenFist! Burn Phase is a social raiding guild located on Frostwhisper/Zenedar/Bladefist[H]. We are a fun, friendly but focused guild. Our goal is to enjoy the content at our own pace. Meaning if you’re looking to clear Mythic raids as your focus, we are likely not for you. We are a PvE guild but a number of members enjoy PvP every now and then. Whether it be Arenas or just random Battlegrounds. Our Social side is as important to us as the raiding aspect. We believe everyone should be free to play in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This said, we do prefer to keep a serious attitude in our progress raids while still having a laugh with our friends. Raid Days and Times: Thursday and Sunday at 20:00 - 23:00 Raid invites will start at 19:45 we aim to be inside the raid ready to pull before 20:00. What do we expect from you? We’re, first of, looking for a friendly person that will be part of our little family. We’d like to find someone that will be active (at least in terms of the raids, but preferably also outside), easy going and willing to help others where they can. We want raiders who can take a wipe on the chin, pick themselves up and learn from their mistakes. Someone that can make our raid days and stay for the full duration or at least let us know (ahead of time) if you can’t. (We're not no-lifers we understand that IRL always takes precedence) Prepared to raid. This means having looked up tactics for fights without having to be told to, be fully repaired with spare food, flasks and potions. (We do provide food and flasks but sometimes this isn't available so come prepared to use your own) Current Progression: 7/7 EN HC 3/3 ToV HC 10/10 NH HC 9/9 ToS HC 11/11 Antorus HC What are we recruiting? We are currently actively looking for: Everything! Post a message below, Or speak to an officer in game: Grimreeper-Zenedar (BT: MichaelvdB#2387) Tuljan-Frostwhisper (BT: Hourcast#2328) Phyrexxia-Frostwhisper (BT:Phyrexian#21311) Ephesia-FrostwhisperGrimreeper5 30 Mar
23 Mar WTS [Heavy Junkbox] for The Insane Title I will be selling Heavy Junkboxes that are needed for reaching Exalted with Ravenholdt which is part of The Insane in The Membrane achievement ( I will charge 200g per box and the farm takes around a week to complete. It's possible to get it done faster but then the price will go up. If you have any questions, just add me @ Bretx#2421 This service is currently only available for Horde.Styxrog2 23 Mar
21 Mar <Bird is The Word 11/11M> Selling Antorus Boosts UPDATED 21/3-18 WITH MYTHIC PRICES! <Bird is the Word> Has opened up for our boosting services once again. Who we are; Bird is the Word, is a Danish semi-hardcore raiding guild, who has been around since TBC. Our most recent achievements in Legion, is 11/11M Antorus. With a world rank of 65. What we can offer; Heroic Antorus: 11/11 PL - Price = 500k All Boosters is unsaved, and all gear we get will be rolled out for buyers to grab. Mythic Antorus: 9/11 ML - 5M Includes: Baseline loot (960), tier tokens and leftovers (965+) Mythic Antorus: 11/11 ML (Full run) - 11M Includes: Baseline loot (960)((970 from argus)), tier tokens and leftovers (965+)((975 from argus)) "Titanslayer" title Mythic Antorus: 11/11 ML (Full run) + Mount - 14M Includes: Baseline loot (960)((970 from argus)) , tier tokens and leftovers (965+) ((975+ from argus)) "Titanslayer" title "Shackled Ur'zul" mount Mythic Argus only ML - 5.5M Includes: Baseline loot (970) and leftovers (975+) "Titanslayer" title Mythic Argus only ML + Mount - 9.5M Includes: Baseline loot (970) and leftovers (975+) "Titanslayer" title "Shackled Ur'zul" mount We accept gold on all the major Horde realms (Draenor, Kazzak, Twisting Nether, Tarren Mill, Ragnaros, Stormscale and Frostwhisper) If you have any special requests feel free to add us and we will make you a nice offer. Contact Information; For any additional information, you're welcome to reply on this post, or add one of the following people; Splatlack Drainstation#2146 Chery Chery#2145 Ethevan Edevan#2239Splatlack5 21 Mar
16 Mar TRADING GOLD I need gold on draenor, can give you gold on frostwhisper, zenedar or bladefist. between 100k-5million. add me or leave a comment discopogo#2362Discodots0 16 Mar
12 Mar Aquired taste (swe) recruiting 11/11 nm 8/11 HC HI Aquired taste is now recruiting Swedish mature players for raiding. Aquired taste behöver spelare för vår antorus raid. Vi är ett socialt och aktivt Guild som raidar två gånger i veckan (onsdagar/ söndagar) Utöver det vi aktivt progressar på ( just nu heroic) erbjuds det alt/normal runs en gång i veckan. Mythic + liras väldigt frekvent för de som är intresserade utav detta. Vi använder discord vid raid/ mythic +. Har du alltid velat spela i ett trevligt helsvenskt Guild så har du nu chansen. Vad krävs utav dig som ansöker? Du ska kunna raida 2 gånger i veckan. Vara svensktalande, trevlig och ha en positiv attityd. De personer som vet med sig att de är negativa vid wipes undanbedes därför. Du bör vara över 18 år. De klasser vi just nu letar efter speciellt är ranged dps och eventuellt 1-2 healers och 1 tank med vettigt offspec dps. Just nu är vi fulla på melee dps. Du som ansöker bör ha tillräcklig gear/ klasskunskap för att inom kort cleara Heroic Antorus. Ilvl bör ligga över 935 men bedömning görs inviduellt beroende på inställning och spelprestation. Är du läder eller cloth kan du förvänta dig mycket loot =). DPS som ansöker bör ligga runt 1m dps. Klasser med extra intresse just nu även om alla ansökningar tas i beaktning. Mage Boomkin Warlock Shadowpriest Resto druid Är du intresserad? Hör av dig till mig eller någon officerare i Aquired Taste så berättar vi mer.Frósty4 12 Mar
05 Mar [H] Dead Weight is recruiting! 7/11 Mythic Dead Weight [H] is a guild on the server Stormscale-EU. We recently moved from the realm Bloodhoof/Khadgar-EU to Stormscale-EU. Currently we are 7/11 Mythic and we’re going strong for achieving Cutting Edge this, and upcoming raid tiers. Our goal is to clear Mythic Antorus in this tier, so we’re only considering players that are on par or better than our top players in the guild. We strive to develop as a guild. All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding and a good social mentality during raids in order to created a pleasant environment we can enjoy as well as being able to progress raids at a reasonable pace also you will be needed to attend the raid prepared. We expect you to min/max your character and you should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it’s directed at you. You’ll also be required to install Discord and have a working headset and microphone and also be able to understand the English language. We raid the following days and times: (SERVER TIME) Wednesdays 20:30-23:00 Thursdays 20:30-23:00 Sundays 20:30-23:00 We are currently looking for: -Blood Death Knight -Fury/Arms Warrior -MM Hunter -Affliction Warlock -Frost/Fire Mage We are also taking exceptional players in consideration. Are you interested? Please contact Yvafourtwenty-Stormscale in-game or add Yva#21447 feel free to add any of the other officers too: -Azörius: Abobalypse#2387 -Discordiansz: Discordians#2834 -Ruxi: Miz7#2772 -Canine/Anubis/Coyote: TheKingEcho#1129 Team DWYva3 05 Mar
04 Mar WTB Cord of Unhinged Malice Hello everyone! As the tittle says I would like to buy cloth waist called "Cord of Unhinged Malice". It's a trash drop from Hellfire Citadel, I haven't had any luck of obtaining it last few months and I need both normal and mythic variation of it. If anyone happens to have this and wants to sell it please leave a comment on this topic or send me a message via bnet, #21125 Thanks in advance!Nycto0 04 Mar
04 Mar [DUTCH guild] Optimus Pruim - Bloodhoof[H] Casual LFM This post is in English but we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Optimus Pruim is a guild on Bloodhoof/Khadgar with members from Belgium and the Netherlands. We’re a CASUAL guild and we value the SOCIAL aspect. We're not a raiding guild! We're a social bunch who enjoy different aspects in WoW, raiding happen to be one off those. We have a strong active core at the moment with guildies and a bunch off friends outside off the guild. Together we’re venturing into Antorus HC. Our progress: We’re very pleased with the direction the guild is going, and we want to continue this way in BfA. That’s why we’re on the lookout for like minded dutchies/belgians (18+) to expand our dutch/belgian WoW community. If you want to know more check out our forum post with more details: or add my battletag: Stougmeister#2832 Remember, we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Groet en misschien tot later, PuikPuik0 04 Mar
04 Mar Check other post above That is the right postSplatlack0 04 Mar
01 Mar Frostwhisper vanilla/lvl 60 players INFO: The point of this threat is nothing but remembering the good ole' days and nostalgia. I wanted to see if there are anybody from the level 60/vanilla era still playing. I was mostly a member of Xstream, with Sheen being the GM. I also did some raiding with the guild Threat in my final days. The GM, who was a rogue also named Threat, took one of the Thunderfury bindings since both our MT and OT were new. Great times! -Plastikk, NE female rogue. ... Edit 2016: It's great to see how many players that are still active! Hjarta105 01 Mar
27 Feb Looking for something fresh, new, exciting ??? Hello fellow WoW´ers ! My name is Näruxo (Battletag: Näruxo#2882) and I am the Guildmaster of a brand-new Horde Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, called <HowMuchTheFish>. We just started out a few days ago, and are now happily recruiting for our Raid Roster in an effort to tackle Normal/Heroic and later Mythic, both in Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and beyond. Our raid days will be wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday - starting on 20:00 p.m each. You could be either a new player aswell, or a veteran, who took some time off of playing or someone who wanted to tone done his hardcore raiding schedule a bit. Currently recruiting all classes - this is YOUR chance ! I promise a nice guild and raiding enviroment, fair loot, and hopefully getting back all the excitement, that you felt, when you were in your first guild, ready to gear up your main for raiding or doing some M+ ! Would love to hear from you ! Sincerrely, Näruxo#2882Täntrum0 27 Feb
25 Feb [H] EU-Kazzak <HowMuchTheFish> LFM Hi all, <HowMuchTheFish> is a brand-new progression Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, which aims at a semi-hardcore approach when it comes to raiding. Our goal is to eventually do Mystic and progress through BfA and beyond. To do this, we are recruiting for our 25 man Raid Roster (for Normal/Heroic). We will raid on wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays, from 20:00 CET each. Right now we are looking for the following classes to build up our Raid Roster : 1 Tank (any class) 1 Retribution Paladin 1 Havoc Demon Hunter 1 Fury Warrior 1 Feral Druic or Frost Deathknight 2 Assassination Rogue 2 Affliction Warlock 2 Mage (Frost/Fire) 2 Hunter (multi-spec) 2 Shadow Priest 1 Holy Paladin 1 Discipline Priest 1 Restoration Druid 1 Restoration Shaman We accept socials aswell !!! Additionally, we are in need of dedicated Raid Leaders/Officers. If you would like such a role, please approach me :-) Here is our website, where you can file your application : Alternatively, whisper Näruxo#2882 ingame. Cheers, Näruxo, GM of <HowMuchTheFish>Näruxom0 25 Feb
22 Feb [H] Unexpected is recruiting Unexpected are looking people that are interested starting to raid with us. We are a casual PvE guild and wan't people to enjoy their time in WoW and have fun during and between raids. We have scheduled +15 mythic dungeons runs and RGB's for does that want to join for that. Raid days: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 What are we looking for: We are looking for people that are interested in raiding in a friendly environment but still make some progress. We want the raiders to show up for most of the raids but we understand that that irl goes before wow sometimes. We are looking for most classes right now. If there is anything that sounds like you want to join us don't hesitate to contact us. Avîcîî - Techiie#2533 Tevhardec - Suvarius#2901 Bungla - ongla#2168Bungla0 22 Feb
22 Feb [H] EU-Kazzak <HowMuchTheFish> semi-hardcore Hello all, <HowMuchTheFish> is a semi-hardcore progression Guild, located on Kazzak-EU server, which aims at playing at the topmost level possible in each tier, while still having fun and not totally losing out the focus on the thing called "Life". (Small Disclaimer incoming : The guild needs to be created, I am lacking three signatures on the guild charter sheet) I am actively looking for members, to begin forming a raid roster. Socials are welcome too !!! What i am looking for "character-wise" and "class-wise" : Ideally you are mature, reliable, interested in raiding in a progression guild, no matter the level (normal, hardcore, up to mythic) and willing to put in some time. I have a couple of Officer and Raid Leader spots to give away, too - practical experience in raid leading, a knack for administrative duties, good knowledge of the game and your class(es) in particular, are bonuses. Aiming at three to five raids a week, distributed among the difficulties. Class-wise, i am willing to accept all classes in the game, as we are still a couple of weeks away (at least) from being able to function as a "unit" and grab the mythic bull by the horns, so to speak. (You should know that - coming from Destiny 2, which i will leave behind in favor of WoW - i have recruited 80 members for my clan in the span of four weeks, so i am determined to make this work) Looking forward to hear from you - i am accepting players from other servers aswell, even if you cannot - for some reason - move to Kazzak-EU right now. If youre interested, contact me on battlenet (Näruxo#2882). Cheers, NäruxoNäruxo0 22 Feb
20 Feb Sunday League - Raiding & Chill Attention, Citizens of Azeroth! Specifically those of our realm group... Guild Overview Sunday League is a relaxed raiding guild consistently achieving curve each tier and dabbling with Mythic raids. Schedule -- Wed/Sun @ 20:00-23:00 -- Current Progress @ ABT 11/11 Heroic We are primarily a raiding guild consisting of a group of friends that is looking to get curve every tier and does so by including anyone committed to raiding. No matter your background or skill level, we seek to help those willing. Outside of Warcraft, we keep an active gaming community through our Discord and play other flavour of the month games together. Recruitment Everyone is welcome to join and raid with Sunday League - Check our current recruitment needs below (Don't shy away if your class isn't listed!): *Healers*: Monk, Priest - *Damage*: Any :) NOTE: We like our members to have a viable offspec, so that we can be flexible during raids and are able to explore the specs within our classes. However, this is not mandatory. See you soon! Contact Information Guild Master: Milka (Kenneth#2334) Officer: Dumbasshuntz (Xenia#1543) Officer: Caprian (INickR#2983) Officer: Baxtrizia (ladyfox#2589)Milká4 20 Feb
14 Feb Selling "Fire-Watcher" title + mount Selling boosts for the [Bloody Coin] rewards from the Timeless isle. - Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast - 50k - "Fire Watcher" title (includes mount) - 120k Available to both factions and payment on any EU server. Add my battletag Vrases#2845 to get in touch or vras#3216 on DiscordVras0 14 Feb
13 Feb Looking for Frostwhisper vanilla oldies Hey guys, Crowfeather here, was a night elf field marshal druid during vanilla times on Frostwhisper, decided to create a thread to try and see if I can fish out any other old players from back in the day, considering I knew almost everyone on the server in one way or another, especially from those who did PvP. Would be nice to find some old buddies. Hoping some will check this thread :)Crowfeather17 13 Feb
10 Feb LF Guild Resto Druid looking for guild that does hc/mythic antorusDruidkage0 10 Feb
08 Feb Selling Alani mount Anyone interested in buying Alani mount for a fair price? Currently have 19 Skyshards, Holydan#2829Iceteaserved0 08 Feb
06 Feb [H] Team Two (11/11 Heroic ANT) recruiting Hi, Team Two is a PVE focused guild, and our aim is to clear the highest level of content we can and - of course - to have fun doing so! We can offer you a relaxed, friendly raiding environment, members who love to run mythic+ and an active discord server. We have a good sense of community and we hope all of our members join in with that. We raid two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 2100 server time until 0000 server time. Our aim is to continue to clear Heroic Antorus and, when we have a solid team, push into Mythic Antorus as far as we can go. We are currently recruiting: Melee DPS (high priority) Ranged DPS What kind of raiders are we looking for? Reliable We'd like our raiders to make as many raids as possible, we understand that sometimes real life happens however. If you can commit to a 70%+ attendance, we can work with that Active We want people to stay active within our community, and our Discord is a major part of that. Get involved in mythic+ runs, raids and generally helping each other to do content is a big part of what Team Two is about. Flexible We'd like you to be able to play all of your classes specs and be able to adapt to changes in those roles, we also value people who are able to stay that extra 15 minutes. Having a viable alt is also something we'd like to see. Vocal We expect everyone to have a working headset and ideally a microphone, you will need to be able to communicate with us during raids and dungeons - you don't have to be super talkative but we love it when people join in. You can contact me via my Battletag (Hedges#2469) or Dyinggiraffe (Dyinggiraffe#21826) for more information. You can also ask anyone who's online for some info too. You can join us via our OpenRaid to see if the guild is a good fit for you, over at Thanks for reading and I look forward to raiding with you soon!Hedges1 06 Feb
29 Jan [H] Solar Noctis is recruiting! Solar Noctis is a casual raiding guild, we are seeking active members to bolster our roster for Antorus, the Burning Throne. We are an English-speaking guild who strive to create a friendly, helpful community. We want to clear content at our own pace. So if you are looking for a guild that intends to push heroic/mythic on week one this isn't it. We understand that people have families, jobs and other commitments outside of the game and therefore we are not in the business of demanding players to "be on at a certain time or else" - that goes against the relaxed and social environment we aim to create. That being said our raid times are: Wednesday 20:00- 23:00 Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Current Progress in Antorus - 10/11 normal Currently looking for all classes and specs. So if you are looking for a relaxed and friendly place to raid or just hang out or if you'd like more information contact our GM or officers in game for a chat GM: Levantou - Frostwhisper (Arí#2357) Officers: Ryuko - Forstwhisper (Jimijams#1880) Gormac - Zenedar (Garaidh#21616)Levantou6 29 Jan
27 Jan Selling almost all cageable pets Discounts if you buy multiple pets. Check the AH for seller Rastov and let me know which ones you need through in-game mail or Rastov#1155.Sodagrape0 27 Jan
16 Jan Realm Population 98% horde? To blizzard > I made a ticket but a GM told me to post this in a public forum. Hello, Do you have any plans to bring more balance to this realm? I can’t do world quest without getting killed by horde all the time. I am surrounded by horde and there are very few alliance around. Right now it is really hard to do any world quest, and there isn’t any fun in it this way. If blizzard is planning to bring the balance back ill wait, otherwise I like a faction change or realm transfer for 2 of my characters. I hope we can get a solution to bring back the fun. Kind regards.Swat27 16 Jan
16 Jan [H] Necrosis Reborn (11/11 ANT HC) recruiting Hi there, Necrosis Reborn (9/9 TOS HC) is a relaxed guild looking to raid in a friendly and fun atmosphere and go through content at our own pace. We are looking for more dps and a healer (preferably shaman or paladin) for Tomb of Sargeras heroic farming and to build a strong team to start mythic raiding. Socials are also welcome. Raid times are Wednesdays and Mondays, 20:00 to 23:30. If interested, whisper Syvor, Drathzee or Yrela for more informationYrela10 16 Jan
12 Dec WTS Heroic Argus the Unmaker, 11/11 HC Antorus and +15. we are a team of elite players raiding in world top 50 guilds, we have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many raids across all of our mains and alts characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 960 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get in your weekly chest in your class order hall and a good chance on 940 or higher from the chest at the end of the dungeon, if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. -Antorus Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 940 loot or higher, up to 985. 3-if you join our Master loot runs, you will get 100% if the loot that drops for your class and spec. we always try to make our raids 20-25 man, to make sure you will get as much loot as possible. 4-if you join our Personal Loot runs, we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you. 5-a very decent chance to get the Antoran Charhound Mount from Felhounds of Sargeras -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Heroic Argus the Unmaker you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Antorus heroic run you need about 2 hours and half . -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 price: you can pay us on any realm, horde or ally. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 225k. -keystone +15 in time is 400k. Master Loot runs: -Heroic Argus the Unmaker is 500k. -full Tomb of Sargeras heroic is 2.5 million gold. -9/10 heroic night hold is 2 million gold. Personal Loot runs: -Heroic Argus the Unmaker is 400k. -full Antorus heroic is 1 million and 500k gold. IMPORTANT NOTE : Price goes lower by 50k-100k every week on all raid runs but for mythic keystone runs its fixed.Vivicraftt0 12 Dec
04 Dec Looking to Buy Ashelia's Adorned Waistguard I've been looking for sometime @ the AH, and since it did not pop up for some time. Does anyone have Ashelia's Adorned Waistguard or know anyone who has? TksNunopt0 04 Dec
17 Nov Reins of Poseidus Selling Reins of Poseidus on Frostwhisper ally. 390k add tango#21450Eldragan0 17 Nov
13 Nov DRUID LF Help with Healing im a 921 druid, Got everything set up from skada, to healbot, to EvlUI etc. Im clicking my !@# off and still cant get higher than a average of 400k HPS. So i am looking for a PRO druid healer that can help me in game to perfect my setup and skills.Xandrae1 13 Nov
12 Nov VANIR - HORDE Vi är Vanir Horde och finns på Chambers of Aspects och söker nu nytt folk. Allt av intresse. Vi är en casual guild som funnits med i 9 år på olika servrar. Våra grundpelare är gemenskap, laganda och respekt. Alla är välkomna och ska också känna sig välkomna hos oss. Vi har öppnat upp raiden för alla. Vi vill hitta de små guldkornen bland alla duktiga spelare som finns i väntan på Antorus. Därför kör vi HC Onsdagar-Söndag 20:30-23:00 Enda kravet är 900 ilvl och Concordance. Lägger även upp events om Alt runs titt som tätt. Däremellan blir det en hel del Mythic+. Skriv en application på våran hemsida om detta kan vara något för dig! VanirSwedint0 12 Nov
11 Nov Sprint - 100-110 Dungeon Booster [Fast, Reliable] Hello, I'm Sprint; a fast experienced dungeon booster! Sprint Level 101 Horde Balance Druid 200% Movement Speed 101% Mastery 68% Haste 19% Leech ★Service Requirements★ ► ilvl 680+ and Order hall Unlocked. ► 100-110 Boost will take approximately 3.5-4 hours depending on heirlooms ★Service Information★ ► Boosts are done in normal dungeons and you will be playing your own character. ► You can AFK at the entrance or follow me, no need to dps or heal. ► 1 level takes approximately 4-6 dungeons, depending on your rested exp and heirlooms. ► Price: 2500g/dungeon ► 100-110 Price can be discussed! -I accept gold on horde, every server on EU. How ever, I prefer payments on Draenor. ★Contact me★ If you want to schedule a run or have any questions, feel free to add me and I'll get back to you within moments! Add Rawrasaurus#21427 or Elliot#21367 if you are interested. Thanks!Sprint0 11 Nov
07 Nov Hey there! LF a raiding guild I want to find a good raiding guild, i have 9/9 HC 3/9 M. If you are interested and want to know more about me comment that and we can get in contact from there!Derfla4 07 Nov
04 Nov [H] Calling All DPS, we need you! [H] We Raid For Cookies is recruiting. 9/9 HC. We are a social Horde Guild on Doomhammer/Turalyon, we haven't been Raiding very long but have cleared Heroic TOS and have aims to do the same come Antorus and beyond. ---------------------------------------------------------------- We are casual but with only 2 days to raid we are looking for people who want to push themselves and work as a unit to progress at a steady pace as well as having free time for that dreaded irl. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Info. We aim to do mythic+'s as much as possible and when people are online its easy to organize and get groups going. The guild is full of like minded people and many understand WoW is a game not a lifestyle choice so even if you cannot raid social members are welcome and then if you want to join in the experience of raiding there is no barrier to stop you. We aim to help gear up and introduce people to the raiding scene as most of us have raided since vanilla but as life does weve got less time to dedicate to it, but that itch is hard to scratch so when we do raid we put 100% effort in, we are happy to help and teach people this area of the game and welcome anyone who wants to join us in this endeavor. ---------------------------------------------------------------- We Are Recruiting. Melee DPS: All classes Range DPS: All classes We take the player not the class, so we leave that decision to you as in the end your enjoyment of the game benefits us in the long run, Offspec Healers and Tanks are also welcome as things can go wrong or people will be unavailable but are not mandatory. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding Schedule. We Raid Thursdays and Sundays 20:30 Server time -23:00 ST Off raids are also planned but these are done by members as a set day dosnt benefit everyone, we also organize mythic+ nights and even old raids for transmog or just to take other members there to see older content and have a night of laughing rather than screaming boss tactics. Any additional info needed please feel free to contact me ingame or add me on bnet bigbrownie#2993, thank youChuggnorris0 04 Nov
26 Oct [H] Ragnaros (Echelon) - 7/9M Looking for DPS [H] Echelon - 7/9M are looking for more skilled players to join a strong core family of raiders who are stepping into Fallen Avatar & Kil'Jaeden. Priority on DPS (DK, Feral, Hunter & Rogues) but all great players welcomed. We have been around in a couple iterations for over a year, we currently have a solid team of active players, plenty of M+ pushing, Leggo runs and all sorts of shenanigans. If you're looking for not just well organised raiding, but a new home, new friends and a great atmosphere then lets talk more! Add me on: Lukey#21204 or post below to get in touch. 26 Oct
24 Oct Herald Of The Titans Boost Runs (Horde&Alliance) Hello, Me and my team is boosting for Herald Of the Titans. We did many happy runs during Wod and happy to continue on Horde and start on Ally too. Details are as below. Please do not hesitate to contact me in game or via tag for more info. Battle tag : Laiyaaa#2606 Char:Aliné Herald Of the Titans is a fos achi and get you the same title which can be obtainable by defeating Algalon in 10 player mode at level 80 without anyone in the raid wearing any equipment no higher than 226 (for weapons 232) We are mostly available on Tuesdays but on request, it can be arranged for Sundays also. Timing is at 7pm by realm time but again, on request It may be changed too. Requirements: All you need is a lvl 80 HORDE character, gear doesn't matter as long as all items are below 226 ilvl, you can also use your heirlooms. Payment Details: Payments can be done in any realm; but for high population realms; price is 180K (Outland/Dreanor/Stormscale/Kazzak/Silvermoon) For any other realm; price will be 210K (may change on token price) We ask for 50K deposit when you book the spot; and the rest should be before the pull. Here some of the feedbacks we got from our happy customers :) Kazzak : Silvermoon : Twisting Nether :örpé2 24 Oct
14 Oct [H] Looking for Group of Mythic Raiders, Merge? Hello we are a group of a semi-hardcore people (10-12 )of really reliable and loyal people that were raiding together for a long time, we were core raiders in a mythic raidng guild and always cleared full M before the new tier, but our guild got disbanded quite recently due several reasons and all of us would like to continue to raid togehter, even that we splitted to different guilds for now our goal is to raid together from next tier. Now Some info *We are Looking only for people with mythic raidng xp and at least 6/9M by today (14th of october) we dont want to carry anyone therefore we demand that u guys have similar raiding xp. *We are intrested only in groups of people( everything between 4 and 15 people) *We have a very good and xp Raid Leader *We have spot for someone who would like to be a Guild Master and Officer *We are open minded about changing guild name *Since Kazzak is the best server for running PvE guild u must transfer to our realm! *We want to raid 3 days a week, raiding hours and days is an open thing *All days except Fridays and Saturdays are ok *Raiding hours everything between start 19:00 and finish 23:00 server time We are quite flexible about raid setup we got spots for all classes and specs add me on bnet Unreserved#2892 and i send u a spreadsheet with our raid setup. we also have a small grp of socials and standby raiders.Megaisme0 14 Oct
10 Oct [H] <Last Stand> (5/9 M) Recruiting! Last Stand is looking for dedicated individuals that want to push server progression in a motivated, friendly environment with a casual schedule. We raid mythic on Wed/Thu 8:15 - 11:15 server time, and do farm/mythic on Sundays. We expect attendance to be fairly high, that is how we are able to keep a small team and spread loot around quicker. Currently we are looking for a Tank and DPS, though we will consider all strong applications from good players. Hit me up on Dooby#2708 for a chat!Dooby2 10 Oct
24 Sep WTS [Heavy Junkbox] (For Insane title) Hello, I'm selling Heavy Junkbox that are needed for Ravenholdt reputation to get the Insane in the Membrane achievement + title. The full farm will take approximately a week at most and will cost 200g per box. If you require them sooner/later than that then we can discuss price/timescale and work something out. Add me on Vrases#2845 ingame or if I'm offline message me at vras#3216 on Discord Please note this is only for Horde at the moment :)Vras5 24 Sep
08 Sep Is Argus down? Is Argus down?Slarven0 08 Sep