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1d [A] <Never Lucky> Recruiting for HC/Mythic! We are <Never Lucky> An English speaking Alliance guild on The Maelstrom server! We are a Heroic raiding guild currently looking for members bolster our raid team and pushing through early mythic! Socials are very welcome too! Join in with our M+ runs, achievement runs! - Feel free to join us on many other games! Raid Times: Sun, Wednesday, Thursday 08:30 - 23:00 ST Progression: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 N, 7/7 H Trial of Valor - 3/3 N, 3/3 H Nighthold - 10/10 N, 10/10 H Tomb of Sargaras – 9/9 H 3/9M Raiding Recruitment: We are currently recruiting a few new members for our raid team. Any of the following will be considered: Healers: Currently we have a full healing team but will take exceptional healers in to consideration. Tanks: We have 2 main tanks - We welcome tank off-specs to help with flexibility and M+ groups. Ranged: Currently we are seeking 1 Hunter and 1 Balance Druid, all other ranged will be taken into consideration. All recruits will under go a trial period. Being able to provide logs or raiding history will benefit any applicants. What you can expect from us: Players are consistently active - always willing to help and have fun doing so! A committed raid team always looking to progress and to push players in their own progression! M+ runs happen daily - Getting that loot, AP and skins for those that need! Any questions or you wish to apply, please contact one of the following: MrMuddo#2190 Acx#21227 Rikkertron#2145 Snaples#21848 Thank you!Squats6 1d
3d exchange gold Hello, i need to exchange gold to buy the scarlet crusade armor set from DMF! i got gold on Hellfire(A), and Darkmoon Faire (H). i need 10K on Deathwing(H) thx for helping out!Kojävel1 3d
18 Sep Resto Druid LF HC + Mythic Progress spot. Hiya, I'm looking for a main spot in a team (Don't mind small group if Mythic team isn't ready yet.) focusing on HC clear and mythic progress in ToS and aiming for Antorus progression. Currently 928 ilvl with 63 weapon and all content/upgrades completed. If any guild is lacking a RDruid for raid nights you can contact me on the forums or ingame on Anotherelf-TheMaelstrom. Thanks!Anotherelf0 18 Sep
17 Sep [H] Boosting Alts in normal dungeons Hello All, - I'm boosting Alts to level fast in dungeons. - Around 4-5-6 dungeons / hour all depends on what dungeon we get. ( all is random for the bonus XP for you ). - If you are lvl 110 and need normal random dungeons, you are welcome as well. - 2.5k gold / run. ( boosting even one person if we don't have full group that day ) - Schedule is every day starting at 19:00 server time, but no end time. Depends more or less on the time i have that day. - What you need to do inside a run? Nothing. If you want just tag along and dodge spells so you don't die. If you want to do dps, it's welcome but not necessary. **For more info or an invite please whisper me in game on :Drakecrystal#2773 or comment below ( faster in game as i will check the forum every couple of days )** Thanks for reading my post. and have a great day :)Droodrun0 17 Sep
15 Sep [A]<Fistful of Pleasure> 7/9 M (2 Days/week) <Fistful of Pleasure> is a newly founded guild on The Maelstrom EU. It comprises of ex-world class and hand-picked raiders who simply don't have the time to dedicate to a full raid schedule. Some notable names of previous guilds our raiders have been active in include ScrubBusters, Apex, Huhuholics and Sublime. We aim for quality of raiding while having a fun atmosphere in raids. If you don't have the time to continue raiding 4-7 days a week on multiple characters to maintain a spot in a top end guild then you'd fit in with us. Raid Hours Friday - 19:30 - 23:30 server time Sunday - 18:00 - 22:00 server time We are currently looking for any exceptional players for our roster. This is with an emphasis on a skilled healer ( Paladin, Druid or Shaman), ranged DPS, retribution paladin and DH. Please visit our website to fill out our short application or if you want to know more details, please contact Wreckér Tösabít Seyran or Tomdizzle in-game (Wrecker#2191 Tösabit#2682, Dang#2157, Nyuunzi#2184 & Tomdizzle#2886)Tösabít16 15 Sep
10 Sep [A] The Brigade - 8/9M, Weekend-2Day <The Brigade> A Real 2-Day Raiding guild Old thread reached its capacity, so starting a new one! old thread -> Who are we? We're a group of players, various nationalities, who have played and raided together since BC. A few of us have previously raided hardcore in top 50 guilds. We all thoroughly enjoy raiding and making good progress, even though we've simmered down to two raids per week. Our raid atmosphere is a mixture of light-hearted mockery of each other, trivialization of current events... oh and segment occasionally about the current boss we're working on. We are one of the few real 2 day guilds, basically with the schedule what you see is what you get - no "optional" farms on a third day or hidden added days. For most of our raiders this is their main raid for the week, so naturally people get excited about killing bosses, and the guild is relatively active outside of the two raid nights as well. What are we looking for? We're looking for like minded individual(s) who want to excel in raiding without the tiresome raid schedule. As we're only raiding two nights per week we expect recruits: > To be fully prepared, tactic wise, for the progress bosses of that particular week. > Punctually logging in for raid invites. > Good attendance, we don't over recruit so reliability is important. > Able to listen to instructions via TS (Microphone not essential, but helpful). > Thick skin - we are loud as a guild, always have been, always will be! > Relevant previous raiding experience. > To be able to play their character on a very high level. We raid only two days, so during progression we want to be constrained only by time, and not by the performance of our members. > We don't enforce having alts, but we do expect our members to be able to play all of their speccs on the same level. > And most importantly - innate love for raiding and wiping! Currently Recruiting: Ranged DD and a healer (priest/paladin/druid preffered)! Current Progress > Tomb of Sargeras - 8/9M > Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9H World 125 Previous Progress > Gul'dan Mythic - World 284/EU 173. > Archimonde Mythic - World 279/ EU 151 > Blackhand Mythic - World 471/ EU 255 > Garrosh Hellscream 10man Heroic - World 1017/ EU 588 We raid: > Friday: 20:00-24:00 > Saturday: 20:00-24:00 Infrequently raiding hours may be extended if close to achieving a boss kill. Website: Considering applying? Check out our raiding atmosphere during progression! ★ For anymore information or questions regarding recruitment you can get in touch with: ► Bro (Bro#22814)Bronori0 10 Sep
08 Sep [H] Saves the Day - The Maelstrom is Recruiting 3/9 M Hi All. I'm the GM of a guild called <Saves the Day> on The Maelstrom. We are currently 3/9M and looking for a few more ranged dps that include (but not limited to) the following Shadow priests Boomkin Elemental Shaman MM Hunter Worried about guilds collapsing and disbanding? No issue with us, our guild was formed in June 2005 and we have been raiding ever since (except mists, but who counts mists right?) we are mostly from the UK with some Europeans and Americans in the mix too , We currently raid 3 days a week with the following schedule Wednesday 9pm-12pm (server) - Progression Thursday 9pm-12pm(server) - Progression Sunday 9pm-12pm(Server) - Split run Farming heroic (last week we killed 16 bosses in 3 hours across 2 runs) We also do a casual normal ToS clear on saturdays for our less active raiders/alts on top of all of that we tend to chat and game as a community when we arent busy raiding, we will be doing mythic + or some old content for transmog, or even playing other games outside of wow (currently i have a hosted multiplay private server of 7 days to die that we are playing) and i have no doubt we will dabble in destiny 2 when it comes out So if any of this sounds interesting contact me on the following Bnet - htidredneck#1908 or Discord - fink#5821Fink22 08 Sep
04 Sep [A] Unsung Heroes Recruiting! Unsung Heroes is an alliance guild located on the Maelstrom. We're a friendly bunch who enjoy raiding in a relaxed but serious environment. We want our raiders to feel the freedom to raid when they want to raid and not raid because they feel forced. We're currently looking for another tank and some dpsers. Our current ToS-progress is 9/9 normal and 4/9 HC. Feel free to throw myself, Ranaye, Faurel or Hindrance-Lightning's Blade a whisper for more information. :) Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)Shrila0 04 Sep
02 Sep Wtb Guldan mythic kill with mount As title saysTruskaweczka0 02 Sep
01 Sep PvP Guilds? (A) Are there any actual active pvp guilds? I don't really enjoy PvE so I'd like some people to do arenas/bgs/rbgs with. Would appreciate any replies. Thanks!Anzyu2 01 Sep
30 Aug <Bad Example> Recruits Hello! <Bad Example> guild starts to collect a squad for raids. We started from ToS and currently we have 10/10 N | 3/10 HC. Mostly we are looking for dps, also for one healer and off-tank. Th guild mainly consist of old friends, we are friendly, helpful and more than for good progress, we care for good atmospehere within the guild. Apart from raiding, we are doing legacy contect such as old raids/achievments and sometimes we play other multiplayer games. Send a message or whisper to me or any other officer (our battle tags: Cebulord#2346 and GreenED#2595) and i hope to see you in our ranks. Cheers!Ozjasz0 30 Aug
27 Aug Swedish Guild Tengils Vrede, 3/9M looking for dps Tengils Vrede is a Swedish raiding guild that is currently at 3/9 mythic in ToS. We raid three days a week from 20.00-22.30. Thursday and Sunday are mythic progression days. Wednesday is our farmnight when we do Tomb HC, wich is open for all, including alts. We are now looking to bolster our ranks with active players, preferably ranged dps, but any class and spec is welcome to join us, including socials. Aside from raiding, we also like to do m+ (some of us alot) To be able to join us, you have to be able to speak or at least understand Swedish (we are in some cases willing to bend this rule, as long as you can live with us chatting in swedish in guildchat and in raids) You also have to have RClootcouncil and DBM (or similar) and of course Discord. If you are interested in joining us, please contact; Arrami-Deathwing (Arrakai#2822), Solithal-Karazhan (Asduron#2521) or Nexxy-Karazhan (Mazz#2353)Arrami0 27 Aug
25 Aug Resto druid looking for a new home Sociable Resto-Druid on the Maelstrom looking for a new home. Recently returned after a lengthy hiatus, I raided in vanilla and tbc as a prot tank, played intermittently in the expansions that followed on both warrior and disc priest. Now looking for some semi-casual mythic dungeons, also like to pvp from time to time.Mariken1 25 Aug
24 Aug DH TANK LF guild Hey all, I'm looking for a guild to face the upcoming new content with, pve and pvp. Availability tuesday-wednesday-saturday/sunday from 21pm (gmt+1) If you wanna have a chat feel free to add me Dante#2968 Below link to my armoryë Cheers!Dantë0 24 Aug
23 Aug [H][EU]<MMORPG Mafia> LF players: ToS - 9/9 N, 7/9 HC Hello! We are casual/social PVE guild (horde) on Deathwing, TheMaelstrom, Kharazan, Lightnings Blade servers. Currently we progress trough Tomb of Sargeras on Heroic mode. So far we are working in 2/3/9 setup and want to extend to 2/4/14. Team is stable with good relationship. We try to be as mature as we can, no harrasing is allowed and we do our best to respect each other. The main idea of extending the group is to eventualy start mythic progressing - and having even more fun while doing it! As leader of the guild I understand that people have families and jobs so I do not press on people to attend all raids - even I have both of those ;) We have our own Discord channel for communicating, and a fb page About raid time: Raids are on (server time): thursday: 20:00 - 23:00 monday: 20:00 - 23:00 Gathering starts at 19:30 We are looking for a healer and few more DPS - ranged most welcome, but others are welcome as well. Tanks Full MDPS (melee dps): Monk Rogue any other... RDPS (range dps): Warlock Priest any other... Healers: Druid Monk Paladin Loot from raids is distributed via RCLootCouncil addon where we vote (we see item level, possible upgrade, etc...). We prioritise DPS so our fights go faster and faster. For any more information please contact: Clumsyhead - GM: Clumso#2261 Berennur - RL: Soulstormer#2365 Azalana -RA: AkumuSS#2209 Regards, Clumsyhead - Godfather of MMORPG MafiaClumsyhead4 23 Aug
21 Aug [A] silvermoon guild Direct Defiance are recruiting Direct defiance is recruiting new raiders for ToS to progress in hc and mythic . we are now at 7/9 HC in ToS. we still need some experienced raiders to stabilize our group, both in terms of balance and raid setup. For that reason, we've opened up recruiting on the following: - Ele Shaman - Shadow priest - boomkins - dps with offspec healing If your class isn't included on the above, you're still encouraged to contact any officer online if you think you'll be an asset to our team. For more information, you can always throw a whisper to Nazreal, Slipelf, Ramaer, Ravian, Prosnape or any other guild member to introduce you to an Officer. Moreover: - Raiding nights are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 20:20-23:00 server time. Repairs are covered from the guild bank as well as consumables, but with some restrictions applied. - We operate on loot council, seeing that it's the best way to go. Everyone's allowed to ask for items from their first raiding night. If you think you're being treated unfairly in our raids, you're always encouraged to say so, but not during the raid please. Moreover, you can also ask for any crafting mats you need for your gear and we'll try to provide for it, as long as said mats are available in the guild bank. - We use Discord . You're not asked to speak if you don't feel like it but please make sure you can hear us during the raids. We also allow the use of our Discord server for social reasons, eg talking to friends over it. - During raids we might be critical, ask you how you failed, give you a couple of advise if needed. Bearing in mind that we're a multi-national guild, some things might come across as slightly offensive, while the intentions were well-mannered. If you can't understand this, we're not the guild for you I'm afraid. We like our raids being calm as they are right now, and we love our raiders admitting their mistakes during a wipe; it makes it easier to correct and adjust stuff. - We do like helping people step up their game and we keep logs for that reason. If you think you can get more out of your character and/or improve some aspect of your gameplay, you're more than welcome to ask anything. Speaking of questions, we also don't mind at all helping new players with tactics on bosses, no matter how silly a question might seem to you. It's better (and a lot less embarassing!) than wiping the raid because you're not sure about something. - We encourage friends and couples playing together. If your friends don't want to raid, they can always get a social spot to enjoy your time with us together. - If you consider asking to join us please make sure that your gear is good enough for current raiding content, it's finely-tuned (including profession perks) and you can meet the raiding times.Slipelf0 21 Aug
19 Aug <ScrubBusters> Boosting Heroic: Tomb of Sargeras Hello friends. As with every tier, ScrubBusters will be offering boosting services. This time for Heroic: Tomb of Sargeras. If you're interested in Mythic+ Boosts, see From Tomb of Sargeras, you'll be able to get: Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden Chance at a Unique Mount: Abyss Worm Hopefully the items you want With Tomb of Sargeras we're changing our format of boosting. You'll be able to buy 3 things: Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden: 200k gold Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9: 650k gold Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 8/9: 450k gold The reason for this is because Kil'jaeden is a lot harder to boost than previous instances, on top of not dropping a lot of desirable loot. If you already have the achievement for him and simply want tier pieces/trinkets, this will be a cheaper than normal deal for you, since you can choose not to pay for Kil'jaeden and still get all tier items and most trinkets! These runs will be done on Saturdays at 19:30. Kil'jaeden boosts will happen when we've cleared to him Every person from <ScrubBusters> will be a main raider. Any items they loot will be rolled for fairly in raid chat. These runs will be done with Personal Loot We only accept gold as Alliance on our connected realm (The Maelstrom, Deathwing, Lightning's Blade or Karazhan) You are expected to pay 20% up front to reserve your spot. The rest will be paid at the start of the raid. Contact me at Dakeshi#2180 The price of 8/9 Heroic is done with wow tokens in mind. If you need to buy WoW tokens to pay on our realm, 2 will always be enough to cover a 8/9 Heroic run.Smashkeshi2 19 Aug
17 Aug LF casual/relaxed raiding guild. Hey all, Over this expansion I have been taken a rather relaxed approach to wow. I have now decided i would like to take it a little more seriously and get back into the raiding enviroment. I have played wow on and off since TBC competing vairous raids, SoO HC, downing Deathwing and clearing HFC hc too. I am 25 and from the Uk and whilst not being the best player around by far i am willing to learn and listen. I am happy to heal or dps with a number of alts (Monk, DK, Druid, Mage and Hunter) who are all between 880 and 895. My availablity sometimes changes, but normaly Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and every other Monday nights are free. Hoping to hear back from people! MoonboltMoonbolt0 17 Aug
12 Aug ScrubBusters Boosting M+15s Get your weekly 930+ cache item today! If you are a veteran of these forums or the realm in general you have probably seen us boosting CMs or raids during the last 8 years. If you are interested in getting your weekly 930+ cache item all you have to do is poke me ingame and we can set up a run. Should take around 30 minutes. Price: 200k Payment at the start of the run Preferably bring a DPS spec, but not a big deal. Contact me ingame on any of these chars: (Ask for Luun) Luun Luuns Luum Duun Yumm Yuum HuunibearLuun2 12 Aug
11 Aug [H] <Legio Pro Fennia - Draenor> LF Finnish Raiders As titled.. Since this is solely meant for Finnish people only, the following will be in finnish. <Legio pro Fennia> (Draenor serverillä) Tier 20 - 9/9HC, 1/9M (Tier 19 - 7/7M, 2/3M, 7/10M) etsii kesän lomailun ja rauhallisen pelailun myötä pelaajia Legion raideille. Kil'jaeden hc-kaadon myötä etsimme lisää rosteria myös mythic raideja ajatellen. Kesän aiheuttamat lomailut kun tekevät sen että osallistujia on yleensä juuri ja juuri tarvittava 20 pelaajan määrä. Mikä ihmeen Legio pro Fennia? Legio pro Fennia on ollut olemassa aikojen alusta... oikeastaan jo ennen World of Warcraftin euroopan launchia. Laughing Skull-serverillä jo WoWin betassa juostiin samalla porukalla (Nordic Horde) joka sittemmin muodosti Legio pro Fennian alunperin Agamaggan-serverille. Kor'gallille koko kilta siirtyi 3.6.2005, josta matka jatkui 9.3.2013 Draenorille. Legio pro Fennia ei ole kilta, joka yksi kaunis päivä vain lakkaisi olemasta vaan sen ydinjäsenillä on pitkä kokemus killasta ja kilta pysyy varmasti pystyssä vielä pitkään. Kaikesta tästä huolimatta haluammekin riveihimme myös uutta verta. Mitä sinulta vaaditaan: - Ymmärrät allaolevan tekstin - 18-vuoden ikä, enemmänkin toki saa olla - killan raid-päivät sopivat VÄHINTÄÄN kahtena päivänä kolmesta: to ja ma-ti klo 19:00-22:00 - ei ongelmia tietokoneen tai internetyhteyden kanssa - raid-addonit kunnossa - oma-aloitteisuutta itselle uusien pomojen taktiikoiden selvityksessä - osaa tehdä hakemuksen, jota lukiessa eivät silmät ala vuotamaan verta Mitä sinulle tarjotaan: - Mahdollisuus päästä raidaamaan suomalaisessa täysi-ikäisessä porukassa - Suuria tunteita, niin hyvässä kuin pahassakin - Olla osa yhtä vanhimmista yhä pystyssä olevista (suomi)killoista. Legio pro Fennia perustettiin jo WoWin betan aikana kauan ennen virallista julkaisua! Mitä tarvitaan? Tällä hetkellä tankki/heal osasto on aika hyvin kasassa mutta otamme kaikki hakemukset harkintaan. Ennenkaikkea järkevä ja asian osaava pelaaja on aina tervetullut. Aina kannattaa kokeilla kepillä jäätä, mutta muista - Sherlockmaiset analysaattorit tutkivat hakemuksesi kamman ja suurennuslasin kanssa :-) WWW-sivut ja mahdollisuuden hakea kiltaan löydät osoitteesta Tervetuloa mukaan!Nazshak1 11 Aug
05 Aug [H] <Divided> 9/9 ToS HC Hello everyone, Im Tsn, guildmaster of Divided. Faction: Horde Server: The Maelstrom Website: About us: We consist of a group of casual players who faction changed from the alliance and loves to play the game together. Most of our players have played the game for a long time, and some of us were there when it started back in vanilla. Many of us have experienced endgame raid content and still look for that great feeling you get when you down a new boss! As of now, we look to get new mature individuals, both for raiding and laid back socials of any levels. What we do: Social events and contests Raids/pugs/alt raids Mythic+ pushes casual bg's What are we looking for: * Friendly mature people above the age of 18. * Dedicated and active players for raiding and social events. * Interactive players, we all like to have a chat both in game and on voice. Raiding: Progress: 10/10 NH HC , 9/9 ToS HC. Raid times: Mondays & Wednesdays: 20.00-23.00 (server time) We are recruiting all classes, with particular interest in dps. (especially ranged) We are a community that puts time and effort into our characters, and we will expect that from you too. We want you to be updated on the current content we progress. Contact information: Simply add either of us on battle net and we can discuss everything further. Tsn - Sebastian#23194 Bish - Bishbash#2483 Nueva - Nuevah#2856Tsn13 05 Aug
03 Aug <INTERVENTION> 9/9H 3/9M <Intervention> is a Horde guild on the Maelstrom who raid 3 days a week. We are currently looking for 1 tank 2 healers and maybe couple exceptional dps to aid our progress Raid Hours (Server time) Thursday: 20:00 - 23:30 Sunday: 19:00 - 23:30 Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:30 We are always looking for any exceptional players to join our team. If you think you would be a good fit please contact Everborn or Tyraxes (JohnEverson#2572 or Kieran5#2198)Everborn1 03 Aug
03 Aug [A] Guardians 8/9 ToS HC recruiting! About Guardians Guardians has been around since the dawn of Wow. Guild originates from Daggerspine (laggerspine) then Kazzak and now the Maelstrom. Most of the core is still around either as raiders or as good friends in the guild. Recruitment We are looking for people that enjoy raiding and accept the good and the bad side of it. We expect that you can take some criticism, can work as a team and not give up too easy. We value teamwork and positive attitude. We expect everyone in the guild to act mature and respect fellow players in and out of the guild. Currently we are looking for raiders for two days a week and want to clear heroic. At this time, mythic is not a priority. (Currently 2/9 HC ToS) What we expect from you We expect you to stay up to date with your current class, bring ur share of enthausiasm to the raids and have fun while being in mythic plus groups! Raiding and attendance We aim to raid two days a week, Monday & Wednesday from 19:45 to 23:00 realm time. Right now we do not have plans for a 3rd raid day, but might add an 3rd raid day to mop up ToS! Loot distribution There is no DKP system but a common sense system. Besides a tier set rule, there are no priorities other than members over trials. Loot is distributed by rolling and common sense. As a final note attendance will also count to loot eligibility. A person that is not very active might not get certain loot over someone that has been there for us every single raid. Other Activities We are also looking into creating a rated battleground and some of us are in need of a 3v3 partner for arena. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently recruiting DPS: x1 Feral Druid x1 Hunter x1 Rogue x1 Mage x1 Death Knight Healer: x1 Restoration Shaman with dps offspec and not afraid to switch to it when needed. x1 Restoration Druid with dps offspec and not afraid to switch to it when needed. Tank: CLOSED If your class/role is not listed but you are an exceptional player who wants to raid, or a social looking for a (temp) home then don't hesitate to apply anyway (updated 22/08/17) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For any questions feel free to contact us GM: Reynn Officer: Rem, Vladno Raid leader: ChissyReynn4 03 Aug
03 Aug [A] RPDS + Healer LF friendly/casual raid guild Hey, me and my friend are looking for a guild to join to progress through tomb. We both have previous raid experience from previous expansions (I last raided in wotlk and him in WoD) so we are used to raiding environments, learning tactics, enchanting gear, flasks etc etc. We haven't raided much this expansion but we are eager to learn and progress. I'm currently 901 Ilvl and he's 885 (but we're both gearing up as fast we can!) We are available most evenings (the later the better!) Thanks for reading :) We're both older than 21 if there's any age restricted guilds btw! My Char: Greylife (MM hunter) His: Turdtickler (Resto druid)Greylife1 03 Aug
31 Jul EU-Maelstrom looking for Raid guild Been playing wow and legion for a while now and I kind of had enough of doing PUGs... I would like to join a guild that runs raids regularly, mostly in the evenings and weekends. I have 2 char right now, ilvl910 Mage and a ilvl900 Arms Warrior.. In terms of Raids, just looking for Normal > Heoric at the moment. Please pm me if there's a room in your guild for me. 国人Setyouonfire1 31 Jul
28 Jul Omnicide Ravencrest 10/10M&5/9M LF Recruitment/merge Hello there... Omnicide-Ravencrest EU is a semi-hardcore guild that was created by mature and experienced raiders that decided to start a new journey. The guild was created in June 2014 and started raiding in SOO but most of our raiders go a long way back into raiding. Our goal is to progress into end game Mythic content, while keeping a friendly atmosphere inside the guild.One of our primary goals for our raids, is to always keep a serious and mature environment.If you are interested in joining our community and raid with us, please visit our site and apply to us. Raiding Progress (while current content) Mists of Pandaria: Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14 HC (before prepatch nerf) We ended this expansion on realm rank 20 & world rank 2002.. Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul 7/7 HC & 3/7 M Blackrock Foundry 10/10 HC & 5/10 M Hellfire Citadel 13/13 HC & 13/13 M We ended this expansion on realm rank 14 & world rank 1121.. Legion: The Emerald Nightmare 7/7 HC (first reset) & 7/7 M (before ToV release) Trial of Valor 3/3 HC & 3/3 M The Nighthold 10/ 10HC & 10/10 M (before ToS release) Server Rank: 16 World Rank:469 Tomb of Sargeras 9/9HC & 5/9M (up to now) Recruitment Status: Exceptional players who feel like they can complement our quality of raiding are encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec. For specific classes/roles more in need though you can check the recruitment status below... Atm we recruitment is very limited to exceptionally good players.Mainly in need for ranged..! Also if any guild/group of people is interested in joining forces with us we would discuss it..! What we expect from you as a player: - You are someone that loves raiding and want to progress in Mythic mode. - You are an independent and communicative player (that means you prepare yourself for new encounters, buy appropriate gems, enchants etc and ask from guildies for any help you might need). - Raiding experience and skills. - Near 100% attendance is expected (we understand real life comes first though). - Complaining about spots and loot is not acceptable. Rage quitting a raid equals to an instant demote. - Your English is good enough for clear communication. - You have a stable connection. - Being able to listen to and actively speak on Teamspeak is required. What you should expect to get from us: - A guild that raids and tries to clear content in Mythic while still current - A very fun community - Great raiding environment (both serious and relaxed at the same time) - Lots of fun with guildies in Mythic+, Alt runs, Boost Runs etc... - Active TS (most of the time) - Very helpful guild members and officer's team -Lots of trolling on Guild Chat and TS Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Thursday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Monday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Sunday: 2000-2330 (Not mandatory Normal/Heroic/Boost Run) For more information feel free to contact the GM Daènerys(G1ak1#2235), any officer in-game or visit our website... Website: Have fun all Best Regards, Daenerys, Omnicide's Guild MasterDaènerys0 28 Jul
28 Jul [A] Casual HC Raiding Guild LF members. Hello !! Sanguine is an English speaking Alliance casual HC raiding guild with no intention of venturing in to Mythic. We comprise of a group of friends who are looking to expand our ranks with the release of Tomb of Sargeras (Currently 8/9 Normal at the time of this post). While we have a light-hearted approach to raiding, where we encourage joking around and having a laugh, we take progression seriously and like members to come prepared. We are also happy to help gear those who require it, as well as assist people in better playing their class, with the intention of gaining long standing members. While we are casual we do prefer if you have a high attendance, you are expected to make most raids (irl !@#$ does happen). Our raiders consist of adults over the age of 21, so we have a minimum age requirement of 20. (Exceptions can be made) Not a raider ? No problem! you are more then welcome to join to hang out as a social, we are always looking for new players to run mythics with. We use discord as a means of communication. And we have a very active WhatsApp group for those of us that pretend to be busy at work ;) Our raid days are Thursdays 8pm - 10.30pm (GMT) Sunday 7pm – 10.30pm (GMT) With one optional raid day on Monday or Tuesday (non mandatory) We are currently looking to recruit 2 ranged and 1 Warrior/DK/Rogue. Although we will consider all classes. If you would like to join or having any questions, please feel free to contact any of our guild members or our officers who can be found below. All recruits will be on a 1 month trial. Bjorno#2474 (Dorian) Randompunk#2858 (Scab)Scab4 28 Jul
27 Jul [A]<Lightbringer> 3/9M 10/10M Closed recruiting <Lightbringer> on The-Maelstrom Alliance side is looking for additional ranged dps and healers for our mythic roster! About us Lightbringer is a semi-hardcore raiding guild progressing mythic on a 2-day raid schedule in a more relaxed environment. The guild was formed back in WotLK, focussing mainly on 10-mans all the way throughout early WoD. Since then the guild has grown and shifted its focus to mythic raiding. We take raiding seriously but having a relaxed, fun atmosphere is still important to us. Raid times Our main raids are on: Wednesday (19:20-23:00) Sunday (19:20-23:00)We also host a (completely optional) normal or heroic farm raid on thursdays (19:20-23:00) for raiders and alts alike. What we offer to you A healthy raiding atmosphere where you can progress and have fun at the same time. We never recruit people for the bench, instead we rotate people out as needed throughout the month so we can maintain a reliable roster and not make people have to continously sit out raids. Flasks, food, vantus runes and enchants are provided in the raids. Mythic+ runs with experienced raiders throughout the week.What we expect from you Current mythic raiding experience or heroic with the logs to back it up. A matching item level and at least concordance (52 traits). We expect you to know how to play your class, since it is key to being able to get the most out of a two-day raiding schedule. Have a healthy attitude towards the wiping that naturally comes with mythic raiding. Be geared (enchants and gems) and be prepared for bosses. As close to 100% attendance as possible. As mentioned earlier we rotate people out on a fixed schedule, so we can work around your preferred days off.Past accomplishments During our short time in mythic we've managed to clear quite a bit of content: 11/13M Hellfire Citadel 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 2/3M Trial of Valor 10/10M Nighthold Interested? We are currently not recruiting, but will always consider exceptional players. If you are interested in joining you can join us on our open Discord:ä1 27 Jul
24 Jul [H]<Deep Fried Chicken Wings> recruiting dps! Deep Fried Chicken Wings is a two days a week Mythic raiding guild progressing on Tomb of Sargeras. We are currently 2/9 on Mythic difficulty and currently looking for exceptional dps for further progress. We're looking for players who: *Are interested in raiding on a mythic level, and willing to make a commitment when it comes to attendance, preparations and consumables. *Play their class well and able to learn mechanics and tactics fast. *Are mature and able to discuss their and others performance in an objective and mature manner. *Are able to communicate well in written and spoken English, preferably with a proper headset and microphone for voice communication. Raiding Schedule (Servertime) Wednesday: 8 pm - 11 pm Sunday: 8 pm - 11 pmPaso8 24 Jul
15 Jul Veteran players I was wondering if there was any player who used to play back in vanilla / The burning crusade still around on the server (TheMaelstrom)Delpiero76 15 Jul
13 Jul [H] NIC TU PO NAS (POLSKA GILDIA) Witamy Jesteśmy gildią PVE z serwerów The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning’sx Blade po jedynej słusznej stronie konfliktu :) . W większości jesteśmy doświadczonymi graczami World of Warcraft, którzy swoją przygodę z grą kontynuują od wielu lat. Znamy się z innych polskich gildii, które już nie istnieją z powodu rozpadu lub braku zainteresowania osób zarządzających. W lutym 2016 r . po takim właśnie kolejnym rozpadzie polskiej gildii, jeden z nas postanowił, że sam spróbuje założyć nowa gildię PVE . Założycielem gildii jest Metodzik , który dzięki pomocy i zaangażowaniu pozostałych graczy kontynuuje rozwój gildii po dzień dzisiejszy. Gildia nastawiona jest na raidprogress lecz dopiero w tym dodatku pokażemy na co nas tak na prawdę stać. W poprzednim dodatku (WOD) raidowaliśmy wspólnie z inną polską gildią z serwera Twisting Nether . Obecnie w swoich szeregach posiadamy tylko i wyłącznie aktywne postacie. Dzięki temu jesteśmy najbardziej aktywną oraz najbardziej liczną polską gildią na naszych serwerach po stronie HORDY :). Dość często robimy czystki z osób, które nie są aktywne ponad miesiąc (LOL) i dzięki temu nie jesteśmy gildią, która za swoje motto przyjęła hasło „ im więcej, tym lepiej ”. Liczą się dla nas ludzie, z którymi można miło i fajnie spędzić czas w grze, a nie kolejna nieaktywna postać w gildii. Do komunikacji wewnątrz gildii używamy TSa/discorda . Zapraszamy wszystkich , którzy są zainteresowani raidowaniem oraz wszystkich tych, którzy chcą miło spędzić czas w gronie samych rodaków. Każdy znajdzie u nas coś dla siebie :) KONTAKT: Metod#21411 ZAPRASZAMY :)Metodzik0 13 Jul
13 Jul [H] Deathwing 910 MW MONK LF HOME MW monk 910ilvl looking for active raiding guild which raids 2-3 days a week. So far have done ToS9/9N and few bosses in HC. If anybody is looking for healer for their roster feel free to contact me by leaving a comment or sending me pm CLreturns#2244Aidish1 13 Jul
13 Jul (A) Everlasting Syndicate - 7/7 Mythic 9/10 Mythic NH Hello Everyone, Everlasting Syndicate of The Maelstrom is a relatively new guild that formed just before The Legion returned. We are a group of motivated and determined people that share the love for World of Warcraft and each other. Some of us have been raiding together for over 8 years. Amongst our ranks we have veteran WoW players with plenty of experience. We have an absolute blast raiding together with lots of laughs and fun, however, everyone is aware of the importance of focusing during progression raids. We record our progress with Logs and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and how we can make improvements during progression raids. When we aren’t putting time into progression, we enjoy participating in other Guild events such as achievements, PvP and Mythic+. During the day we stay in touch using Discord that allows us to get to know each other better as people, not just the Gnome or Night Elves that we control. We also use Discord for raids, announcements, posts and other important messages. If you are reading this and are currently looking for a new home, I encourage you to check us out. We take pride in what we have accomplished and we can assure you that it is just the start of our Everlasting journey. At the moment we have recruitment open for our Mythic raiding team, with heroic cleared and our Mythic adventures started, we hope to clear it as soon as possible. If you think that you could be someone we are looking for, click the apply on the forums to fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly thereafter. Recruitment is open for: Death Knight: Frost, Unholy Hunter: Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Survival Mage: Any Shaman: Elemental, Enhance Paladin: Retri Raid times are 7-10 server time. Raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Progress: 7/7 Mythic, 2/3 Mythic ToV, 9/10 Mythic Nighthold, 10/10 Heroic Nighthold If you have any questions, you can contact us in game. Psychedelic, Guild Master of Everlasting Syndicate (Psychedelic#2691) Judgedreadie, Officer of Everlasting Syndicate (Dreadie#2142) Fandamar, Officer of Everlasting Syndicate (Neevotic#2845)Psychedelic14 13 Jul
12 Jul [A] New PvP guild on Maelstrom <Channel Seven News Team> is a newly founded PvP-guild that's currently recruiting new members. We're looking for people that have atleast 1750 XP when it comes to RBGs and/or Arenas. If you have XP as an RBG-leader that's a huge bonus! You can answer this tread or whisp me, Branguards or Brydew in game for more info etc.Klärful1 12 Jul
11 Jul [A][EU][TheMaelstrom]<E X C U S E S> Excuses is a newly formed guild formed from a bunch of friends who have been playing together for a long time, once known as the guild <Exiled> on themaelstromEU, we are a guild full of experienced mythic raiders who want to fully clear mythic content in a relaxed and friendly environment. We are currently looking to start normal and HC ToS on wednesday(tomorrow), with most of our raiders being 8/9HC and some 9/9HC. Old guild progress: 7/7M EN(cutting edge) , 2/3M ToV, 5/10M NH(before burnout). Outside of raiding we like to do a lot of mythic+ and we often push 15's with aspiring raiders to get them that 930 piece on reset. We raid wed/thurs 8-11 EU servertime(7-10BST) and have an alt/undergeared raid for NH HC on saturday that starts 1 hour earlier. We are looking for a tank and multiple dps (preferably mages/hunters/locks/rogues/DH's). At the moment the only important thing to us is experience, we don't mind gearing someone who is returning to the game at all. For loot we use RClootcouncil, and the officers spend extensive time together making sure the right loot goes to the right person, (we even have a secret spreadsheet for trinkets+setpieces) If you want to get in touch whisper either Azahid-themaelstrom(GM) or Rathrion-themaelstrom(RL) or add me on Nemesishunt#2915(aza) or rath on Rathrion#2820Azahid0 11 Jul
11 Jul [A] Returning player looking for social guild! Hello! Made a new account when legion released for the sole purpose of starting on this server with a friend. I played for a couple of months when legion released on my Prot Warrior and have just now decided to get into the game again. However I didn't have the drive to continue playing on my warrior and instead decided to create this mage last week and focus on him. What I'm looking for is a social guild with possibility of doing mythics or other groups together since I don't really want to get into raiding other than LFR until I'm more comfortable with this class. So if anyone can recommend a guild which suits my needs in someway it would be creatly appreciated!Blåmes1 11 Jul
10 Jul [H][Bloodhoof/Khadgar][DUTCH] <Nomads> To abide by the wow forums rules this recruitment message is in English, we are however a Dutch-speaking only guild on Bloodhoof/Khadgar! Raid hours (CEST - Server Time) Wednesday: 19:45 - 23:00 Sunday: 19:45 - 23:00 Progress As this message is on every realm forum and I possibly can't update it everytime we made a new kill I will link to wowprogress: To give an idea of our goals: We're progressing into HC atm and we are recruiting members so we can start with Mythic soon! Trial Period The Trial Period lasts for an uncertain amount of time, depending on your performance. By performance we mean: - Signing up for the raids in advance; - Showing up on time and prepared for the Raid; - Playing your role correctly; - Behaving as a decent human being; - In case of absence: informing us about it in advance; During your trial you will be evaluated and given information whether we are interested in offering you a place within our ranks. We are only interested in people who want to help Nomads progress and develop into a stronger community. Loot during Trial Period During your Trial Period you will have a lower loot priority than our Raiders. If no Raider needs a certain item but you do, the item of course goes to you so the loot isn't wasted. In case of two Trials wanting the same item the item will be rolled for. Loot for Raiders We use Loot Council for tier and on non-tier item we use a roll system. Where you can use your roll on item a night (need), afterwards all other gear puts you on the ‘greed’ list. Decision regarding loot is made by the Officers, and loot drama is strongly frowned upon. However, if you feel that a mistake has been made, please notify the Raid Leader and he will look into it. If after looking into it the Raid Leader decides to stick with the original decision, please do not fight him on this. What do we expect from you? - Know everything that is relevant to your class in general and your specialization in particular; - Keep up to date with changes or mechanics that concern your class and specialization; - Come fully prepared for the raids: have your gear enchanted and gemmed, have your food, runes, potions and flasks, know all required tactics; - Be online in-game and on our Discord at 19:45 on raid nights, have a working microphone; - Be able to communicate with all our members in Dutch; - Be focused on progress fights even though we joke around on farm bosses, thrash and during breaks; - Behave as a decent human being and keep all dramas out of the game; What can you expect from us? - Experienced and strong leadership from all previous expansions' end-game content; - Two raids a week with progression oriented mindset; - Raid progression with a serious, goal-oriented yet laid back attitude; - Decent human behaviour from the Raiders. Our raids are always focused on progressing through to the next boss, or the next difficulty, while having fun. We always stir the cauldron with the right amount of winner mentality, fun and seriousness when we raid! If you want to raid in a guild sporting a great team spirit, good progress, stability and a fun atmosphere, Nomads is the guild for you! To apply or for more information, feel free to contact me or any of our officers, Naverion#2280, Josin, Thirikzal, Frietsaus or come visit us on Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!Naverion0 10 Jul
09 Jul WTS Heroic Kil'jaeden, 9/9 HC Tomb of Sargeras and +15. we are a team of an elite players than have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many raids across all of our mains and alts characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 930 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get from Mythic plus and a good chance on 910 or higher from the chests, every chest drops exactly 2 items and its random who gets those items from the 5 players , if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. Tomb of Sargeras Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 915 loot or higher, up to 950. 3-if you join our Master loot runs, you will get 100% if the loot that drops for your class and spec. we always try to make our raids 20-25 man, to make sure you will get as much loot as possible. 4-if you join our Personal Loot runs, we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you. 5-a very decent chance to get the Abyss Worm Mount from Mistress Sassz'ine. 6-Heroic Kil'jaeden also gives a new artifact weapon skin. -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Heroic Kil'jaeden you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Tomb of Sargeras heroic run you need about 2 hours and half . -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 price: you can pay us on any realm, horde or ally. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 225k. -keystone +15 in time is 400k. Master Loot runs: -Heroic Kil'jaeden is 800k. -full Tomb of Sargeras heroic is 2 million gold. -9/10 heroic night hold is one and half million gold. Personal Loot runs: -Heroic Kil'jaeden is 500k. -full Tomb of Sargeras heroic is 1 million and 150k gold. -9/10 heroic night hold is 800k gold. IMPORTANT NOTE : Price goes lower by 50k every week on all raid runs but for mythic keystone runs its fixed.Vivicraftt0 09 Jul
09 Jul WTS Heroic Kil'jaeden, 9/9 HC Tomb of Sargeras and +15. we are a team of an elite players than have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many raids across all of our mains and alts characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 930 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get from Mythic plus and a good chance on 910 or higher from the chests, every chest drops exactly 2 items and its random who gets those items from the 5 players , if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. Tomb of Sargeras Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 915 loot or higher, up to 950. 3-if you join our Master loot runs, you will get 100% if the loot that drops for your class and spec. we always try to make our raids 20-25 man, to make sure you will get as much loot as possible. 4-if you join our Personal Loot runs, we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you. 5-a very decent chance to get the Abyss Worm Mount from Mistress Sassz'ine. 6-Heroic Kil'jaeden also gives a new artifact weapon skin. -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Heroic Kil'jaeden you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Tomb of Sargeras heroic run you need about 2 hours and half . -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 price: you can pay us on any realm, horde or ally. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 225k. -keystone +15 in time is 400k. Master Loot runs: -Heroic Kil'jaeden is 800k. -full Tomb of Sargeras heroic is 2 million gold. -9/10 heroic night hold is one and half million gold. Personal Loot runs: -Heroic Kil'jaeden is 500k. -full Tomb of Sargeras heroic is 1 million and 150k gold. -9/10 heroic night hold is 800k gold. IMPORTANT NOTE : Price goes lower by 50k every week on all raid runs but for mythic keystone runs its fixed.Vivicraftt0 09 Jul
08 Jul Wtb Guldan mythic kill with mount Wtb Guldan mythic kill with mount if any of guilds can sell it pls pmTruskaweczka0 08 Jul
06 Jul <A> Tree Glow, mythic <Tree Glow> an oldschool guild turning international, has opened its recruiting. We are looking for a few players for MYTHIC ToS raiding. We raid 3x times a week (Thur/Sun/Mon 19:45-23:00). If you want to experience high-end content BEFORE the next content, then we might be the right choice for you. Our core are players from vanilla, staying together in thick and thin, but sadly our roster has ran dry (also the reason behind our lack of progress in NH&ToS), thus we are recruiting some fresh blood. You can check us out on or simply add btag #Xevo2212 and get all the additional information you might require. Best regards, XevoThekìng0 06 Jul
02 Jul [A]<Never Lucky> -7/9 Hc ToS We are <Never Lucky> An English speaking Alliance guild on The Maelstrom server! We are a Heroic raiding guild currently looking for members to fill spots in our raiding team. We are also looking for social players to basically join voice chat, get along with our current members in a relaxed environment. Raid Times: Sun, Wednesday, Thursday 08:30 - 23:00 ST Progression: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 N, 7/7 H Trial of Valor - 3/3 N, 3/3 H Nighthold - 10/10 N, 10/10 H Tomb of Sargaras – 9/9 N, 7/9 H Raiding Recruitment: We are currently recruiting a few new members for our raid team. Any of the following will be considered: Healers: Open to all exceptional healers Tanks: (If you have a Tank off spec, this would be helpful for mythics+ groups) Ranged: Open to all exceptional ranged We ideally need 1 more healer And a Warlock + Boomkin. Socials We are currently also looking for social members with voice chat to basically get along with our current members play other games and enjoy a relaxed environment As most of us work stressful jobs our community should be somewhere you can unwind and enjoy your time. What you can expect from us: Players are on all days of the week. A committed raid team always looking to progress We will help you do mythic keys stones and generally help however we can. Please contact: MrMuddo#2190, Eridani#2730, Rikkertron#2145Eridaní0 02 Jul
01 Jul [PL] Bad Example szuka ludzi do wspólnego raidowania Hej Jesteśmy grupą 9 znajomych chcących wspólnie raidować po stronie Alliance, większość z nas ma duże doświadczenie w raidowaniu, a jest też parę osób co dopiero zaczęło swoją przygodę z wowem. Przyjmujemy absolutnie każdego kto chce się rozwijać i miło spędzać wspólnie czas. W wolnym czasie robimy mythic+, in game eventy, zbieramy achievy i mounty. ;) Aktualnie mamy zamiar raidować w poniedziałki i środy od 20:00 do 23:00, nastawiamy się na raidowanie od tego lockoutu. W razie pytań i chęci dołączenia pisz do GreenED#2595Greenedwardd0 01 Jul
30 Jun KILLING TIME @ The Maelstrom recruiting mythic raiders Hello everyone, We are a casual raiding guild that has been around for more than 10 years and have been raiding since early tbc. We've raided all expansions since then and always cleared all heroic content. We have now started mythic raiding in this expansion since one month ago. We have killed 4/10 mythic bosses in nighthold last month and are now over halfway through heroic ToS already. We are still recruiting healers and dps that are willing to commit to our guild. We provide our raiders with food/flasks/potions/gems and enchants at a lower than auction house price and give guild repairs. We raid 3 nights a week (wednesday/sunday/tuesday) and usually do like an alt/older content run on monday. Do you want to join a guild that raids in a fun and relaxed atmosphere? A guild that understand that real life always comes first but is still committed to going through the content in a serious way. Then feel free to apply. You can whisper me ingame @ Aragornz on the Maelstrom server for a talk. Or add me as Battle Tag Caeliss#2418 and contact me through there. Our guild rules can be found on "" if you wanna have an idea of how our guild works. Hope to hear from you soon, Have a nice dayAragornz0 30 Jun
27 Jun [A] LF casual guild Hello, I am a returning player (had break from the game for family reasons). Myself and a friend are looking for a casual and social guild that run mythic 5 man's and do some casual raiding as well. If anyone can recommend a guild that would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!Tnúc3 27 Jun
27 Jun Dedicated healer lf guild Hello Everyone, as topic says im looking for a new home for ToS Mythic and fourth, i have made a post on shared pve forum, where you can find some further information about me as a raider, and what i search for. Fast summary: I have cleared every content from Vanilla up to ToS Heroic, i look for a progressive raiding guild who have a common goal of being competetive in ToS. I always come prepared and studying logs, analyzers and so on to improve myself. For more info go to - I prefer all contact to go thru that post, or ingame /regards KnowledgeKnówledge0 27 Jun
26 Jun Is this server what we are looking for? Three friends and I are planning to join the Horde on this server. We wonder if the population means a problem for certain things, however we would like to meet as much people as possible over the world. Is the population ok? Also, how is the Horde/Alliance ratio? I do not trust websites like realmpop. We would love to find a good balance. Now the most important, is the PVP/PVE (overall PVE) good? I refer to quality and quantity, and if there are many trolls. We will behave like educated and respectful people but we can stand some trolls tho. Thanks, hope to be part of this big family soon. Pd: Sorry for my English, I understand it perfectly, but still have problems writing. >.<Blacarde1 26 Jun
26 Jun LF Social & Casual Guild Hello, I'm a returning player. I stopped playing around WoTLK release, and my highest character at the time was a level 72 Frost Mage. Real life happened, I played Final Fantasy XIV for 3 years, quit, and finally came back to WoW. I've started fresh with a new toon, and I am playing quite casually with my boyfriend. We are looking for a casual & social guild that we can join while we level, and hopefully play in end-game with :) We're both 18+, based in Europe, and both very proficient/comfortable in English (I'm a Brit, and he's a Dutchie :P). He's new to WoW but has MMO experience. He plays less than I do, I try to log in daily but real life commitments and what have you might come up every now and then c: But I aim to be as active as I can. I'm slowly leveling via quests/dungeons at the moment. I'd love to have a chat in-game or here on the forums. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Swift edit: I should probably put my Bnet here... ninthfantasy#2401 Thanks, NyntheNynthe1 26 Jun
26 Jun Returning player looking for a guild Heya! I'm a 20 year old player, returning to legion after quitting due to time constraints just as the expansion came out. I raided for a short while in WoD but haven't played more hardcore since the days of Cataclysm, because of this I'm looking for a guild that wouldn't mind a player that could only raid on occasion, and would be more of a social. If there are any guilds that would have me do give me a shout here on the forum :D Thanks in advance and I hope to see you in game!Tétto1 26 Jun