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17h The Old Grudge (25yrs +) The Old Grudge is looking for raiders for legion. Based on Deathwing we have been established since vanilla we are aimed at the older player who need to balance wow and raiding with real life commitments. We offer a mature and flexible culture with a great guild atmosphere and progressive raiding. We raid Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday currently at 21:00- 23:30 server time although we do change each patch depending on availability of players. Other nights we do normal runs and alt runs. Expect raiders to try and get to 2/3 nights per week, real life depending!. Currently recruiting for mythic and hc teams (socials always welcome). The only requirement is for players to be 25 yrs + . Most of us older than that! We are part of Whisper me for more information Sewoh#2374Sewoh15 17h
1d 868 Warlock LF 2 night/week guild [A] Hi! I am an old school player whos been on this game on and off for well over a decade, at one point playing at a top 100 world level (Old School on Dreanor in ICC) helping to land many server first kills. I got sucked back into this game recently as a bunch of my mates started a guild an needed an extra rDPS, so I made this lock. Unfortunately the guild collapsed a while back, and after a few weeks away I've realized I still enjoy the game and want to keep raiding. Im a well experienced player (28 yr old) who would be an asset to any guild progressing through mythics, and tend to place well on damage meters once Ive grasped the mechanics ( a couple of pulls). Ideally Im looking for a more mature guild with a laid back atmosphere as I cant stand all these edgy internet kids. If you think Id be a good fit hit me up here, Ill be checking this post intermittently. Thanks RanezRanez3 1d
1d [H] Casual UK guild recruiting - Lightning's Blade So at the moment me and a few friends have started a guild, looking for casual UK players. We play evenings and weekends usually, and we all work a 9-5, and sometimes are chained down by our better halfs. But we are on regularly and are just casually levelling at the moment. Nothing hardcore, just a few guys hanging out, making friends, also I'm incredibly modest, and incredibly funny, so you'll be missing out on that if you don't join. Our mate Adam likes history or something, I say look into the future, forget about the past, but he thinks it's important, I don't know, he has a degree in it, nuts to that, everyone knows Henry the VII had a lot of wives, don't need a degree for that. Please add me online and ask for an invite, I'll be on Quantom, or Quando, or put your name in here, and I'll check.Quantom2 1d
1d (Maelstrom) Returning player LF a casual guild Hi there! I'm a 23 yo guy, from Belgium, working as a police officer with the most chaotic work schedule. I became distanced from WOW for a couple of years until I recently started playing on the Nostalrius and Elysium legacy servers for a bit, but decided to give retail another shot! I haven't really played since WOTLK or Cataclysm (not to sure), so I'm a bit overwhelmed by al the changes in retail. Gotta say I was a bit sceptic, but so far i'm really enjoying the leveling. I estimate I'll be 110 in a week or so on atleast one character. I've done a couple of raids in my time, but never really got to the real raiding content of the game. I would very much like to explore that content now in Legion. So what I'm really looking for is a very casual guild with lots of banter that is patient enough to cope with a retail newby. I really have no requirements as long as it's a jolly bunch of lads & gals that doesn't expect 7/7 commitment as I'll be unable to provide due to living with my GF and working in shifts. Feel free to respond or whisper me ingame - Combined Looking forward to meeting some nice people!Combined2 1d
1d LF Casual Guild Hi! As the title says im looking for a casual guild. And what im looking for in that guild is 18+ members that have their prioritys like work, family etc. and time to time get together with their guild mates to raid, pvp, questing or just hangout with. Im currently maining a vengence demon hunter and loves it! i have another alt on 110 wich is mistweaver monk that im currently gearing up for raiding since i lack experience with healing overall it would be nice to meet others for tips and tricks. If i sound that kind of guy that would fit in your guild dont hesitate to give me a wisp on either Sytheas or Asayo on The Mealstrom server! p.s My current guild is just a friend guild :)Sytheas1 1d
1d [A] Late Night Raiding guild looking for a guild merge We, <Nightshift>, are a Mythic raiding guild with the following schedule: Wednesdays, Sundays, Mondays 22:15 - 01:00 Server time The raiding days can be changed (although friday and saturday are not good for most), the hours are less flexible (+/- 30min), so, if the hours fit you, please, keep reading. We're a decently old guild in The Maelstrom server, we were formed during Siege of Orgrimmar, by a group of 10 people that splitted from another guild we were into, from there on and due to the changes in mythic requirements we changed to 20-man raiding. At the moment we are at 1/10M in nighthold with a couple wipes at ~3% in chromatic anomally. But due to quite a few of our members having to quit or change schedules for various reasons, we find ourselves short on people, and i mean SHORT (we miss around 7 ppl atm). Since recruiting such a large amount of people proves extremely hard nowadays and since i see a lot of people recruiting, we decided we should try to find a guild to merge with. So, if you're compatible with us in terms of raiding times and if you need people, please, give me a "shout", so we can discuss the details that a merge like this entails and reach an understanding (Can also provide logs of several of our raids) IGN: Illiderp - The Maelstrom; Dephnei#2790Illiderp1 1d
1d [A]Prot paladin LF relaxed guild Greetings! Having wandered without a guild for quite a while already I decided it would be nice to get back into an actual community instead of constant LFR and random groups. That being said I'm a decent tank player with 864 iLvL who is mainly interested in doing PvE content with a guild that doesn't take this game too seriously; occasional mythic+ and normal mode raids would suit me more than well. IRL I'm a 25 years old insurance underwriter from Finland who lives with a GF and a dog. In addition to my native Finnish and excellent written - and a rally car driver vocal - English I speak Swedish rather well for being a genuine finnjävel. Så om ni svenska pojkar och flickor skulle vill ha en riktig finsk man på frontlinjen, jag är väldig intresserad att förbättra mina svenskkunskapen när jag slösar mitt livet i WoW. All being said, I can be found slacking in The Maelstrom realm during evenings. Feel free to whisper me or to leave a reply in this thread. Thank you.Aatos4 1d
2d <Perkele> (A) Suomi/Finnish PvP RBG Casual <Perkele> 100% Finnish vodka force since 2009 Founded 2009, <Perkele> has a super vast and loyal community of players. We only recruit Finnish players to our ranks. Atm 60 active members Before you read: If you are a person who tends to get butthurt, feelings hurt or just flip the **** out. Do not even bother. We dont care about you, we are here to have fun and enjoy being stupid. We have conquered some nice achievements in other servers, most recent one is Cutting edge Xavius Mythic, with only 2 raid days hitting about rank 20 compared to similar guilds. This happened in Ragnaros EU Horde. But that aside, just stating that we are active everywhere. Guild in this server offers a nice group of active PvP players and discord. Requirements to join: 18 years of age Active player Loves drinking or not, but we are usually drunk when we can We sit in discord, you should too Be able to have fun Have a twisted sense of humor Most of us have jobs/families etc. so we do not expect anything miraculous from anyone, we just want ppl who want to have fun with us. We have been HC raiding and doing competitive PvP in the past, but that is in the past. We have gladiators and high end raiders in our guild, and basically <Perkele> community members come to retire here within the more casual guild. and tbh with you.. we are a bit stupid. We need to act adult outside of WoW.. sometimes.. and <Perkele> has been the place for us to be stupid for years now. So we wish you have similar qualities. Because we will just kick you out if you get butthurt. Do a /who perkele in game, and whisper us. Come have a chat in discord and lets have fun Ojala0 2d
2d [H] Casual guild <Enigmatic Casuals> is recruiting! Howdy, Firstly I would like to say a few things about me, the Guild Master: I am a 23y old lad from a random country in Europe who has been playing WoW since early 2007 with a few breaks here and there.I’ve been through all the expansions as a lone wolf, someone who never really cared about finding a guild or trying to become friends with…lets call them “random people on the internet”.Now for some odd reason I got this bright idea of trying to make my own guild.The purpose would be I guess to gather people who are somewhat like me, people who can’t find their place in the game but would sure as hell love to find it. I guess that should be enough info, I could write a small child’s book about my history in WoW but I don’t want any TL;DR so I’ll start explaining what I’m trying to achieve with this Guild. Details about the Guild: There are no level or item level requirements in order to join the Guild, that means everyone is able to apply.We do have one simple request when joining though, and that is to be able to commit to the Guild,its rules and to its members.To be more specific about this, when you intend to apply don’t do it half-heartedly, be ready to show some commitment with that character,meaning that when you join with your desired character stick to that character.It would be sad to get hyped about new recruits,see them online only for a day and after that they don’t show up for weeks because they decided they will be playing on another server. -->This is a SOCIAL guild: One of the features of the guild is to offer players a good and healthy environment,a place where they can just casually chat about whatever they want without the fear of being judged(you could call that a dream but I believe that with the right members it can be achieved). What we expect during your stay in the guild: -A mature and calm character who should not get edgy over stupid things. -Basic knowledge of English in order to be able to communicate. -This is just a game, use it to have fun! -->This is a CASUAL raiding guild: About raiding,this won’t ever get anywhere close to a hardcore raiding guild, everything will be as casual as possible.That means raids will never be during weekdays considering most will probably have to work but instead raids will always be on Saturday and/or Sunday late nights(starting hours will be decided in a way that everyone should be able to be online),but as a default hour it will be 20:00 or 21:00 Realm Time.Progression will be somewhat of a thing but not to a degree that applies to real raiding guilds.There will be a hierarchical system with the guild ranks that apply in raids,flasks and food will be a must have and a Discord channel will be created when the time comes. What we expect during raid nights: -A mature and calm character who should not get edgy over stupid things. -Basic knowledge of English in order to be able to communicate. -Interest in progression and guild achievements. -The ability to receive and accept constructive criticism -Being able to come to raids with the following mentality:”This is just a game,I’m not here mainly for the gear,but just to have some fun!” With all of that sorted out I would like to thank the reader for taking his time with this post and hopefully this is the sort of guild he is looking for, if not best of luck in finding what you need. If interested or if you have any other questions, please whisper me in-game or reply to this thread and i will answer as fast as humanly possible, or add my Bnet tag: Xomaz#2486Xomaz0 2d
3d [A] <ScrubBusters> Mythic 15+ Keystone Boosting Now that we are 10/10M World 7th, we have more time to focus on boosting services. All boosts are in exchange for gold, and only gold. Gold is also to be given upfront. We guarantee to beat the timer. We accept gold on ANY server. Our group has completed over 1500 Mythic+ dungeons. Benefits of doing a 15 with us are as follows; - Potential for 2-3 chests of loot (your key only) - GUARANTEED atleast 1 chest - We will trade you any items we do not need (which will be most items) - You get your weekly cache filled with a 900 ilvl item - A unique opportunity to play alongside our main raiders We are currently offering level 15 Keystone boosting in 3 different ways; 1. You supply the 15 Key and we run it with you 2. We supply our own 15 Key for a greater price 3. You supply us with a 10+ Key and we will level it up and do the 15 with you If you're interested, feel free to add Nakiva#2747 and we can discuss prices and schedule a time.Nakitharion3 3d
6d [H] Saves the Day - The Maelstrom is Recruiting! [H] <Saves The Day> - The Maelstrom 7/7M 1/3M 3/10M Saves the day is one of the oldest guilds on the Maelstrom, has been around since Vanilla and been raiding together since then too. We are looking to hit content hard and looking for active members to join us in that content. Raiding days will be 8pm-11pm GMT (English time) on the following days Wednesday Thursday Sunday Currently we have a few class slot we have open but also could fit more active raiders into the team We are currently looking for All Ranged dps classes All classes are welcome however raid balance will be reviewed. Add me via battlenet htidredneck#1908 for further details - FinkFink5 6d
6d [H] <Atom> on Ragnaros | 2-day raiding guild ★ Atom ★ Progress: 7/7M 1/3M 3/10M Wed 21:00 - 00:00 server time Mon 21:00 - 00:00 server time • Ragnaros EU - Horde. • Light raiding schedule with short hours. • Professional and relaxed atmosphere. • Experienced leadership. • Loot council. We are a new raid team with experienced leadership. This is the ideal guild for those wanting light commitment and meaningful progress from heroic to mythic. ★ Current needs ★ We are interested in any outstanding DPS regardless of spec (above average with logs). At the moment we are specifically looking for: - Balance Druid - Mage - Elemental Shaman - Warrior - Monk - Demon Hunter - Death knight ★ Contact ★ Ferbian#2203 or Draugarth#21594 Website: Discord: 6d
14 Mar Are any Horde Guilds? Are any Horde Guilds in this crap server? I spam for hours and noone even ask for info. I am 872 Tank/Dps playing PVE and some PVP. EN cleared in N+HC, TOV same and NH in LFR only (since i cant find Guild).. Palabos#2129Neuriki1 14 Mar
14 Mar <Lupgaru> is recruiting for Mythic! <Lupgaru> is a Horde pve-focused guild whose core group is trying to clear mythic NH. Many of us are in the 20-30 age bracket, looking to experience the game while still having enough free time to take care of home, work etc. We offer the chance to see mythic content on a limited, two day raid schedule on Sunday and Monday from 8:30-11:30 PST. We also have a standard heroic raid run on Wednesday from 8:30-11:30 PST when we full clear the NH. All raids are master loot and we distribute the loot through RC loot council. We are looking for players 890+ with a minimum of 45 traits in your primary role, though 50+ is desirable. We are willing to work with players on your specifics as long as you show up, on time, and are reliable. We also cope to create a second raid group for more casual normal and heroic runs but right now we lack of people to actually create a viable group. So if u wanna join for creating a second raid group and look for progress through that you are more than welcome! Feel free to visit our website @ to check our guild and fill an application form. Our current progress is: 4/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic TOV 10/10 Heroic NH. Contact Pindar-Lightning's Blade , Huntgak-TheMaelstorm, or Gorenar-TheMaelstorm for additional details.Darkputslord0 14 Mar
13 Mar <Starlight> recruiting for Mythic Hey guys, it's your sexy little teddy bear, Patches here recruiting for mythic progression beginning Wednesday 15th of Feb! We are currently looking for 1 new healer [Shammy, Pally or Priesto] and two new DPS (any class) [GUILD INFO] <Starlight> is a hardcore progression raiding guild settled on The Maelstrom cluster - (The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade) Legion progression history: 5/7M EN, 3/3HC NH We were originally from the Dragonmaw cluster as a guild known as <Starlight Ascendance> but due to heavy realm imbalance we transferred to The Maelstrom. Since moving to The Maelstrom, we have merged with two other hardcore raiding guilds known as <Severed> & <Unox> we have formed together from the opening of the Nighthold. ================================================ We have two raid teams: •RT1: Our core mythic progression team •RT2: Our more casual NM/HC progression team ================================================ ================================================ Raid days: •RT1: Wed/Sun/Tue at 19:00-22:00 CET (server time) •RT2: Wed/Sun at 19:45/19:30 CET (server time) ================================================ Guild officers: •Peachee-TheMaelstrom •Zahr-TheMaelstrom •Dankslowpoke-TheMaelstrom •Nosmer-TheMaelstrom •Rigrawl-TheMaelstrom •Donaldluck-TheMaelstrom •Naxxie-Lightning'sBlade •Pindonemesis-TheMalestrom We have our own dedicated Teamspeak server that we use for raid communication, members may use this at any time. ======================================================= If you are interested, please make an application here: or leave a reply to this post with some relevant information about yourself.Peachee5 13 Mar
13 Mar <A> Never Lucky - Recruiting Heroic and Social players. We are <Never Lucky> An English speaking Alliance guild on The Maelstrom server! We are a Heroic raiding guild currently looking for members to fill spots in our raiding team. We are also looking for social players to basically join voice chat, get along with our current members in a relaxed environment. Raid Info: We are currently raiding 2 nights a week with a 3rd optional raid which any one can attend that wants too. Progression: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 N, 7/7 H Trial of Valor - 3/3 N, 3/3 H Nighthold - 10/10 N, 10/10 H Raid Times: Sun, Tue, Thur 08:30 PST Raiding Recruitment: We are currently recruiting a few new members for our raid team. Any of the following will be considered: Healers: Open to all exceptional healers Tanks: (If you have a Tank off spec, this would be helpful for mythics) Ranged: Priest, hunter, Boomkin and mage are preferred but all ranged welcome. Before Raid please make sure you have done the following: Check calendar to make sure you have accepted or declined raid. Have your consumables (Flask, Food, Bonus rolls Etc.) Please make sure you know some of the fights, we are willing to explain fight you are unsure on. Please don't hesitate to ask. Social & Casual Player Info: Mythic/Mythic+ General Wow progression world quests etc. Our optional raid is opened to all who might fancy a change and have a taste of raiding. Socials We are currently also looking for social members with voice chat to basically get along with our current members play other games and enjoy a relaxed environment As most of us work stressful jobs our community should be some where you can unwind and enjoy your time. What you can expect from us: Players are on all days of the week. A committed raid team always looking to progress We will help you do mythic keys stones and generally help however we can. Please contact: MrMuddo#2190, KIAPETE1911#1297,Brydane2 13 Mar
12 Mar How is this Server? Hey! Hows it this server, pve/pvp wise and how is the balane? Whats the best faction for PvE/PvP? Thank u in advance!Badmanis5 12 Mar
11 Mar I'm sad Someone whispered me asking if this was the same Hellion as before. I thought I'd answer later, forgot, and now I don't remember who asked. Also lol I was like 95% of this forums activity six years agoÀsk2 11 Mar
07 Mar <ScrubBusters> [A] Selling Nighthold Heroic Boosts Hello friends. As with every tier, ScrubBusters will be offering boosting services. As read from the thread title, this thread is dedicated simply towards Heroic Nighthold boosting. If you are interested in mythic+ see With Nighthold Heroic, you will be getting: Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan Chance at the unique mount: Felblaze Infernal Hopefully the items you want :) These runs will be done on Tuesdays at 19:30 Realm Time. You are expected to show up a bit before. Every person from ScrubBusters will be a character with 905+ ilvl. This run is aimed to be as efficient and smooth as possible. These runs will be done with personal loot. You don't have to worry about competition! We only accept gold payments. A deposit of 10% is required when you book the run. This is just to make sure we're not wasting each others time. Full payment is required before we start clearing. No exceptions. Contact me at Dakeshi#2180 or through the ScrubBusters forums for more information (Including Prices)Sunkingkeshi8 07 Mar
07 Mar (A) Everlasting Syndicate - 7/7 Mythic 3/10 Mythic NH Hello Everyone, Everlasting Syndicate of The Maelstrom is a relatively new guild that formed just before The Legion returned. We are a group of motivated and determined people that share the love for World of Warcraft and each other. Some of us have been raiding together for over 8 years. Amongst our ranks we have veteran WoW players with plenty of experience. We have an absolute blast raiding together with lots of laughs and fun, however, everyone is aware of the importance of focusing during progression raids. We record our progress with Logs and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and how we can make improvements during progression raids. When we aren’t putting time into progression, we enjoy participating in other Guild events such as achievements, PvP and Mythic+. During the day we stay in touch using Discord that allows us to get to know each other better as people, not just the Gnome or Night Elves that we control. We also use Discord for raids, announcements, posts and other important messages. If you are reading this and are currently looking for a new home, I encourage you to check us out. We take pride in what we have accomplished and we can assure you that it is just the start of our Everlasting journey. At the moment we have recruitment open for our Mythic raiding team, with heroic cleared and our Mythic adventures started, we hope to clear it as soon as possible. If you think that you could be someone we are looking for, click the apply on the forums to fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly thereafter. Recruitment is open for: Death Knight: Frost, Unholy Hunter: Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Survival Mage: Any Shaman: Elemental, Enhance Paladin: Retri Raid times are 6-10 server time. Raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Progress: 7/7 Mythic, 1/3 Mythic ToV, 3/10 Mythic Nighthold, 10/10 Heroic Nighthold If you have any questions, you can contact us in game. Psychedelic, Guild Master of Everlasting Syndicate (Psychedelic#2691) Judgedreadie, Officer of Everlasting Syndicate (Dreadie#2142) Fandamar, Officer of Everlasting Syndicate (Neevotic#2845)Psychedelic8 07 Mar
07 Mar [A]<Fistful of Pleasure> -5/10 M (2 Days/week) <Fistful of Pleasure> is a newly founded guild on The Maelstrom EU. It comprises of ex-world class and hand-picked raiders who simply don't have the time to dedicate to a full raid schedule. Some notable names of previous guilds our raiders have been active in include ScrubBusters, Apex, Huhuholics and Sublime. We aim for quality of raiding while having a fun atmosphere in raids. If you don't have the time to continue raiding 4-7 days a week on multiple characters to maintain a spot in a top end guild then you'd fit in with us. Raid Hours Friday - 19:30 - 23:30 server time Sunday - 18:00 - 22:00 server time We are currently looking for any exceptional players for our roster. This is with an emphasis on a skilled healer ( Paladin, Druid or Shaman), ranged DPS, retribution paladin and DH. Please visit our website to fill out our short application or if you want to know more details, please contact Wreckér or Tomdizzle in-game (Wrecker#2191 & Tomdizzle#2886)Tösabít4 07 Mar
07 Mar [H]"Sandvich" looking for exceptional raiders! <Sandvich> are recruiting! *Progress: 7/7 Mythic, 10/10 HC , 3/10 Mythic looking for exceptional raiders for our progress in Nighthold Mythic Requirements: *discord with working mic *above 885 ilvl * 45+ traits *Good current progression or exceptional earlier raid experience *know your class well. What can you expect from us?: *serious raidleading *Good and steady progression. *almost daily mythic + grind * a nice and friendly community. * Two days of hardcore raiding, Thursday and sunday from 19:45 to 23:00 Sign up at or contact gudrød/Nirdiana/daevi ingame.Beinlause9 07 Mar
06 Mar [H]<Deep Fried Chicken Wings> recruiting dps! Deep Fried Chicken Wings is a two days a week Mythic raiding guild progressing on Nighthold. We are currently 3/10 on Mythic difficulty and currently looking for exceptional dps players for further progress. We're looking for players who: *Are interested in raiding on a mythic level, and willing to make a commitment when it comes to attendance, preparations and consumables. *Play their class well and able to learn mechanics and tactics fast. *Are mature and able to discuss their and others performance in an objective and mature manner. *Are able to communicate well in written and spoken English, preferably with a proper headset and microphone for voice communication. Raiding Schedule (Realmtime) Wednesday: 8 pm - 11 pm Sunday: 8 pm - 11 pm For further questions please reply to me or Leonuts-Deathwing ingame!Paso0 06 Mar
06 Mar [A] Squiggle 3/7M LFM <Squiggle> is looking to fill out the last holes in our roster for further mythic progression. Our current roster have cleared 3/7 Mythic, we are currently not a group of 20 but we have a core of 16+ regular good raiders. You'll find experienced Raid Leaders, Healers, Tanks and some pretty fine DPS in a fairly laid back environment. Raid times: Wednesday/Sunday/Monday 19:45 - 23:00 We expect our raiders to be able to attend at least 90% of raids so we can have a smaller, tighter team. What we want: We are looking for laid back, skilled players who can put their hands up if they drop the ball, learn from their mistakes and be awesome. Currently we are recruiting a dual spec shaman healer/DPS, and Ranged DPS, however all good applications will be considered as we firmly believe that skill and mindset are the most important things, and would consider a player with the right attitude over any class/role need.. If you are looking to clearing mythic content at a reasonable rate in a good atmosphere then <Squiggle> is probably the place for you. Questions, hit up an officer in-game or over Battlenet: Canika-Karazhan, Bluebell-Karazhan: TTBam#1919 Teyra-Deathwing: Zephyrax#2985 Bubblemeko-The Maelstrom : Galenskapen#21837 Interested, head over and apply at: Thank you for your time!Teyra3 06 Mar
05 Mar Ironman Challange So guys i want to try ironman challange with one of my monks so do you have any tips or tricks on how to not die.Paahde1 05 Mar
04 Mar Keystone Boosting Hello The Maelstrom! We are now offering keystone boosts on all EU realms for your weekly 900ILvl item on any character with no requirements, we are also selling Karazan Nightbane mount runs! Our boost prices are as follows: -Nightbane mount run = 150,000g -Our +15 Key (Depleted)= 150,000g -Key building from any level up to a +15 = 300,000g We are a team of experienced players with 1000+ Keystone runs done together and some with 5man boosting experience from previous expansions. Add me on Btag for a purchase or if u have any questions: Sin#1342Papasink0 04 Mar
03 Mar 860 bm/survi hunter looking for home. Hey there, I recently started to play on this realm. If there is a guild that needs a dps or tank (I'm making a Vengeance dh soon) I'm here to fill the gap. About me: - 21 year old - from Poland - fluent English - no gold issuesYoamqt1 03 Mar
03 Mar Horde or alliance (pvp)? Hi, Any thoughts on faction balance? I've been thinking about changing faction, having this thought about gettin back to the roots. ('new' content) How are queue times on horde? Duelists in front of org? Allies get pretty much instant bgs mostly, pretty good for PVE too if you que other than DPS. CheersMonteqia1 03 Mar
02 Mar 905 tank and healer looking for mythic raiding guild hello, i have a 905 equipped ilvl warrior tank, i did +15 few times on time , cleared NH heroic and want to get in to mythic raiding, with a proper guild. also have a friend that plays druid and paladin healer same ilvl as me, and we both looking into a mythic raiding team, please for any more info contact me hereTankjob0 02 Mar
01 Mar WTS Guldan HC, +15 or higher keystone and Full HC NH. we are a team of an elite players than have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many night hold raids across all of our characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 or higher you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 900 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get from Mythic plus and a good chance on 885 or higher from the chests, every chest drops exactly 2 items and its random who gets those items from the 5 players , if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. Night Hold Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 890 loot or higher, up to 920. we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you if we can trade the items, since its going to be personal loot . 3-a very low chance to get Guldan [Felblaze Infernal] mount . -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Guldan heroic you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Night Hold heroic run you need about 2 hours. -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 or whisper me in game Vivicraftt-Draenor price: you can pay us on any realm. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 165k. -keystone +15 one chest in time is 245k. -keystone +15 2 chests is 365k. -Guldan heroic is 245k. -full night hold heroic is 700k. -9/10 heroic night hold is 500k.Vivicraftt0 01 Mar
01 Mar WTS Guldan HC, +15 or higher keystone and Full HC NH. we are a team of an elite players than have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many night hold raids across all of our characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 or higher you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 900 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get from Mythic plus and a good chance on 885 or higher from the chests, every chest drops exactly 2 items and its random who gets those items from the 5 players , if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. Night Hold Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 890 loot or higher, up to 920. we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you if we can trade the items, since its going to be personal loot . 3-a very low chance to get Guldan [Felblaze Infernal] mount . -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Guldan heroic you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Night Hold heroic run you need about 2 hours. -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 or whisper me in game Vivicraftt-Draenor price: you can pay us on any realm. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 165k. -keystone +15 one chest in time is 245k. -keystone +15 2 chests is 365k. -Guldan heroic is 245k. -full night hold heroic is 700k. -9/10 heroic night hold is 500k.Vivicraftt0 01 Mar
28 Feb New BrewMaster LF Guild! Hi Guys! I am currently leveling my Brewmaster she is lvl 108 ATM ( will be 110 within a few hours) and i intend on getting geared up ASAP and getting into higher tier raids... I am looking for a guild that need a tank ASAP and i will hopefully be able to fill that gap. Message me below your current progression. Info on me: I have recently returned after a year long break. have every class in the game lvl 90+. I multibox 5 accounts (balance druids) I have no issues with gold I have done HC Soo (when it was current content and use to push hard with my old guild) I speak English I have a mic I stay in the UK I am free Thursday -Sunday to raid all hours of the night and monday-wed (untill 11pm) Cheers guys! Cheers!Thynix3 28 Feb
28 Feb [Horde]6 people all 885+ LF Guild Hi there, We are a group of friends looking for a PvE raiding guild, we have a variety of classes. The guild we're currently in doesn't progress as fast as we would like. We are looking to do Heroic runs and progress mythic. We should be able to raid 2/3 nights a week no problem. We all speak fluent Dutch and English so either is fine. Marksmanship hunter 897 - Stinx - 9/10 NH Heroic Demonology Warlock 891 - Marc - 10/10 NH Heroic Affliction Warlock 898 - Porkonoodle - 10/10 NH Heroic Restoration Shaman 888 - Wowcharacter - 4/10 NH Heroic Guardian Druid 888 - Bemboes - 5/10 NH Heroic Outlaw Rogue 885 - Oermens - 3/10 NH Heroic In the future we might have more friends join us. We expect to do heroic all together and based on performance anything beyond that. Add me if you want more infoWowcharacter1 28 Feb
27 Feb [H] [Chamber of Aspects] Noxa is recruiting! Who we are: Noxa are a new guild founded a month after the release of legion, we’re a semi-hardcore raiding guild consisting of former hardcore raiders and social newcomers ready to learn. Our progress: 3/7M Emerald Nightmare 3/3H Trial of Valor 6/10H Nighthold What is expected of raiders? To be prepared in both general and role specific tactics for fights prior to raids. Gem and enchant all gear available. To be continuously motivated to improve and better themselves as a player and member of the team. Raid days: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday (Occasionally carry out alt runs on Sunday) Raid time: 22:00 - 1:00 Realm time Current recruitment needs: Hunter, Mage, Ele Shaman, Warlock, Shadow Priest Contacts: [GM] Zime#21104, [Council] Wigglles#2584, Munazaga#2776 Website 27 Feb
26 Feb OA - Late Evening Guild // 22:00-0100 / Weds/Thurs/Mon Hello, Once Again are a guild bases on Kazzak who are currently looking to add some more strong players to join our team to help with mythic progression. We are an established raiding guild with steady progress, good atmosphere and are looking to find like minded players. Hoping to find skilled & committed ranged dps and a non monk healer, but would of course consider all good players. Our current progress is 3/10 Mythic Nighthold with some low % wipes on Krosus. Feel free to check out our website @ or You can also contact any member in game or speak to one of our officer team for more information Adamski#2159 / Oneyota#2678 / Temptation#2121 Thanks.Yorkshireman0 26 Feb
24 Feb [POLSKA GILDIA - ALLIANCE] EFEKT MOTYLA Hej! Rekrutujemy do nowo powstałej gildii na The Maelstrom (+ Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade) po stronie Ally. W tej chwili gildię tworzy kilkanaście osób, które raidują ze sobą od początku legionu (a niektórzy dłużej). Core gildii tworzą doświadczeni gracze, którzy po przeżyciu kilka historii postanowili wspólnymi siłami stworzyć fajne miejsce dla nas wszystkich. Szukamy ludzi, którym zależy na sympatycznej paczce, posiedzeniu wieczorem na Discordzie, wbiciu kolejnych Mythic+. Znajdziecie u Nas graczy PVE, PVP czy dopiero zaczynające swoją przygodę z WoWem. Nie nastawiamy się na jakiś mega progres ale w planach mamy dobranie ludzi i po wyczyszczeniu HC zabieramy się za Nighthold Mythic.. Wszyscy mamy swoje zajęcia, życie prywatne ale nawet w ciągu dnia można złapać nas na Discordzie, gdzie rozmawiamy praktycznie o wszystkim (tak, lubimy WoWa ale to nie jedyny temat) Aktualnie (05-02-17) regularnie czyścimy Nighthold na normie i progresujemy heroica. Raidujemy średnio 3 dni w tygodniu – 2 dni na progres i 1 na wyczyszczenie norma środa/czwartek – 20.00 – 23.00 niedziela – 18.30/19.00 – 21.30/22.00 Zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych /w Quinie#2519 albo Nirth#2950Quînie4 24 Feb
24 Feb Any PvP guild here? Hello there! I'm thinking to transfer to your server and looking for PvP guild for many RBGs and arenas, which is also doing some fresh content raiding. Can you suggest smth? ThanksNathillien1 24 Feb
24 Feb LF Guild PVE/PVP Hi, I have exp in PVP since TBC and i am currently 867 i lvl.. LF PVP guild or/and PVP players to part for PVP content. Palabos#2129Neuriki2 24 Feb
24 Feb [H] Active PVP guild Hi folks, I'm looking for active pvp guild that is running BRGs and arenas, may be world pvp as well. If you do pve like M+ then even better, I have several chars from dps to healers, playing late night around 10pm EU server time.Tantei3 24 Feb
22 Feb Looking for PvP Guild (Horde) Hi all! I've got a lock which I main and use for PvP but have recently really started to enjoy PvP on my Fury Warrior. I'm fairly new to PVP but seem to be doing ok, looking for a guild that can guide me and help me get better and that I can do some RBG or Arenas with (looking for my first Vicious mount!) I work shifts so I'm fairly casual but I get on when I can!!Naggaroth0 22 Feb
21 Feb [H]Heretics - CoA - 2/3M 3/10M LFM Hello everyone! Heretics looking for a few more DPS spots for Nighthold Mythic and Helya Mythic. Founded end of February 2016 and managed to get 9/13 Mythic HFC before Prepatch, and got 12/13M and were close on getting that last mythic kill on Archimonde before Legion. We're a semi-hardcore guild with serious raiding, a mix of former hardcore and casual raiders in the past but today have and strive for the same goal and share equal attitude. We focus on the chemistry of the people for a better atmosphere and to have better success in the long run. What Heretics expect from our raiders. Knowledge of class & different roles Reliable attendance (min 90%) Research tactics on current and upcoming encounters Character maxamization (Upgrade gear, pots,flask etc) A good personality & a teamplayer Reliable computer, microphone and internet. What we're lookin for and what we offer. We want people to strive for a higher succes than casual raiding but not required to spend 5 days on raiding aswell. Have a blast during raids and performing the very best on encounters with full attention and whereabouts. We're aiming to be competetive with the other the top guilds, motivate ourselves it can be done on two progression raids per week. There is always high activity in Heretics, members doing mythic+ dungeons and more. A mature guild with fair and high experience leadership within PvE content.If you think you would be a good fit in our guild, who is serious with raiding and also wants to have fun and share experience with us, don't hesitate and apply on our website. Raid 2 days per week for progression which will be setup in ingame calendar. Raid days: Thursday, Sunday (*optional raid day: Wednesday - Could be progression/farm/alt runs) Raid time: 20:00 - 00:00 UTC+1 (One break on 10 minutes) Loot system: Loot Council Classes & Roles 20170220 Healer: Melee: Arms/Fury Warrior Havoc Demon Hunter Windwalker Monk Survival Hunter Frost Deathknight Range: Elemental Shaman Affliction/Demonology Warlock Shadow Priest Arcane/Fire/Frost Mage Balance Druid Please visit this site and fill out the application if you are interested! Contact us: [GM]Tmbs#2472 Rhoggenator#2164 Shopen#2698 Kilnar#2464Hoddahswift0 21 Feb
21 Feb [A] Casual - 10/10 NH Normal - HC Progress Sanguine is a casual raiding guild focused on progression while maintaining a lively atmosphere. We currently raid 2 nights a week and have cleared Nighthold Normal with our eye on progression to HC within the coming couple of weeks. We are currently recruiting a dps with a strong healing off-spec. We would preferably like to welcome a Boomkin/Resto Druid or a Monk in to the fold as we have minimal leather wearers. Raid experience and gear are not required, however an ability to learn and understand basic mechanics (move out of fire!) is very much preferred and we are happy to help gear those who we welcome in to the fold. We are an English speaking guild with most of our members coming from the UK so please keep this in mind when applying as both guild chat and coms are run in English, however we have members who chat German, Dutch and Danish if translation is needed. Applicants must be over 18+. Our raiding days are Wednesday 8pm GMT (9pm CET) and Sundays 6pm GMT (7pm CET). Please feel free to contact any of our members if you are interested or message either of the below tags. randompunk#2858 - < Scab – The Maelstrom > Bjorno#2474 – < Dorian – The Maelstrom > Thank you for your time. ScabScab0 21 Feb
21 Feb Any < F A L L E N > members still playing? @LB Yo Dawgs, Just checking on if some Nostalgia freaks like me still linger on the Lightning's Blade forums. My first guild was < F A L L E N > from Vanilla LB fame =) Man, such great times they were - ZG raids, our first Ragnaros kill ... If any of the core scandinavia crew ( Presten, Robwy, Krezza, Parashade etc. etc. ) is reading this, leave me a message ;) would be happy to get in touch with some of you Man, what happened ... this realm had such history ... < B r e t h r e N >, < Vanity> , < Simulacrum> ( yeah, I was there for your realm first/second Magtheridon kill prior Flask nerf ;) ) Peace out ppl! ShadowcallerShadowcaller1 21 Feb
20 Feb <ScrubBusters> 2 days 7/7 M 2/3 M recruiting! Hi there, <ScrubBusters All-Stars> 2 days 7/7 M 2/3 M recruiting! ... While our main raiding team is still going strong, In legion a group of our older retired raiders and friends have been gathering up are raiding Mythic 2 evenings (wed+thurs 20:00 - 00:00) per week. We are an individual team within ScrubBusters. Those who have an idea about the players behind ScrubBusters over the years will recognize quite some familiar names from officers to members. Well, we are dirty serious casuals now! We present you: Team Allstars <ScrubBusters> Please check out: for more information. 2 evenings per week organised raiding Strong group feeling and community Casual but healthy expectations Clear and proven management structure A 7 year standing guild reputation Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions, you'll find what you need on the link above. Get an idea about our raiding atmosphere! SB Allstars vs Cenmarius Mythic SB Allstars vs Cenmarius Mythic SB Allstars vs Odyn Mythic 20 Feb
20 Feb [A] Aetherium - the Maelstrom - 4/10M Nighthold Greetings everyone, I'm Yserea, guildmaster of the guild Aetherium. Aetherium is currently looking to expand its roster with new members specifically those with an interest in Mythic raiding. Quick Overview Faction: Alliance Server: The Maelstrom Website: Brief Description Aetherium is a guild made up of friends and people that have played games with each other for several years now, going all the way back to Vanilla World of Warcraft in some cases. Most of us are experienced raiders both in World of Warcraft and other games, having raided end game content in every expansion so far. The core group of our members has raided together for years, this allows us to have a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere in our guild. We use Teamspeak as our prefered method of communication, which also allows us to reinforce the sense of community in our Guild. With such a tight knit group our server is often filled with people joking and laughing together, either while playing games or partaking in other activities; all in all we feel that this creates a very warm and welcoming environment for new additions to our guild. More recently we’ve returned to World of Warcraft near the end of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. We’re using this time to prepare ourselves for Legion by expanding our roster, getting to know the new additions to the guild, and generally strengthening our team to form a solid 20 man group for Mythic raiding in Legion. Raiding Schedule Wednesday 20:00 – 23:30 Sunday 20:00 – 23:30 *All times listed are in server time. Recruitment Having gear and experience relevant to our current progression is prefered but is by no means a necessity. We’re always on the lookout for motivated and dedicated players, regardless of your gear, class or role. Application Procedure If you wish to apply to Aetherium head right over to our website;, register yourself and submit an application. For further information regarding our application process, or if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of these people through BattleNet: Yserea // Cyrane#2341 Hairysailor // Hairysailor#2224Yserea14 20 Feb
20 Feb <<Tropic>> (A) Recruiting Hey guys, we are Tropic - We were founded On the 19/02/17 and are currently in the need for fresh blood. Who are we? Tropic(The Maelstrom EU) is a semi-hardcore guild. We are made up mostly from Ex-<Arctic> Players who wanted to go towards the more serious road PvE-wise. We have changed to a more rigorous and disciplined system, whilst still trying as hard to be caring,compassionate and friendly to ourselves (as cliche as it sounds we are one big family). We want to combine solid progression with a calm atmosphere. Our intentions for Nighthold is to break World 1000. Then go towards the World 350-500 for Tomb of Sargeras as we gain chemistry as a team. We feel that this is sensible as we have been fast growing as a unit in <Arctic> and improving our play & cohesion with every single raid night after our Reorganization. What are we looking for ? Healers : Resto Shaman RDD : Mage,Warlock,Boomkin. MDD : Frost DK,Ret,DH,Fury (if your class isnt listed here, feel free to apply if you are confident in your ability) Communication Discord : Free, easy to use. Will require everyone to get the app. Guild Website : strict forum based discussion about RELEVANT stuff. General/random chat in discord please, we use Website and its forums for discourse and Tactic-related discussions. Raiders expectations Download&Install : 1-Discord Desktop App 2-ERT 3-WeakAuras You are expected to attend every raid, if you cant, you will need to notify us before hand other than that we expect YOU to have : Minimum Attendance: 90% Getting your +15 done every week. we expect everyone to be atleast 50 Traits in their weapon by mythic Krosus Progression (when we hit 3/10M) around the 24th February(this week). 54th trait should be done within the Month - by the 1st of March - NO EXCUSES Side Note : That being said, we also run ToV Mythic and NH HC to gear up those who need it on Saturdays, however attendance is not mandatory. In addition we do help those who ask for it and who are willing to improve - so feel free to apply if you arent able to raid right now but would like to for 7.2 If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Tosha(Toha#2627), Arshan (Ryk#2988 - DD Officer) , Nemilaz(Namiz#2190 -Healing Officer) or Inactive(Bunnyface#2162 - Recruiter). Otherwise, please submit an Application on our website : http://tropic.wowalliances.comTosha0 20 Feb
19 Feb [H] Guild recruting cross-realm FOR THOSE THAT ARE NOT CURRENTLY ON DRAENOR; YOU WILL BE INVITED TO NORMAL/HEROIC FARM FOR YOUR TRIAL (MAYBE PROGRESS DEPENDING ON YOUR ILVL/EXPERIENCE), ONCE YOUR TRIAL HAS ENDED, YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO REALM CHANGE TO DRAENOR. Good day, as the title suggests we -Moonshine Bunnies- are looking for raiders in all roles to complete our mythic raiding team. A little backstory of the core of the guild: We have raided together through the expansions, a very close knit group of friends who are experienced in running a guild and raiding at a high level. We had issues with our previous guild causing us to form a new guild. Expectations of you: Communicate. I cannot stress enough how important this is, above all else. Commit to our schedule. The raiding schedule is as follows; (CET) Wednesday 20:15-00:00 (farm night, no progression will take place) Monday 20:15-00:00 Sunday 20:15-00:00 You will have 100% attendance with few exceptions, which you will inform an officer in as much advance possible. Be completely prepared for every raid. This includes being on time (15 mins early), having all consumables and having knowledge of the fights. We are currently recruiting all roles and classes, but with a higher focus on ranged in terms of DPS, though EVERYONE will be trialed, and all exceptional players will be considered, regardless of your experience/ilvl. What you can expect from us: High quality raiding. This means very little downtime, a serious raiding environment, and little room for mistakes. A huge amount of activity outside of raids. This includes mythic+, Achievements, and other general shenanigans. RClootcouncil will be used to hand out loot. Your trial: A trial can take anywhere from one raid night to weeks. Based on your ilvl/experience you will be invited to the next 'appropriate' raid, whether this is farm or progress depends on you. If you are still here after the wall of text above, or you have simply scrolled down, the way to organise your trial is simple, add my battletag (Tymoa#2145) and contact me. I hope to speak to you soon.Noodlejuice1 19 Feb
17 Feb [Alliance] The Harvest 5-Day guild. The Harvest is actively recruiting for now and onto 7.2 **IMPORTANT INFO** For Tomb of Sargeras, we will ONLY raid 3 days a week. The 7.2 Schedule is: Wednesday: 19:30 to 23:30 Thursday: 19:30 to 23:30 Sunday: 19:30 to 23:30 The schedules below are for every tier after ToS! Exceptional players are welcome, and we are recruiting the following roles: - Tank Has to play more than 1 tank class for main tank spot, or know how to dps. - MELEE DPS (Prefer someone who knows how to tank also) - RANGED DPS - HEALERS (Someone who can play multiple specs/classes is a bonus) These are real raider spots, not bench ones! About The Harvest: The Harvest was formed February 16th, 2017. We are a relatively new guild based on The Maelstrom EU. The Harvest is not an alt guild for uber-hardcore raiders, nor is it a merged guild. We are independent and working our way up through the world rankings, with an aim to end Legion with a rough top 70 spot. We offer a chance for players who believe in their own ability to have a shot at high end raiding from the moment new content is released. During raids we expect all of our players to be active, regardless of whether or not they are sitting out for a certain boss. We also expect that people come prepared, and that you always bring your A-game. We also expect that people are reliable in terms of mechanics, and that our players understand that Skada isn't how we determine raid spots. Alts: You are required to have at least one well geared alt for split runs. Mythic Release: During the initial release of new content we will be raiding 6-7 days. If the content isn't cleared by the end of second reset, we will turn it down to 5-days a week. NO DAYTIME RAIDS WILL EVER BE DONE. Progression Schedule Monday - 19:30 to 00:00 Tuesday - 19:30 to 00:00 Wednesday - 19:30 to 00:00 Thursday - 19:30 to 00:00 Friday - OFF - Saturday - OFF - Subject to change. Sunday - 19:30 to 00:00 Farm Schedule: Monday - OFF - Tuesday - OFF - Wednesday: 19:30 to 00:00 Thursday: 19:30 to 00:00 Friday: - OFF - Saturday: - OFF - Sunday - OFF - What you can expect from us: A reliable guild to put time into. Good social and raiding atmosphere. Cutting edge progression. Non-boring farm raids - we conduct speed/rank and boost runs. What we expect from applicants: You have a high attendance rate, you are reliable and don't fake d/c during wipe nights. We like to keep our roster small, so attendance is key. You are a team player and don't waste time debating gear or why you are sitting out on a boss. You are always optimized with the best enchants, gems and come prepared with consumables. For the encounters, you should prepared to do everything it takes to maximize your characters effectiveness. You have a working microphone and are willing to use it. You must have a mature attitude, so preferably 19+ You be able to handle any criticism directed your way so keep your insecurities outside of the guild. This means not throwing a sulk when called out and/or not admitting your mistake(s). Loot System: We use the RCLootCouncil addon to distribute loot. If you are interested in talking with the officers, you can find our battletags below: Velikan - Guild Master - Velikan#21371 Links: ** If you CANNOT commit to the guild or its schedule, please do not bother applying. **Velikanxd0 17 Feb
16 Feb 913 / 905 Protection Paladin Looking for Guild. Willing to transfer. Experienced Mythic Progression 905 equipped protection paladin looking for a mythic progression guild. I have been tanking mythic raids since Hell Fire Citadel, and come with plenty of dedication and experience. Available to raid 5/7 days a week EXCEPT Tuesday & Thursday Armory: Some logs (Can find more if needed): Also Have an 887 Protection Warrior that I play on the same skill level as my protection Paladin. For further questions or concerns please add my Battletag: Dkono65#1964Demitrx1 16 Feb