Bronze Dragonflight / Nordrassil

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2d <Metanoia> - Ravencrest. Looking for serious raiders <Metanoia> - Ravencrest - Alliance Introduction We are a group of older players who enjoy the game the most when we are pushing hard for Mythic boss kills whilst they are still relevant, unfortunately, we have been unable to find a guild that matches those ambitions/raids at the times we are able to raid. The Plan The aim is to have a solid roster of 20+ players who all want to get cutting edge pre-nerf in a drama free environment, and understand what is required in raids and outside to achieve that. Requirements • Age 18+ (will be reviewed case by case if not met) • Able to raid Weds/Thurs/Mon 22:00-01:00 (server-time) • 100% attendance barring unforeseen circumstances or reasonable notice. • Able to speak English and have a working mic you can use • Always prepared for raids, food/flask/pots/runes • Able to take constructive criticism and feedback. • Preferably have provable experience in raiding at a high end (will be reviewed case by case) • Able to commit the time required to min/max (and expect the same of others) • In depth knowledge of class and upcoming changes. • Able to read/watch/listen to raid tactics and have a thorough understanding of the boss and mechanics before stepping into any raid. • The mindset that loot is a means to an end and the “teams” progress > personal logs. • Mechanically strong The mentality of the guild may seem strict but this is because we would prefer not to have our or your time wasted if you are not prepared to commit. (if you do not meet 1 of the requirements then still feel free to submit an application form, if you are not prepared to meet 1 of the requirements then this is likely not the place for you) Classes/Roles Required Currently, we are in need of 3 Healers (preferably not shaman mains), and Ranged + Melee DPS. It is possible we have a tank spot open for outstanding candidates. What we will offer you A serious, drama-free raiding environment, with players that will commit to putting in the required time and effort. • Cutting Edge on every raid, anything less is failure • Eventually, raiding flasks/pots/feasts • Committed, consistent, and experienced leadership • High standards expected of everyone equally, no exceptions. • Researched and prepared raid leading If this is of interest to you and you want to apply visit: If you would like some more information, add mellowz#2407, zime#21104, entail#2216, AuQia#2343, InSAne#23753Pollitburo0 2d
2d [H]905+ Raiders boosting M+15/Nightbane We are raiders from <Rude> that are boosting Mythic Keystone Dungeons and Nightbane for gold only. We boosted Archimonde Heroic in HFC aswell as Mythic Archimonde so we have boosting experience. Already done boosts for the M+15 aswell as the Nightbane boost with happy customers. The price is dependent on your key and we will discuss it in-game. We guarantee that the M+15 Keystone will be completed in time. Mythic Keystone Boost: The price of the Mythic Keystone Boost depends on your key level aswell as what affixes there are that current week. The mythic keystone prices are presented to you in-game via whispers. M+15 boosts This includes: [Keystone Master] Achievement 900 Item Level gear from your weekly class hall chest Loot from any dungeons we don't need(We boost your key from any level to 15) Nightbane boosts: 100k This includes: Guaranteed Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount [One Night in Karazhan] AchievementContact: Shiftbeef#2822 Add me if you're interested in the boost or have questions about it.Classic7 2d
4d Realm Records and Progress - Bronze / Nord ...Marliej71 4d
4d [H] <Chaos Council> [9/10HC] are recruiting! <Chaos Council> are recruiting for more raiders to join their ranks. Looking for reliable raiders to join the team as we aim for mythic progression! We’re a friendly guild with experience through normal and heroic NH, but we also have a social aspect to the guild too, as we’re willing to help with quests, mythic keys and many more situations! Being able to bring a sense of humour, friendliness and willing to be a part of our small community we’ve created is a must! What are looking for? We need people who are serious and dedicated to progressing through raiding content, while also have a good sense of humour to see the fun side of progression and the game overall. We’re looking to fill the 20-man roster for mythic progression and for people who are willing to help themselves and others learn and get through the progression. We’re constantly trying to better ourselves and we hope you’re willing too :) We want people to be committed to progression, while also being able to have fun in a mature, but friendly environment, and people who can accept faults and work from them. Mainly looking for healers and ranged DPS to fill the ranks, especially mage, monk, paladin, priest, and warlock. Other roles and classes will be considered. Full explanation of classes we’re looking for are on our website (link below). Raiding Details: We raid every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday between 20:00 – 22:00 server time. We’re especially looking for people who can attend most, if not all raids and are striving for full attendance. We use RC Loot Council for distributing loot. Progression: 10/10N - Nighthold 8/10H – Nighthold 3/3N – Trial of Valor 2/3H – Trial of Valor Discord, along with a mic and headset is required for raiding, and RC Loot Council is necessary for loot distribution within the raids. How to apply: Apply through the website: and fill in our application form, which we’ll read through and get back to you. Feel free to whisper one of our officers through in game or send an in-game mail to Dracanna-Nordrassil for more information, or to have a quick chat! Hope to see you in the future :)Dracanna1 4d
11 May MMXVI have merged into The Gauntlet Hi fellow Nord'ers, As of 07/05, MMXVI have now merged in its entirety into The Gauntlet. As many Guilds have struggled with recruitment in this expansion, we are no different. MMXVI was formed in September of last year and quickly progressed to 7/7M Cutting Edge. It was a great achievement and something we can be proud of. At 5/10M progress, we reached a point where we couldn't sustain an optimal raid team. In a bid to keep our core together, it made sense to find another suitable home on the realm. We look forward to our merge with The Gauntlet and will look to re-instate our position on the realm. We will be sticking to a 2-day per week schedule, with a strong focus on mythic progression. I'm sure you will all agree that our Realm needs a revival and our decision to merge was an easy one, given the circumstances. #MakeNordrassilGreatAgain Cheers, Soph xSophiae2 11 May
11 May [A] <Void Zone> 7/10M Recruiting, 3-day schedule. Void Zone focuses on raiding at a high standard whilst preserving a strong sense of community and friendship between members. We are currently trying to create a team fit for raiding. We have a core team that has experience dating back to raiding vanilla WoW. We have acquired numerous server first kills in our previous raiding days. Raids are fun providing everyone is prepared and the odd people aren't wasting peoples time with afk’s, random dc's or just not paying attention. We expect people to prepare for raids and strive always to be improving their performance by researching their class and the specific details of encounters and so on. As a semi-hardcore guild, we strive to get clear all content in a decent timeframe with quality raid performances while maintaining a healthy personal life outside of WoW. This means we raid 3 times a week and we don't require 100% attendance. We tolerate absolutely zero drama within the guild. If you are passionate about raiding like us and/or looking for a new home with players that also like the game outside of raiding, then either apply on the site or whisper anyone from guild management for a chat! Our Raiding Times: Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:30 Sunday: 20:30 - 23:30 Monday: 20:30 - 23:30 Current progress: EN 7/7M, ToV 2/3M, NH 7/10M We are recruiting for Legion content. We are currently looking for all classes / specs to build our raiding team. The things we expect as a minimum for all new applicants are: 1) Be able to use Discord. 2) Able to handle a bit of banter on Discord/raidchat/guildchat. 3) Able to attend a minimum of two pre-planned raids per week on a regular basis. 4) Willing to sit out if needed, without causing drama. 5) Reliable, stable net connection and appropriate hardware. 6) Outstanding knowledge of your chosen class's mechanics. 7) Willing to accept criticism and have a desire to improve. 8) Can read, write and speak English to at least a functional level. If you would like to apply please use our website Please feel free to contact any of the following people in game for more info : Hexica, Needtodrink, Laurelin, YpnofantasesHexica15 11 May
06 May <Rude> 10/10M LF All reliable + committed players Recruitment Status: We are currently looking for ALL exceptional players. About us Rude is a 20 man raiding guild established in June 2010. Since then we have worked our way up and become a respected raid team clearing mythic content whilst raiding in a relaxed and fun environment. We always aim to improve upon last tier, and have done so throughout Warlords (World 391 Blackhand -> World 294 Archimonde). In Legion, we aim to push on even further. Raiding Detail: We raid Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00-23:00 server time. We expect 4/4 raid attendance, with absences noted to us in advance. We use EPGP to distribute loot, with loot council for tier sets. Progression: Heroic - T18 - 13/13 Mythic - T18 - 13/13 Heroic - T17 - 7/7 + 10/10 Mythic - T17 - 7/7 + 10/10 Normal - T16 - 14/14 Heroic - T16 - 14/14 [Realm First! - Garrosh Hellscream] Normal - T15 - 12/12 Heroic - T15 - 13/13 [Realm First! - Ra-den] What our guild can offer: A place to call home Relaxed and mature environment Heroic raiding whilst having fun Committed leadership Flasks + Pots Via guild bank Ideal candidate: A mature and reliable player who wants to raid four nights per week with exceptions communicated well in advance. A player that takes an active role in the guild by using and contributing to our forums & strategy, reading logs, re-assessing own gear/strategy accordingly, and having a positive and constructive attitude. Contact us: Apply here: Feel free to /w one of our officers or add one of our officers on RealID for a chat [Jerb#2797] [Paynie#2392]Jerbae126 06 May
04 May H) Phoenix Horde Raiding Guild Phoenix is primarily a casual yet committed (Level 25) raiding guild in its 7th year on Nordrassil, made up of a mixture of past hard core raiders and casual players. We like to bring a relaxed and fun atmosphere to raiding while trying to keep the progress moving along. The guild has always been built on a strong social aspect and as such we would expect that applicants should be able to respect this and join in, we aren't a guild who are only online for scheduled raids! So if you are looking to apply it is essential that you are:- - 18 years or over. (or show you can act that age) - Committed to raiding when we raid. - Prepared for raiding in both gear, consumables and knowledge. - Have a sense of humour. Current raiding days are:- Wednesday - 20:30 Server Time - 23:30 Server Time Thursday - 20:30 Server Time - 23:30 Server Time Monday - 20:30 Server Time - 23:30 Server Time Progression:- EN=Norm 7/7 EN=HC 7/7 TOV=Norm 3/3 TOV=HC 2/3 Nighthold Norm =10/10 Nighthold Hc =10/10 Currently we are looking for the following. Tanks = open DPS = Open Healers= Closed Our Focus is now on Legion and with that in mind we are looking for active players now to give them time to bed in ahead of time to get to know us so if your a returning player or someone who is just looking for a new home please feel free to apply. We are looking for people to raid with us but are also open to skilled friendly people who can't make a complete raid timetable. We understand there is a real world out there besides this game. If you wish to raid then applying as raider status you would be expected to make the majority of raids (yes real life is still allowed!). We also have a social status that means you can play with us and raid when we are short of main raiders. To apply ask for a quick chat with Unclenath, Darkoth or Bananskall.Darkoth38 04 May
28 Apr <Cool Runnings> Recruiting! Greetings! <Cool Runnings> are looking for players to expand our raid team and socials are always welcome. We raid twice a week at the moment, these days are Wednesdays and Thursday 9PM server time. We run normals on NH and are currently on progression with another guild on NH Heroic 4/10 We are looking for all types of classes. Requirements Have a can do postive attitude when it comes to raiding, and most of all patience. Be progression oriented & be willing to wipe. As for ilevel, we don't bother on this too much. As long as you research the tactics before hand its fine! We have a discord, but its optional. If you interested you can join the discord channel. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So if your interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me "Darkgoodness" or "Shaula" ingame. If you like you can post on here and i can get back to you as soon as i can. <(^_^)>Darkgoodness0 28 Apr
27 Apr [A] <Vikings from Hell> are recruiting! Who are we recruiting? Socials! - We love everyone, especially gnomes and pandas! Raiders :) - Those reliable and committed players serious about progression. (Though our focus is not mythic content) PvPers :o - Trying to build a consistent RBG team ;)About Vikings from Hell: We are a large social alliance guild that has proudly become the home of players with different interests within the game, all which come down to the same purpose of having fun while building community, regardless of their singularities. Our player base is mostly 18+ years old, predominantly mature but with our childish quirks every now and then. We value respect and patience, and strive to keep a positive atmosphere in our guild chat. Although we consider ourselves a social guild, we have a many different fun activities, such as raiding, mythic+, battlegrounds and more to come in the future! Our members are consistently coming up with new ideas and ways to spend time together as a guild. Additionally, we have a very fun and bombastic discord server, where we undergo very meaningful and trivial, yet interesting, chattery. Raid rules: Raid invites begin up to 15 minutes before raid, be ready. Ability and willingness to invest in the best pots, flask, food, enchants and gems. Progression oriented, willing to wipe, be a team player. You must log on discord. Have basic knowledge of all the fights. Must have DBM or BigWigs.Current Progression: EN 7/7N 7/7HC NH 10/10N 10/10HC ToV - skipped it, will do under popular demandWe started raiding later into Legion, and we are not currently pursuing to become a mythic raiding guild, but rather stay a social guild with a core of somewhat more serious players into raiding. Available raid spots: An off tank Holy Paladin Melee DPS (Not DHs) Ranged DPS (Especially Warlock and Shadow Priest)Not on the list? Don’t worry, we are an equal raiding opportunity guild ^_^ (Even pandas and gnomes!). Raiding schedule: Wednesday 20:00-21:30: NH Normal, everyone is welcome provided they meet the min requirements Wednesday 21:45-23:00: NH Heroic, first bosses Thursday 20:00-23:00: NH Heroic continues, and most likely ends before the end. Monday 20:00-23:00: NH HC / Normal for alts ¿?¿? who knows Other events: Saturday from 20:30: mythic+ dungeons Sunday: battlegrounds Commodities: We are a panda sanctuary and are currently accepting gnome refugees. We offer a decent amount of guild repairs. Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible for any gnomes that are stood on during our events. If you have any questions or would like to join us, feel free to contact me in-game Panakeia-Nordrassil (Battletag Unjuster#2907). <3Panakeia10 27 Apr
26 Apr Pro Finlandia|Nordrassil|Alliance|Nighthold 6/10 Mythic Hi there! Pro Finlandia is looking for new players for our mythic raid team. You can see what classes/specs we are looking for from WoWprogress or our website: Of course if you're a very good player we will consider you regardless of your class. Some experience from mythic Emerald Nightmare is a plus but it's not a requirement if you have done some high (10+) level mythic dungeons instead. As we are a finnish guild we only accept applicants who understand finnish. If you're interested here is a link to the full finnish version of this message: You can make an application here: 26 Apr
24 Apr [A]Dignified Weekend Raiding guild [Recruiting] About Dignified Dignified has been around for a long time on Nordrassil, although it changed hands in january 2012. Dignified Executes Bosses in style. Had enough of the job that comes with mythic raiding, or being stuck in heroic and you know you can do better? Want to raid in a quality team that doesn't give up? We're straight forward, honost people with a hint of elitism but we leave the jerks in other guilds. Raids: Fri 20.30-0.00 + Sun 20.30-23.00 Interested? then talk to me. What we need Ranged dps, about 5x Progress Raiding We are looking for skilled players who prefer to raid in a comfortable team without too much drama. We are not persueing Mythic simply because getting 20 likeminded people together that have the time and skill to keep up with demands is too much work to keep it fun. So if you want to take a step back from Mythic, or want to step up from your heroic progress then perhabs we are what you're looking for. Acceptance to the team will be based on the following: Item lvl 870+ with at least 35+ artifact traits. Commitment - you agree to sign for nearly every raid (90%+ attendance) You are willing to invest in best pots/flasks/enchants available. You try to update your artifact traits to your possible max. Willingness to improve - you can handle constructive feedback on your performance. Progress is more important to you than loot. You are a friendly player with a good team spirit. You are able to raid on friday 20.30 - 0.00 and sunday 20.30 - 23.00 If you want to join our team permanently we would like you to become a member of Dignified on Nordrassil, if you don't want to realm change perhaps making a new char on Nordrassil is an option. Raid rules: Be in front of the raid 10 min before raid time for invite. Regulars and people who can join both evenings have priority. You need to log on TS and be able to talk. You are expected to know every fight in the instance. On non-farm bosses you don't have to be an expert of the encounters, but you are expected to make sure you understand. We do not appreciate flaming on fellow raiders, ever. You need to have DBM or Bigwigs, Exorsus raid Tools installed and have it updated If you think you are what we need, then please visit us in game and /w Linnepin-Nordrassil (Linnepin#21688) for more details about a trial in our guild/raidteam. Raiding times: Friday 20.30 - 0.00 RT (Progress raid) Sunday 20.30 - 23.00 RT (Progress raid) Wednesday 20.30 - 23.00 (farm evening for main raiders/alts to get quests done or gear up) Thursday 20.30 - 23.00 RT (casual raid for anyone in our guild with decent itemlvl) We use TeamSpeak for voicechat Dignified progress -edited- EN 7/7N 7/7HC 1/7M ToV 3/3N 3/3HC NH 10/10N 10/10HC See you onlineLinnepin12 24 Apr
20 Apr [A] <The Turtle Sanctuary> is recruiting for Legion The Turtle Sanctuary (so called because some of its founder members used to get a bit obsessive over the turtles in Firelands...) is a guild composed of old friends from previous raid teams looking for new friends to join in raiding Legion. Our core players are mostly from the guild Resurrection and many have been on Nordrassil since the days of Vanilla. Most of us have jobs and/or families, so we have less time to raid than many other competitive guilds, but value our playing time all the more for that. We are intending to clear each raid on heroic difficulty with a group of c. 13-15 players. If we grow sufficiently to move on to mythic, that's great, but it is not a priority for us and most of the membership is unlikely to have the time required. We are looking for players who have the capability to raid at a high level, but may not have the time for a mythic raiding schedule. Who have a sense of humour and enjoy a laugh, while being able to focus for a few hours on serious raiding. Who realise that a video game is not worth creating drama over, while at the same time taking the game seriously enough to optimise and not need to be spoon-fed mechanics. Who value turtles over all other forms of Warcraft fauna. Raids will be twice a week after work hours (probably Wednesday and Sunday) and we're currently recruiting most specs (see site for a list). If the above sounds like something you would like to be part of, drop us an app at and we will get back to you as soon as we can :)Mandor6 20 Apr
19 Apr Noobs with epics is recruiting for our raid team Currently 7/10 HC, we are looking for healers and ranged players. We are a social guild and raid mondays and wednsdays from 20:30 - 23:30. Do you wanna join our ranks, or want more info ? reply here.Gijsja0 19 Apr
18 Apr [H] Ink - 2/10 M recruiting! Who we are: Ink are a new guild founded a month after the release of legion. We’re a semi-hardcore raiding guild consisting of former hardcore raiders and social newcomers ready to learn. We are currently on Ragnaros! What is expected of raiders? To be prepared in both general and role specific tactics for fights prior to raids. Gem and enchant all gear available. To be continuously motivated to improve and better themselves as a player and member of the team. Raid days: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday (Occasionally carry out alt runs on Sunday) Raid time: 22:00 - 1:00 Realm time Current recruitment needs: Ranged dps: Balance Druid, BM/MM Hunter, Frost/Fire Mage Melee dps: Windwalker Monk Tank: Guardian Druid, Protection Paladin, Brewmaster Monk Healer: Holy Paladin Exceptional players are always considered even if your class isn't listed on our recruitment list! Contacts: [GM] Zime#21104, [Council] Wigglles#2584, Munazaga#2776Rampager2 18 Apr
17 Apr [H] <Rude> 10/10M boosting HC Gul'dan <Rude> is a long established guild on BronzeDragonflight currently progressing Mythic Nighthold. We have a history of boosting achievements/mounts and have many satisfied buyers. ML Heroic Gul'dan/Elisande boosts every Wednesday @8:00 Server Time, Price: 300k This includes: - Elisande + Gul'dan HC kill - [Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan] Achievement - Any loot we don't need + opportunity to bonus roll both bosses We will invite you at 7:50-8:00~ ST and summon you to Elisande. We don't require you to do anything for either bosses. Any further questions don't hesitate to ask. Contact: [Jerb#2797] [Cal#2242] Alternatively whisper an officer in-game. We look forward to hearing from you. (:Myrei4 17 Apr
15 Apr LF pvp/social guild I'm looking for some guild which won't expect me to raid too much, cuz I'm more a pvper than a raider. All I need is friendly bunch of ppl which I can talk n mb play some bg/arenas/raids eventually :)Abáeth0 15 Apr
13 Apr [A] <MMXVI> (4/10M - Weds/Sun) are recruiting! <MMXVI> was formed in September 2016, originally made up of close friends and experienced raiders. Since forming, we have been lucky enough to have recruited a vast number of like minded players, which has enabled us to power through content at an exciting rate. Having formed from nothing, we have already surpassed expectation with rapid progression and a thriving social environment. This progression is made more impressive by our 2 night a week raiding schedule. We raid on Weds/Sun from 19.30-23.20 ST. This allows us to maintain a social aspect, whilst allowing for solid progression. We are currently 7/7 Mythic in EN, 1/3 Mythic in ToV and 4/10 Mythic in NH. We are currently recruiting mythic standard dps and a healer, but will consider all exceptional applicants. We are looking for players who are ready to jump straight into mythic raiding! We are specifically interested in the following classes: - Mage - Demon Hunter (Dps) - Hunters - Resto Druid - Shadow Priest - Tank (any class) We also actively seek social members, to further improve our already strong social contingent. We believe that we offer a great environment in which to play the game your way, whether that is joining in with Guild events, or finding people to have a laugh with. We do offer a Nighthold normal clear on Friday evenings for our social members and/or alts. For more information and any questions you may have, please speak to Malathon (penguinzy#2345), Sophiae (Soph#2407) or Wrathsin (Diabloste#2858). Alternatively, please drop your battle tag on this post and we can make contact with you. Please also feel free to apply at our wesbite: Thanks, Mala.Malathon28 13 Apr
10 Apr Desperately looking for Khorium Champion For quite a long time I try to get the recipe for it or to find the sword in the AH but I had no luck so far. Does anyone on either faction can craft or knows someone who can craft that sword?Eosferon0 10 Apr
05 Apr 870 Hunter LF active raiding guild(Alliance) Bm Hunter looking for a raiding guild. At least a mimunim 2 raids a week. Looking to get a spot on the raiding team asap. Message me here or ingame if your looking.Darkgoodness0 05 Apr
24 Mar [H] The Betrayers guild is looking for you The Betrayers guild is looking for people with "casual weekend raiding" ambitions. Our progress is 8/8 EN N/HC, 3/3 ToV N, Karazhan 10/10. We are recruiting: - Ranged DPSs (everybody is welcomed here) - Healer (a druid would be nice, but not obligatory) - Off tank (we already have two tanks, but we need one more to be sure) Our guild has formed in last autumn by 6-7 hungarian core members with this slogan: "Lets create a guild where is it possible to repair items from the guild money pool.". Since that this guild progressed Karazhan (even with 2 separated teams), cleared out Emerald Nightmare on Normal and Heroic difficulty, and Trial of Valor on Normal and Heroic difficulty, The Nighthold on Normal difficulty. Now we are progressing The Nighthold HC (9/10 so far). Most of the people are hungarian here, but players from other countries are also welcomed. We are in Nordrassil realm, so you can join to us from that and the BronzeDragonflight. Feel free to contact me ingame for a chat (Earthquake#2837).Neverforgive1 24 Mar
23 Mar Herald Of The Titans Boost Runs (Horde&Alliance) Hello, Me and my team is boosting for Herald Of the Titans. We did many happy runs during Wod and happy to continue on Horde and start on Ally too. Details are as below. Please do not hesitate to contact me in game or via tag for more info. Battle tag : Laiyaaa#2606 Char:Aliné Herald Of the Titans is a fos achi and get you the same title which can be obtainable by defeating Algalon in 10 player mode at level 80 without anyone in the raid wearing any equipment no higher than 226 (for weapons 232) We are mostly available on Tuesdays but on request, it can be arranged for Sundays also. Timing is at 7pm by realm time but again, on request It may be changed too. Requirements: All you need is a lvl 80 HORDE character, gear doesn't matter as long as all items are below 226 ilvl, you can also use your heirlooms. Payment Details: Payments can be done in any realm; but for high population realms; price is 180K (Outland/Dreanor/Stormscale/Kazzak/Silvermoon) For any other realm; price will be 210K (may change on token price) We ask for 50K deposit when you book the spot; and the rest should be before the pull. Here some of the feedbacks we got from our happy customers :) Kazzak : Silvermoon : Twisting Nether :örpé1 23 Mar
21 Mar [A] Lucid Dream (7/10HC) is recruiting! Lucid Dream is an established guild created by a group of friends with a wealth of raiding experience between them stretching from vanilla's molten core to Mythic Hellfire Citadel. At this time we are in need of capable ranged DPS (mage, hunter, boomkin), offspec tank & healers (druid, monk) to help enhance our raiding capabilities in Legion. The ideal candidate should show a willingness to help, patience when it is called for, some level of maturity and most importantly respect towards other members of this guild and the community. We do not appreciate people who expect to join our ranks for free loot without carrying their own weight. With these few things in mind we can promise you a social, kind and friendly atmosphere. Our raid nights are as follows; Thursday - 20:00-22:30(realm time) Sunday - 20:00-22:30(realm time) Tuesday 20:00-22:30(realm time). If you're interested please visit and fill in the application form, our officers will get back to you ASAP. Or you can whisper Enyo or Kodis in-game.Enyo14 21 Mar
18 Mar Looking for Guild - New to raiding Hey guys. As the title of this post suggests, I'm looking for a raiding guild to join. My brother is also looking to join a raiding guild. We have done some PuG raids at normal difficulty before, but we haven't done any organized raids. I main a Frost Death Knight, but have been looking at tanking and wouldn't mind playing that role. I haven't tanked in a raid before so please take that into consideration. My brother plays a Marksmanship Hunter. If you're interested in having us join a guild, feel free to reply to this forum or add my BattleTag and we can discuss it more. bturner81#2523Bturner0 18 Mar
17 Mar Heracles, home for old gitz Hi I realise that this is like finding a needle in a hay stack on this low pop server, but, we are a small friendly guild consisting of the more mature player 40+ and would like to recruit a few people to come and join us. We do not raid as a guild yet/maybe but we are currently doing all 5 man content incl Kara and progressing nicely with Mythic +. Currently @ +8 on a regular basis. So if your fed up with questing /LFR alone and fancy joining a relaxed, laid back , bunch of old gitz come and say hello. BTW, we are not all zimmers and wheelchairs and most of us have been playing and raided since BC. thanx for reading whisper ingame for a chat if interested. Duffa or MegakilsDuffa1 17 Mar
17 Mar [H] - <Revenged> - Recruting raiders! <Revenged> of [EU-Bronze Dragonflight / Nordrassil][Horde] is a semi-hardcore guild that is looking for committed raiders to bolster our ranks in pursuit of heroic and mythic progression throughout legion and beyond. We are a friendly group of people with the right amount of humour and the right mindset when needed. Revenged is a veteran guild on Bronze Dragonflight / Nordrassil with a lot of heroic and some mythic experience in the past. Currently we are looking to expand our raiding team to aim on clearing current and future heroic and mythic raiding content. Our progression for this patch is [7/7M] EN, [3/3HC] ToV, [1/10M] NH What we expect from you : - Have the required knowledge of your class and bosses. - Real life can come in between WoW and we can understand that. We just ask to be committed as much as possible because we are trying to build a stable raid team. - Be prepared before raid. That means enchanted, pre-pots, flasks, food,etc. Raid times : - Thursday 19:45 - 22:30 server time - Sunday 19:45 - 22:30 server time - Tuesday 19:45 - 22:30 server time Currently looking for : We are currently looking for anything at the moment. We are short on DPS and miss out on a tank or healer on some days. That beign said every good appliance may be taken into consideration. Contact : For more information you can contact us with any of the battletags. We can then give you more information over our discord channel : Swatt#2644 Texnolyze#2484 Dévourer#2586 We hope to hear from you and hopefully you'll make a great addition to our team!Swátt2 17 Mar
17 Mar Selling Nightbane Mount/HC ToV/+15 weekly chest Hi, Me and some friends who has been playing together for a really long time are selling some boosting services. We have been offering boosts every expansion since late tbc and thought we are gonna offer some legion ones aswell. Nightbane run Rewards - Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount - Any loot we dont need - Chance on 875+ item from nightbane boss Weekly mythic chest run (we provide the key level you want) Rewards - +12 will get you 885 item on the next reset - +10 will get you 880 item on the next reset - +15 will get you 900 item on the next reset - Any loot from the run that we dont need - Big chance on getting Keystone Conquerer acheivement ( i recommend you check this link out and scroll down to the loot part if you arent familiar with how weekly chests work) Trial of Valor heroic clear - Ahead of the curve - Heroic ToV achievement Fees Nightbane run - 100k Emerald Nightmare heroic clear - 100k Weekly mythic chest run - from 100k to 300k depending on the weeks affixes and what level key you want to do. Trial of Valor heroic clear - 200k only accepting gold on nord/brf for now Requirements You must have Teamspeak. You don't need to speak (though it would be a help), just listen. We dont use invis pots for any of the runs How to contact us Add my Battle Tag - Splatz#2374 Post here Ask for me in game Heres some feedback on previous boosts ive been doing, from the threads that still exist 17 Mar
13 Mar LF Guild - HC NH Progession Rather than apply I thought I'd let you approach. My logs are public. At 895 equipped I feel a touch over geared for NH Normal and power through it. But my DPS numbers are lower in Heroic (familiarity?). I'm overall 8/10 HC at the moment - feeling a little carried in some fights but fine in others. So I'm looking to improve and clear this. Can commit to 2 nights a week, fairly flexible which nights. Message me in game if you prefer. Online most evenings from 8pm UK time.Melatonin0 13 Mar
04 Mar [H] Forming Mythic Raiding Group Hello residents of Nordrassil/Bronze Dragonflight! We are a group of raiders from the guild Amnesia, and we are currently looking to form a group with some reliable healers and dps for some weekly mythic Nighthold raids. About the Group Being on a low population realm for horde, it is hard for some to just get a group of 20 people together to enjoy mythic raiding. This group is an attempt to solve that problem, by bringing dedicated players from the server together to form a group to tackle the more challenging tier of raid content.This is in no way a guild event, so it will NOT require you to be in the guild and it will NOT prioritize anyone in any manner when it comes to loot or any other issues, while also trying to fit to what the majority wants in terms of time slots and loot rules. It will, however, require you to be a reliable and exceptional player, which means that you will have to pull the required numbers and you will have to be present at raid times each and every week. We will be using a dedicated Discord channel for voice communication during raid hours, which will also be the main channel for any updates, info or discussions regarding the group. Schedule and Loot Rules The raids will be at 20.00-23.00 on Fridays, lasting for 3 hours. The time and day for this are currently a bit flexible, but these seem to be the most likely. If you have any unavailable days, please don't forget to mention them when applying. We do not have a set loot system, since this is a side event, and we are planning to use personal loot for the time being, which might also change in the future according to what the majority wants. How to Apply You can apply to this group either via this forum post, or you can contact me on #getisine2945. When applying, please don't forget to include the name of the character you will be applying on, your main spec and any relevant off specs, any unavailable days, your raiding experience (both current and previous content), a link to your character page on warcraftlogs (which will hopefully be filled with many recent nighthold logs for us to check your performance on!) and any other relevant info that might be worth mentioning.Gerthas0 04 Mar
04 Mar Anyone still around from mental guild anyone still around from mental guild horde side as guild itself is dead.most transfered to draenor i think but ive had no luck on there eitherRobotechnic1 04 Mar
01 Mar WTS Guldan HC, +15 or higher keystone and Full HC NH. we are a team of an elite players than have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many night hold raids across all of our characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 or higher you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 900 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get from Mythic plus and a good chance on 885 or higher from the chests, every chest drops exactly 2 items and its random who gets those items from the 5 players , if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. Night Hold Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 890 loot or higher, up to 920. we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you if we can trade the items, since its going to be personal loot . 3-a very low chance to get Guldan [Felblaze Infernal] mount . -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Guldan heroic you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Night Hold heroic run you need about 2 hours. -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 or whisper me in game Vivicraftt-Draenor price: you can pay us on any realm. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 165k. -keystone +15 one chest in time is 245k. -keystone +15 2 chests is 365k. -Guldan heroic is 245k. -full night hold heroic is 700k. -9/10 heroic night hold is 500k.Vivicraftt0 01 Mar
27 Feb <Vikings from Hell> are recruiting! <Vikings from Hell> are an old guild made up of close friends and a few experienced raiders. We are looking to build a solid and reliable raid team to progress into Emerald Nightmare normal. Currently we are looking for a tank and both melee/ranged DPS but all applicants will be considered. We raid on Mondays and Thursdays at 20:30 - 23:00 server time. We require ilvl of at least 840 and for all members to come prepared to each raid. This includes knowing tactics, bringing food, flasks and potions, enchanting and gemming your gear. Social members are of course welcome too. If you are interested please drop me or Panakeia-Nordrassil a whisper in game for more information. Thank you Elazebael-Bronze DragonflightElazebael2 27 Feb
26 Feb OA - Late Evening Guild // 22:00-01:00 / Weds,Thur,Mon Hello, Once Again are a guild bases on Kazzak who are currently looking to add some more strong players to join our team to help with mythic progression. We are an established raiding guild with steady progress, good atmosphere and are looking to find like minded players. Hoping to find skilled & committed ranged dps and a non monk healer, but would of course consider all good players. Our current progress is 3/10 Mythic Nighthold with some low % wipes on Krosus. Feel free to check out our website @ or You can also contact any member in game or speak to one of our officer team for more information Adamski#2159 / Oneyota#2678 / Temptation#2121 Thanks.Yorkshireman0 26 Feb
24 Feb [H][EU] <The Nefarious> Looking for raiding players! Hey there! We are looking for players to fill our raiding roster. We are a guild focused on progression while still having fun and keeping social aspects of the guild. We were 7/7 M EN, and currently are 7/10 H NH (6% Botanist). Our raiding schedule is: Thu, Sun, Tue from 8PM to 11PM ST, and raiders are expected to make at least two of those per week. We are very friendly guild, where we all work together towards our goals. We like to have a laugh, but we are also focused on getting tactics right and killing the bosses. Currently we are in need of a tank and a couple of healers, but will consider any good players. We are looking for English speaking players with Discord. You have to be at least 875 ilvl, have time and willingness to learn tactics and improve yourself. If you have not raided before, or you had a long break, do not worry about it. We will still consider your application seriously. To apply, simply go to or message us in-game: Doobyman or Degenerate. Our B.Net tags are Dooby#2708 and Degen#21501. We look forward to meeting you!Doobyman1 24 Feb
23 Feb Want to do Kara Hi there, Im a casual player when it comes to progressing tru the content. Most of the time i fill with doing world quests, sometimes a little bit of pvp and hc's + M+ dungeons. Im in a social national guild with other old farts like me (almost 40y gjee) We dong raid. And im fine with that. Usually im not that patient when others make mistakes like stepping in/out of fire and stuff. Since a month or so ive discovered the LFR (when NH came out on LFR). I like that cause its seperated in wings and thus dont take long and its usually easy to do. (done all LFR's now) Tough i have quests for Kara and id like to see the place. I think from what i read its not a easy piece of cake. So i was wondering if someone/group of players want to take me trough it. Think i'm geared well enough for it. i887 equiped with 54 traits. Hope to see some positive messages here. Tnx in advance Shivie#2392Shivie0 23 Feb
22 Feb Kudos Consequence Might be a silly stupid post, but I still think it's a fair thing to post. Kudos to Nuckles and everyone else in Consequence. I'm a nobody on Nordrassil, and even less then that on Bronze Dragonflight. But I still think that what Consequence managed to achieved on this realm, being one of the smallest realms in Europe is just impressive. Shame to see the guild end up stopping raiding. But I guess everything has an ending at some point. But still, congrats on the work you people endured.Synonym3 22 Feb
21 Feb [H]Heretics - CoA - 2/3M 3/10M LFM Hello everyone! Heretics looking for a few more DPS spots for Nighthold Mythic and Helya Mythic. Founded end of February 2016 and managed to get 9/13 Mythic HFC before Prepatch, and got 12/13M and were close on getting that last mythic kill on Archimonde before Legion. We're a semi-hardcore guild with serious raiding, a mix of former hardcore and casual raiders in the past but today have and strive for the same goal and share equal attitude. We focus on the chemistry of the people for a better atmosphere and to have better success in the long run. What Heretics expect from our raiders. Knowledge of class & different roles Reliable attendance (min 90%) Research tactics on current and upcoming encounters Character maxamization (Upgrade gear, pots,flask etc) A good personality & a teamplayer Reliable computer, microphone and internet. What we're lookin for and what we offer. We want people to strive for a higher succes than casual raiding but not required to spend 5 days on raiding aswell. Have a blast during raids and performing the very best on encounters with full attention and whereabouts. We're aiming to be competetive with the other the top guilds, motivate ourselves it can be done on two progression raids per week. There is always high activity in Heretics, members doing mythic+ dungeons and more. A mature guild with fair and high experience leadership within PvE content.If you think you would be a good fit in our guild, who is serious with raiding and also wants to have fun and share experience with us, don't hesitate and apply on our website. Raid 2 days per week for progression which will be setup in ingame calendar. Raid days: Thursday, Sunday (*optional raid day: Wednesday - Could be progression/farm/alt runs) Raid time: 20:00 - 00:00 UTC+1 (One break on 10 minutes) Loot system: Loot Council Classes & Roles 20170220 Healer: Melee: Arms/Fury Warrior Havoc Demon Hunter Windwalker Monk Survival Hunter Frost Deathknight Range: Elemental Shaman Affliction/Demonology Warlock Shadow Priest Arcane/Fire/Frost Mage Balance Druid Please visit this site and fill out the application if you are interested! Contact us: [GM]Tmbs#2472 Rhoggenator#2164 Shopen#2698 Kilnar#2464Hoddahswift0 21 Feb
21 Feb [A] <Danes With Benefits> EU-Nordrassil 7/7M 2/3M 3/10M Welcome to DWB, this is a danish guild, so the following text will be in danish. Generelt Danes With Benefits Blev startet kort inden Tier 17. Guilden Har siden hen udviklet sig meget. I løbet af Warlods of Draenor, er guilden gået fra at raide Normal til nu at raide mythic.En af de helt store grunde til at guilden har nået til hvor vi er nu, er det sociale aspekt, som har været fundamentet for guilden samt ønsket om hele tiden at forbedre sig. I vores første mythic tier formåede vi at lave fuldt clear 13/13 HFC Mythic, hvilket blot understreger at guilden har potentialet og engagementet til fortsat, at forbedre sig. Ambitionerne for Legion er store. Vi er derfor på udkig efter spillere som kan hjælpe os med at realisere vores mål. Er det dig? Progression Helfire Citadel 13/13M ~world 1337 Emerald Nightmare 7/7M ~world 650 Trials of Valor 2/3M ~world 650 The Nighthold 3/10 M Rekrutteringsbehov: 1 tank og få DPS'er - specielt DH, DK, Rogue, Warrior, Shadow Priest, Ench Shaman. Lad det ikke afholde dig fra at kontakte os hvis din class ikke er anført i ovenstående tekst, gode spillere er altid attraktive for os. Hvad forventer vi af dig? Ilvl requirement for at blive taget i betragtning til et potentielt trial spot hos os, er 880+. Dog kan der i ekstraordinære situationer laves undtagelser. Vi forventer at du har 95 pct. attendance, derfor er det vigtigt at du er i stand til at kunne organisere dig, så du er i stand til at dedikere dig til vores raiding schedule. Teamplayer: du skal kunne vægte "Vi´et" frem for "jeg´et". Dette betyder i alt sin enkelthed at du er i stand til at kunne se ud over dit eget behov, både når det vedrører loot, men også hvis andre classes er foretrukket frem for dig, på et specifikt boss encounter. Forberedelse: Dette er en forudsætning for at kunne raide mythic. Vi kræver derfor at du har styr på alt hvad der vedrører din class, tactics og at du møder op til raid med alt tilbehør. (gems, enchants, food, flask, pots, runes). Kommunikation: At du er i stand til at kommunikere og forstå dansk flydende. Derudover ser vi også at du forholder dig rolig og konstruktiv hvis der er ting du vil påpege hos dine medspillere - Drama gavner ingen. Raid tider: Onsdag 18:45 - 22.00 Søndag 18:45 - 22.00 Mandag 18:45 - 22.00 Vi kan dog extende raidet hvis vi er tæt på boss kill. Hvad kan vi tilbyde? Højt Humør: Vi er bevidste om at raiding til tider ikke er det eneste det hele handler om, vores TS3 bliver derfor dagligt brugt til forskellige ting hvor medlemmerne i guilden interagerer med hinanden og skaber en god stemning med højt humør. Hjælpsomhed: Vi vil mere end gerne hjælpe dig, om du er en ny eller en gammel spiller der har spørgsmål til diverse ting - dog kræver det, at du er villig til at lære og være lydhør over for den hjælp du modtager. Engageret ledelse: Vi som ledelse er yderst engageret i guildens situation, og vi investerer derfor en del af vores vågne timer i vedligeholdelse af guilden, om enten det er rekruttering, problemstillinger i guilden, eller forberedelse til kommende raids/patches/expansions. Loot system: Vi bruger EPGP lootmaster, med et dertilhørende Loot council. Socials Vi accepterer også socials ind i guilden, dog vil vi stadig tage en snak med dig inden, for at sikre os at du passer ind i vores miljø. Hvis ovenstående tekst, falder i din smag er du mere end velkommen til at adde Rauffi#2519 eller apply her: 21 Feb
20 Feb [A] <the Crimson Dragoonz> is Recruiting! the Crimson Dragoonz is a long standing casual social raiding guild. We're looking for more players to join our ranks to boost our raiding team, though social players are always welcome. We enjoy doing mythics and helping guildies out. Even if your gear is not raid ready, we will be happy to help you out. Currently we are 7/7 EN NM, looking to start HC progression, though we don't have the numbers for that, therefore we need YOU! We raid on Wednesday and Saturday 20:30-23:00(sometimes over) Server time. At the moment we are looking for a healer or two and some dps, but active tanks are appreciated aswell! If you would like more info or have any doubts don't hesitate to add me on bnet( Incantation #2204 ), otherwise whisper (Vlaeye or Kissy) in-game or post in this thread and I'll get back ASAP. Thanks and have a good day, Inc.Merilen2 20 Feb
19 Feb [H] 9/10HC Guild recruiting cross-realm Good day, as the title suggests we -Moonshine Bunnies- are looking for raiders in all roles to complete our mythic raiding team. A little backstory of the core of the guild: We have raided together through the expansions, a very close knit group of friends who are experienced in running a guild and raiding at a high level. We had issues with our previous guild causing us to form a new guild. Expectations of you: Communicate. I cannot stress enough how important this is, above all else. Commit to our schedule. The raiding schedule is as follows; (CET) Wednesday 20:15-00:00 (farm night, no progression will take place) Monday 20:15-00:00 Sunday 20:15-00:00 You will have 100% attendance with few exceptions, which you will inform an officer in as much advance possible. Be completely prepared for every raid. This includes being on time (15 mins early), having all consumables and having knowledge of the fights. We are currently recruiting all roles and classes, but with a higher focus on ranged in terms of DPS, though EVERYONE will be trialed, and all exceptional players will be considered, regardless of your experience/ilvl. What you can expect from us: High quality raiding. This means very little downtime, a serious raiding environment, and little room for mistakes. A huge amount of activity outside of raids. This includes mythic+, Achievements, and other general shenanigans. RClootcouncil will be used to hand out loot. Your trial: A trial can take anywhere from one raid night to weeks. Based on your ilvl/experience you will be invited to the next 'appropriate' raid, whether this is farm or progress depends on you. If you are still here after the wall of text above, or you have simply scrolled down, the way to organise your trial is simple, add my battletag (Tymoa#2145) and contact me. I hope to speak to you soon.Tymoa1 19 Feb
16 Feb 905 / 913 Protection Paladin looking for Guild. Willing to transfer. Experienced Mythic Progression 905 equipped protection paladin looking for a mythic progression guild. I have been tanking mythic raids since Hell Fire Citadel, and come with plenty of dedication and experience. Available to raid 5/7 days a week EXCEPT Tuesday & Thursday Armory: Some logs (Can find more if needed): Also Have an 887 Protection Warrior that I play on the same skill level as my protection Paladin. For further questions or concerns please add my Battletag: Dkono65#1964Demitrx0 16 Feb
15 Feb <Poetic Justice>[H][Tarren Mill] 3/10 M is recruiting. Greetings, Poetic Justice is a guild that I guess would be regarded as a semi-hardcore guild. At the moment we have 7/7 M and 3/3 H 10/10 HC 3/10 M and are aiming to clear Mythic NH. Continuing into NH we are hoping to a have a really solid raiding team consisting of 25-27ish players . As the team currently is progressing on M NH we can't recruit someone who is lacking in gear or experience. If you apply as DPS we expect that you are able to pull 600k+ dps ST and have an AP rank above 50 at the very least. If you apply as healer we expect you to consistently pull above 500k hps. It's also worth noting that a spot in the raid team does not equal a spot in every raid. We are 100% dedicated towards progress and that mean swapping out player/classes to optimize the raid setup for any given boss we progress on. If you apply and expect to raid every (that we organise raid) night this is not the guild for you. Being able to take critic as well as playing your very, very best every night... that's what we are looking for. RIGHT NOW WE ARE RECRUITING HIGH PRIO: Spriest, Boomkin, Fury/Arms Warr MEDIUM: Any range dps and DH dps. LOW PRIO: Everything not mentioned above. Recruitment closed for: Tanks/Healers HOWEVER: Outstanding applicants will always be reviewed, regardless of spec/class. Our guild is fairly new (established in the Summer of 2016). The guild atmosphere and community is great - we are using Discord as our social network as well as our voicecom. Raid days: - Wednesday 20-23 ST - Sunday 20-23 ST - Monday 20-23 ST Who are you? You play the game because it is fun, but crave a challenge. You have a mic, not afraid to use it and speak English fluently. You are over 18, no exceptions. You always bring the best possible flask and pots for raid since you consider this a given. You invest time in researching your class so you can perform the very best possible. You play a lot of Mythic+ dungeons because we all know that every single piece of gear can't come from raiding. If this sounds like something, you are more than welcome to contact Jambox, Razzhor, Tunarius or Percívall in-game. My battletag is: Hugo#21650 (if you are another realm add me) I look forward to welcoming you to our team! Percívall Assistant Raid LeaderPercívall0 15 Feb
10 Feb [A] Returning resto druid LF a guild for Legion Hello! I'm Gajus, 23 year old and I come from Poland. I had quite a long break form WoW - played a lot in WotLK and Cata but not too much since then. I used to play mostly healer classes (resto druid and disci priest) and also did a bit of tanking (also with druid). I'm looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild with mature players to progress through Legion. I'm a talkative person and good atmosphere and having fun is very important for me. I'd prefer raiding 2-4 times a week in evenings (or nights). Currently I'd like to start with resto/guardian druid. I'm a quick learner and I'm ready to jump into the new content! Please contact me in game (bttag GajusPL#1403) if you ant me in your guild!Gajakor1 10 Feb
10 Feb LF Heroic Raiding guild with friend Hey guys, As the title says a friend and I are looking for a relaxed raiding guild to progress on Heroic with, we want somewhere not too hard core and where the atmosphere while raiding isn't too serious (However we do still want to make progression). I am maining a 891 Enhancement Shaman and my mate is gearing on a Holy Paladin. If any guilds would be interessted in having us please let me know! My Bnet is; Paddy#22538Falstrad1 10 Feb
07 Feb [A] <AB> Nordic raiding guild recruiting on SIlvermoon! PLEASE NOTE: We are looking for Nordic players only to come join us on Silvermoon. ABOUT: <Aurora Borealis> is a guild looking to do semi-hardcore raiding. We are a bunch of Norwegians that love playing together with all WoW have to offer. You have to understand Norwegian, however there is no requirement to speak it. Our endgame goal is to clear current content on Mythic difficulty. The guild has existed for about 8-9 years, and it's core have been playing together on and off ever since it was created. Come have fun while progressing content with us! RAIDS: Raids will be on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00 - 23:00. We will be doing alt runs or heroic clear for mains that still need the gear on Tuesdays. This basically means that you aren't required to sign for this raid unless you actually are in dire need of a drop on your main or you feel like gearing up an alt. RECRUITMENT: At this moment we are mainly in need of DPS to fulfill our future mythic roster. Currently in need of both melee and ranged DPS, however, all dedicated players and roles will be considered. We are lacking: *Hunters (Marksman / Survival) *Priests (Shadow) *Warriors (Fury / Arms) *Death Knight (Frost / Unholy) *Shaman (Enhancement) *Druid (Feral) *Monk (Windwalker) *Warlock *Rogue We expect all of our raiders to know their class well. It's your own responsibility to learn how to play your own class in the best way possible. This means that you also need to have a viable offspec. Or atleast be willing to learn to play an offspec for your class. REQUIREMENT: We understand that everyone have a life outside of wow and that different stuff can show up in real life, but we do require you to make it to atleast a 80% raid attendance. We expect all our raiders to come prepared to all raids they have signed for. Which basically means that you have to bring consumeables to raids, read up on tactics and mechanics for new raids, be focused throughout the raid and bring your A-game. Previous raid experience is preferred, although not a requirement. But we do require, as stated earlier, that you know your class well and to be the best you possibly can be. SOCIAL: We want a community more than anything else, to be a home for people to go to with clear and fair rules. Therefore we are also recruiting socials and PvP-ers, with little to no requirement other than being norwegian, or atleast understanding norwegian. CONTACT: For more information and further questions, please contact me, or one of my fellow officers and we'll have a talk. Liiland#2561 - Phillyberg, Discipline Priest Braxius#2171 - Eovina, Restoration Druid. Giefplox#2219 - Sylteskrevet, Protection Warrior. Best regards, PhillybergPhillyberg0 07 Feb
06 Feb 909 / 900 Protection Paladin Looking for a raiding guild that raids 3 - 4 days a week. Currently unavailable on Tuesday and Thursday. I've been tanking mythic raids since 6.2. Willing to transfer 7/7m 1/3m 10/10hc I also have an 880 Protection warrior that is ready for split runs as well. Here are some recent logs from Night Hold Heroic, and can provide logs from previous raids if needed. And a link to my WoW progress Feel free to add my ID if there are any questions Dkono65#1964Demitrx1 06 Feb
03 Feb [A] <Sanctus> Raiding Guild Are you looking for a guild that you want to be in, not one you feel you have to be? A guild that you can call home, where the people are not only willing to help, but are happy to. Who you’ll not only view as guild mates, but as friends. Then you’ve come to the right place! We are currently looking for friendly, mature, and eager members to raid against the Legion and their allies. People who are looking to raid in a fun, friendly and family feeling guild. To qualify for our Core raider spot, you must raid a minimum of 2/4 raids a week, and meet the expectations of a raider. I.e. bring your own flasks and food and be there on time. The ability to move from Fire is a must. Sanctus was formed in May in the year 2005. We are an adult guild with a minimum age requirement of 18, with exceptions made for exceptional applicants. We are focused on progression, while being well aware that this is still a game and that most of us already have jobs and families to tend to. We raid 4 times a week (Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon) from 20:30 to 23:30 server time. We use Mumble for raids and it is available for any guild member to use at any time. We are a funny friendly and diverse bunch who see Sanctus as a family and have a stellar history of welcoming back previous members looking for that one place in the game they truly did call home. We are currently looking for Range DPS to add to our currently 26 man strong raiding team, more details can be found on our website. So if we sound like the right place for you, please apply via For any question, feel free to contact any of our officers in game (Thesk, Ciel, Sendahl, Nephelle, Tadkir, Chippy, Galadius, Möjitö) who will be more than happy to speak to you. We look forward to meeting you!Tyimer22 03 Feb
03 Feb low pop server im on a low pop server and its sad no ppl in the trade chat u rarely see ppl in the big city xrealm is all good and fine but still seeing no ppl on ur server take the rpg feeling away from the game plz blizzard fix thisQdwsf3 03 Feb
29 Jan Bronze Dragonflight/Nordrassil low pop can we plz get more ppl on our server the bif city are dead i rarely see 10 ppl in orgrimmarQdwsf0 29 Jan