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19 Nov Guild Websites Welcome to 'Tarren Mill' forums! READ BEFORE POSTING! If you would like your guild to be added to this list, please post your web address and choose one of the following categories: Try to stick to the category, although more information about your guild is appreciated but not necessary. -Mythic Raiding -Heroic Raiding -Normal Raiding -PvP Orientated -Social I would like to add that "if" your guild disbands or changes to a different raiding scheme (PvP > PvE & vice versa), please post it here so I can re-update and remove your guild from the current list or update it's status. (optional but encouraged to do so) Don't have a guild website? Well get one now! http://www.guildlaunch.com http://www.guildportal.com http://www.guildzilla.com http://www.wowstead.com http://www.enjin.com/ ________________________________________________________________ UPDATED FOR NEW RAIDING SCHEMES - WoD 2015 ... ٠Mythic Raiding٠ Rapid Eye Movement - http://www.remgaming.com/ Hardcore Raiding guild currently crowned at the top of Tarren Mills Boss clears. NollTvåTre - http://www.nolltvatre.se A Swedish Hardcore Raiding guild formed in 2011. Prime - http://team-prime.eu/ Having been around since Wrath, Prime is a Hardcore Raiding guild on Tarren Mill-EU. Nihilum - http://nihilum.enjin.com/ Having been around since the days of Vanilla Nihilum is back in the PvE Game. Angered - http://angeredguild.com/ Hardcore Raiding guild with 5 nights a week Raiding schedule. Epiphany - http://epiphany-guild.com/ Formed in Mists, Epiphany is a 3 nights a week raiding guild. Infinite - http://www.infinite-guild.eu/ A Semi-Hardcore raiding guild found in 2007. Currently 4 nights a week raiding 19:00-23:00 ST Unity - Together since 2010, Unity's mission is to clear all Mythic content. Huhuholics - http://www.huhuholics.eu/ Experience since Vanilla, Huhuholics has been around for number of years. Currently raiding 3 nights a week 20:00 to 23:00 ST Bulwark - http://bulwark-eu.guildlaunch.com/ Fidelis - http://fidelis-gaming.enjin.com/ Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild with 3 nights a week Raiding schedule. Cerberus - http://cerberus-guild.shivtr.com/ Founded in 2012 on Karazhan-EU. Raiding 3 nights a week from 20:30 to 24:00 ST Da Noob - http://www.danoob.net/ Around since 2008, Da Noob is an International Raiding Guild. Sanctus Immortalis - http://sanctusimmortalis.enjin.com/ Fürõr - http://furor.forumotion.com/ A Hardcore 20 Man Raiding guild founded in 2009 ٠Heroic Raiding٠ Nibiru - http://www.nibiruguild.shivtr.com/ Nibiru is a Croatian Raiding Guild. ٠Normal Raiding٠ Body Count - http://body-count.enjin.com Brothers of Blood - http://brothers-of-blood.enjin.com/home ٠PvP Orientated٠ ٠Social٠ Crimson Sanctum - http://www.crimsonsanctum.enjin.com/ A Social 10 Man Raiding guild. Raiding 3 nights a week 20:00-23:00 ST ... ٠Mythic Raiding٠ Consideration - www.consideration.guildportal.com Formed in 2008 'Consideration' is a Raiding Guild based on Dentarg-EU. ٠Heroic Raiding٠ ٠Normal Raiding٠ ٠PvP Orientated٠ ٠Social٠ No Moon Over Me - http://aniko79.wix.com/no-moon-over-me Originally founded in 2004 and rebooted in 2014, a Social - PvP guild. ________________________________________________________________ List updated as of: 04.01.2015 - Thanks for the Sticky ;) [Previous Update: 28.06.2013]Waterspark215 19 Nov
2h 2 Veterans looking for guild - Guardian + Mage Greetings, We are 2 veterans who have played the game for a good number of years and have fully cleared the content numerous times on highest difficulty. We're looking for either a hardcore or a semi-hardcore guild that is able/aiming to clear Antorus on highest difficulty. The guild must have a good social structure and organised leadership. Having people in the guild being active in mythic+ is a very big bonus, but not mandatory. We're offering quality performance, ability to self-improve based on logs, always being up-to-date with current content tactics and of course, a friendly attitude. We both have experience in almost all raid tiers that have been added into the game, although not always full cleared on highest difficulty, we have gotten pretty close to that in the cases where we did not finish the content. In terms to availability, we can attend any day of the week from 19:00 ST onwards to any hour. Armory links: Druid: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/moonlance Mage: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/vexiusz In light of the content of the armory links, they are severly outdated, and our gear does not correspond with what the armory shows. As of writing this post, we are 942 and 945 respectively. When it comes to artifacts, we both have over 75 traits invested in them. Contact: Moon#2776 Vexius#2354Moonlance2 2h
15h LFM Perceptive Boosting Team We are Currently recruiting for an Antorus heroic Boosting team running boosts on Fridays/Saturdays. Elite players with boosting experience are encouraged to apply if they'd like to make some extra hassle free Gold income. Apply @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wxelBJUJJUNuEmh7fyogSfZICVO5SyVaG3_lu4xyrcY Contact us Battletag:Chilltax#2421 and Sham#21832Ziizi0 15h
15h Perceptive 6/11M Now Boosting! Perceptive 6/11M: Antorus the Burning Throne Heroic Personal/Master Loot on Fridays 20:00 Server Time Argus the Unmaker(Last boss) Heroic Personal Loot Fridays 22:30 Server Time Argus the Unmaker(Last boss) Heroic Personal Loot Multiple runs every day and night! Guldan Mythic Kill + Mount Fridays 23:00 Server Time Mythic +15 M+ ScoreAverage item level of boosters are 960+ ! It is possible to roll out/trade unwanted loot to buyers in Personal Loot and M+ boosts Only Tier trade is guaranteed on drop during Master Loot boosts, other shared loot (Relics,trinkets,rings.. etc) Will be raid rolled , unless researved specifically in advance for an extra gold fee.(None-refundable if said loot does not drop)Due to high Demand , a deposit of 5-10% is required in advance, to book a spot. xRealm Payments will be considered! Contact us Battletag:Chilltax#2421 and Sham#21832 Skype: Perceptive.boost Discord:Perceptiveboost#6880Ziizi7 15h
18h <Implosion> 1/11M Recruiting for Antorus <Implosion> is a 3 days raiding guild that was created during The Tomb of Sargeras with the vision of clearing Antorus on all difficulties as quickly as possible. Despite that, we managed to acquire a solid core very quickly and we cleared 5/9 bosses in mythic ToS. With the launch of Antorus we are determined to put everything into progression and because of that we are seeking more players to expand our ranks. Our roster is composed of experienced players but more importantly we all share the goal of being on the cutting edge. We are currently 11/11H, 1/11M in Antorus and we are recruiting all classes What we ask of our players: - High attendance - We raid 3 days per week Thursday/Sunday/Tuesday 20:00 – 23:00 server time with optional farm raids on Wednesday - Show up prepared, that means gems, enchants, food, flasks and boss knowledge - Know how to play your class and how to gear it - Positive attitude - do not cause arguments and drama, especially over loot. We are here to kill bosses and enjoy ourselves Trials: - The trial period lasts 2 weeks, during this time it is especially important to have at least an 80% attendance to pass. - We will also judge trials based on their logs/performance and attitude - Do not be afraid to ask questions Loot is currently handled via EPGP, it is a fair system that is in place in order to reward the time you put into raiding. What we offer you: - Steady progress on mythic content - Highly experienced raid leader and dedicated management - Mature and social environment - Active guild discord You can apply at our website https://implosionwow.enjin.com/recruitment For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of our officers JayTee#22206 - GM AmazingNick#2776 - Recruitment Officer oldgrimbork#2626 - Healing OfficerRainss3 18h
18h <One Step Closer> 11/11HC 2/11M recruiting One Step Closer is a progress oriented guild looking for skilled raiders for our mythic team. Our objective at the moment is forming a strong and competitive mythic team so we can push progress in the upcoming raids and reach competitive ranks. Cores of the guild are reliable and experienced veteran players always looking for new challenges. Raid Times Wednesday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Sunday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Monday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Tuesday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST (optional) What we can offer: - Serious raiding environment - Steady progress - Active people during non-raid nights doing high M+ runs - Fun people who you can interact with in a laid back atmosphere in and outside of raid - Fair looting system and good leadership What we expect from you: - Be reliable, you need to come prepared with consumables and knowledge of the bosses you are about to kill. We will try to provide enough feasts to cover the whole raid night - Have close to 99% attendance and be online 10 or 15mins before the raid start so we have the group set up and pull the boss on 8 PM ST - Always keep improving the way you play your class, logs are the deciding factor for joining our mythic team, we don't tolerate people that can't pull their own weight in raids - Make sure you have the max weekly chest, meaning you need to do atleast one +15 - Don't throw tantrum when criticized and when we decide to bench you for a boss. Remember, we don't replace you because we hate you, we replace you for the sake of progressing as a guild Voice communication: Discord Loot distribution: Loot council Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/One+Step+Closer Application form: https://goo.gl/2TvAFR - Required for joining the guild Contact: Hathra#2950, Ilynthea#2566, Tobivel#2135, Glavca#2567 or use the google form link provided to apply.Floky2 18h
19h <Stheno> (H) 11/11HC (Antorus), 5/9M (ToS) Recruting! Stheno is recruiting for mythic raiding! If you don't have time to raid 4 nights a week but still want to be part of a guild aiming to clear all mythic content, this may be the place for you. Who are we? We're a fresh remake of an existing guild. Our players recently transferred from all over, including from a lot of guilds with top 100 and 200 ranked kills. Currently, we're 11/11 HC. We have a team of around 15 core players, and are aiming to recruit all sorts of classes to build a strong team for mythic. Raiding days & times Raiders are expected to be online and on discord 10 minutes before raid start. Progression schedule: Thursday and Tuesdays raids at 20:00-23:00 server time. On farm we will raid as often as needed to clear the raid, as well as running weekly alt raids. There is also a possibility that we will run two Mythic clears per week after progression is over. What are we after? We aim to have a large roster, able to easily fill 30 man Normal and Heroic raids. The strongest 20 will then be used for mythic content (of course swapping in players to keep it fair). We aim to remain fairly casual with raiding, but if you can't pull your weight for mythic then you simply won't be brought to the mythic raids. We're more than happy to invite you to cross-realm raids for a trial, so there's no risk for if this guild isn't the place for you. What we expect from raiders: -A minimum of 85% attendance on both progression and farm raids. -To maintain equally high attendance and performance on both farm and progression. Farm is where we prepare for the upcoming progression content, thus it is important that all raiders are present and performing their best on farm. Players who cannot find motivation to attend farm raids will not fit in here. -In depth knowledge of your class. There is a time and place for discussion and advice, but raiders will not be babysitted. -Ability to handle constructive criticism and understand that sometimes you may be sat out for the good of progression. -A mature attitude, meaning no raging, no whining about loot, etc. -Ability to use our website and forums, as well as the in-game calendar, and to give as much notice as possible for absences/lates. -Commitment to the guild and raid team and its goals. -To come prepared to all our raids, including encounter knowledge, the best consumables available, and to put in as much effort as possible outside of raids to gear up etc. -Ability to speak, write and understand English to a good level. What you can expect from us -Committed leadership with a harsh but fair attitude, who quickly address and resolve any issues in the guild. -A raid environment where everyone pulls their weight, and where underperforming players are not tolerated. -Raiders who put in as much effort as possible both in raids and outside of raids. -Non-raid events, such as Mythic+ dungeon runs, particularly when these benefit the raid. -Regular events such as alt raids, achievement runs, etc. -A social community where there are always players online in game, on discord, and playing other games together. -A fair loot council, where loot is seen as a tool for progression and thus will be given to the class/role which most benefits the guild’s progression. Additional information Our aim isn't to be the best ranked guild out there, but simply to experience and enjoy all the content the game has to offer in a way that allows flexibility with raiding hours. The aim of having such a large roster means that there isn't any pressure on you to compromise too much IRL. If you can't raid one night, you probably won't be putting the guild in a bad position. We're mostly made up of players who have some experience with competitive raiding in some capacity. Where we're fairly laid back than we used to be regarding how long we raid for, we still want focused players for the content. Our ultimate aim is to have a fairly large, sociable raiding team, with a smaller and much more focused team for mythic content. Our Mythic team is almost complete, and incredibly strong, so don't miss out on becoming a part of it! Recruitment is currently open for almost every class and spec. Add my battle tag, or contact any of the other Officers in-game, or reply here for more information :) • Rëd - Sven#2832 (Guildmaster) • Ireprise - iReprise#2325 (Raid Leader) • Saurogh - oGsJoey#2781 (Officer, melee) • Jaffaicakes - TheGrinchy#2318 (Officer, ranged) • Galiwien - proserpine#2740 (Officer, heal)Rëd1 19h
23h Rejected by Disney PvP-S.6 <Rejected by Disney> PvP guild. is looking for more active members to spray our banter towards. Wanted list for season 6 2k+ xp REQ Vengeance DH(Havoc OS) Rogue PvP: Rbg main crew aiming for Hero of the horde. As we previously played in this bracket we aim a fast return to play amoung the highest rated in Europe. We arent there yet, with our goal to compete for Hoth yet! Still working on roster for this. PvPer's who mostly focus on arena are welcome aswell, a great rbg team often comes out of a mix of solid arena crews.. Mythic 10+ boosting service. We for now got one team running these. Antorus raid team ABOUT US: Rejected by Disney is an unusual and unique guild experience. We've existed in many different forms on many different servers, forever cursed to roam the universe, looking for alternative realms we can devour. Once we invade a world, we quickly establish ourselves as the apex predator. Although our reign has never been long term, our impact has echoed out across the infinite horizon, reaching ever into Tomorrow. With guile, discipline, dedication and a decade of experience, we offer you a journey like no other. The memories we give you, will last longer than your spirit can endure and even after your name has withered and your War Crafting over, you will remember us, you will remember yourself. REQUIREMENTS: • Must be able to Speak and Communicate in English. • Must have a Microphone and Headset and Capable of Using it. • Must be Dedicated to One Guild and Faction. (Us) • Must have a Sense of Humour. (The Darker, the Better) • Must be able to take Direction, Commands, Criticism and Insults. • Capable of Analysing Mistakes, Adapting to Change and Evolving Strategies. • Capable of Debating, Arguing and Adequately Expressing one's Opinions. • Capacity to Comprehend Sarcasm/Banter. • Capacity to Comprehend the Needs of Others before Themselves. • No Low Levels or Alts without having a Max Level (Main) in Guild First. • No Political Correctness. • No Communication with the Alliance Faction on Our Server. (Forums included) • A pvp experience greater than 2.000 rating from 3s/rbg. WHAT WE HAVE AND WILL OFFER: Unlike so many other Guilds out there Claiming to be the 'Best' and 'Bragging' about beeing amoung the top players @ rbg eu, in the exact same places, day after day, <Rejected by Disney> is the 'ONLY' Guild with a serious list of accomplishments under its belt. RbD is the reincarnation of everything learned and gained from every other guild we've had. Our Guild Plans have been copied and imitated the world over. But no one can perfect it, for we learned the discipline. You will have an ever lasting bond with some of the most socially misunderstood and depraved people in gaming. You will Ascend through the Ranks, gain Rewards, Privileges, Entitlements and Respect. All Earned from your Dedication and Loyalty to the Guild. You will face Criticism, Humiliation and Hatred, you will Battle your Guild Members and Yourself to Improve and Impress, YOUR Ability and YOUR Skill. This Guild is by no means for the feint of heart. There are no favourites and you Earn your place to become Core. You will endure the Hazing of other Core members and subdue your inner rot, which is rampant in the world today. Your acceptance does not have a Price, you cannot Buy your Respect. But when you Achieve it... you will Truly Belong. And the future Generations will Bow before the designs of your Cruelty. We do not make soldiers. We control monsters. You will learn Formations, tactics and strategies. You will discover Secrets and witness Miracles. You may Suffer a Defeat in Battle but you will always Win the War. You will learn to Accept your Failures and Grow as a Player because of them. Humility is a bitter food, once you have experienced it, you will hunger never to taste it again. We do NOT brag about Victories. We do NOT rage whisper players who maim us.here will be NO toxic spills. Your fellow Acolytes 'ARE' your world, Know them, Rely on them. Camaraderie is an important Ability and what you cannot see in a Mirror, they can Help see you through. Rejected by Disney is no longer a Myth told to New Players by Jealous, Unimaginative, Cowards, who think that erasing our past will ensure their future. These heathens are forever 'Destined' to follow in Our Shadow. We are not a Legend passed down from one Generation to the next with Reverence. We are simply the Greatest PvP Movement you will Ever Experience. Be you with us... Or against us... No one creates Content like we do. Without us, there is only a Void in which all the unworthy claim to control. For the time is upon you all. When Our Future will become your Past. contact: gascoigne666#2918 Do NOT Lie. You will Regret it if you do.Ðaqq16 23h
2d Wed/Thurs 20:30-23:30 Guild LF 1 Melee + Ranged Reincarnated Horde Tarren Mill We welcome and consider all applications: Melee, Ranged or Hybrid spots available. If you hope to join as a social member and do not plan to raid, you may ignore any raid based questions on the app. Contacts: Tehkek#2468 , AltiarGaming#2290 & Arisu#2306 We are an established raiding guild (Wed/Thurs 20:30 - 23:30 server time) https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu...l/Reincarnated Sundays 20:30-23:30 are our Funday Raids for all members that care to join in, we include the odd achievement run. Here is a stream of everyone being really depressed because it's Monday Eve while achieving things: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168495379 http://reincarnated.guildlaunch.com Mythic Plus and other events (such as PVP) etc come as standard, much like real life (except easier in game let's face it) you need to put yourself out there and ask to join in groups, invite people to your groups or accept invitations in G-chat to meet peeps and make friends. Our peeps are also playing other games outside of wow together (PUBG, HS, DIABLO etc) and you'd be most welcome to join in general game talk, or the game itself. After a such a long time we officially open recruitment again. Our goal, as there is new content on the horizon, is to encourage potential new members into joining us now so we're all comfortable with each other (maybe even, friends?) by the time the new content is is in full swing! Our guild identifies as: - Trans competent: We accept average 'okay' players to super duper most exceptional #1, as long as you fit in with our people we are happy to have you. - Non-PC: We are full on freedom of expression, no topic remains unjoked and no person remains unsmackedtalked. In this way we are very much egalitarian, but we're also adults so we don't target specific people for the butt of a joke if they tell us it makes them sad (as that would be bullying). - Non-Elite: We all pull together to kill things and keep our Guild alive and running therefore no one person/group is exalted above the team as a whole, and we don't rage either, we kindly but firmly remove people that go down those dark roads usually after a warning unless one is a total misfit deliberately harming the Guild chill. - Racially Fluid: We accept that sometimes people just need to become Millhouse Manastorm and express their inner Gnome. FULL-TIME RAIDERS! As a full time raider we ask for high attendance, full buffs for your character and gear plus either a quick mind for learning, or a decent bank of knowledge of your class and the various ways in which it can survive the deadly boss mechanics. We also would like you to have a good balanced attitude towards raiding, this means we want to progress and do a bit better each raid/attempt but we understand that playing with humans will mean mistakes are made and things can go wrong, so instead of getting angry we work out what we need to and try, try again! Finally we do expect a really good attempt at an application, ideally in English and definitely in rhyme. The benefits of raiding at this rank are a priority in raids spots and gear above all others ranks and the sense of self satisfaction and high fivery when we get a new progress boss down. SUNDAY RAIDS - Optional Raids 20:30-23:30 (server time) Open to all able bodies, there is no priority system for Sunday raids and all loot is rolled for main spec > off spec. DEAR SOCIAL MEMBERS Our vision involves finding all the lonely social players spread out across time and space (or servers and guilds) and getting them together to create a proper social hub based in wow and even sharing other common games. Tarren Mill is a very busy horde server so moving here won't be a mistake, you may even start 100% fresh level a new toon here to meet people and get that feeling of something big beginning. [Inserting an update for 24/08/2017: We are making a little headway with our sociallite hunting however, it could be much better, so not only will we include actively headhunting for people that sound like they would be a really good fit from their forums posts on the regular, but we'd like to reinforce that we're still here after all these years, therefore totally worth any realm transfer fees & application. It's worth bringing this up as some of our new members tell tales where they transfer to a nice sounding Guild and by the time they get there the guild is dead and buried.] As an established raid guild we have a bit of a head start when it comes to bringing people together and the patience and resolve to see it through, although it will take a bit of work to really bring out the potential. It also means that we can offer social players more opportunities to see a bit of end game suited to individual circumstances and we provide two ranks to help us do that: SOCIAL MEMBERS Are people that want to mainly focus on playing their own way (collecting transmog/pet battles/random BGs...) while having some company to do so. This is best for people that choose not to raid much. We appreciate active social members though, even if all you want to do is catch pets while talking crap all day, you guys are important. Sunday raids are available most weekends to all able members but we also aim to build a really great base of social members that feel comfortable getting to know new people and contributing to making events based on the things they enjoy. As our social base grows we feel there should be opportunities for social members with the experience and well rounded attitude to represent for their fellow socials helping coordinate events and keeping base with officers for support etc. To help this process along, you are encouraged to put up your normal and weird events on the calendar, as who doesn't want to punch out local mobs wearing all grey items? SOCIAL RAIDERS This rank is for people who are ready to raid (similar to full-time raiders) but can't guarantee a regular attendance, for example, shift workers with irregular schedules or people that can only guarantee every Thursday raid. We also suggest this rank for people that are newer to raiding but not ready to trial as you have a chance to experience team raiding without fear of 'failing'. Build your confidence! All social raiders can sign up to any main raid and we will take you with us as much as we can and as far as you can handle it, loot/limited raid spots are prioritized full-time raiders > social raiders. Vanity pets are raid rolled.Altiar29 2d
2d <Day Four> 11/11 HC 2/11 M are recruiting As seen in the Title Day Four are recruiting, we are looking to add: A dps DK and a ranged dps. Due to the current progression we are looking for a raiders with similar progression as us to make sure we won't fall to far back due to switches of players in the raiding environment. So even if your spec/class is not listed we would still consider you if you'd like to apply. Raiding Information: Our mythic progression days are Monday and Thursday 20:15 till 23:30 (20:00 invites start) there will be a small break in the middle of these raids for coffee and bio breaks. Loot Rules: Our looting systems works with RC Loot Council. For us as a raiding team this seems to be the fairest way of deviding the loot between raiders. Voice comms: During raids we use Teamspeak3 as our voicecoms although we do also have a discord server. We do strongly believe Teamspeak to be the better voicecom in raiding environments due to its customization options. Addons used: DBM/Bigwigs Weak Aura's 2 Angry assignments RC Loot Council For more information do not hesitate to send us a message! Framsida#2891 - Guild Master/Raid Leader StroopWaffle#2607 - Officer Dannyoz#2193 - OfficerDannyoz0 2d
2d <Indomitable> (H) 4/11 HC Two day raiding guild Hello there ! Indomitable is currently looking for new members to bolster their ranks into Heroic and later mythic Antorus. Raiding Days Wednesday : 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday : 20:00 -23:00 There are events throughout the week that are optional such as transmog runs, mythic key stone pushing and just general banting around with drinking games ( of course you have to be 18 + to attend these) The recruitment is as stated below but we will always consider ANY exceptional player. Tanks Closed Healers Resto Shaman Resto Druid Ranged DPS Affliction Warlock Destruction Warlock Marksmanship Hunter Mage (Any spec) Shadow Priest Melee DPS Frost/Unholy DK Rogue (Any spec) Enhancement Shaman Havoc Demon Hunter Before applying , do keep in mind we expect you to be able to play this spec to a certain standard , if its your offspec and you do not mention this we will flat out not take it into concideration. We expect our players to be geared accordingly to the content we wish to clear aswell as have sufficient knowledge about their class / spec / fight to perform up to a standard that they are held to by both me and their other raid team members. We constantly encourage our members ( including myself) to improve by providing them with logs and where possible personal opinion about any questions , we provide a challenge by constantly having multiple of a certain class / Spec combo ( with exception of the tanks and healers where this is of course not as feasable) during heroic clears. We always encourage people to do the best they can by handling the motto : " Everybody can be replaced "( even the Leader ). This does not mean we do hardcore raiding all the time of course , we only raid two days and during these days we have a normal clear ( for now ) on Wednesday where we bant more than anything else while of course not wasting to much time on clearing the bosses. During progression however , a mature yet relaxed atmosphere is the course for the day , the bants are there but during pulls and tactic explanations we expect a focused attitude. Outside of this we also provide an excellent and mature enviorment with the word "Bant" being the word most commonly used to describe us , you can already tell we are a bunch of fun guys and girls where you'll be able to laugh and joke with. As for loot ....we use a loot council. Apply here : https://goo.gl/forms/t101j2Mfa7CNrEWu2 Thank you for reading this post ! If you have any further questions please redirect yourself to any members online but in particular : Diamonddisc(Saz#2172) , Zhaura(Zhaura#2512) , Bâllz , DØbuber , Inserted. Or add me on battle tag ! Anicky#21107Inserted0 2d
2d [LFG] DH tank and Druid/Shaman healer LFG Experienced tank and healer with raiding experience dating back to TBC are looking for 2 day raiding guild (preferably non-tryhard Mythic or Heroic). DH has warrior tanking alt, Druid has... every possible alt in the world ("main alt" - shaman) We are ready to fill required forms and do other recruiting-related stuff. Logs could be available on request. DH: https://raider.io/characters/eu/tarren-mill/Kartoshka Druid: https://raider.io/characters/eu/tarren-mill/Baskach Contacts: arbulgazar#2201 (discord: arbulgazar#5155)Kartoshka4 2d
3d <BAKSTAB biNbo GEARBOMBZ> (H) 5/11 Hc 1 day recruiting Hello there, We are looking for a few players to join our casual 1 day a week normal/heroic raiding guild for Antorus. We are mostly looking for DPS and maybe a healer especially one that doesn't mind swapping between DPS and healing. The guild consist mostly of former mythic raiders just looking to do one flex raid a week (mostly heroic) with some Mythic+ on the side. We want players who can play the game well and take care of themselves while still not taking the game too seriously. We raid on Sundays and start the raid around 20:00 server time and end no later than 23:00. We don't require you to be there every raid but if you can't make it at least notify us when you know. We have been using personal loot so far and we don't care that much who gets what, if something is much better for another player we simply trade things around to get the most benefit out of the item. We run mythic+ occasionally with no set time, generally at least getting most people their weekly chests and pushing further if we have time and interest. If there is interest for some organization behind those runs that can always be discussed further down the road. You can add any of these on Battle net: Gerbhof#2407 Agy#2595 Zoocy#2491 Ayimi#2902 Regards, GerbhoofaGerbhoofa41 3d
3d DH + Restro Druid LF guild .. Hello there we are 2 friends Setup: DH dps / tank os: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/terel Restro/Flex : https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/Swipe Both 950+ ish and both with high exp and skill, we are cutting edges fighters that is looking for a guild .. What we are looking for: - an active guild for heroic/mythic raids and mythic+ dungeons (10/15+) - guild should have an active group (core) of players, we don't want to login and see nobody online (in the middle of the night that doesn't matter of course) - heroic raids are getting cleared by PUGs nowadays even on day 1 (especially Antorus) that's why we are looking for a guild that doesn't struggle for weeks on heroic bosses What we bringing with us: - 2 active player, no slack, not imature, and not laidback - Always up to date with all classes (sims, statweights, theorycrafting) - discipline - capable of working in a team - can take criticism - always prepared - always on discord, always willing to talk and play with others we are looking because the last guild dident last and was closed Down...<Purge3 3d
3d WTS Heroic Argus the Unmaker, 11/11 HC Antorus and +15. we are a team of elite players raiding in world top 50 guilds, we have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many raids across all of our mains and alts characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 960 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get in your weekly chest in your class order hall and a good chance on 940 or higher from the chest at the end of the dungeon, if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. -Antorus Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 940 loot or higher, up to 985. 3-if you join our Master loot runs, you will get 100% if the loot that drops for your class and spec. we always try to make our raids 20-25 man, to make sure you will get as much loot as possible. 4-if you join our Personal Loot runs, we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you. 5-a very decent chance to get the Antoran Charhound Mount from Felhounds of Sargeras -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Heroic Argus the Unmaker you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Antorus heroic run you need about 2 hours and half . -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 price: you can pay us on any realm, horde or ally. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 225k. -keystone +15 in time is 400k. Master Loot runs: -Heroic Argus the Unmaker is 500k. -full Tomb of Sargeras heroic is 2.5 million gold. -9/10 heroic night hold is 2 million gold. Personal Loot runs: -Heroic Argus the Unmaker is 400k. -full Antorus heroic is 1 million and 500k gold. IMPORTANT NOTE : Price goes lower by 50k-100k every week on all raid runs but for mythic keystone runs its fixed.Vivicraftt0 3d
3d Ember of Dreams searching new Sparks for Raid Team Tired of punching adorable critters? Want to punch heroically epic things instead? You’ve come to the right place! Who are we? Ohai! ^.^ We are Ember of Dreams and our newly created raiding guild on Tarren Mill is home to our WoW players. Our aim in this community is to help people, to create a place where people who are passionate about gaming can find others who are too.We have rightnow 9/9 normal 9/9 Heroic What are we looking for? Social, new players or those looking for a new place to call home are always welcome. An exceptional Raid Leader who can lead by example. Dedicated Raiders to join our ranks in the battle against the Legion. See below for more details. Healer Priest,Paladin or Shaman RDPS: Mages,Priest,Hunter, Warlock What do you get: Discord Fun A Friendly Raid and Guild What are our goals? Clear current content both Normal and Heroic. Grow the raiding team to a size of 20+ regular raiders with a split of 2 Tanks, 5 Healers, 6 mDPS, 12 rDPS. When do we raid and what time? Progression - Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Server Time Progression - Sunday 20:00-23:00 Server Time How can I start raiding? Have a mature attitude and be 16+. Have an ilvl appropriate for the current content (885/890+ pref) Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/xjUYVeC Message add Devils#2476 or sindorie#9119 for questions or an invite to the guild or find us online in guild Look out for invites in the in-game calendar. Thanks for taking the time to read through this post and feel free to stop by our Discord if you have any questions, we are always happy to chat. See you on the battlefields of Azeroth! All the <3 Team EODDevilssan23 3d
3d [H] <Dribblords> 11/11 HC are recruiting for Antorus <Dribblords> are looking to bolster our team set up for progressing further into Antorus, The bruning throne now the summer fall has finished. Antorus 11/11 HC ToS 5/9M 9/9HC We are seeking out dps to add to our numbers. Mainly after range however skilled Melee are welcome. Range dps with Healer OS would also be considered. Raiding three days a week: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 20.15 - 23.00 server time. Socials and HC raiders are also welcome. If you have any questions or are interested you can contact me on bnet Aim#21985 or Discord Aim#2485Aïm1 3d
4d <Fürõr> (H) 2/11M (Antorus), 7/9M (ToS) Recruiting Fürõr is an eight years old english speaking, two day mythic raiding guild on Tarren Mill-EU. Our focus is on clearing raids at the highest difficulty this game has to offer. Our team consists veteran players. We are a group of passionate gamers that are always looking forward to the new challenges this game throws at us and with that, the opportunity to improve. This tier (Antorus) we're aiming for cutting-edge and we've started progressing from the first week mythic is released. Current Tier Progress: 2/11M Previous Tier Progress: 7/7M EN (cutting-edge), 2/3M ToV, 6/10M NH, 7/9M ToS Main Progress Raids: Friday/Sunday 19-22 server time Farm/Alt/Fun Raid: Wednesday 19 server time Voice communication: Discord Our guild website: http://team-furor.com What we're looking for: * Good knowledge of the class that you are applying for. * Good logs on warcraftlogs.com * Mythic raid experience in any previous tiers. * The ability to keep up your focus during the rough parts of progress. * The ability to play an off spec. * Being able to take constructive criticism (and to give it too) in a positive way. * Being able to use Discord and be vocal, especially where it's needed. * 18+ Age requirement with a good sense of humour Recruitment Status: * 1x kickass DPS (preferably melee DPS but any exceptional DPS can be considered as well) with awesome logs and mythic raiding experience in any tier! * 1x healer (ideally Holy/Disc Priest) with awesome logs and mythic raiding experience in any tier! We have limited (2-3) spots for our core progression team. We are looking for a few really good raiders for our progress. Any exceptional raider with good logs can be considered at this point. Contact us: If this sounds like you and you're interested in joining, then please visit www.team-furor.com for more info, or contact us on bnet (listed in alphabetical order): Cyclopes usmanjavaid#1447 Cloudmane grim#2571 Luciaro Nicentra#2438 Wipebringer Frejya#2708Cyclopes29 4d
4d 2018 - [H] <SOD> Dutch guild @ Tarren Mill Hey everyone! <SOD> a dutch-speaking raiding guild on Tarren Mill (Horde) is recruiting raiders! The next message will be written in dutch: Hallo! Wij zijn <SOD> een Nederlandstalige raiding guild op de realm Tarren Mill. De guild bestaat nu ongeveer 10 jaar en heeft een vaste basis aan spelers die ook al sinds die tijd in de guild zitten. Onze progress is: 6/11 HC Antorus; (progress zal snel gaan) 9/9 HC in Tomb of Sargeras; 4/10 M in The Nighthold; 3/3 HC in Trial of Valor; 7/7 HC in The Emerald Nightmare. We zijn niet per definitie een Mythic raid guild, op moment hebben we nog enkele spots van voornamelijk DPSers nodig om na HC ook Mythic te doorlopen. De meeste spelers in ons team hebben veel raid-ervaring die terug dateert tot aan TBC en Vanilla. Uiteraard zijn er ook wat spelers die minder raid-ervaring hebben maar wel hun stinkende best doen om up-to-date te blijven met hun class, hun spec en hun DPS of Healing. Hierdoor is onze recruitment ook alleen open voor mensen die het beste uit zichzelf willen halen en ook daadwerkelijk hun best doen om dit voor elkaar te krijgen. <SOD> raid twee dagen per week, met soms een derde raid-dag op nieuwe content en progress. De raid-dagen/tijden zijn: Dinsdag van 19:30 uur t/m 22:30 uur.* (19:15 online) Donderdag van 19:30 uur t/m 22:30 uur.* (19:15 online) Optioneel zijn woensdagavond voor gloednieuwe content en zondagmiddag voor M+ en alt raids. *Het komt soms voor dat de raid met een half uurtje verlengd wordt (tot 23:00 uur) indien we op progress zitten en dicht bij een kill zijn. Dit gaat wel in overleg met de raid. Het liefst zien we mensen om 19:15 online omdat om 19:30 de eerste pull begint. Recruitment: Voor een Nederlandstalige guild is het aardig lastig om de juiste classes en specs te recruiten. Hierdoor is het ook voor elke class en elke spec mogelijk om een apply te plaatsen, indien ervaren en gegeard. Dit betekend uiteraard niet meteen dat er een plek voor je vrij is in het team. Onze requirements: Je bent bijna altijd aanwezig voor de raids.*** Je weet welke stats je nodig hebt voor je spec. Je leest je altijd in op updates van je class. Je altijd gemmed en enchanted bent vóó de raid begint. Je zorgt dat je de videos van alle gevechten bekijkt voordat je signed voor een raid. Je hebt altijd consumables bij je. (flasks/food/runes) Je de speler Heerbeer minstens één per raid voor schut zet. Je ilvl is Antorus HC waardig of binnen no time op dat niveau. *** We hebben geen speciale requirement in procenten voor het aantal raids dat je minimaal aanwezig moet zijn, we gaan er van uit dat een ieder volwassen genoeg is om zich in te schrijven voor de raids als die gene kan raiden. Komt het echter voor dat een periode minder aanwezig bent, laat dit nadrukkelijk weten om je rank als Raider te behouden. Gooi niet met de pet naar je aanwezigheid, er wordt wel op je gerekend net zoals jij op de guild kan rekenen. WIl je graag meer weten over <SOD>, of wil je graag ons team komen versterken? Neem dan contact op door middel van Real-ID of bezoek onze website en plaats een application! Een heads-up sturen naar één van onderstaande spelers dat je een application hebt gepost is te adviseren. Eerste kennismaking per chat mag ook. http://sod-guild.enjin.com Real-ID: Radeon#2216 (Awesome) Frenkel#2531 (Co GM) healbotbob#1175 (Officer) Ngamer#2831 (GM)Geneeskunde0 4d
5d <Gargoyles> Late Night Raiding Guild Recruiting. Gargoyles is a semi-hardcore, late night raiding guild on Tarren Mill formed by experienced raiders with the goal of clearing Mythic raids in a relaxed but focused raid environment, We are a fairly new guild but have a solid core team and that core is growing steadily. Currently we are looking for more players to fill our roster with the aim of being able to start progressing Mythic as a guild in the current Raid tier, Antorus, the Burning Throne. <Our Raid Schedule> We Require a 90% Attendance to keep our team as solid as possible and build good synergy together. Progress <11/11 normal 8/11HC> Wednesdays 21:45 – 00:45 Thursdays 21:45 – 00:45 Mondays 21:45 – 00:45 <Recruitment> All exceptional Players will be considered but classes we need will take priority. Tanks Closed Ranged CLosed Healers 1 Resto Shaman Melee DPS 1 Warrior 2 DK DPS 1 Enhancement Shaman <What we expect from you> > High raid attendance (90%) > Ability to take and utilize criticism > Able to play your class well and constantly look for ways to improve > Research tactics and show up prepared for raids <What you can expect from us> > Mature Relaxed but focused raid environment > Average age of members over 20 > 3 raid days (Wednesday, Thursday, Monday) > Experienced raiders intent on clearing Mythic <Loot Distribution> We use RC Loot Council, Loot Distribution will be judged based on your attendance and performance and what benefits the player/Raid team as a whole the most. If you think we sound like a good fit for you and vice versa You can make an application at https://www.gargoyles-guild.com/apply Or if you would prefer to talk and ask any more questions please feel free to contact us in game. Thank you for taking the time to read and look foward to hearing from you and if not good luck and happy raiding. Guild Master: Sasquatch ( Ugly#21427 ) Officers: Zerall, BalthizzarBalthizzar1 5d
5d Social guild <Bloody Brawler> is recruiting players :) Hello, we're <Bloody Brawler> [Horde], a social guild for everyone. What does our guild do? - We do achievement runs, transmog runs and leveling together. - We also do Legion guild runs for dungeons and raids as a guild group. - We help out our guild members. - And last but not least, we do fun pvp events and give rewards to winners every once in a while. How can I join the guild? - Anyone can invite people to the guild. We have no requirements for inviting others, it's a social guild, you can ask anyone for the invitation. - You have to be either on TarrenMill or Dentarg, these servers are connected to each other. Our guild is on Tarren Mill. How many ranks are there in the guild? How do the ranks work in the guild? - There is only 1 rank, Brawler. Senior Brawlers are our guild leaders, me (Mike) and my friend (Max). We do no promotions in rank. Master Brawler is the guild leader (my main). - What can I do as a Brawler in the guild? You can only invite others to the guild. Mythics & M+ or any dungeon runs: - If you wanna do dungeons with the guild just ask in the guild chat, doesn't matter if it's low lvl dungeons or mythics or even M+, we don't have a schedule for this, we do it whenever people want to. How do we Raid? - We have a set schedule for raiding. We don't do legion mythic raids, we do only Normal and Heroic. - Our raiding time is 20:00 EU server time, every week on Saturdays. - The requirements to be in these AP/Leggo/Transmog legion raid runs are the following: ilvl 890+... that's it, what did you expect? These are fast runs, higher ilvl you are happier we are to accept you in our raid. - Our raid size will be somewhere between 10-20 man, depending on how many people we have. - We always use personal loot. How do we help our guild members gear up faster? - Me (Mike) and my friend (Max) always help others in mythic dungeons or low lvl M+ runs, this is something I really enjoy doing myself. What language do we speak? - We speak English. If you speak any other language you're still welcome to join, but we communicate in English.Daisu0 5d
6d Watch out for these players Hey guys, So first off, these players were in Natural Selection on Defias Brotherhood and decided to persuade players from this guild to leave and join their new guild 'The Misfits', which they were all officers in, after an argument with the guild leader. We had a raid group sorted and did Normal and Heroic Antorus for two weeks but had difficulty on Coven HC but was getting progress, all of a sudden they decided to leave and server hop to Tarren Mill without telling anyone. They will probably change their names/faction after this post but whatever.... Algrunas Darkenrat/Darkenshade Alkazzar/Manebjorn Finurlighed Just thought I'd warn you guys if you decide to get a application from them Cheers, GaztikGáztík1 6d
6d [H] <One Step Closer> 11/11H Guild recruiting! <One Step Closer> is a reformed progress oriented guild looking for skilled raiders for our Mythic team. Our objective at the moment is forming a strong and competitive Mythic team so we can push progress in the upcoming raids and reach competitive ranks. Cores of the guild are reliable and experienced veteran players always looking for new challenges. Raid Times Wednesday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Sunday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Monday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Tuesday: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST (optional) What we can offer: - Serious raiding environment - Steady progress - Fun people who you can interact with in a laid back atmosphere in and outside of raid - Fair looting system and leadership Previous progress: EN 7/7M ToV 2/3 M while current What are we looking for: - Reliable players, who come prepared with consumables and knowledge of the bosses they are about to kill - Players who know how to min-max the class they are currently playing - Stable internet connection and a good PC - People with alot of motivation during progress raids Voice communication: Discord Loot distribution: Loot council Application form: https://goo.gl/2TvAFR Filled in form is required to join the guild. Contact: Ilynthea#2566, Tobivel#2135, Hathra#2950, Glavca#2567 Hope to see you around!Terrorkkar23 6d
6d [H]<Neutron> 8/11 HC is recruiting Hey, <Neutron> is recruiting Ahead of the Curve raiders and PvP-ers to join our PvE and PvP roster. We achieved Ahead of the Curve and several Mythic bosses defeats during every progression and we aim to do so in the future to come. Our main goal is to get every AoTC achievement, defeat as many Mythic raid bosses as we can, 2k rating in PvP and push +15 mythic dungeons. We're currently looking for 1 Tank, 2 Healers and a few DPS but we're also taking into consideration any dedicated player: - [Tank] Blood Death Knight / Protection Warrior / Brewmaster Monk / Guardian Druid - [H] Restoration Druid, Holy Paladin, Holy/Disc Priest - [DPS] Warlock, Balance Druid, F/A Mage, Shadow Priest Antorus Progress - 11/11 NM - 8/11 HC Raiding Times: - Monday & Tuesday 20:00 - 22:30 Contact: Tynael#2762 , Aryadna#21444Taon5 6d
6d <Indomitable> Home of the Ex-Mythic Raiders Hello there ! My name is Inserted and I'm the guild master of Indomitable the new social raiding guild on Tarren-Mill EU. We aim to clear current content and have one shot everything on normal with exception of one whipe due to an accidental ninja pull( still got that boss to 15 % tough :p). We are currently aiming to clear all of heroic within two weeks to then begin mythic progress. We don't focus 100% on mythic but we do want a few boss kills to shine in our collection. Currently we need the following classes Resto shaman (High) (1) Resto Druid (High) (1) Shaman DPS ( High) (2) Hunter DPS ( High) (2) Rogue DPS ( High) (2) Warlock DPS ( High) (1) The number between the brackets is how much we would ideally want of this class ( will update this as time goes by) We raid on Wed and sundays from 20-23 ST and use loot council to distribute loot. Trials go through a two week trial period. We never deny that for which you want to work for to achiev. If you want mythic kills and you pull your own weight we will get you there while not focusing on it 100% of our time. We put a lot of attention to the social aspects , daily banter happen in the discord and we have events on every day of the week so you are never bored. Add Anicky#21107 for a chat ! I'm always up for a chat about any topics.Inserted2 6d
6d Mythic Raiding Guild 9 o clock server time lf member Crimson - Tarren Mill EU (ToS 5/9 Mythic) is a guild for social members and end-game fanatics alike! We are an active guild that provides good company and pleasant and friendly raiding environment for all our raiders. We are a mature raiding group with high expectations for the future. We take raiding seriously and core raiders are expected to have at least 90% attendance and they need to have thorough knowledge of their class and be willing to improve themselves as much as they can. You are free to decide if you want to be a part of our core raid group or a socialite - you will surely find a comfy spot in our ranks. Our raiding times are every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 21:00-23:30 server time. Invites go out 15 minutes before the raids. All classes will be considered - we value person over class. If this has piqued your interest, feel free to contact any of our officers (Saríth (Zoveus#2510), Azurá (Azura#2118) Deluxejohn) ingame on Tarren Mill or apply on our site at crimsontm.enjin.com See you in Azeroth!Azurá2 6d
08 Dec <Vivid> 9/9M 3/11M 2 day raiding Guild About us <Vivid>, formerly known as Time is Money is a World of Warcraft raiding guild that is now under new leadership on Tarren Mill. The team was originally created at the end of March 2016 and managed to clear 13/13M quickly since then. The guild was created based on the idea of striving for top world ranks on a very tight schedule. Specifically, our goals are to place among the top world ranks for 2 day raiding guilds. Thus, and as a result of these goals you will find only top quality raiding in the guild, and this is because many of our core members used to be in very reputable guilds striving for World and European first kills dating back to Vanilla. If you are an exceptional player and can’t make 5-7 day raiding schedules anymore because of real-life commitments or other reasons, this guild may be the perfect fit for you. We accept alts! You can join us on another char, as long as you play it with the same passion and dedication you would your main, and your main guild's raids don't conflict with ours. What we expect from you: •Turn up on time for the agreed schedule, including 15 minutes before raid time for invites •HIGH ATTENDENCE – since we’re only raiding twice a week it is very important that you show up during the given raid days/hours •Be as prepared as you can: that includes gearing, consumables and knowledge of class/fights •Remain focused for the entire duration of the raid •Read up and on upcoming bosses and be prepared in every possible ways (test ptr, look at logs, watch videos etc) •To be able to play your offspecc at the same quality as your mainspecc and to be flexible with what you play •Low drama, if you have a !@#$ty attitude or you're a drama queen chances are you won't last long here. What you can expect from us: •Mature, Friendly and Social environment •Clearing the most current mythic content •Enjoyable raid hours •Extensive preparation and work from the officer team •Tight knit guild with activity outside of raiding hours Raiding Times: •Monday 19.30 - 23.00 CET •Thursday 19.30 - 23.00 CET If you are interested please either visit http://vivid-wow.enjin.com/ or add one of the officers below for any questions. Bror#2945 megaleen#2479 Stonepriest#2770Gíxxer20 08 Dec
08 Dec Ret Paladin and Frost DK looking for Heroic guild Two friends, recently returned from a break from WoW Looking for a two day a week heroic guild to progress in Antorus. Armory link for DK; https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/tanbin Both keep up to date with our spec, have previous experience raiding Leave a post below if you are interestedKaurav3 08 Dec
08 Dec [H]<BLACKOUT> heroic raiding guild RECRUITING 8/11HC Greetings, <Blackout> is a 2 day a week heroic raiding guild formed at the start of Legion. We are Horde! Raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 20:30 - 23:30 server time. We also run optional alt/social raids on Sundays We are open for recruitment for our Antorus heroic raids and welcome applications for all roles, although we are primarily looking for: - Ranged DPS (mainly looking for warlocks, mages, hunters, boomkins) - Some melee spots also available - Healers (Paladin/Monk) A bit about us: Previous raid progress: EN - 4/7 M ToV - 3/3 H NH - 3/10 M ToS - 3/9 M Formed at the beginning of Legion we are primarily a heroic focused raiding guild, although we have dabbled in mythic from time to time. The guild is managed by experienced raiders that have been playing WoW at a high level for years. Due to personal time restrictions of our core members and life just being a hoe and not letting us play 24/7, for Antorus our goal has shifted firmly to heroic and as a result we are taking a more laid back approach to raiding in general. As this is likely to be the last raid before BfA we may consider some mythic bosses once we are well and truly done with heroic but that is by no means a strong commitment. Heroic will always be our primary goal. We currently have a very strong and capable core raid team but they are getting bored of swapblasting the same people off of elevators every week so we are looking to expand our roster size and therefore are looking for new victims..... sorry, recruits to make up the numbers. Our rules for being in the guild are very simple: - Be good at what you do - Be nice - Spicy Ramen The most important thing for us is that we want our raiding environment to be a fun place to hang out. We like to laugh at each other, we like to pish about (within reason of course!), we also know when to get our heads down and concentrate for the kill. Since we only raid 2 nights a week for progression we like to use that time effectively and expect our raiders to come prepared and well equipped; That means you turn up with plenty of flasks, food, Dad jokes, pots and runes, with your gear properly enchanted and gemmed. We also play other games together such as, Destiny 2, LoL, Hide the Sausage, Hearthstone, Battlerite, "just the tip" etc If this sounds like what you are looking for you can speak to an officer directly Psycho - Phsymon#2776 Vohl - Vohl#2886 or apply on our website: http://blackout-guild.enjin.com/ Some of our members also stream if you want to see what kind of crazy $h!t we get up to..... (!warning! we get up to some crazy $h1t......) https://www.twitch.tv/nitramlive https://www.twitch.tv/iwyl https://www.twitch.tv/epicvohlVohl1 08 Dec
07 Dec <Perceptive>Gold xRealm,Cheaper WoWTokens! <Perceptive> Exchanging Gold Cross Realm! We have gold on other realms we are willing to trade in exchange for gold on Tarren Mill Horde. We offer you more gold than we will receive! In the case of gold to gold trades we have Available gold in the following realms : Arathor Azuremyst Blackrock Blackhand Blackmoore Bloodfeather Bloodscalp Defias Brotherhood Draenor Drak'Thul Eredar Hyjal Illidan Outland Pozzo Ragnaros Ravencrest Sargeras Stormreaver Stormscale Terenas .....and more! Contact us Battletag:Chilltax#2421 Skype: Perceptive.boost Discord:Perceptiveboost#6880Ziizi3 07 Dec
07 Dec [H] 2 friends looking for a new home! Hi all, Put simply, my friend and I have just rerolled and are looking for our new home on Tarren Mill. We are seeking an active social community with the option to raid when we are ready. The guild would have be active both in game and out and our preferred method of communication is Discord. We are very social players and we both believe that the game is better shared with others however we both have pretty extensive raiding experience spread across varying classes/roles. We have both been playing and raiding since vanilla. It is important to us that they guild we choose are very welcoming and like to involve new players in the things they do. We are still levelling but can offer the following... 1x Mage 1x Resto ShamanChewlip1 07 Dec
07 Dec [H] Indomitable 11/11 NM Hello there ! My name is Inserted and i'm the new guild master of the guild Indomitable on Tarren Mill. After 7 months of trying to find a guild that fits my schedule I sadly came to the conclusion that there are none out there that needed my services as a tank. Hence I made my own guild ! called Indomitable for the social and hardcore alike. Want to raid ? we raid on Wednesday and Sunday , raid times yet to be determined but standard raid times would be 20:00-23:00 Want to just level ? Sit there and level ! Hang out with the guys on discord and have fun. Want to join on the occasional raid and do your mythic + each week ? Welcome , you can find those people in here too ! Do you have chronic depression and just wish to talk with somebody ? You should visit your family for that but sure , I'll listen ! We focus more on the social aspect of the game rather than the raiding part , we make sure to get out curve and do some mythic of course but if we can't bant and joke outside of raid times then something is wrong , a raid night doesn't end after the raid is done ! We are social the entire day but all is optional , if you don't want to be social nobody will force you into anything ! We are a Democratic guild , the guild master rank should be ignored talk to me as you would talk to a brother or colleague same with officers. if you have a problem in the guild no matter how small talk to us and we'll resolve it , all decisions will be solved democraticly ! My policy is to not deny anybody anything if they wish to work for it , if you want to raid hardcore Mythic tough we might not be for you ! We do intend to do mythic but not as our main focus ( mainly for the cache and transmog) If you wish even more info contact me in game at any time !Inserted4 07 Dec
06 Dec (H) <Legio Excisio> 6/9M - 11/11 HC lf DPS Hey there! Legio excisio is a guild that has been around since Vanilla/TBC. Most of our raiders have been in this guild for the past 2-5 years. We are mostly from UK/Belgium/Portugal but welcome everyone in our guild. We are all rather mature people ranging from early 20s to mid 30s. We are currently looking for 1 more dps for Antorus : Warlock We have 6/9 Mythic in ToS we raid every wednesday/Sunday/Monday from 21.00 till 00.00 Incase we spiked your interest, please do not hesitate and whisper someone online,they will surely redirect you to an officer or assistant for a talk :) Hope to hear from you soon! Or you can add me on Battle.Net for a chat Ariona#2307Morania10 06 Dec
04 Dec <Cricketeers> - Tarren Mill recruiting for Antorus Cricketeers (11/11 N 2/11 HC), a newly formed late night raiding guild, is currently recruiting for Antorus. What we offer: • A mature raiding environment with an experienced and motivated team. • Progression as a team, we're all friends here. • A social environment with nice players who are eager to welcome new members. • Weekly raids and mythic plus group to help you progress and gear your main as well as alts. • A good laugh with some funny guys. What we ask of you: • Commitment to progression. We're not a hardcore guild but we want to clear all content in a reasonable time, so be prepared to work on your spec and to follow Fatboss on youtube :p • Be willing to follow our rules when raiding. Nothing crazy but when the boss is pulled we want serious faces on. • Be decent and helpful to your guildies. We raid 3 days per week: • Wednesday 21:00 - 00:00 • Sunday 21:00 - 00:00 • Monday 21:00 - 00:00 On top of this the guild helps organize M+ groups every Tuesday and we help organize normal runs for everyone interested in clearing normal. We're currently recruiting: • DPS (ranged and melee) For more info, whisper one of our founding members or post here: Teephus - Teephus#2791 Fhaya Marhey Derrots Drunktankie - Andrew87jk#21230Teephus5 04 Dec
04 Dec Tank LF progression guild! TANK LF progress raiding guild (ProtPala[944-72]/BloodDK[939-74]) currently on Kazzak server I am able to switch I play 3 characters those 2 tanks and a Rshamman(939-70).Donvitto0 04 Dec
03 Dec TAUNT AGGRO - 1/11 Mythic - (2 day raiding guild) TAUNT AGGRO is a guild on Tarren Mill (created 2017-10-09) FORMING A SOLID SEMI-HARDCORE ROSTER FOR ARGUS! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current progression in Antorus, the Burning Throne 11/11 Normal Mode 11/11 Heroic Mode 1/11 Mythic (Felhounds of Sargeras 56% first 10 minutes of progression) -------------------------------------------------- We are a tight community with players knowing eachother for ages throughout many expansions e.t.c Our Officer team has experience ever since vanilla. Some of us hardcore raided in the past while others were raiding semi-hardcore generally in top 20-100 world. Also the officer core got experience in challenge modes (speed records/boosting.) So generally speaking the officer team is very experienced and overall we have alot of experiences with all classes in the game e.t.c and most important when it comes to serious raiding! We are creating this guild to clear content while its current, our goal is to improve each tier that passes by on a semi-hardcore level (2 raiding days a week + 1 alt raid/Boosting outside of raiding hours for those who's intrested) In order to do this, we need a very stable and skilled roster! Which means we're recruiting any good player with good logs/experience currently and as we grow we'll require more from any applicants. We want high quality in our raids since we wanna get the most out of the raiding hours (6 hours a week) in order to do this we will constant try to improve our roster with good players, and you as player should never take your core raider rank as fully granted, you always have to strive to improve. And you as a player in our guild need to be available to commit 100% to our raiding schedule since we're limited with our raiding hours, and since we strive to clear content at a steady pace before next content hits its really important we have reliable and loyal players that we can trust 100%. We are not a guild that approve any members to fool around during our raiding hours, during raiding hours its serious business and you are required to focus for 3 hours two nights a week, which is not alot. We still strive to have an extremly high raiding quality and get progress done! Outside of raiding hours we require each member of the core (including trial) to maximize your main character, farming legendarys, artifact power, basically whatever that makes your character stronger is a must! Simply keep your character up to date with the current patch/content. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Language:English ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Sunday 19.30 (raid invite goes out) 20.00 1st pull, raid off 23.00. Also once a new raid is released we will raid 3 days the first week of mythic and most likely 1st heroic week aswell, in order to clear heroic and start our mythic progression. After that week we revert back to our normal schedule which is two days. And the extra day we're gonna add is Thursday, and the exact same time as the above raiding days! Other than this we will have an optional alt run on either friday or saturday 20.00 + Boost runs in the future for those who's intrested in that (we're also boosting Mythic + often!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voice Communication: Discord! It's mandatory to have have a working microphone and you have to be available to communicate if the situation requires it! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loot distribution: RC Loot Council - We are using a loot council in the officer team, we hand out the loot as fair as possibly, but we take a few things into consideration. We judge your gameplay and your consistency. People who perform well and actually are trustworthy to the guild gets priority on loot. Although as trial you arent prioritized untill you passes your trial period for us. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment Send us an application on our website, officer should reply back within 24 hours maximum and after that we'll discuss it and review it in the officer team, please be aware of we might text you back with questions so be available to check it every few hours is to be prefered. Also before making our final decision its very likely we gonna schedule an interview with the applicant on discord before making our final decision regarding your application to join us. Current recruitment needs: 1 Restoration Druid (Really high demand) 1 Balance Druid (Preferably with a solid healing off-specc) 1 Mage 1 Shadow Priest Website - http://tauntaggro.shivtr.com/ For further information/assistance please reach any officer on battle.tags or in-game. Battle.tags Arenzo#2861 Rexoro (Guild Master & Ranged Officer) Psyke#21601 Psykeqt (Ranged Officer & Raid Leader) Gloorius#2484 Gloorius (Tanking Officer) limelight#21615 Limelighty (Healing Officer) Fraxt#2423 Fraxtxd (Melee Officer) Blonda#21357 Blondagullan (Recruitment Officer)Arenzoshamxd12 03 Dec
03 Dec DPS DK + Warlock LF raiding guild. DK/Affi warlock recently returning after a short break Looking for a new guild. Both cleared full EN / ToV / NH / TOS norm/Hc (and a couple of mythic) We recently decided to change it up and both rerolled, we're currently @ 916 ilvl but it will increase within the next few days. Both skilled players, always looking to learn or improve, Looking for an experienced guild focused on progression. 2 main days we can do are tues,wed. Or any day as long as its late night past 23:30 server. Both of us are very vocal and speak good english. Add my btag or msg here. Sin2244Rábíes2 03 Dec
03 Dec <H> Indomitable , Ex Mythic Raider's Home <Indomitable> A guild formed by Ex-mythic raiders who are settling down ! We focus on the social aspect of this game instead of focusing on mythic 100% of the time , but not completely ignoring it either. We aim to get out Curve early into the raid tier and to then get enough mythic kills to get some nice ranks and atleast the caches. Our Raid times are on Wed / Sun from 20:00 - 23:00 with fun events and transmog runs throughout the week. Extension will only happen if unanimously agreed upon. In our guild the rank of Officer and Guild Master should be viewed as a colleague instead of a supervisor, of course the respect is still there but you should treat them as you treat all other guildies. We are a democratic guild, the Officers and Guild master votes of course matter but we pulse in the guild what they want , if the majority of the guild members vote NO , the answer is NO even if the entire officer core and GM wished for it to happen. Currely we are open for ALL classes , but are particularly looking for the ones in our recruitment section of this page. If you prefer to pvp , do mythic dungeons , spam m+ or whatever you want to do you are free to join as a social , even if you just like leveling on alts feel free to join ! . Contact me in game with ANY questions , wether it is how to make chicken or preferably something about the guild , I'm always open for a conversation. Anicky#21107 For our recruitment : https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/IndomitableInserted0 03 Dec
02 Dec [H] <Netflix and Skill> 2 day Heroic only <Netflix and Skill> are a Heroic raiding guild on Tarren Mill - EU Horde. The team was built recently by some old friends coming back together to enjoy wow and raiding again. We have a vast range of experience in our team from cutting edge raiders to people learning and trying to improve daily. Our aims are to clear the Heroic content for now whilst building up a core team and just having fun. The guild is looking to assemble a stable raid team to clear heroic content each week. Our goal is not Mythic raiding any time soon however if we had a stable 20 man roster that is not to say we wouldn't dabble and consider it if that is the direction the team wanted to move in the future. The guild itself is a fun and vibrant place to hang out in, our guild as well as our raiding team consists of players from all over Europe. The chat is never dull nor is the atmosphere, if your interested in doing guild Heroics/PVP or farming achievements while not raiding then this is the place for you! We have a Discord which is very active most evenings, however I would advise if you do not have a sense of humour we most likely aren't the guild for you. Outside of raiding we also play other games together (the usual suspects PUBG, HOTS, LOL etc.) so you should never be bored and always find someone to chill with. We also are partial to some Mythic plus and PvP. Recruitment Status: Open In need of 2 healers and 2-3 DPS to start guild only raids to clear heroic. We are open to recruiting more as heroic scales to our needs. Our Raiding Schedule: We raid 2 nights a week - Wednesday and Sunday from 20.00 - 23.00 UK (21.00 - 00.00 Server) What we expect from any applicant: We expect you to be willing to be apart of the guild. We pride ourselves on the social aspect of our guild, although small at the moment we are all very active and social on discord. We aren't looking for cutting edge players however a keen knowledge of your class would be the minimum to raid. What can we offer you?: A solid raiding spot in a fun social guild A chatty guild and fun raiding environment A place to not just raid and log off, we are a more social group than that! How to apply?: In game feel free to poke anyone in the guild to be pushed to an officer or add me Blynx#21352 We don't have a written application process but this is not to say we won't do a quick background check ourselves. We will require you to join Discord before we make our decision.Jajablinks2 02 Dec
02 Dec Ret/Prot pala looking for guild Hi! Im looking for a raiding guild for Antorus. I cleared HC of ToS, after returning from a year long break. I have done 2/11 HC and 7/11 normal Antorus so far. I raided a lot in MoP - and cleared mythic SoO - so i have a lot of experience tanking. I am able to raid 2 days a week, so no hardcore raiding. Not nessecarily looking for mythic. Alternatively i have a balance druid im leveling and gearing. If you have any questions feel free to ask.Vantini0 02 Dec
01 Dec Fury warr LF raiding guild i'm looking for a casual raiding guild who will be clearing normal and heroic content and try out some mythic if enough people want it atleast. what i mostly expect from the guild is that they are mature and are in for a laugh from time to time aswell. whisper me ingame for more info if neededSmexjin0 01 Dec
30 Nov Experienced Healer LF New Raiding Guild [H] Hello! Intro: English/swedish talking Holy Priest at the age of 24 and Im looking for a new guild. I have multiple years of experience as a healer and after a break since 7.1 Im trying to find my way back to PvE again. What Am I looking for?: Im currently looking for a solid guild who raid 2-3 days a week, pref 19-23 ST. Who has a nice atmosphere during raids but still maintain a nice focus for progression on the raid days that are given. A officer/leader-team that has experience in mythic raiding and who arent afraid of a little bump in the road ;). My previous experience: Have alot of experience before legion but Ill cut it short with some mentionable progress/kills such as: Firefighter, Algalon, Anub'Arak HC 50+ attempts, ICC HC, First raid tier of cata. In legion I've been the guildmaster of Enraged Synergy here on Tarren Mill! As for a new guild I took over 2 weeks into EN, we still managed to take a top 600 position world-wide into NH. Unfortunately we disbanded after 3/10M. After That I decided to take a break and came back recently but just doing ToS HC casually. Logs from 7.0-7.1 : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/1064230/10/ Notable here Is that the dmg logs were often combined with the healing logs on the same attempt/kill What can I offer?: I can offer you an experience healer who studies up on the class via numerous sources to stay up to date! I consider myself as a fast learner to new encounters and also adapt to all encounters to help out as much as possible. Even tho I played shaman back in EN/ToV/NH and rerolled priest 2 months ago Im adapting more than well! I know Im not mega-geared but such things shouldnt be an issue at this time of a new raid release. Not afraid to put in the work thats needed to get up to date. Have a strong PC and 100/100 mbit/s internet. Got a working mic and Im not afraid to use it ;). Battletag: Peyan#2823Basketbenny0 30 Nov
30 Nov Experienced 930 Hunter LF night guild 930 BM Hunter, been playing WoW since it released in EU, now im able to get back into raiding and looking for a guild that raids night time. Let me know if any1 is intrestedOlzon3 30 Nov
30 Nov Holy Paldin lf 2 day guild raiding hc/mythic ATB Hey, I'm not looking for specific type of guild my goal is same as always find guild where I will be part of team and community.Ussually I play in one Years , expansions but sadly in Legion I didn't find proper one ..Too many rotations ,disbands and wierd stuff.. My goal is to do in short time CE full mythic clear ! I'm flexible and if you want decent Holy Paladin in your team let me know! -did easy clear ATB normal 1shoting all bosses with 600-800hps as top healer.Looking for challenge in hc and mythic mode! Holy Paladin(coming after break) 940 bis geared (have gear for solo target/raid damage bosses , mythic + ) 72 art lvl 40-45 % crit , all legendaries LF Guild for Antorus: -max 2day's raiding (can play any day max untill 22-23 pref Sunday ) -can join guild with decent apply if you want:) https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/tarren-mill/Suzzaku -ATB N cleared CE 7/7 m 3/3 m 10/10m (1000-1400 World kills) Tos 9/9 hc 1/9 M on first weeks , than multi clears..(backing from 3months break) -able to 3 heal all bosses (mythic diff) -Logs are reseted but alle were at lvl 75 - 90 % healing and 80-90 % dps , always top healer! -Full knowledge of all tacts! Add me and lets chat :) #Raito2734Suzzaku0 30 Nov
29 Nov Shaman looking for Guild New on this server, still leveling Shaman , with intention of casual raiding, looking for Guild here. Recently decided to play Horde more and i choose this server. I plan this char (or maybe other hordes) to be my main focus and wanted to join guild to start preparing for endgame, but so far all the ads on trade chat are for hardcore mythic raiding guilds :) I intend on more casual play with occasional raiding. This char is new, but overall i have some raiding experience as Hunter in WotLK and as (ally) Demon Hunter 2nd tank in Legion (some Emerald Nightmare and Nigthhold, when they were relevant)Sharkhe4 29 Nov
29 Nov DK+Warlock (UN/Aff) LF New Home [H] Greetings, We're two well adapted and tested players looking for a home for the new Antorus raid. Both have played multiple classes to a high standard and are now looking to focus on our current characters progression. After a 3 month hiatus from the game, we have come back, re-rolled and have played around 1 week and are already 916~, proving that we are dedicated to putting the time in to getting ourselves prepared. We're only looking for a Horde guild at this moment and are currently only available to raid Tuesday/Wednesday, unless the raid starts after 10:30pm. We're looking for a stable guild with solid HC progression looking to push themselves to mythic. We wish to join an already established guild with active members looking to play other aspects of the game outside raiding such as M+. We have both achieved Curve for every raid so far this expansion and want to carry on. Below are both our armoury links. We are punctual, prepared and willing to be flexible with our classes and just want to find the right guild to progress with. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/lowsp%C3%AC https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/r%C3%A1b%C3%ADes If you want to chat, please add my Battletag: Lowspi#2486Lowspì0 29 Nov
29 Nov <Merely a Setback> LF raiders - ToS 9/9HC Dear Adventurer, <Merely a Setback> are currently looking for members to bolster and expand our core raiding team, we are progressing through ToS at a healthly pace. We are currently 10/10 HC in Nighthold 9/9 ToS Normal and 8/9HC ToS. The raiding environment is relaxed but 100% focused from pull to kill on progress. We are a softcore guild, who aim to have fun while we raid, but need players who welcome feedback on their performance and actively try to achieve success within the raiding group. The guild was originally <Orc of the Covenant>, which was a semi-hard core raiding guild back in MoP. Under a change of ownership, we have experienced raiders who have stuck by the guild through thick and thin. The draw of raiding too tempting, we have built a fantastic core team or whom we wish to build on and expand. We are mainly focused on raiding, but we also like to organise M+ runs mostly comprised of guild members. We have few PvPers at the moment of writing. We raid on Thursdays and Sundays, 20:00-23:00 server time. 100% attendance is not necessary, however, in case of absence we need you to give us a head up with as much notice as possible. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to come and have fun with us. Even if it doesn't work out, you'll still make some awesome friends. We consider new members as trials for a period of 2 weeks. We roll for loot but try to give priority to big upgrades for our raiding roster. We are currently in search of DPS players but Healers can also apply. For in-game chat, please whisper Claria#2464 or Yanis-Dentarg. Please also refer to our website: http://merely-a-setback-eu.enjin.com/ Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.Claria12 29 Nov
27 Nov Leviathan<H> Looking for members [H] <Leviathan> on Tarren Mill EU looking for mythic ready healers and Ranged dps! We're currently looking for a resto shaman/mistweaver monk and a couple of ranged! Are you a skilled healer that has been healing for a long time and fancy a challenge? Are you a hunter always being left on the bench? Are you looking for a stable and serious raiding guild with lots of fun and giggles that loves to raid just as much as you? Consider joining Leviathan on Tarren Mill EU! We're 4/10 M NH. We just need YOU to fulfill our roster. We have a bunch of skilled players and healers, but sadly some of the healers have had changes in their lifes meaning we need new skilled ones. We are looking for decently geared players to push progress into tomb! Apply to the guild online: leviathan.wowalliances.com Or whisper an officer as shown down below. Join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/bUHVUXb (Can also be used to help you apply) Join our TS: Leviathan.TS.IO (we will interview you here if possible) Catch an officer online redwolf#2425 - Ryan - Raid leader Hinami#21103 - Hinami - Ranged officer thamben#2713 - Thamben - Recruitment officerRedbeef3 27 Nov
27 Nov [H] Ret Paladin LF HC Guild I am looking for a guild that is going for Antorus HC (totaly down for trying mythic aswell).Did max heroic on every raid tier since HFC (thats when i started properly raiding) including some mythic along the way.Had to take a break and missed out on ToS so i am looking for a guild to get back into raiding with. For more info feel free to add me on bnet TheDitzu21#2440Ditzu0 27 Nov