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29 May Guild Websites Welcome to 'Tarren Mill' forums! READ BEFORE POSTING! If you would like your guild to be added to this list, please post your web address and choose one of the following categories: Try to stick to the category, although more information about your guild is appreciated but not necessary. -Mythic Raiding -Heroic Raiding -Normal Raiding -PvP Orientated -Social I would like to add that "if" your guild disbands or changes to a different raiding scheme (PvP > PvE & vice versa), please post it here so I can re-update and remove your guild from the current list or update it's status. (optional but encouraged to do so) Don't have a guild website? Well get one now! http://www.guildlaunch.com http://www.guildportal.com http://www.guildzilla.com http://www.wowstead.com http://www.enjin.com/ ________________________________________________________________ UPDATED FOR NEW RAIDING SCHEMES - WoD 2015 ... ٠Mythic Raiding٠ Rapid Eye Movement - http://www.remgaming.com/ Hardcore Raiding guild currently crowned at the top of Tarren Mills Boss clears. NollTvåTre - http://www.nolltvatre.se A Swedish Hardcore Raiding guild formed in 2011. Prime - http://team-prime.eu/ Having been around since Wrath, Prime is a Hardcore Raiding guild on Tarren Mill-EU. Nihilum - http://nihilum.enjin.com/ Having been around since the days of Vanilla Nihilum is back in the PvE Game. Angered - http://angeredguild.com/ Hardcore Raiding guild with 5 nights a week Raiding schedule. Epiphany - http://epiphany-guild.com/ Formed in Mists, Epiphany is a 3 nights a week raiding guild. Infinite - http://www.infinite-guild.eu/ A Semi-Hardcore raiding guild found in 2007. Currently 4 nights a week raiding 19:00-23:00 ST Unity - Together since 2010, Unity's mission is to clear all Mythic content. Huhuholics - http://www.huhuholics.eu/ Experience since Vanilla, Huhuholics has been around for number of years. Currently raiding 3 nights a week 20:00 to 23:00 ST Bulwark - http://bulwark-eu.guildlaunch.com/ Fidelis - http://fidelis-gaming.enjin.com/ Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild with 3 nights a week Raiding schedule. Cerberus - http://cerberus-guild.shivtr.com/ Founded in 2012 on Karazhan-EU. Raiding 3 nights a week from 20:30 to 24:00 ST Da Noob - http://www.danoob.net/ Around since 2008, Da Noob is an International Raiding Guild. Sanctus Immortalis - http://sanctusimmortalis.enjin.com/ Fürõr - http://furor.forumotion.com/ A Hardcore 20 Man Raiding guild founded in 2009 ٠Heroic Raiding٠ Nibiru - http://www.nibiruguild.shivtr.com/ Nibiru is a Croatian Raiding Guild. ٠Normal Raiding٠ Body Count - http://body-count.enjin.com Brothers of Blood - http://brothers-of-blood.enjin.com/home ٠PvP Orientated٠ ٠Social٠ Crimson Sanctum - http://www.crimsonsanctum.enjin.com/ A Social 10 Man Raiding guild. Raiding 3 nights a week 20:00-23:00 ST ... ٠Mythic Raiding٠ Consideration - www.consideration.guildportal.com Formed in 2008 'Consideration' is a Raiding Guild based on Dentarg-EU. ٠Heroic Raiding٠ ٠Normal Raiding٠ ٠PvP Orientated٠ ٠Social٠ No Moon Over Me - http://aniko79.wix.com/no-moon-over-me Originally founded in 2004 and rebooted in 2014, a Social - PvP guild. ________________________________________________________________ List updated as of: 04.01.2015 - Thanks for the Sticky ;) [Previous Update: 28.06.2013]Waterspark212 29 May
11m (h)Kill Guides 5/9M is now recruting Kill Guides was formed when Dragon soul was released where we got realm 1st on Sylvannas. We are curently forming a team that could achieve fast progress in this content and after! Kill Guides values performance and reliability above all else. We expect you to know your class inside and out; researching the bosses beforehand and being up to date with your class changes is something of great importance to us. You are also expected to have a good attitude towards raiding; if you’re going to show up late several times a month and make a fuss over loot you didn’t get, then this is not the place for you. You are expected to be at least of 18 years of age, however if you can make a stand for yourself and prove to us that you are just as mature, compromises can always be made. You are also able to understand English both in speech and writing and thus communicate on Discord. If you’re looking for a high competitive guild with a more casual raiding schedule, then this is the place for you. We combine quality progress with a fun raiding atmosphere where everyone is treated equally no matter your rank. Legion achieves 7/7m 3/3m 10/10m 9/9hc currently recruting resto druid tank ranged dps for any questions add my battletag devilwrath#2881 or apply online killguides.enjin.comAnasteriah16 11m
1h WTT Gold from TM to Draenor (Horde) Got gold in the servers below ------------------------------------------- Tarren Mill Twisting Nether Ysera (ger) and want to trade that gold for gold in Draenor Talking about Horde only. Bambacha#2898 is my real ID, add me if interested!Mampie0 1h
7h Ember of Dreams searching new Sparks for Raid Team Tired of punching adorable critters? Want to punch heroically epic things instead? You’ve come to the right place! Who are we? Ohai! ^.^ We are Ember of Dreams and our newly created raiding guild on Tarren Mill is home to our WoW players. Our aim in this community is to help people, to create a place where people who are passionate about gaming can find others who are too.We have rightnow 9/9 normal 1/9 Heroic What are we looking for? Social, new players or those looking for a new place to call home are always welcome. An exceptional Raid Leader who can lead by example. Dedicated Raiders to join our ranks in the battle against the Legion. See below for more details. Healer Priest,Paladin or Shaman RDPS: Mages,Priest,Hunter, Warlock What do you get: Discord Fun A Friendly Raid and Guild What are our goals? Clear current content both Normal and Heroic. Grow the raiding team to a size of 20+ regular raiders with a split of 2 Tanks, 5 Healers, 6 mDPS, 12 rDPS. When do we raid and what time? Progression - Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Server Time Progression - Sunday 20:00-23:00 Server Time How can I start raiding? Have a mature attitude and be 16+. Have an ilvl appropriate for the current content (885/890+ pref) Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/xjUYVeC Message add Devils#2476 or sindorie#9119 for questions or an invite to the guild or find us online in guild Look out for invites in the in-game calendar. Thanks for taking the time to read through this post and feel free to stop by our Discord if you have any questions, we are always happy to chat. See you on the battlefields of Azeroth! All the <3 Team EODDevilssan3 7h
18h <Vivid> 10/10M 5/9M 2 day raiding Guild About us <Vivid>, formerly known as Time is Money is a World of Warcraft raiding guild that is now under new leadership on Tarren Mill. The team was originally created at the end of March 2016 and managed to clear 13/13M quickly since then. The guild was created based on the idea of striving for top world ranks on a very tight schedule. Specifically, our goals are to place among the top world ranks for 2 day raiding guilds. Thus, and as a result of these goals you will find only top quality raiding in the guild, and this is because many of our core members used to be in very reputable guilds striving for World and European first kills dating back to Vanilla. If you are an exceptional player and can’t make 5-7 day raiding schedules anymore because of real-life commitments or other reasons, this guild may be the perfect fit for you. We accept alts! You can join us on another char, as long as you play it with the same passion and dedication you would your main, and your main guild's raids don't conflict with ours. What we expect from you: •Turn up on time for the agreed schedule, including 15 minutes before raid time for invites •HIGH ATTENDENCE – since we’re only raiding twice a week it is very important that you show up during the given raid days/hours •Be as prepared as you can: that includes gearing, consumables and knowledge of class/fights •Remain focused for the entire duration of the raid •Read up and on upcoming bosses and be prepared in every possible ways (test ptr, look at logs, watch videos etc) •To be able to play your offspecc at the same quality as your mainspecc and to be flexible with what you play •Low drama, if you have a !@#$ty attitude or you're a drama queen chances are you won't last long here. What you can expect from us: •Mature, Friendly and Social environment •Clearing the most current mythic content •Enjoyable raid hours •Extensive preparation and work from the officer team •Tight knit guild with activity outside of raiding hours Raiding Times: •Monday 19.30 - 23.00 CET •Thursday 19.30 - 23.00 CET If you are interested please either visit http://vivid-wow.enjin.com/ or add one of the officers below for any questions. Bror#2945 megaleen#2479 Stonepriest#2770Gíxxer16 18h
20h (H) Mythic Raiding Guild <Iniquity> Recruiting Dps Iniquíty Horde based raiding guild on Tarren Mill: 7/7M (Cutting Edge) 2/3M 6/10M 9/9HC 2/9m Iniquity is looking to recruit some fresh faces to join our active & friendly raiding community. Mythic has always been our number one aim. A large majority of the core have played WoW since vanilla and are very friendly and active bunch of players. We are looking for players which want to raid and challenge for mythic content during ToS and future content. Recruitment Status Dps: - Death Knight - Medium - Shadow Priests – Low - Hunters – Closed - Mage – High - Warrior – Medium - Warlock – Medium - Boomkin – Medium - Shaman - High - Flex Dps/Healer – Medium - Flex Dps/Tank - Medium - Demon Hunter - Low We currently have High preferences for players which are already 9/9 HC, if you are able to provide logs of HC kills, or Mythic kills this is much appreciated. The Raid Schedule: We require our members to raid at least 2 out of 3 raid days a week (priority given to those who make all 3). - Thursday 20:30–23:00 - Sunday 20:30-23:00 - Monday 20:30-23:00 - Server Time We understand that many people have real life commitments and can’t make every raid; all we ask is notice in advance and do so via the calendar. What we can provide you: - Steady Progression - Flexible Raid Attendance - A close Knit, Social Environment - The opportunity to start fresh. We understand that a lot of people have been playing a certain class/role for a long time now and some players are looking to switch or start fresh. What we're looking for from you: - A good attitude and respectful manner. - We require a certain level of competency - we need to see a pro-active attitude in regard to gearing etc. - A willingness and desire to improve. The guild will also accept social players which want to play in a friendly environment. We are also open to take a group of friends. For any information please add! GM: Crisis#2645Jáy1 20h
1d [H] <Second Nature> 2/9M is recruiting Second Nature Second Nature aims to clear as much content as possible while it’s relevant. Recruitment: Rogue - Very high Boomie - Very high Warrior - Very high Melee - high Exceptional players of any class and spec We can offer you: - A friendly and welcoming community, that’s competetive, where everyone strives to improve themselves. - Lots of fun, we have a great array of personalities here and I'm sure you'll find yourself having a great time both in and out of raids. Make some new friends too! - Plenty of M+, optional raids and general stuff happening out of raids! What we expect from you: -You read tactics before progress. - Maximized, good performance and solid knowledge of your class. - Mature approach to raiding, be able to take criticism and contribute. -Always have consumables before raid starts. -Striving to become a better player. -High attendance during progression. 90%. -To stay online and be ready, if you’re not picked for the starting 20. -Functioning mic Raid times: Monday 19:45-23.00 Wednesday 19:45-23.00 Sunday 19:45-23.00 Contacts: Ske3l#2382 Damnyea#2331Plebfist3 1d
1d The Swedish Legion> [H] [Tarren Mill]9/9HC 2/9M 2d/wk Hej! Vi är en svensktalande guild som främst består av studenter runt om i Sverige med en core i Göteborg. Vi kör endast två dagar i veckan då vi alla har saker att göra utöver wow och raiding men när vi spelar dessa två dagar så försöker vi göra det så effektivt som möjligt. Vår stämning är avslappnad och vi har alltid kul när vi spelar men är seriösa när det krävs. Vi letar efter dig som • kan det svenska språket • är över 18 år gammal • vill spela med oss 2 dagar i veckan under avslappnade former men ändå försöka progressa så långt det går! Vi letar efter dig som har ett liv som möjliggör att du kan raida: Torsdagar 18:45-22 (invites startar 18:45, första pull 19:00) Söndagar 18:45-22 (invites startar 18:45, första pull 19:00) Nuvarande progress Vi har clearat varje raid på heroic varje gång och sen enbart farmat raiden på heroic tills nästa raid kommit ut men har nu planer på att sikta lite högre och försöka nå så långt vi kan i mythic inom ramen för dessa två dagar. Vi dödade KJ HC 7 augusti. Vad letar vi efter? Vi letar efter personer som kan göra bra damage och har bra attendence. Framför allt letar vi efter: Rogue(s) Balance druid Kontakt: Oskar#2247 Castorfiber#2707 Karish#1138 Fepa#2175Marklyft3 1d
1d 920 Guardian Bear LF raiding guild (H/M) Hello there lads. Im currently on the lookout for a new home for my guardian druid. I have played WoW on and off since vanilla, but didn't start raiding before WOTLK. Since then, i have been enthusiastic to clear the current content, on high/highest difficulty. I had a break from WoW during Cataclysm, and smaller breaks during later expansions. In Legion i had a break after HC EN clear, and now i'm looking to start high difficulty raids again. I've cleared 9/9 HC atm. What im looking for: - A friendly "home" with players with casual attitude, but the ability to focus 100% during raids. - 2-3 raiding days a week, somewhere between 19.00-00.00. - Good & stable guild structure. - A guild with mature players, with no drama while raiding (or in general, for that sake). What you get: - A friendy and mature guildmember. - Alot of raiding experience, both as a raider & raid leader, in previous content. - Dedication and commitment to progress, and doing the best for the guild. - Active member and high attendance on raid days, but also on non raid days. I hope my profile will fit a guild, looking for a new tank to your roster. Looking forward to hear from you! -SnigarnSnígarn0 1d
1d <Fürõr> (H) 4/9M Recruiting Fürõr is an eight years old english speaking, two day mythic raiding guild on Tarren Mill-EU. Our focus is on clearing raids at the highest difficulty this game has to offer. Our team consists veteran players. We are a group of passionate gamers that are always looking forward to the new challenges this game throws at us and with that, the opportunity to improve. Current Tier Progress: 4/9M Previous Tier Progress: 7/7M EN (cutting-edge), 2/3M ToV, 6/10M NH Main Progress Raids: Friday/Sunday 19:30-22:30 server time Farm/Alt/Fun Raid (ToS Hc clear, optional run): Wednesday 19.30 server time Voice communication: Discord Our guild website: http://team-furor.com What we're looking for: * Good knowledge of the class that you are applying for. * Good logs on warcraftlogs.com * Mythic raid experience in any previous tiers. * The ability to keep up your focus during the rough parts of progress. * The ability to play an off spec. * Being able to take constructive criticism (and to give it too) in a positive way. * Being able to use Discord and be vocal, especially where it's needed. * 18+ Age requirement with a good sense of humour Recruitment Status: * 1x restoration druid * 1-2x kickass RDPS (any class) with awesome logs! We have limited (2-3) spots for our core mythic team. We are looking for a few really good raiders for our mythic progression. Any raider with good logs can be considered at this point. Contact us: If this sounds like you and you're interested in joining, then please visit www.team-furor.com for more info, or contact us on bnet (listed in alphabetical order): Cyclopes (GM) usmanjavaid#1447 Cloudmane (Officer) grim#2571 Sonorr (Officer) sonor#22239 Yorg (Officer) buttcat#2145Cyclopes20 1d
1d [H] <Senior Citizens> 4/9 HC only guild for the mature Progress: 4/9 HC <Senior Citizens> gather around, we bring news! Have you played this game for a looong time and matured like a good bottle of wine, or maybe you did the maturing first and picked up the game later? -then maybe you are like us and maybe you are also missing a fresh start in a social and mature raiding guild where you can be part of establishing the atmosphere as the guild settles in... Our goals Let us start with what they are not. We are not going to raid mythic...period...if that is what you want we forgive you for not reading further. We want to clear Heroics "Ahead of the Curve" and go on to completing "Glory of the Raider" achievements for each raid that is released. We are not obsessed with progression speed as long as we keep up with the pace of raids coming out, but do expect our raiders to hold a certain standard of play. We will raid on a relaxed schedule and in a friendly and mature atmosphere where people are self sustained and capable of preparing for raids both in terms of tactics, keeping gear in order with enchants and gems and bringing consumables (flasks, food, potions). Who are we then? We are three old friends going back all the way to Vanilla. We have raided from the dawn of WoW and continued to do so every expansion that followed. We've raided hardcore, we've raided casual and we've raided everywhere in between through times, but we are not getting younger and we want to "settle down" among friends but still enjoy some good fun raiding. We range from a "youngster" just turned 40 to a couple of decades more matured. We have many years of experience leading guilds and raids between us and our personal progression at this point ranges from being in the process of casually working through ToS HC to having cleared it and done several mythic bosses as well. Target audience Sociable and mature players like us that are well past being high maintenance. People who want to be part of a guild where we work as one to reach our goals and understand that everyone must carry their own weight for it to be enjoyable for all. We imagine the majority will be aged 30+ but we would also open our home to good folks aged 25+ if they have already reached a place in their lives where mature, calm and friendly values rate higher than getting dead drunk and being unreliable to a group such as ours. Schedule We raid on a relaxed 5 hours/week schedule. Our raiding times are... (server time) Wednesday 20:15 to 22:45 Sunday 20:15 to 22:45 We ask that people are on 10-15 minutes before so we can clear trash as the start time above indicates first boss pull. We might occasionally extend up to 15 minutes if a kill is imminent. We expect that people wanting to raid with us are at a place in their lives where they can plan their time and be available these two nights with only very few missed raids for holidays or special commitments, and when such comes up are able to let us know ahead of time. We also understand that life brings with it many commitments with work, families etc. and respect that some people have more time to play outside of raiding days than others. Setup We have a guild discord that we use for voicecomm in raids as well as text chat for random ramblings and more official guild messages. Raid signups are handled on the ingame calendar. Loot We’ve considered all the options, loot council, points based system such as epgp, simple rolls, but we’ve decided to go with personal loot to speed things up as we only raid 5 hours a week. We are all mature adults here and believe in our raiders to trade items they don’t need so they can benefit someone else on the team, and we of course all try to do this as fair as possible and make sure it goes where it is needed the most...it’s a common sense thing for us. Recruitment We are currently looking for the following roles/classes: Tanks: None Healers: None Dps: Ele shaman, Warlock We value the player higher than the class, so even if your class is not listed we will still evaluate if you as a player is right for us anyways. We do however not recruit in roles that are full. Characters should be somewhat viable geared with a suitably progressed artifact weapon for ToS. Having raid logs to show that you can carry your weight in raids go a long way, but we can be flexible on that and give out trial without logs if we believe the person behind the PC is a good match for us :) We accept socials, mainly being friends of our raiders, who like what we aim to do and matches our profile even though they might not be able to commit to participation in the raid team so we can establish a nice and warm atmosphere. It is important to point out however, that the official raid nights will be reserved for those committed to the raid team. Beyond that any type of social activities, be it dungeons, off night raids etc. can include anyone with a viable character for the content being done. If you can see yourself in such a place then contact us in game for a talk. Vasagore (Vas#2369) or Mendax (Ben#2885)!Vasagore12 1d
1d [H] Careless Recruiting 4/9 HC ** UPDATE FULL ON TANKS & HEALERS ** Currently accepting all DPS! Raids Thursday & Monday @ 20:30 server time. Alt raids on Sunday! We are a guild of mature players, mostly 30 years old and above! Old dudes and gals more than welcome here, the older the better! Discord is required for raids and you must be able to understand English. If you are one of those people that would rather not use a mic that is fine but you do need to be able to hear us and follow instructions. We appreciate there is life outside of WoW so 100% raid attendance not required, if you can only make 1 raid per week that's fine! We have many people with kids or who works shifts who cant commit to regular raiding. Such people are welcome here and we always make room for everyone at raid times! Reasons to join us! - Fun raids! - Free repairs during raids - No drama when things go wrong - No getting kicked out the guild for missing raids - Free enchants! so long as your contributing mats to guild bank - Personal loot giving everyone in the raid an equal chance of gear - Unwanted loot by the higher geared players is then /rolled for Message me in game - Drbeef#2861Drßeef77 1d
1d Perceptive 7/9M Recruiting! Perceptive , new 2day team formed by former GuildMaster of Oversight and Sagacious, Former Rapid Eye Movement Raider and aswell as top 50-150 players who prefer raiding efficiently on a 2day scheduele. Raid days: Wednesday (19:45-23:30)ST Sunday (19:45-23:30)ST Monday (19:45-23:30)ST Optional (raid day/alt run/or any sort of activity) Recruitment: Exceptional players of any class and spec Requirements: Teamspeak 3 and a working Mic 930ilvl+ Good Behaviour High end raiding experience 58 traits + If your looking for more info, check out our wowprogress guild profile or interested joining us, Add one of the battle tags listed below or whisper one of us in-game. Shamserk - Prinishivace#2678 (GM and Raidleader) Zorry - Zorry#21931 (Tanking officer) Tearzy - Tearzy#21483(Healing officer) Mariachii - Jeftha#2162 (Melee officer) Caricowl - Carica#2517 (Assistant raid leader and Management officer) ziizi - Chilltax#2421(Recruitment officer) Or apply at http://perceptive-eu.co.uk/Shamserk48 1d
1d New guild *Revelations Reborn* recruiting Revelations Reborn is a new guild started with hopes to make a guild that feels like “home”. We enjoy the social aspect of the game, and the atmosphere in the guild is something we take pride in. Personality over ilvl! We are recruiting people that - Aren't afraid to talk, socialise and get new friends. - Will commit to raiding two days a week - Will contribute to a friendly, but focused atmosphere within the guilds raids. We try to keep this guild mature, but with room for a sense of humour to shake off a wipe. Patience is a must for progression runs. -Know their class, their role in the raid, and look up encounters beforehand -Don’t mind the occasional wine night on Discord/Skype ❤ -SOCIALS! All Socials are welcome Our raid times and days are: Wednesday 20:30 – 23:30 Sunday 20:30 – 23:30 We have raid spots open for A Tank. A healer ALL DPS CLASSES If you are social, with a positive attitude, an enthusiasm for the game, and an eagerness to raid, we would love to hear from you. If you are interested and want to chat, you can contact us in-game. Svartisauður - Leftcl1ck#2281 Aidy - Aidy#21587, Beelicious/Beevicious - Carina#2810Beevicious1 1d
1d <Implosion> NEW guild recruiting 9/9 Heroic <Implosion> NEW guild Recruiting 1 Healer DIsc/Holy/MW 1 Hunter 1 Balance Implosion is a new guild to Legion, we are planning on raiding end game content at a steady pace, We are currently recruiting for heroic with no trial system in place. What we expect. We expect the building for the guild to be a slow process, we class this guild as semi-hardcore which means we expect you to make your class optimal, using all the tools you can to do this. We expect you to show commitment to a greater cause which is guild progression. We raid 3 days per week Thursday/Sunday/Tuesday 20:00 – 23:30 server time. We are currently 8/9 Heroic. We expect to be raiding mythic soon. Trails Trails for the guild will last for 2 weeks we expect 80% attendance during your trial or you will fail, if you fail you have the choice to leave the guild or stay as a member. We judge trials on performance/logs/attendance we go into further details on our discord. Loot Loot will be distributed using EPGP, I have never been a fan of loot council, I feel this system rewards the time you put into raiding with the guild. If you feel like being a part of something exciting, with opportunities for officer/class leaders being available this would be the guild for you. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me in game for a chat JayTee#22206Jaytee8 1d
1d <BAKSTAB biNbo GEARBOMBZ> (H) 9/9 HC 1 day recruiting Hello there, We are looking for a few players to join our casual 1 day a week normal/heroic raiding guild for ToS. We are mostly looking for DPS and maybe a healer especially one that doesn't mind swapping between DPS and healing. The guild consist mostly of former mythic raiders just looking to do one flex raid a week (mostly heroic) with some Mythic+ on the side. We want players who can play the game well and take care of themselves while still not taking the game too seriously. We raid on Sundays and start the raid around 20:00 server time and end no later than 23:00. We don't require you to be there every raid but if you can't make it at least notify us when you know. We have been using personal loot so far and we don't care that much who gets what, if something is much better for another player we simply trade things around to get the most benefit out of the item. We run mythic+ occasionally with no set time, generally at least getting most people their weekly chests and pushing further if we have time and interest. If there is interest for some organization behind those runs that can always be discussed further down the road. You can add any of these on Battle net: Gerbhof#2407 Agy#2595 Zoocy#2491 Ayimi#2902 Regards, GerbhoofaGerbhoofa17 1d
1d [H] Dads Army 1/9M Recruiting for ToS The Guild Dads Army is a well established mature(ish) guild founded on Aszune in 2008,where it was and still is one of the longest serving guilds. The raiding core has recently transferred to Tarren Mill, and are looking to start up a branch of the guild here. As a social raiding guild, we seek progression while most importantly maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere on a twice a week schedule. Our immediate aim is to quickly progress through heroic and push as far as we can in Mythic ToS. https://www.wowprogress.com/pve/eu/connected-shadowsong/ Recruitment Although applications for all roles are encouraged, the following will be prioritized High Priority: Balance Druid Shadow priest Medium Priority: Arms Warrior Frost/Unholy DK Healer (Pala,Druid) Warlock Low Priority: Remaining specs An up to scratch offspec as a healer or tank is greatly welcomed as well. Raiding EN 7/7H - 4/7M ToV 3/3 H NH 10/10 H ToS 9/9 H - 1/9M Raids are every Sunday & Wednesday from 7:00pm - 10:00pm (GMT). Social Raid on Friday 8:00pm -11:00pm (GMT) - in combination with the Aszune guild. Progression raids will only overrun 10pm if everyone agrees to carry on. All raiders must have Discord installed and working. Even if you have no mic to speak you still need to be able to listen. As long as you are mature 18+, willing to learn, don't mind the 1% wipes, enjoy a spot of banter and above all want to have fun you are welcome to sign up for raids. Social For anyone else who is just looking to join a friendly social guild, all are welcome, however remember for now membership levels might be low as the bulk of the guild is still on Aszune and our main focus is getting the Raid team rolling. Our discord,facebook and website is shared between the two guilds on Tarren Mill and Aszune. Sign me up!!! http://dadsarmy.guildlaunch.com click "Apply to guild" and fill out the template provided. This website is for both Aszune and Tarren Mill, please specify in your application what realm you are applying for :) In game applicants are accepted however we politely request that you fill out the short app on the above website in a timely manner after joining. Contact any member of the guild for more information or whisper one of the following: GM: Tehyá Officers: Galileé ,Silverstein, Taboovoodoo,SouljinKorah8 1d
1d [H] Overcore 4/9M (Wed/Sun 8-11.30) Overcore: a guild of dedicated people who make the most out of two raid days. While we don't pressure ourselves, we will always tackle the next challenge before us. Being active outside of raids is a plus since many of us regularly do M+. Feel free to contact us any time if you are interested in joining. We offer optional raids for us to check you out, and for you to check us out! Currently Looking for Good DPS,but if you are an exceptional player of any class feel free to send us a tell. Grimstone#2148 S3ptic#2722 Mazarox#2842 Kurodeus#1441 Landir#2254 Raiding times: Wednesday 8:00pm - 11:30pm Thursday 8:00pm - 11:30pm (Optional, reserved for on farm difficulties) Sunday 8:00pm - 11:30pmKendeth0 1d
2d 3v3 Boost How much on average for vicious saddle boost?Flamehawk0 2d
2d The Chaos of Eternity Casual Real life friends playing WoW for fun :) We need to increase our roster for Heroic ToS, prefer English / Arabic Player for communication. Raid time: [2 hrs max] Wed - Sat [3:00 pm o/r 8:00 pm] Server Time for more info contact any Guild member in game.Onacona0 2d
2d Cerberus 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M 5/9M - 3 Day - Recruitment Cerberus, the guild 5 years ago in January we created Cerberus. With years of experience in the World of Warcraft and its raiding scene we can offer you a reliable and stable environment to play your game. Our schedule consists of three mandatory days: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We perfectly understand that you work or have school the next day and therefor we raid from 20:30 till 23:30. What do we ask of you? You are a reliable person, we can count on you to get the job done! You are honest and dedicate yourself to improving the team and its players. You understand basic etiquette and are able to communicate in English with a working microphone on Teamspeak 3. You want to spend your raiding hours efficiently and prepare accordingly beforehand. We do not ask you to be best, our core value is to have fun! How do i apply to Cerberus? Open your web browser and visit our website http://cerberus-guild.shivtr.com. In the top right corner you will find the APPLY button, you will be asked to register first. Your application and information will be handled with care. Who can i talk to incase i have any questions? You can contact our guildmaster or any of our officers. You can reach us trough battlenet: Roers#2742, Hitbag#2220, Mäksä#21858, Kriss92#2423Hitbag22 2d
2d [H] <Day Four> 9/9 HC 3/9M LF Resto druid Greetings, I represent the guild <Day Four> from Tarren Mill. Do you want to raid progression on a casual schedule? Are you a strong, competitive player but you don't have time IRL to raid three days a week like most guilds require you to do? Are you seeking eternal fame and glory but you're sick and tired of raid leaders who rage whenever you wipe on a boss? Then DAY FOUR is the guild for you! We're a constant source of friendly banter and dank memes. Also, our raid leader is physically incapable of anger. We are currently 9/9 HC ToS and 3/9 Mythic. At this point you're feeling really excited about joining us, I can tell. So here's the thing. We are currently looking for pretty much anyone with the same mindset as us, but we don't have many of the following peeps: Dps: Elemental/Enhance Shaman Shadow Priest DPS Druid (any spec) Rogue (any spec) We would be very interested in a Resto druid and/or Holy priest to strengthen our roster. Raid days are: PROGRESSION Mondays 20.15 - 23.30 Server time Thursdays 20.15 - 23.30 Server time OPTIONAL Wednesdays from 20.15 Server time (Heroic clear) We use Loot Council but I'm pretty sure in the history of our guild no one has ever complained about loot being allocated unfairly, so don't let that stop you. Give us a shout: Aradya#21400 - Recruiter StroopWaffle#2607 - Officer Framsida#2891 - Guild Master/Raid Leader Dannyoz#2193 - Officer this is my battle tag if you wish to speak with me directly, however if I'm not around please hit one of the other officers up, alternatively on discord at Dannyoz#7888 No application necessary. You don't even have to have high item level or a lot of experience or thousands of traits. Just hit us up and we can have a chat. Lookin' forward to hearing from y'all.Dánnyøz1 2d
3d 926 ele shammy / 925 resto LR raiding guild (H) 926 ele shammy / 925 resto - Current Progression 9/9 HC ToS LF a mature Raiding Guild to raid twice a week but can do 3 if needed, start time 8.00pm server time. I have raided since BC and raided at Mythic level since Wotlk even if it was not called Mythic then. Took a break just after EN and came back mid NH and joined Manic and raided here for a while but we never had the numbers to really make a push and did not have the consistent numbers for Mythic. Raiding more casual but still striving to push to clear all content. Looking to push Mythic, so a guild with early Mythic kills would be ideal. Any questions just let me know.Cryusis4 3d
3d (H) <Legio Excisio> LF recruits to bolster our ranks! Hey there! Legio excisio is a guild that has been around since Vanilla/TBC. Most of our raiders have been in this guild for the past 5-10 years. We are mostly from UK/Belgium/Portugal but welcome everyone in our guild. We are all rather mature people ranging from early 20s to mid 30s. We are currently looking for some more dps to get mythic going. we have cleared heroic ToS rather easy. have got 1/9 Mythic down and 2nd near dead! we raid every wednesday/Sunday/Monday from 21.00 till 00.00 Incase we spiked your interest, please do not hesitate and whisper someone online,they will surely redirect you to an officer or assistant for a talk :) Hope to hear from you soon!Morania6 3d
3d Trixyo-Tarren Mill ruined on purpose a +15 mythic key As the title says, the guy, death knight (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/trixyo) ruined on purpose a Lower Kara M15+ key. After first pull, he went berserk, pulled everything, and then left, and whispered me good luck with the key. I'm posting this in hopes that more ppl will ignore him, and I hope to see more initiatives like this. Good luck to all.Demerzel1 3d
4d [H] <SOD> Dutch guild @ Tarren Mill Hey everyone! <SOD> a dutch-speaking semi hardcore raiding guild on Tarren Mill (Horde) is recruiting raiders! The next message will be written in dutch: Hallo! Wij zijn <SOD> een Nederlandstalige raiding guild op de server Tarren Mill. De guild bestaat nu ongeveer 10 jaar en heeft een vaste basis aan spelers die ook al sinds die tijd in de guild zitten. Onze progress is: 9/9 HC in Tomb of Sargeras 4/10 M in The Nighthold 3/3 HC in Trial of Valor. 7/7 HC in The Emerald Nightmare. Momenteel zijn wij hard op zoek naar versterking voor onze raid-team om zo snel mogelijk door heroic heen te gaan en te beginnen met Mythic raids. De meeste spelers in ons team hebben veel raid-ervaring die terug dateert tot aan TBC en Vanilla. Uiteraard zijn er ook wat spelers die minder raid-ervaring hebben maar wel hun stinkende best doen om up-to-date te blijven met hun class, hun spec en hun DPS of Healing. Hierdoor is onze recruitment ook alleen open voor mensen die het beste uit zichzelf willen halen en ook daadwerkelijk hun best doen om dit voor elkaar te krijgen. <SOD> raid twee dagen per week, met soms een derde raid-dag op nieuwe content en progress. De raid-dagen/tijden zijn: Dinsdag van 19:30 uur t/m 22:30 uur.* Donderdag van 19:30 uur t/m 22:30 uur.* En Zondag van 19:30 uur t/m 22:30 uur (extra optional raid). *Het komt soms voor dat de raid met een half uurtje verlengd wordt (tot 23:00 uur) indien we op progress zitten en dicht bij een kill zijn. Recruitment: Voor een Nederlandstalige guild is het aardig lastig om de juiste classes en specs te recruiten. Hierdoor is het ook voor elke class en elke spec mogelijk om een apply te plaatsen, indien ervaren en gegeard. Dit betekend uiteraard niet meteen dat er een plek voor je vrij is in het team. Onze requirements: Je bent bijna altijd aanwezig voor de raids.*** Je weet welke stats je nodig hebt voor je spec. Je leest je altijd in op updates van je class. Je zorgt dat je de videos van alle gevechten bekijkt voordat je signed voor een raid. Je hebt altijd consumables bij je. (flasks/food/runes) Je bent een teamplayer. *** We hebben geen speciale requirement in procenten voor het aantal raids dat je minimaal aanwezig moet zijn, we gaan er van uit dat een ieder volwassen genoeg is om zich in te schrijven voor de raids als die gene kan raiden. Komt het echter voor dat je minder aanwezig bent dan dat je aanwezig bent voor de raids, zul je genoegen moeten nemen met een social rank in de guild. Met deze rank kan je mee raiden, maar de raiders en veteran raiders zullen ten allen tijden prioriteit hebben op raidspots, gear en eventuele mount drops. Wij kijken momenteel erg uit naar de volgende classes en specs: Hoge Prioriteit: Warlock - Destro/Affli/Demo Shaman - Elemental (en evt Enhancement) Priest - Shadow Rogue - Assassination/Outlaw. Paladin - Retribution Gemiddelde Prioriteit: Mage - Arcane of Frost Druid - Resto met DPS offspec. Warrior - Fury/Arms. Death Knight - Frost/Unholy Uiteraard zijn andere classes en specs ook bespreekbaar, indien ervaren en gegeard. WIl je graag meer weten over <SOD>, of wil je graag ons team komen versterken? Neem dan contact op door middel van Real-ID of bezoek onze website en plaats een Application! http://sod-guild.enjin.com Real-ID: Sven#2832 Frenkel#2531 healbotbob#1175 Ngamer#2831 M.v.g. Greèn - Recruiter <SOD>Greèn13 4d
4d [H] <Same> 1/9 Mythic looking for DPS and Priest Healer <Same> is a newly formed guild, recently moved to Tarren Mill from a variety of servers/factions. The core of the guild is made up of friends who have been playing together since late Wrath of the Lich King. After raiding at different levels in Heroic and Mythic guilds, we have recently made the decision to form a guild with the aim to clear Heroic Tomb, and move onto mythic when the numbers are stable. We are recruiting like-minded players who share our love for the game, and wish to have focused progression in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. What we are looking for... Someone who is dedicated to their main class and who can attend the raid nights A good sense of humour and can participate in the buzzing social nature of the guild (we often always use discord even when playing other games) Willing to meet the raid requirements assigned to them by an officer, (how many traits we expect at the beginning of progression, gear checks etc) Helpful and willing to give advice to other raiders when it comes to theory-crafting, and is open to having discussions regarding tactics. Responds well to constructive criticism and will go above and beyond to do everything to improve themselves and the raid group. Confident use of Discord on raid nights. What we can offer you... A core with strong raid experience from lots of expansions Focused progression in an excellent environment Rank 1 Banter Raid nights are Thursday and Sunday, 9pm - 12pm Server time Contact Vali#2168 Golem#11640 Alentio#2738Shiifty6 4d
4d Please Delete -Valiu4 4d
4d Perceptive 7/9M Boosting! Hello everyone on Tarren Mill! Perceptive is now selling various of different boosts to fund ourselves in legion! We've done a lot of successful boosts in the past and our boosts takes about 1½-2hours. Perceptive is currently selling: - Tomb Of Sarggeras Heroic Full clear Personal loot Day: Friday Raid time: 20:00 Server time - Kiljaeden Heroic Kill Personal loot Day: Friday Raid time: 21:30 Server time - Guldan Mythic Mount Day: Friday Raid time: 22:00 Server time - Mythic + 15 -20 or M+ score or whatever u can think of Day: Any Day u prefer Time: Any time u would prefer A deposit of 5-10% is required depending on what type of boost you would like to purchase. Contact us via btag: Prinishivace#2678 Contact us via skype: Prinishivace321Shamserk2 4d
4d <Immortalis> 5/9M Immortalis (10/10M, 5/9M), formed 29th March 2017, is a semi hardcore raiding guild composed by ex-hardcore raiders as well as mythic experienced players. Whilst we are not competing for world first kills, our goal is to complete the hardest PvE content as quickly and efficiently as possible while raiding on a reasonable schedule. We can offer: - Professional and focused raiding environment - Healthy competitive atmosphere - A Mythic+ driven guild - Friendly and social roster in and outside of raids - Loot distribution based on attendance, performance and the weight of the upgrade - Zero tolerance to drama Player requirements: - High Atendance - Dedicated players with a progression mindset that can pull their own weight during progression - Have extensive knowledge of your class and are up to date with class changes/hotfixes - Loyal and mature personality - Able to handle constructive criticism - Playtime outside of raids* *Being a competitive guild, we value players that are constantly working on maximizing their character outside raids. Many of us have a life outside raids, however if you are a player that comes online only for raids, this guild is not for you. Due to our mindset and our dedication to succeed, Immortalis is not just a guild but also a place where our players can be proud to be in and feel like they are part of a respectful community. In order to keep the guild’s integrity, any disrespectful behaviour that compromises the guild’s name outside of raids will not be tolerated. Applications from exceptional players will always be considered regardless of recruitment status. Raiding Schedule: Wed/Thurs/Sund 20:30-23:30 ST Optional alt raids on Saturday 20:30 ST For more information please contact us: Krow#21147Krowcaine16 4d
4d Rogue LF raiding guild Greetings, I just started over on a new EU account. I moved to the EU and was raiding on an NA realm with a guild that just disbanded. I have taken the opportunity to start over to find better raid times. I have experience of 6/10M NH 1/9M TOS. Currently looking for a H/M guild that will take me at my item level while I catch up. I can be contacted in game or on discord at Gooseleg #1127Fâkenews0 4d
5d <ABSOLUTELY BARBARIC> PvP Guild - Defias Brotherhood(H) <ABSOLUTELY BARBARIC> is a reformed PvP Guild formed by active and social PvP'ers on the Defias Brotherhood server. After previously having created and ran one of the more larger, active and successful PvP Guilds on the Alliance side of Defias, we are looking to replicate that over on the Horde side. Our Aim: Our aim is to recreate what we achieved over during our time on Alliance and even ascend past that. We are striving to create an active and social hub for all aspects of PvP. This includes: All forms of Rated - Rated Battleground's, Arena's. World PvP Premade Guild Random BG Groups Other fun PvP events such as: Duel Tournaments, Arena Tournaments, Gurubashi Royal Rumble's etc for gold and other in game prizes. We will also run Mythic+ Dungeons, if people are interested. We understand that even as a casual player, it can be frustrating joining Random BG's, and being paired with other players who either don't know what they're doing, or just don't care for the objectives. You can always find people for a group here to queue into Randoms, play with likeminded players and ensure you dominate the opposing faction. Our founding members are made up of several 2k - 2.4k experienced players and we are expecting a few more of these to be joining us soon. Guild Standards: One of the more important standards of the Guild is to be active in PvP. We want to ensure the Guild is a bright, active, thriving pot of PvP activity. Where you can log on and instantly find another player to do some form of PvP with. Therefore we ask all our members to be as active(as they possibly can) and get stuck in with as many Guild events as possible - whilst also helping out other Guildee's who need help. We want to ensure that every one of our players feels comfortable and at home in our Guild and that they enjoy their time here. It is also important that all off our members have Discord downloaded, a working microphone, and understand English. We don't expect you to sit on Discord all the time, or even constantly be having conversations - we understand that is especially difficult for shy people. However, having an active and social Discord where you can talk on voice with other Guildee's helps add an extra layer of socialness to the guild, as well as adding more familiarity with each other. It is also important to be able to call out certain things in PvP. World PvP: Defias Brotherhood is a PvP flagged server, and is one of the only, if not the only, 50/50 ratio balanced Horde/Alliance PvP server. This means you will quite often bump into players of the opposing faction when you're out and about. Because of the nature of the server, there are also guild's that focus primarily on World PvP, and others that dabble in it. Many of our member's have a keen interest in World PvP, and are experienced in that field of the game. We will never shy away from World PvP skirmishes, and we ask that potential Guildee's do the same. If a Guildee is out being ganked whilst World Questing, we expecting our members to go out and help, and then take over that area and gank the ganker. We will have several planned World PvP events where we head to a certain area in the game as a Guild and take it over. World PvP is very unpredictable and spontaneous so if an opportunity for it crops up outside of the events, we'd expect you to get involved. Recruitment: We have no real hardcore, specific rules about recruiting. All we ask is that all prospective members have a keen interest in all aspects of PvP, as well as World PvP. We ask that you are active and social, and aren't one for drama. We do like a bit of banter and a laugh and a joke, but we don't want it going too far and want to steer clear of drama at all costs. We ask that all of our members have the following: Ability to speak and understand English Discord and a working microphone Active and social PvP'ers. If any of this sounds like its up your street, and you'd be interested in transferring and joining us, or even just want to ask some more questions - then please don't hesitate to add me to Battletag and ask me whatever you'd like in regards to the guild. Damian#2344 Cheers guys, hope to hear from you soon.Killían0 5d
6d <Limitation> 3/9M & 9/9HC is recruiting! Limitation is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, with the purpose of pushing endgame content. We’re a bunch of players eager to push into mythic raiding. We are always looking for good raiders, so don't be too scared if you're not playing what we're specifically looking for. There is ALWAYS room for good players. Since we’re a raiding guild there are bonuses of being a raider. Repairs, flasks, food, enchants, tomes and gems are all paid for by the guild, so you can focus more on raiding and less on the financials. We do other stuff than raiding, and it would be a rare sight for anyone to be online without having at least a few guildies to do dungeons, world quests or just talking with. Who should you be: a) Reliable (If you’re aiming to be a core raider, we expect you to be raiding every tues- and wednesday) b) Dedicated (We are a raiding guild, so you should be dedicated to pve over other ingame stuff) c) Skilled (We will gladly help you with what we can, but there has to be a bottom-line of skill for a mythic raider.) d) Patient (Progressing can result in 3 hours of primarily wiping, and patience is a must during difficult encounters.) Raid schedule: Tuesday: 19:30 - 23:00 Wednesday: 19:30 - 23:00 Getting in touch: Barkfeather, Velkxard or Kronborq in-game, or chat with us on our discord: https://discord.gg/HPexvRN If you're having trouble catching us in-game, our battletags are as follows: Guildmaster - Barkfeather: Duddle#21295 Officers: Velkxard - Velk#21733 Kronborq - Kronborg96#1274 Bathrobeguy - Xci#1125 Guild ranks: You will start out as a trial, after attending a couple of raids, where you perform decently, you will be promoted to a raider. From there on you can become a core raider on the mythic team, that however requires 2 things: 80% attendance on tuesdays & wednesdays Having 75+% performance on warcraftlogs Core raiders will have priority on loot over trials, but there is no difference in loot distribution between raiders and core raiders. Addons: RC Loot council - For distribution of loot (NO LOOT without loot council) Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs - Having either of these boss mod addons is a must have for being on the raid team. Angry Assignments - Raid strategies, roles, interrupt orders etc. is listed in this addon. Weakauras - Can be used for ALOT of things, but we need you to use it for boss mechanics and raid strategies, other uses are also very welcome. Application: If you’re unable to come on our discord and talk with us or if we’re not online in-game, you can apply using the following form. https://goo.gl/Bfe14PKronborq0 6d
6d [H] <Iniquíty> 2/9 M Mythic Raiding Guild Iniquíty Horde based raiding guild on Tarren Mill: 7/7M (Cutting Edge) 2/3M 4/10M 2/9 M With the launch of ToS, Iniquity is looking to recruit some fresh faces to join our active & friendly raiding community. Mythic has always been our number one aim. A majority of the core have played WoW since vanilla and a very friendly and active bunch of players. Recruitment Status Dps: - Mage – High - Boomkin – High - Shadow Priest - High - Elemental - Medium - Warlock - Medium - Any exceptional players - High The Raid Schedule: We require our members to raid at least 2 out of 3 raid days a week (priority given to those who make all 3). - Thursday 20:30–23:00 - Sunday 20:30-23:00 - Monday 20:30-23:00 - Server Time We understand that many people have real life commitments and can’t make every raid; all we ask is notice in advance and do so via the calendar. What we can provide you: - Steady Progression - Flexible Raid Attendance - A close Knit, Social Environment - An active and fun Discord server - Banter What we're looking for from you: - A good attitude and respectful manner. - We require a certain level of competency - We need to see a pro-active attitude in regard to gearing etc. - A willingness and desire to improve. - Banter The guild will also accept social players which want to play in a friendly environment. We are also open to take a group of friends. For any information please contact me on: WoW - Brutalpaly - Tarren Mill Bnet - fmercan#2499 Discord - fmercan#6122Brutalpaly0 6d
15 Aug < After Life > 8/9 HC Recruiting. Currently we are recruiting for Mythic ToS progression and we are looking for the following: - Mostly looking for players to bolster our ranks, main focus mostly on Range Dps - All applications will be considered, we are always on the hunt for exceptional players We also accept socials or people interested in Mythic+. The Guild: After Life is fresh transferred guild on TarrenMill, looking to recreate it's mythic team. We are a casual(ish)-raiding guild, pushing for progress while keeping a relaxed and chilled atmosphere during raids. We're always up for the !@#$s and giggles, but we make sure our progress runs are focused to get as far as possible in each content. Most of the core team members are also very active in mythic plus. We were one of the oldest guilds on our last server (active since early vanilla) and are hoping to continue the After Life legacy on Tarren-Mill! Trials/Raiders We have the following expectations for anyone that wants to be part of our raid team: - Be able to raid at least 2 out of the 3 raids - Be up to date with your main specialization - Be mature and respectful towards the guild or other players in general - Be prepared for every raid you participate in, proper enchants, flasks, food and any other consumable needed and of course be prepared tactics wise - The use of discord is mandatory for each raid in terms of coordination, you are not required to talk if you don’t want to but it certainly is a big + if you are vocal when its needed. Raid Times(Server time): Wednesday 20:15 - 23:00 CETS Sunday 20:15 - 23:00 CET Monday 20:15 - 23:00 CET Raid Invites starts at 20:00 in order to have everything set so we can start pulling at 20:15. On non-raid days we usually run Mythic+ dungeons. Officer Team: If you are interested in joining us please don’t hesitate and give us a whisper for a quick chat: - Officers: Decoherence (Rebellion22#2438),Tynah (Justina#2353) , Fazar. or leave an application on https://discord.gg/gyd2Ds. An exceptional application will be evaluated regardless of recruitment status. All social invite requests are accepted, the social element is something we always considered an important part of the game.Tynah1 15 Aug
15 Aug Looking for casual Swedish guild [H] So I used to play on Tarren Mill a while ago but transferred to play with some Swedish friends and their guild, now it looks like that guild might fall apart and I am looking back too see if there are any Swedish guilds on Horde side here that raid 1-2 nights a week and only doing normal/heroic. Any tips are welcome.Sugarbiscuit1 15 Aug
15 Aug 910 Healer Priest LF Guild. Hi, looking for a herioc, early mythic raiding guild. About me: 24yo, male, kpop fan. Plays: Starcraft, League, GW2, WoW, + more. Competitive mindset. Try to approach every game as serious as possible, always looking to improve myself and like people with the same mindset. 910 Priest, Main spec Disc. 52 traits for every weapon. Legendary for every spec. Leveling holy paladin alt. Flexible player willing to make any changes neccasary. (logs, addons, spec changes, w/e) Shortened my post since I wrote a long !@# one and then clicked post and it didnt go through. Almost killed myself. Questions > whisper or leave a messageFeros5 15 Aug
15 Aug Shadow Priest - Looking For Guild Hi, As the topic states, I'm a shadow priest looking for a guild. So far in legion I made my own casual guild with work colleagues and enjoyed clearing EN/TOV/NH on heroic, but since a lot of them have now quit, I find myself being unable to raid and would like to join a guild. As a player, and a raider, I have a wealth of experience, having played WoW since early beta access. I raided hardcore during Vanilla, TBC and WOTLK, achieving various realm first kills and spots on very prestigious raid guilds. After quitting post ICC I never really got back into the game until Legion, but the itch to play more seriously is back, so I'm looking for a guild that values progression and a core team of players. Obviously It goes without saying I know everything that goes into raiding and about knowing my class inside out, what's more important is I know what's important regarding raid mentality and have a very good attitude towards raiding, including wiping so long as progress is being made. My toons gear isn't very high since I haven't been raiding anything too substantial as of late due to no guild, but this is modern wow, gear is hardly an issue these days... :') Hope to hear from some people! TLDR; Old hardcore player, looking for a new guild. Battletag - Joker#212176Zuqq7 15 Aug
14 Aug [H] <The Asylum> 6/9 ToS HC The Asylum is a fairly new guild, that was created during Nighthold. Its filled with laid back people, who love to have fun during raids, while still get bosses down fairly quick, our aim is to get Ahead of the curve, and maybe try a few bosses on mythic if we get there. Our progress is - 10/10NH HC, 6/9 TOS HC. We are looking for some strong DPS mainly ranged but melee is also welcome, healers (sham/pal/priest), and a tank to fill our core spots. We raid 2/3 times a week atleast Thursday and sunday, 20:00 - 23:00 ST. Socials are also more than welcome to join us. If you are interested in joining us, either write something about you here (i will try and check daily), or directly in wow. Either on - Woca or Thoca. - Best regards WocaWoca2 14 Aug
14 Aug [H] Two friends lf guild that.. Hey Two dps friends are looking for a guild that we can join for the weekly ToS HC clear we are not interested in progress raiding atm. We are also down for pushing m+ keys and arena aswell! :-) I know it sounds wierd but not interested in progress raiding atm but still wanna blow through Hc ToS every week. Reply to post or add me on: Lostanfound#2853 Edited: ofcourse so are we 9/9 hc. Old mythic raiders around 930 ilvlWennis0 14 Aug
14 Aug FrostMage LF mythic raiding guild A while back I Left the game for some time doing to my studies, and when i returen, I did find that my old guild have disbanded. So I decided to reroll a new main, Naw I'm sitting in the situation, I like to get back to raiding. Before i left i dit make it to 7/7 in EN mythic, and in the last expantion i got to see all content on mythic and got my cutting edge: Archimonde. And yes I'm alliance right now, but i like to get back to the Hord side, and were is better then Tarren Mill. So if your guild like to get and old experience raider, i will be more then happy to hear from you.Kailistus6 14 Aug
13 Aug [H] <Aluren> 6/9 Mythic recruiting Hello and thank you for your interest! Homepage: http://www.aluren.co/ Recruitment: http://www.aluren.co/forum/ Aluren is located on Tarren Mill. We primarily consist of a group that have played together for the last 2-3 years at the highest level. In late March 2017, Sponsored (Tarren Mill) and Aluren (both 7/10m at the time) merged to continue our push progressive push into Nighthold with us finishing the tier at world rank 371 and server rank 10. _____________________________________ RAID TIMES: Our raid times will be (all server time): Wednesday 20.00-23.30 Sunday 20.00-23.30 Monday 21.00-23.30 Raid invites 15 minutes in advance. There will be a 10-15 min break in the middle of the raid. We will extend on Thursdays and/or Tuesdays if we are close to a kill, but those raids are not "mandatory" per se. When content gets on farm we will clear within 1 - 2 days. We will then have time to do "goofy" strats like playing into certain players to log the high ranks for fun to spice up the clearing and to stroke eachothers epeen. _____________________________________ LOOT DISTRIBUTION: We will use RC Loot council to distribute loot - and there will be no unjust handling of loot - it will be handled in the way that will benefit the raid as a whole the most. _____________________________________ EXPECTATIONS: We expect people with a similar "Mindset" as us, meaning (and sorry for my bluntness on this): - Progress is rewarded from effort put in to game, this means doing m+, farming ap, keeping on top of your class and follow the various class-sites/discord of your character. - Progress means wiping, and learning from mistakes (and then doing it better next time). Everyone makes mistakes - but not everyone learn from their mistakes. - The raid leader decides the tactic and the execution. Suggestions are welcomed but it serves no purpose to have a discussion "in the heat of battle" on trivial matters. - Have fun! Enjoy yourself! Joke during trash and farm - we play this game cause we like it not because its a job! BUT when its progress, its serious business, be SHARP for that. _____________________________________ WHAT WE OFFER - Progress in curent content, and a safe raidspot. - Players that know how to play their class, and are actively on the hunt for doing it better. - An active playerbase where doing high end m+ is not a problem, nor is forming boost-runs. - Friendly players that say hi to you when you enter discord and log on wow, people that want to play with you. - Players that LOVE to dig into logs, and can spend hours upon hours of either helping you or discussing what the perfect way to handle certain aspects are! _____________________________________ If you are interested and feel we are the bunch you'd like to spend your free time with, dont hesitate to leave a reply here, or go directly to our forum: http://www.aluren.co/forum/viewforum.php?f=6 If you reached this far - thank you very much for your attention :)Kollbjorn15 13 Aug
13 Aug GRUNTS OF DAWN!!!!!! Hello to the Warcraft community, the Grunts of Dawn on Tarren Mill have recently reformed, We are 9/9N 8/9HC recently restructured. We are now rebuilding the guild from the ground up and are currently looking for geared and experienced players to join the team. We currently need 1 healer and a couple of Dps. Please don't worry about Mythic Experience in Nighthold, just a good understanding of you class and previous raiding experience at high level is enough for the moment. We can offer dedicated raiders a friendly environment with a mature and experienced raid team, the new core officer team has a huge amount of experience in guild management and has in the past setup and managed 2 raiding guilds that went on to become Top 3 guilds competing for realm firsts on their respective realms. So if you are looking for a chance to be part of something new and exciting please feel free to contact us through our site or in-game. We are currently building our new guild website www.gruntsofdawn.com and would like all applications though that portal. What you can expect: * A mature and inclusive guild atmosphere * Support for you character and personnel progress * Raiders gems, enchants flasks, food and Repairs paid from the Guild bank * A stable raiding experience 2 nights strictly per reset (3 optional night) * Strong Progression for time invested * Balanced gearing with the DKP system (Better attendance better rewards) * Faceplanting on 0.001% Wipes :) What we expect from our raiders: * Communication * Focus and Preparation * Maturity * No Abuse to other players within guild or Outside guild at all * A drive to achieve the best they can. * A desire to learn from mistakes and improve with each boss attempt. * ~80% Attendance in general Raid Times: Wednesday, Sunday 20:15 - 23:00 (invites start at 20:00) If your class/spec is not listed below; any and all applications received from exceptional players will be considered. Officers: and their real ids you can contact Anarthas (GM) - Anarthas#2873 Otto (RL) - Valdus#2426 Ameara (Officer) - Bana#2565 Deathhass (Officer) - Iihaas#2857 Anarthas GM of The Grunts of Dawn (Tarren Mill)Anarthas0 13 Aug
13 Aug WTS Alani mount Selling the Alani mount, room for 4 people. Personal loot 100% drop for each person. 20k gold on Tarren MillFixatión0 13 Aug
12 Aug [H] <Element Extended> 1/9M 9/9HC recruiting <Element Extended> are looking for exceptional dps to add to our mythic raiding team, applications from a dps/hybrid (healer) will be considered. We are currently on 1/9M and 9/9HC. We have an active discord and like to stay social outside of our raiding days. Raids are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:30-11:00pm server time (invites begin at 20:15pm). Knowledge of your class and the boss mechanics are a must and we require a minimum ilvl of 910. Alts welcome. We are accepting socials. Get in touch via battlenet #Frieya2436 or discord Frieya#1508Frieyâ0 12 Aug
12 Aug [H] <Blackout> 9/9 HC LF Healer, DPS + Off-Tank [H][EU][Tarren Mill] <Blackout> 9/9 HC Chill Raiding Guild Recruiting an off-tank, healers, both Range DPS & Melee DPS + an Off-Tank Hey! Blackout is a chilled raiding guild with 9/9 HC in Tomb of Sargeras. Chill = Between Casual and Hardcore. We are currently looking for friendly and mature players to progress with us in ToS Mythic. Raids are all listed in server time (CET) and our raids take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays with Sunday as an optional day for raids. We are in high need of DPS, healers and an Off-Tank to even out our core team, we also do Mythic + Dungeons where we are looking to pick up some DPS, healers, and an off-tank as well. Please feel free to add me, the acting GM/raid-leader on BattleTag/Real ID (Phsymon#2776) or ingame (Psycho) if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, or message me on here! Raid Times: Wednesdays: 8.30 PM – 11.30 PM CET Thursdays: 8.30 PM – 11.30 PM CET Sundays: 8.30 PM – 11.30 PM CET (Optional; often for AP, alts and practise) Server: Tarren Mill (EU) Guild Website: http://blackout-guild.enjin.com/ What faction? Horde Available Positions: DPS: Both Range DPS and Melee DPS (Priority). Healers: Healer needed Tanks: (Off tank) Expectations: Ilvl? Doesn't matter if you know tactics and how to manage your class. Use DBM / BigWiggs Don't stand in fire? Fire is bad Show up on time with Flask/Food/Pots Be Gem'd / Enchanted (It does make a difference) VoIP is required for raiding (We use Discord) Have a thorough understanding of your builds, talents and rotation.Psycho3 12 Aug
11 Aug [H] <Legio Pro Fennia - Draenor> LF Finnish Raiders As titled.. Since this is solely meant for Finnish people only, the following will be in finnish. <Legio pro Fennia> (Draenor serverillä) Tier 20 - 9/9HC, 1/9M (Tier 19 - 7/7M, 2/3M, 7/10M) etsii kesän lomailun ja rauhallisen pelailun myötä pelaajia Legion raideille. Kil'jaeden hc-kaadon myötä etsimme lisää rosteria myös mythic raideja ajatellen. Kesän aiheuttamat lomailut kun tekevät sen että osallistujia on yleensä juuri ja juuri tarvittava 20 pelaajan määrä. Mikä ihmeen Legio pro Fennia? Legio pro Fennia on ollut olemassa aikojen alusta... oikeastaan jo ennen World of Warcraftin euroopan launchia. Laughing Skull-serverillä jo WoWin betassa juostiin samalla porukalla (Nordic Horde) joka sittemmin muodosti Legio pro Fennian alunperin Agamaggan-serverille. Kor'gallille koko kilta siirtyi 3.6.2005, josta matka jatkui 9.3.2013 Draenorille. Legio pro Fennia ei ole kilta, joka yksi kaunis päivä vain lakkaisi olemasta vaan sen ydinjäsenillä on pitkä kokemus killasta ja kilta pysyy varmasti pystyssä vielä pitkään. Kaikesta tästä huolimatta haluammekin riveihimme myös uutta verta. Mitä sinulta vaaditaan: - Ymmärrät allaolevan tekstin - 18-vuoden ikä, enemmänkin toki saa olla - killan raid-päivät sopivat VÄHINTÄÄN kahtena päivänä kolmesta: to ja ma-ti klo 19:00-22:00 - ei ongelmia tietokoneen tai internetyhteyden kanssa - raid-addonit kunnossa - oma-aloitteisuutta itselle uusien pomojen taktiikoiden selvityksessä - osaa tehdä hakemuksen, jota lukiessa eivät silmät ala vuotamaan verta Mitä sinulle tarjotaan: - Mahdollisuus päästä raidaamaan suomalaisessa täysi-ikäisessä porukassa - Suuria tunteita, niin hyvässä kuin pahassakin - Olla osa yhtä vanhimmista yhä pystyssä olevista (suomi)killoista. Legio pro Fennia perustettiin jo WoWin betan aikana kauan ennen virallista julkaisua! Mitä tarvitaan? Tällä hetkellä tankki/heal osasto on aika hyvin kasassa mutta otamme kaikki hakemukset harkintaan. Ennenkaikkea järkevä ja asian osaava pelaaja on aina tervetullut. Aina kannattaa kokeilla kepillä jäätä, mutta muista - Sherlockmaiset analysaattorit tutkivat hakemuksesi kamman ja suurennuslasin kanssa :-) WWW-sivut ja mahdollisuuden hakea kiltaan löydät osoitteesta http://www.legioprofennia.net/ Tervetuloa mukaan!Nazshak1 11 Aug
11 Aug 2/9M WENDL Recruiting, 2-3 DPS spots open! [H] WENDL Recruiting - Tarren Mill! Our Current Priorities: - Boomkin. - Rogue. - DK (dps). -[Holy Paladin or Restoration Shaman]. - We can often accommodate most classes, if you're worth it. We currently have limited spots open! Please add any of the battletags listed below and give us a whisper for most up-to-date info! Battletags & Contact information: Tomisen#2647 - Discogirl (GM) Quizzler#2421 - Paintedballs (ViceGM) Intrilo#2136 - Atzira (Dps Officer) Guuldlock#2622 - Tystakrigarn (Dps Officer) Wendlguildwow@gmail.com Recruitment Status: Spots open for Tomb of Sargeras: 2 DPS & 1 Healer or DPS. Tanks: Currently not recruiting. Healers: 1 Spot to be considered. DPS: 2-3 Spots open. - Recruiting! Check top of post for specific classes, or talk to us for the most up to date info. Current Progress: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic, Cutting Edge. Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Nighthold: 5/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: 2/9 Mythic Regular Raid Schedule: Wednesday + Thursday 18:50 - 23:00 server time Also running “Alt/Trial Raids” in HC/Normal 20:00 - 23:00 Server time, During Sunday. Not Mandatory. History of Wendl: Wendl has been a long lived guild tracking back to the Firelands. Back then Wendl was a casual 10-man raiding guild and so it stayed during Mist of Pandaria & Warlord of Draenor. With the release of Legion Wendl expanded to a mythic 20-man team with same core from previous expansions. During Emerald Nightmare we managed to push “Cutting Edge”. With the release of Trials of Valor we lost members due to in real life commitments and the “Artifact System Grinding”. The same core endured and recruited more people to start raiding Nighthold. We managed to form a team again but the new recruits left us as soon as we reached the harder bosses in Nighthold. The core endured once again and built up a team again for Tomb of Sargeras. To conclude this there is a really stable and loyal core within Wendl. Our Goal: We are striving to be the best and most consistent 2 days-per-week raiding guild at Tarren Mill - EU. What we are looking for: Stable & calm players with a mythic raiding mindset. We have no need for toxic players that whine, get mad or even ragequit after a couple of wipes. We are looking for mature players that are here to stay. That are not afraid to raise discussion with useful input how to kill the encounter. What we can offer: An extremely stable core & drama-free guild. Organised, progression-focused and enjoyable raids. Sensible raiding hours per week! Discord server (for use any time). Applicants should: Know their class & be able to use their utility, including knowledge of best talents and glyphs to use for each fight, and the capability and experience to perform to a high standard with all such builds. Not be twatbags. If you enjoy yelling at your fellow raiders, this isn't the guild for you. Have experience raiding Mythic (or pre-6.0 HC) modes. Previous tiers/expansions can be acceptable, but preferably similar experience to our own, if you want to be trialed right now. Have a mic and be happy to use it when needed. Be able to attend both of our raid days in a week. (100% attendance is not required - There's leeway for random RL commitments/emergencies of course)If you don't meet some of the above requirements, e.g if you haven't raided this tier/expansion - feel free to chat to us anyway! We value historically good raiders, too.Discogirl0 11 Aug
11 Aug WTB Heavy Junkboxes for Ravenholdt Reputation Hey fellow gamers, I am looking to buy Heavy Junkboxes used to turn in for the Ravenholdt Reputation. If you got any to sell, hit me up on battle net @ Diso#2800 Looking forward to hear from you!Diso0 11 Aug