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04 May Guild Websites Welcome to 'Tarren Mill' forums! READ BEFORE POSTING! If you would like your guild to be added to this list, please post your web address and choose one of the following categories: Try to stick to the category, although more information about your guild is appreciated but not necessary. -Mythic Raiding -Heroic Raiding -Normal Raiding -PvP Orientated -Social I would like to add that "if" your guild disbands or changes to a different raiding scheme (PvP > PvE & vice versa), please post it here so I can re-update and remove your guild from the current list or update it's status. (optional but encouraged to do so) Don't have a guild website? Well get one now! http://www.guildlaunch.com http://www.guildportal.com http://www.guildzilla.com http://www.wowstead.com http://www.enjin.com/ ________________________________________________________________ UPDATED FOR NEW RAIDING SCHEMES - WoD 2015 ... ٠Mythic Raiding٠ Rapid Eye Movement - http://www.remgaming.com/ Hardcore Raiding guild currently crowned at the top of Tarren Mills Boss clears. NollTvåTre - http://www.nolltvatre.se A Swedish Hardcore Raiding guild formed in 2011. Prime - http://team-prime.eu/ Having been around since Wrath, Prime is a Hardcore Raiding guild on Tarren Mill-EU. Nihilum - http://nihilum.enjin.com/ Having been around since the days of Vanilla Nihilum is back in the PvE Game. Angered - http://angeredguild.com/ Hardcore Raiding guild with 5 nights a week Raiding schedule. Epiphany - http://epiphany-guild.com/ Formed in Mists, Epiphany is a 3 nights a week raiding guild. Infinite - http://www.infinite-guild.eu/ A Semi-Hardcore raiding guild found in 2007. Currently 4 nights a week raiding 19:00-23:00 ST Unity - Together since 2010, Unity's mission is to clear all Mythic content. Huhuholics - http://www.huhuholics.eu/ Experience since Vanilla, Huhuholics has been around for number of years. Currently raiding 3 nights a week 20:00 to 23:00 ST Bulwark - http://bulwark-eu.guildlaunch.com/ Fidelis - http://fidelis-gaming.enjin.com/ Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild with 3 nights a week Raiding schedule. Cerberus - http://cerberus-guild.shivtr.com/ Founded in 2012 on Karazhan-EU. Raiding 3 nights a week from 20:30 to 24:00 ST Da Noob - http://www.danoob.net/ Around since 2008, Da Noob is an International Raiding Guild. Sanctus Immortalis - http://sanctusimmortalis.enjin.com/ Fürõr - http://furor.forumotion.com/ A Hardcore 20 Man Raiding guild founded in 2009 ٠Heroic Raiding٠ Nibiru - http://www.nibiruguild.shivtr.com/ Nibiru is a Croatian Raiding Guild. ٠Normal Raiding٠ Body Count - http://body-count.enjin.com Brothers of Blood - http://brothers-of-blood.enjin.com/home ٠PvP Orientated٠ ٠Social٠ Crimson Sanctum - http://www.crimsonsanctum.enjin.com/ A Social 10 Man Raiding guild. Raiding 3 nights a week 20:00-23:00 ST ... ٠Mythic Raiding٠ Consideration - www.consideration.guildportal.com Formed in 2008 'Consideration' is a Raiding Guild based on Dentarg-EU. ٠Heroic Raiding٠ ٠Normal Raiding٠ ٠PvP Orientated٠ ٠Social٠ No Moon Over Me - http://aniko79.wix.com/no-moon-over-me Originally founded in 2004 and rebooted in 2014, a Social - PvP guild. ________________________________________________________________ List updated as of: 04.01.2015 - Thanks for the Sticky ;) [Previous Update: 28.06.2013]Waterspark217 04 May
1h 2 Day Friendly Raiding Wed/Thurs 20:30-23:30 Reincarnated Horde Tarren Mill We welcome and consider all applications: Melee, Ranged or Hybrid spots available. If you hope to join as a social member and do not plan to raid, you may ignore any raid based questions on the app. Contacts: Tehkek#2468 , AltiarGaming#2290 & Arisu#2306 We are an established raiding guild (Wed/Thurs 20:30 - 23:30 server time) https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu...l/Reincarnated Sundays 20:30-23:30 are our Funday Raids for all members that care to join in, we include the odd achievement run. Here is a stream of everyone being really depressed because it's Monday Eve while achieving things: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168495379 http://reincarnated.guildlaunch.com Mythic Plus and other events (such as PVP) etc come as standard, much like real life (except easier in game let's face it) you need to put yourself out there and ask to join in groups, invite people to your groups or accept invitations in G-chat to meet peeps and make friends. Our peeps are also playing other games outside of wow together (PUBG, HS, DIABLO etc) and you'd be most welcome to join in general game talk, or the game itself. After a such a long time we officially open recruitment again. Our goal, as there is new content on the horizon, is to encourage potential new members into joining us now so we're all comfortable with each other (maybe even, friends?) by the time the new content is is in full swing! Our guild identifies as: - Trans competent: We accept average 'okay' players to super duper most exceptional #1, as long as you fit in with our people we are happy to have you. - Non-PC: We are full on freedom of expression, no topic remains unjoked and no person remains unsmackedtalked. In this way we are very much egalitarian, but we're also adults so we don't target specific people for the butt of a joke if they tell us it makes them sad (as that would be bullying). - Non-Elite: We all pull together to kill things and keep our Guild alive and running therefore no one person/group is exalted above the team as a whole, and we don't rage either, we kindly but firmly remove people that go down those dark roads usually after a warning unless one is a total misfit deliberately harming the Guild chill. - Racially Fluid: We accept that sometimes people just need to become Millhouse Manastorm and express their inner Gnome. FULL-TIME RAIDERS! As a full time raider we ask for high attendance, full buffs for your character and gear plus either a quick mind for learning, or a decent bank of knowledge of your class and the various ways in which it can survive the deadly boss mechanics. We also would like you to have a good balanced attitude towards raiding, this means we want to progress and do a bit better each raid/attempt but we understand that playing with humans will mean mistakes are made and things can go wrong, so instead of getting angry we work out what we need to and try, try again! Finally we do expect a really good attempt at an application, ideally in English and definitely in rhyme. The benefits of raiding at this rank are a priority in raids spots and gear above all others ranks and the sense of self satisfaction and high fivery when we get a new progress boss down. SUNDAY RAIDS - Optional Raids 20:30-23:30 (server time) Open to all able bodies, there is no priority system for Sunday raids and all loot is rolled for main spec > off spec. DEAR SOCIAL MEMBERS Our vision involves finding all the lonely social players spread out across time and space (or servers and guilds) and getting them together to create a proper social hub based in wow and even sharing other common games. Tarren Mill is a very busy horde server so moving here won't be a mistake, you may even start 100% fresh level a new toon here to meet people and get that feeling of something big beginning. [Inserting an update for 24/08/2017: We are making a little headway with our sociallite hunting however, it could be much better, so not only will we include actively headhunting for people that sound like they would be a really good fit from their forums posts on the regular, but we'd like to reinforce that we're still here after all these years, therefore totally worth any realm transfer fees & application. It's worth bringing this up as some of our new members tell tales where they transfer to a nice sounding Guild and by the time they get there the guild is dead and buried.] As an established raid guild we have a bit of a head start when it comes to bringing people together and the patience and resolve to see it through, although it will take a bit of work to really bring out the potential. It also means that we can offer social players more opportunities to see a bit of end game suited to individual circumstances and we provide two ranks to help us do that: SOCIAL MEMBERS Are people that want to mainly focus on playing their own way (collecting transmog/pet battles/random BGs...) while having some company to do so. This is best for people that choose not to raid much. We appreciate active social members though, even if all you want to do is catch pets while talking crap all day, you guys are important. Sunday raids are available most weekends to all able members but we also aim to build a really great base of social members that feel comfortable getting to know new people and contributing to making events based on the things they enjoy. As our social base grows we feel there should be opportunities for social members with the experience and well rounded attitude to represent for their fellow socials helping coordinate events and keeping base with officers for support etc. To help this process along, you are encouraged to put up your normal and weird events on the calendar, as who doesn't want to punch out local mobs wearing all grey items? SOCIAL RAIDERS This rank is for people who are ready to raid (similar to full-time raiders) but can't guarantee a regular attendance, for example, shift workers with irregular schedules or people that can only guarantee every Thursday raid. We also suggest this rank for people that are newer to raiding but not ready to trial as you have a chance to experience team raiding without fear of 'failing'. Build your confidence! All social raiders can sign up to any main raid and we will take you with us as much as we can and as far as you can handle it, loot/limited raid spots are prioritized full-time raiders > social raiders. Vanity pets are raid rolled.Altiar54 1h
1h Parity (H) TM EU Recruiting for BFA and Mythic Raiding! About us: Parity (H) - Tarren Mill EU looking to strengthen our roster in preparation for BFA. The core members of the guild has been raiding end-game content together for about 5 years and has achieved a lot together in this time. A few accomplishments our core players achieved over the years includes (but not limited to): A tribute to Insanity Multiple Realm Fastest MoP CM times. Multiple Realm Fastest WoD CM times. Worlds fastest 10M HC Garrosh Kill (Before the release of mythic) Multi GladiatorsIn addition to all the aforementioned achievements we also have multiple Cutting Edge accomplishments in the past. Main Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 19:30-23:00 Sunday: 19:30-23:00Outside of our main-raiding schedule we also arrange a non-mandatory alt raid for those whom are interested. Mentality of Parity: Whether it’s raiding, M+ or any other activity in WoW we enjoy it a lot. This resulting in a fun and active atmosphere, not only during main-raids but also during off-days where you’ll find us doing keys, transmog- and mount runs, etc etc. That being said, we still strive and work towards overcoming the most challenging content that WoW can throw at us, meaning that once we’re raiding we expect everyone to bring their A-game. The goal for every raid tier is Cutting Edge. What we are looking for: We’re looking for active, dedicated and skilled players to strengthen our roster with. If you barely play the game and log on once or twice a week, you unfortunately do not fit our criteria. However, if you do enjoy doing content outside of raiding, may it be M+, Transmog/Mount-farms or the upcoming Island Explorations, you’re exactly what we’re looking for. Obviously it’s no requirement to be online outside raiding hours, but we would like to play and enjoy the game with like minded individuals. If you feel that you have what it takes to be one of the team and if our priorities lines up with yours - give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do. For questions about previous accomplishments, progression or anything else in general, add either of the B-tags below and we’ll get in contact with you as soon as possible. Sozelot#2307 Eemcee#21878 Kris3XIQ#2506Exiqh1 1h
7h Oblivion 11/11M Boost Community Hello and Welcome to Oblivion's Boost Community, formed by multiple top 50-150 11/11M Raiding Teams. We Provide our Boosting Services on Eu Horde Only. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. We accept payment on Any realm, you can find a regularly updated list of prices on our Discord Server. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/JtPYkdQ What do we provide: Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : Days: Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday Time: 16:15/16:30/17:00/23:00 Server Time Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title. Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Trinket (Whispers of the Dark): Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Mount: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Guldan Mythic Achievement and Mount! Guldan Mount + Full Run: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Full loot priority from all 10 bosses and Guldan Mythic Mount! Tomb of Sargeras: Tos Mythic Full Clear Package(Will be available soon) : Day: Unavailable atm Time: Unavailable atm Extra Info: You will receive 9 Achievements , Full Loot Priority for your Class/Spec and The Darkener Title! Glory of the Tomb Raider : Day: Sunday Time: 18:00 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get The T Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 17:00 Server Time (Flexible with Times) Group Size: 20-25 all unsaved Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. You will Roll on Rings/Necks/Cloaks. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Boosters are unsaved! Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 22:30 Server Time Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Antorus Glory Run : Day: Sunday 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Note: If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide, please join the discord or add the battle tag listed below, and if the boost you are looking for is not listed then you can ask about it as well! Contact us Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/JtPYkdQ Battle Tag: daniel#211984 Oblivion#22743Shòw1 7h
17h <Openly Hostile> recruiting high performers! <Openly Hostile> are recruiting skilled players! We have a core of experienced and high performing raiders and are looking for more folk like us to build a super strong team for BFA. We'll be raiding Tues and Thurs at 21:30-00:00 with Sunday and others as off-days for M+ and other activities. At least initially we'll be focussing on an easy and drama-free weekly HC clear in new tiers; what comes after that will depend on circumstances as we will not resort to filling a mythic roster at any cost (which usually means bringing in sub-standard players just to make up numbers!). Everyone will earn their spot and there'll be no carries. Our intention is to take a mature and pragmatic approach to the game and especially raiding. We understand that real life comes first and we'll have realistic goals for what we will achieve in the time we play. We will also prioritise playing with "the right people" over quickly assembling a team just to get numbers. To be considered you must be able to play your chosen role to a high standard and will be expected to keep current enough to perform in the same ballpark as the rest of the team. You also would need to understand that the team is a work in progress and will take time and effort to get fully going, so come with the right expectation! This is a great opportunity to join a newly forming, skilled team as a founding member and truly be a part of making something awesome! Add me on steveo#21656 if this sounds like something that would interest you!Tubs8 17h
1d Hunter LF 30+/Mature, relaxed/casual raid. guild Hey Tarren Mill! (Horde). Returning player here, hunter main lvl 110 atm. LF a real mature guild. (Don't mind the occasional younger person ofc, but majority of 30+ would be nice). I'll describe myself here, and hope for the best. :) Days/times I can raid: Wed, Thu, Fri, mostly. About 20-23 Server Time. (Can adapt ofc, but those are best for me). Pref. to raid 1 or max 2 days/week. Level of raiding: I pref. HC Anthorus, since that's my current lvl. Have cleared normal Ant, am midway through HC. Don't mind testing Mythic raids too, over the summer. :) I'll gladly do some mythic+ dungeons aswell, have done them up to +12 or +13, so far. I'll ofc take raiding seriously, bring my pots etc. That said, I would like a guild where people are patient, relaxed, and understand that progress can take time and that wipes are to be expected. In short, LF old school raiders with patience.. like me. :) And ppl who like to chat and have fun on Discord/guild chat. About Me: Began playing around 2006-2007, with very long breaks in between. Real Life, etc. :) Used to raid in BC and WOTLK, a bit in Pandaria. Haven't played in about 2.5 years, came back about 3 months ago. I think I'll stick around for a good long time, now! I-lvl on my main is around 945ish, hunter. Also levelling a healer alt, for the coming expansion. :) Might level yet another char, tank or dps, who knows! Also, I'm a streamer (Twitch), which means I'd be streaming the guild's raid runs/mythic dungeons, online. (The ones I am in, ofc. :D ) So, would prefer to join a guild that is cool with that. :) (Ofc, I'll try and ask around in the guild before streaming any voice audio of people!) Other stuff: I love collecting stuff! Transmog runs, collecting mounts, etc. Occasional pvp is fun aswell. Sry for wall of text, lol. :) But if you read this far and think your guild could need me, write here and we can connect more and talk. Thanks!Leroyj4 1d
1d [H] <Superstition> 5/11M Superstition is a newly formed raiding guild, we're in our 6th week of progression atm. And we are always looking for exceptional raiders in all roles to push for Cutting Edge this tier, and every future tier. Raidtimes: Wed/Sun 19:30 - 23:00 (servertime) If you any of the above sounds interesting to you go ahead and apply at: https://superstition.enjin.com/ You are always welcome to add us ingame: Klonk3n#2194 zickiz#2751Zickiz2 1d
2d Dads Army [10/11M] Recruiting for M-Argus and BFA The Guild Dads Army is a well established mature(ish) guild founded on Aszune in 2008,where it was and still is one of the longest serving guilds. The raiding core transferred to Tarren Mill prior to ToS release. As a social raiding guild, we seek progression while most importantly maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere on a twice a week schedule. As a guild we aim to breeze through HC content and progress as far as we can in mythic. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Dads+Army Recruitment We currently have an active raiding roster of ~27 raiders. Recruitment is therefore limited and we will only consider applicants that reseonate with our social and raiding ideas. We are however actively recruiting a Shadow Priest and Holy Paladin amongst others with similar (+-2) progression as ours. Legion Openings: 2 x Ranged DPS 1 x Melee DPS BFA Openings: 1 x Tank (Brew,Pala or Warrior) 3 x Ranged DPS 1 x Melee DPS Raiding EN 7/7H - 4/7M ToV 3/3 H NH 10/10 H ToS 9/9 H - 6/9M Antorus 10/11M Raids are every Sunday & Monday from 8:00pm - 11:00pm Server time. Social Raid on Friday 9:00pm -12:00pm Server time. if you are interested in checking out our raiding environment before applying, stop by our resto druids stream during raid hours or check out her VoD: https://www.twitch.tv/rosacarris Progression raids will only overrun 11pm servertime if everyone agrees to carry on. All raiders must have Discord installed and working. Even if you have no mic to speak you still need to be able to listen. As long as you are mature 18+, willing to learn, don't mind the 1% wipes, enjoy a spot of banter and above all want to have fun you are welcome to sign up for raids. Social For anyone else who is just looking to join a friendly social guild, all are welcome within reason. Our discord,facebook and website is shared between the two guilds on Tarren Mill and Aszune. Sign me up!!! apply at http://dadsarmy.guildlaunch.com/ or Contact: BNET: Squire#11925 Discord : Galilee#6827 Officers: Galileé , Ezeals, GorcurekSilverstein9 2d
2d <Fürõr> (H) 10/11M (Antorus) Recruiting Fürõr is an eight years old english speaking, two day mythic raiding guild on Tarren Mill-EU. Our focus is on clearing raids at the highest difficulty this game has to offer. Our team consists veteran players. We are a group of passionate gamers that are always looking forward to the new challenges this game throws at us and with that, the opportunity to improve. This tier (Antorus) we're aiming for cutting-edge and we've started progressing from the first week mythic is released. Current Tier Progress: 10/11M Previous Tier Progress: 7/7M EN (cutting-edge), 2/3M ToV, 6/10M NH, 7/9M ToS Main Progress Raids: Friday/Sunday 19-22 server time Farm/Alt/Fun Raid: Wednesday 19 server time Voice communication: Discord Our guild website: http://team-furor.com What we're looking for: * Good knowledge of the class that you are applying for. * Good logs on warcraftlogs.com * Mythic raid experience in any previous tiers. * The ability to keep up your focus during the rough parts of progress. * The ability to play an off spec. * Being able to take constructive criticism (and to give it too) in a positive way. * Being able to use Discord and be vocal, especially where it's needed. * 18+ Age requirement with a good sense of humour Recruitment Status: * We are always looking for exceptional raiders to join our ranks. Currently we're looking for: - 1x really good DPS Contact us: If this sounds like you and you're interested in joining, then please visit www.team-furor.com for more info, or contact us on bnet (listed in alphabetical order): Cyclopes usmanjavaid#1447 Cloudmane grim#2571 Strømbølina Nicentra#2438Cyclopes46 2d
2d Invalid Target boosting services 22815 37 posts Topic Title <Invalid Target> 11/11M Guild is offering our raid boosts again, helping you to get your epic gear, achievements, mounts, titles! We have a long history of successful boosting. Raid boosts: Full Heroic Antorus - Personal Loot - Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker - A chance at the Antoran Charhound (Felhounds of Sargeras Mount) - Violet Spellwing (Argus Mount) - A chance at 945+/955+ items from each boss - A chance at the transmog weapons (from Aggramar & Argus) - The boost is done by 15 975+ UNSAVED boosters, rolling boosters loot among customers after each boss - Friday at 20:00 - Saturday at 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 - Monday 20:00 Glory of the Argus Raider - You get Antoran Gloomhound mount as achievement reward - The boost is done on Normal difficulty - Tuesday at 20:00 9-11/11 mythic Antorus - Up to 1 buyer per armor and set tier (Vanquisher, Protector, Conqueror) - Buyers get all items up to 985 ilvl - Our waitlist on Shackled Ur'zul is currently full. - Wednesday 19:00 and Thursday 20:00 (we have 2 raid groups) Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan - "Vengeance Incarnate” title - Hellfire Infernal - Thursday 19:00 and 19:30 (2 runs), Sunday 19:00 and 19:30 (2 runs) Trial of Valor - "The Chosen" title (you cant earn this title after BFA pre-patch) - "the Chosen Dead" transmog set - Sunday 19:45 5-man content: Mythic+15 - [Keystone Master] achievement which opens unobtainable artifact weapon appearance after BFA pre-patch - You can afk/help us, its your choice If you were interested in any of these boosts, you can contact me on battlenet: Bandikaalol#2875Bandipala0 2d
2d Mythic Guild Re-Building for BFA Iniquíty is a Horde based Mythic raiding guild on Tarren Mill: Background: The core group of players have been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla and at the start of legion we decided to found Iniquity. The aims of the guild were to enjoy progressive Mythic Content while raiding with likeminded players who want to progress through end game content, in fun and friendly environment and push for cutting edge. Our Mythic Progress during Legion: 7/7M (Cutting Edge) - Emerald Nightmare 2/3M - Trial of Valor 4/10M - The Nighthold 6/9 M - Tomb of Sargeras 6/11 M - Antorus, The Burning Throne BFA: The guild has already begun recruitment for BFA and have switched all our focus to having a strong foundation ready for the launch of the new expansion. We are actively looking for players which have previous raid experience and are aiming to push mythic content in BFA. We are also looking for players interested in running mythic plus outside of raids. During Legion we had many players pushing their Raider IO ranks. Recruitment Status: All though we are open to recruit on all classes and specs we would prefer Ranged DPS over Melee. This is due to the veteran players currently wanting to claim 5 Melee DPS spots in BFA. This however leaves load of opportunities for Ranged DPS, Healers and the additional Tank in preparation for BFA. Raiding Policy: Iniquity will treat BFA as reset and re-evaluate existing and new members equally in preparation for Mythic contact. Raid spots will be given to those which perform and bring the correct attitude to raids. All ranks within the guild are planned to be reset to ensure it is an equal platform for BFA. Raid Schedule: Our raid times are on Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday/ from 20:30 - 23:30 Raiding Video: A lot of members tend to want to see the raid environment before joining a new guild so to help with this we have cropped some of our best raid clips into a short video to help get the feel of Iniquity Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_Nz9JSKcoc The guild will also accept social players which want to play in a friendly environment Please apply here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYl9ngWwyH3kyAmmQ9H8PGgW_wWhE9mPXJtFQ-OK46l1a5lw/viewform For any extra information please contact me on: Bnet - Crisis#2645Jáy0 2d
2d <Implosion> 9/11M Recruiting Who are we? Implosion is a 3-day raiding guild, created during Tier 20/Tomb of Sargeras, with sights set on end-game content. During ToS we managed to acquire a very solid core, and cleared 5/9M before the release of Antorus. Our raid group is comprised of experienced players and we all share the goal of completing the hardest content the game offers while it is still current. Currently, we sit at 9/11 Mythic and our goal for this tier is cutting edge. Raid times: We raid three times a week, Thursday/Sunday/Tuesday 20-23 with an optional HC clear on Wendsdays. Recuitment: We are always looking for skilled and experienced raiders to join our team, regardless of class or role. But at the moment we are primarily looking for: - Shadow Priest - Balance Druid - Affliction Warlock - Elemental Shaman - Restoration Shaman - Holy/disc Priest - Holy Paladin What we require: - High attendance - Preparedness - Good knowledge of your class and of the bosses on mythic difficulty. - Positive attitude - The ability to take and give constructive criticism in a positive way. - A working microphone and be vocal. Trials: - The trial period lasts on average 2 weeks. During this time it is important to have good attendance and show that you're eager to play at this level. - You will obviously be judged based on performance, attitude and ability. Good DPS alone will not carry you, you need to be a good player who can look after themself during encounters. - Don't be afraid to ask any of the officers questions. Loot: We distribute loot with the EPGP system. We believe this is a fair system that rewards players who put in the time and effort with the gear they deserve and that will help us progress. Finally, what we offer you as a player: - Steady progress on Mythic content. - Highly experienced raid leading and officers, with dedication to managing the guild. - A mature environment. We take raiding seriously but at the end of the day, we are all here to have fun doing what we enjoy. - Active Discord community. If you're interested, you can apply on our website over at: https://implosionwow.enjin.com/recruitment For further information or to have a chat, don't hesitate to contact me or any of the other officers: - Moon#21852 - Recruitment Officer - JayTee#22206 - Guild MasterHunterbill25 2d
2d [H] Looking for (casual) raiding guild Greetings, I am looking for an active and social (and semi-mature) guild which is PvE oriented. I would prefer casual raiding, but any type of raiding is interesting to me. I am a semi-active player, very busy with IRL stuff but will be able to attend a lot of events. I have been away from WoW for a bit, so my ilvl is still a bit low from EN/Nighthold (ca. 900). In return for recruitment, I offer you laughter and banter, with potentially good dps numbers. Yours sincerely, Kfcmanager P.S.: feel free to whisper me ingame to have a chat and ask me questions.Kfcmanager1 2d
3d [H] Evo (5/11M) Recruiting for Mythic! 2days Updated 21-05-2018 Hi! We recently migrated with the core of the guild from Frostmane Alliance to Tarren Mill/Dentarg Horde! Our new guildname is Evo. Recruitment has been great so far on the new realm so we are excited to get back into Mythic raiding! Our core philosophy revolves around accomplishing succesfull Mythic raiding on a 2 days schedule. Cutting edge is possible with 2 days per week when you have a skilled and experienced roster that shares the same progression oriented mindset. Clearing as many Mythic bosses as possible before the next tier and improving in ranks is our main goal. We will keep working towards being a cutting edge 2 days mythic progression guild! Real life comes first, so we chose to spend a minimum amount of time in raids, yet we try to get the most value out of our raidtime. Raid days: Wednesdays 19:30 - 22:30 (Paris time). Sundays 19:30 - 22:30 (Paris time). IMPORTANT NOTE: During the first 2 to 3 weeks after a new raid release we have extra, OPTIONAL raiddays on the calendar. (19:30 - 22:30 (Paris time)). What will we offer? - A friendly but serious raiding environment. - Efficient progression. Player Requirements - High Attendance is a must as we only raid twice a week. We require players to sign up AND OFF for raids on the calendar atleast one day in advance! We require players to communicate with an officer if something pops up which requires you to skip a raid! - Be a Team Player. We seek players who understand there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. Raiding is a collective effort and everyone works together towards our goals. - Solid Communication. English speaking with a proper functioning microphone or headset is a must. We use Discord. - Significant Preparation for new bosses we face by researching the new encounters. Progression oriented mindset. - Being able to give and receive constructive criticism. - Laser focus during progression. Random banter is encouraged, but not during pulls. - Logs to back up you are capable of Mythic raiding. Character Requirements - 945+ equipped, with 75 traits in your mainspec artifact. - Excellent Class- and role knowledge. - Staying up to date with your class changes. - We expect our raiders to complete their weekly chest (+15). Gear, Legendaries and AP is not everything; we value the qualities of an individual over gear. We will invest in people. Required Addons; Angryassignments, RCLootcouncil and WeakAuras. WoW-progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Evo https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/frostmane/Titans+Inn (Old guildname before migration). Evo is recruiting ALL dedicated players for Mythic progression! If your class or role is not listed here but you think you are a valuable asset to our team, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We value the qualities of an individual over a specific class/role or gear. We will invest in people. (21-05-2018) To continue Mythic progression we are in high need of; - Holy/Disc Priest - Resto Shaman - Holy Paladin - Mage - Balance Druid - ALL exceptional applications will be considered! Apply here!: https://goo.gl/forms/xJxMjlDyB6B5wHSa2 Please note that incomplete applications will immediately be deleted! For more information contact us: Geko#2385Nuon6 3d
3d Sakaru's NEW Nemesis Boosting Service Hello everyone! I am boosting people through the Nemesis Quest lines situated within the Gladiators Sanctum inside of your garrisons. I can boost you to receive the preliminary quest item (E.g. Pandaren Heart) alongside with the 500 required kills in the follow up quest. The start up quest requiring 20 Broken Bones can also be acquired during the boost for no extra charge. FULL boost runs involving all races start at 20.30 Server Time FRIDAYS Only! I am selling for Horde players to kill Alliance races for the Warlords of Draenor related achievements and questlines. I am charging 50k (50,000) gold per person per race. - Alternatively should you wish to buy ALL seven races, we will offer this for a discounted price of 250k (250,000) gold - Two races comes free! Note, I accept gold ONLY. This price is for Tarren Mill ONLY - Please note these prices will be increasing on 1st June - so book NOW NOTE: ANY payments NOT made on Tarren Mill, cost the equivalent of a WoW token OR no less than 350k - whichever is highest at time of purchase of services. - Like above, this cost WILL be going up from 1st June. I am currently selling ALL Alliance races, these include: Horde Humans ----> Dwarves ----> Night Elves -----> Gnomes -----> Draenei -----> Worgen ----> Pandaren Add and speak to me in-game if you need multiple races but have chosen the wrong race in line with our kill order - there may be a solution! Or, scroll down to our FAQ. Also, check out mine and my old friends Nemesis Boosting forum topic from when we played on Tarren Mill, alongside all the feedback from other players: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17610531464 I handle ALL bookins using Discord, so if you use that, bonus! Add my battle-tag below for further details - alternatively reply to this thread for any queries. We also have a Discord which is used to post news to Nemesis Buyers. You may use the Discord to show your interest in buying before adding my battletag Sakaru#2690 https://discord.gg/uyehqve Leave the technical business to me. Contact us, set a date, and be on time, and expect swift and professional boosting. With a full group of 5 (so the multiplier is 5, it takes on average 20-30 minutes per race) FAQ: Q: What is the Nemesis questlines and achievement? A: Please see the below links: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=9738/warlord-of-draenor http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=9508/warlord-of-draenor These are questlines obtained from your Level 2 Gladiators Sanctum in your Garrison. They require you to collect the heart of a specific race, turn in the quest, to receive a follow up requiring 500 kills to the specific race. Q: How long does the boost take? A: For one Nemesis quest, it will take around 10-30 minutes depending on technical issues. We ask for players who are buying all races, or multiple, to set aside around 2 hours AT MINIMUM for us to complete this on time. This can be affected by slow payments, drop outs, or late comers, or even phasing issues! Q: I need all races, but I am on a different Nemesis quest than the race you begin with, what can I do? A: If this is the case, please have an alt leveled, with a Level 2 Gladiators Sanctum, and reach the quest-line to burn an effigy. Please choose it in our kill order. Unfortunately there is no way for a player to dismiss a Nemesis Questline on a character that has already burnt an effigy, so choose carefully! Please speak to us in-game if you have chosen a race not in line with our order - there is always a work around! Q: I am on a different realm to yourselves, how do I go about paying for this boost? A: I will have many alts/bank characters to accept the gold from yourself, which will even be at the boosting location for your convenience!Sakaru8 3d
3d <Four Seasons> Svensk Mythic Guild söker till BFA Vi rekryterar till Battle for Azeroth. Exceptionella spelare som känner att de kan komplettera vår kvalitet av raiding och vara en del av en mycket social miljö uppmuntras att tillämpa oavsett klass/spec. Main raid tider Onsdag 19:45-23:00 Söndag 19:45-23:00 Torsdag 19:45-23:00 (första veckorna) Vår frivilliga raid är vanligtvis Torsdagar 19:45-23:00 Vad vi söker i dig som spelare: *Du älskar att raida och vill progressa mythic. *Du är en självständig och kommunikativ spelare. *Du vill ha kul och ha bra progress. *Din mikrofon är tillräckligt bra för tydlig kommunikation. *Du har en stabil internetanslutning. *Du ska kunna lyssna och aktivt tala på Discord. *Du ska hålla dig uppdaterad inom din role. *Du ska ha Nuvarande/Tidigare mythic progress. *Du ska ha 100% närvaro på main raid. Tidigare progress t16 14/14m t20 5/9m t21 6/11m För övrig information, vänligen kontakta GM/Raid Leader palovaara#2794 Officer/Raid Leader jullanpullan#2791Frêya0 3d
3d <Security> Legion Mount store now open! Hello Tarren Mill! We're a recently new addition to the realm and we've usually held these on Frostmane, but looking forward to be working with you all! Observe that Blizzard is releasing BFA 14th of August which will be the last time the mount will be 100% drop rate, so make sure to get yours asap! Prices are as follows and are somewhat negotionable: Prices for single Mythic bosses, master loot with all non-titanforged and non-socket items included for all of your speccs (whatever we don't need that are titanforged or socketed is yours). This sadly extends to relics as well due to the way they work: WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT BOOSTING SINGLE BOSSES. EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE BUT CONTACT AN OFFICER FIRST FOR MORE INFO Aggramar and Argus Aggramar- 1.5m Argus (loot only) - 3m Argus (the mount + Loot (http://www.wowhead.com/item=152789/shackled-urzul?ilvl=110) - 7m Package - Aggramar + Argus - 8mGul'dan: Gul'dan Mount - (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=171827/hellfire-infernal) - 800k Package - Aggramar + Gul'dan - 7.5m Raids: Our raid days and invites are on Wednesday at around 19:30 CET and boss is pulled around 19:45 CET. We raid until 23:00 CET, but raids won't be going for that long since there's only three bosses to kill.[/b] You're welcome to raid naked due to the fact that we will ask you to die on every boss. Payment: Part of the payment (15%) is paid as reservation deposit when we set up a date. The remaining full payment is expected upon entering the raid unless otherwise noted. We accept only in-game currency and only Horde on Tarren Mill. Contact: If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please contact me on btag or ask someone in the guild to poke me: Kapaya#2705 Previous threads: WoD store: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16742874657 Nighthold store: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615114686 Blackhand store: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16070567408Kapaya1 3d
4d Enh Shaman - 2d/wk - HC Pref. Hi there, Quick TL:DR at bottom. As the post lists I am an Enhancement Shaman looking for a guild raiding maximum 2 days a week. Attitude to Raiding: I am primarily looking for somewhere casual and sociable, preferably the same realm (can xfer if the guild is right) but definitely Horde. I have had experience raiding semi-hardcore for the last 5-7 years and I have reached the point where I want to settle to a more casual mindset when raiding. Current Progress I have only just returned to raiding after a 1 year break and as such have got no progress in the current tier. Previously I was a Mythic Raider clearing content pretty consistently up until Legion. Personal Info I am 24 UK, currently in full time employment as a Software Engineer and as such I don't have a super-erratic schedule. Availability Any Day around 20ST onwards (can make 19:30 if really required but exercising could mean I'm 10 or so minutes late (or eating) sometimes). Logs If requested can go about pugging and grabbing some logs. Contact Enhanced#2266 TLDR: Availability: Any Day, 20ST+, 2d/wk max. Aim: HC Primarily Progress: Was on break, so none current tier, ex-Mythic Raider. Transfers: Realm (if right guild), not Faction (I'm Cheap) Contact: Enhanced#2266Ropax0 4d
5d Guild looking to merge with a guild Heimdal <2/11Mythic> is looking for a guild to merge with. Heimdal is a guild started by a bunch of friends. We are a very social and sometimes friendly guild doing a lot of things together. We have a very fun and relaxed atmosphere. We raid wednesday and sunday 8-11. Looking for a guild with similar ideas and raiding times. we are atm a core of 14people. Our main goal is to clear hc every new raid and do m+. We want to progress a bit into mythic aswell when possible. Take contact if we are of interest. Zaicks#2124.Magihime4 5d
5d <Elixir> New Mythic 3Day Guild for BFA (Tarren Mill) <Elixir> is a Newly formed guild, That is looking for Skilled and determined players to fill the roster for Battle for Azeroth (BFA). Raid days for BFA will be WED/THUR/SUN 20:00-23:30 Server time ! Our recruitment is currently open for the following : Skilled Healers : H Paladin R Shaman Disc/Holy Priest (Depending on BFA's Favour) R Druid DPS : Recruitment for dps will always remain open for players that are outstanding in mechanics and skill! Our Aim in BFA Our aim is to form a stable team with a positive outlook on raiding. we plan to clear all content on Mythic difficulty. we will be raiding 3 days a week. What we Expect from you as a player As a player we would like to expect you to be confident in yourself and be able to manage your time correctly we would also like you to be able to accept and provide constructive criticism A list of Traits that interest us in players : ..Attendance(95%) ..Maturity ..Skill (Knowing your class/spec) ..Awareness ..Dedication Contacts: Wolfskie#2902 - Guild Master / RecruitmentWolfskìe1 5d
5d [H] <Broken> - Tarren mill (NOR/SWE) Recruiting Vi er en nyoppstartet norsk/svensk guild som har stor fokus på PVE content og jobber nå med å bygge en solid guild roster til Battle for Azeroth. I trial perioden din kommer du til å bli evaluert, og får etter en ubestemt tid beskjed om vi vil gi en plass hos oss eller ikke. Det du kommer til å bli målt på er følgende: - Om du signer opp til raids i god tid - Møter opp forberedt til raids - Spiller rollen din godt - Om du går glipp av raid gir beskjed i god tid Når det kommer til loot i Trial perioden vil du ha lavere prioritet enn de med Raider rank. Om ingen Raiders trenger itemen skal du selvfølgelig få den. Skulle det vise seg at to Trials trenger samme item avgjøres det på samme måten som med raiders, eventuelt roll. Guildet bruker loot council og items distribueres basert på hvordan man gjør det i raids, oppmøte, om det er BiS for spec og hvor stor upgrade det er. Avgjørelsen tas av offiserene, og loot drama tolereres ikke. Skulle du ha problemer med avgjørelsen som er tatt, skal dette tas opp privat med offiserene. Om de står ved avgjørelsen sin er det en grunn til det, vær så snill og la det gå. Hva vi forventer av deg: - Kunne alt som er relevant for din klasse og spesielt din spec. - Holde deg oppdatert på din klasse, nerfs/buffs av talents osv. - Komme fullt forberedt til raids: - Food/flasks/pots - Kunne tactics på alle nødvendige bosser - Enchants og gems - Komme senest 15 minutter før raidet starter - Har en godt fungerende mic Hva du kan forvente av oss: - Totalt 2 raids i uken - Stabil progresjon gjennom raid tiers samtidig som man har det gøy. - Et modent guild uten drama Raid tider: Raid tider er ubestemt atm, dette er noe vi kommer til å bestemme når vi har alle roles fylt opp. Nettside: http://broken-tarrenmill.enjin.com/ Høres dette interssant ut eller om du har noen spørsmål kan du ta en prat med mayern#21792, Bekkeliusen#21268, Fræz#2349 eller Bustern#2286 ingame/battle.netMayern5 5d
5d [H]Praetor-Friendly Mythic guild recruiting all for Bfa <Praetor> Guild Intro/Info Formed back on 2007 at server Kilrogg and on September 2017 was transferred to server Tarren Mill in order to fullfill our higher aspirations at mythic raiding. Our goal is to be a distinguished PvE guild in this WoW in terms of community and fun. As such we’re always looking for players that share that goal. We are always on the lookout for exceptional players with a personality, we are not just looking for a “A warlock that gets the job done” we’re interested in the player behind that warlock. Progress: Our Goal for Battle for Azeroth is to improve every raid with faster clearing times, even faster trash clearing to make sure our time we spend together is as productive as possible. Recruitment: All classes are needed Our Raiding Schedule: Main Raids: Wed & Thurs. 20:00-23:00 CET Alt Raids: The majority of the guild plays more than one character, so for the full guild experience it’s highly encouraged to maintain alts and experience the guild in the non-progression mindset. Monday 20:00-23:00 CET What We Can Offer You: A guild that can make your time playing the game more fun and worthwhile, and an excellent raiding environment that always wants to improve itself What We Expect from You: Come fully maxed out (Gems, Enchants, Upgrades) Be prepared research the boss fights and learn our strategies Perfect/High Attendance Bring out the best out of your character Be a team player Communicate Contact: If you find our guild as a favorable match, you can contact me via Battle tag akalyptos#2214 or any of the officers (e.g. Sänguinius - Tushan#2315) Looking forward to hearing from you, PaikosPaikos0 5d
6d WTS / WTT Papal Fez Hello, I have 1x Papal Fez on Tarren Mill. If someone is interested in buying or trading it for equal value item, add me - Vyrox#11960Vyrox0 6d
17 May [H]AeoN - Casual guild for casuals/mature Hello all, I am here to invite all casual players to join me under one banner. There are plenty of guilds recruiting for Heroic, Mythic, 1-2-3-5 days/ week of raiding - and that is great. What about the casual guy, the one that has family, kids, girlfriend, work...why not a place for the truly casual which cannot commit to a particular day? Well look no further, AeoN is the place for that casual. What we offer: - mature group of people - mythic dungeons (and maybe a once a week raid) - family atmosphere What you need to offer: - be at least 25 years old (we can be flexible on this but there has to be a good reason) - mature attitude Please contact on bnet id: Chronos #2824Warshield11 17 May
16 May Looking For a Guild Hello, I've just come back to WoW after a break and am going to transfer to this server due to nothing holding me to my current one and have heard this server is one of the better ones. I work late shifts (5pm to 1-3am) during the week, because of this i've been mainly a solo player but am looking to change. Because of my hours i can't commit much time to raiding but i do have an interest in it aswell as M+. Not expecting any guarantees on anything but would be nice to be in an active social guild with some events. Be a nice change to playing alone.Monelle2 16 May
16 May [HORDE] Gallywix Boosting Community Gallywix Boosting Community Gallywix Boosting is a recently formed community with 80+ high-end 11/11 Mythic players from across Europe, most being active raiders within top 100 ranked guilds in the World. We bring reliable, quality boosts and accept payments on all realms in GOLD ONLY. Current Boost Schedule: Antorus Heroic Personal Loot - All unsaved boosters rolling out loot they don't need. - Thursday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday @20:00ST Mythic Gul'dan Mount - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST and 23:00ST Mythic Elisande - Convergence of Fates trinket [905+ ilvl] - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST and 23:00ST Mythic Trial of Valor & 'The Chosen' Achievement - Saturday & Sunday @17:00ST & 17:30ST (other days/times possible on request) Glory Achievement Runs - Argus Raider, Legion Raider & Tomb Raider - We hold 1 of the 3 Glory runs each Sunday on a rotation @20:00ST Antorus Heroic Master Loot - You get full priority on Tier and Armor-Type for your class. Relics/Trinkets/Rings/Necks/Cloaks will be Main-Spec rolled out, max 3 buyers per run. - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST and 23:00ST time slots - In the very rare event of a failed boost, you will receive a free rescheduled boost or a full refund - To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by joining our Discord server or contacting me (Xen - Head of Advertising and Council Member) directly by using one of the methods below: Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/RsF5qZP Discord - Xen#0798 Battletag - Executrix#2206 We hope to hear from you soon! :)Xenuk0 16 May
15 May [H]FoolHardy - Two Night Raiding Guild Recruiting [H]FoolHardy 10/11HC Who are we? Foolhardy is a two night a week raiding guild, with a focus on community and clearing content. Established as a top guild on Aerie Peak; we are recruting more players for our raiding roster as we move in BFA. Foolhardys core is a group of dedicated friends who wanted more from their Wow experience, moving together from Aerie Peak and starting over on Tarren Mill. We offer a fun and stable raiding environment suitable for new and vetern players alike as long as you aim to clear content and have fun along the way! What we are looking for? Dedicated players of any skill level looking to join a community and progress through the remaining Legion content and into the new expansion. New players and veterans are welcome as long as you have a desire to have a great time. What can we offer? - Two raid nights - M+ runs every Monday, with dedicated guild groups - Funday Friday (transmog runs, achievements, pvp etc) What is our schedule? Raids Tuesday and Wednesday 20:30-23:00 server time All other events take place from 20:30 server time Progress 10/11 ABT HC Currently recruiting; Currently open to all classes and roles, especially ranged DPS. Thinking of applying? DeathsRuin#2786 (or Irikilindoor-Tarren Mill ingame) GM LLChopper#2437 (or Clodagh-Tarren Mill ingame) Recruitment Officer Revelry#21752 (or Revelry-Tarren Mill ingame) Officer Gucky#2796 (or Gucks-Tarren Mill ingame) Co Recruitment Officer ForeverFlame#21459 (or Vexael-Tarren Mill in game) Raid LeaderClodagh3 15 May
15 May <Exception> Mythic Antorus Boosting Services <Exception> is offering multiple types of boosts please see below for the different types of runs we offer. What we have to offer right now is: Mythic +15 Dungeons for Weekly reward + Keystone Master achievment Argus Mythic + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot We ONLY accept gold as payment. If you can pay on Shattered Hand and connected realms you will get the cheapest prices. However we do accept gold on most servers. Antorus Mythic run is on Wednesdays at 19:30 server time. All our raiders are 965+ ilvl, so the run is smooth and efficient. To book a spot add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 We do our best to get our buyers as much loot as possible, this means no more than 1 buyer each armor and token type. For more info or if u have any questions please add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 or send me a whisper in-game. These runs are HORDE ONLYßíó0 15 May
15 May Selling (Swift) spectral tiger and rooster I am selling 3 mounts: - Swift spectral tiger 2.8 million gold - Magic rooster 2.2 million gold - Spectral tiger 2.2 million gold I do NOT accept anything less than these prices. Do not bother whispering me with less gold or any sort of deal. These are the prices, this is what I sell them for. TCG cards arent being made anymore and the price of these mounts will only increase over time. Kind regards Business#2159Business9 15 May
15 May Looking for Friendly Active guild Hi. I'm looking for an active friendly guild to join on this sever to level and enjoy the game with. I'm not looking for a levelling guild that is just there to pile money into the owner on a bunch of alts, but a guild with active players and good conversation heading into BFA game and a bit of PVP/Raiding later down the line, I am a shift worker so flexibility is a must to benefit all sides. Thanks!Cahaeli1 15 May
15 May Wtb Mythic Gul'dan mount Wtb mythic gul'dan mount. Add my btag on Jackb#2323 to discuss!Bainé0 15 May
14 May [H] <Diverse Depravity>. Hey all, Diverse Depravity is looking for members to complete our raiding team. About Us We currently are just a group of friends and we are looking to form a solid and stable raiding team for moving into BfA. We do M+15 keys each week with guildies as much as possible. Progression 11/11 Normal Antorus 10/11 Heroic Antorus Who We Are Looking For Currently, any application will be considered, however we will be specifically prioritising off-tank and off-healer dps. Raid Schedule We raid progressively two days a week. These are: Alt/Fun runs on Mondays if enough people signed. Wednesday : 20:00-23:00 SAST Thursday : 20:00-23:00 SAST Our Expectations We expect that if you want to be a part of our raiding team, you turn up to both raid days. We expect everybody to have a good attitude and to be flame free, as we all want to learn together and negative attitudes really don't help. We expect that you try your best in all situations and learn your class and spec to the best of your ability. Contact Us If this sounds like something you'd like to be apart of then please add one of us on battle net to have a chat. -Matt#22917 -Lobo#22554 -hiimbilly#1836 Website https://www.diverse-depravity.com/ Cheers! MattTrileria8 14 May
14 May Antorus HC Boosting <Invalid Target> Invalid Target <Ragnaros> is selling Heroic !Antorus the Burning Throne! boosts on horde side with personal loot and rolling on unwanted items every Saturday. We can boost 4-5 player in heroic. If you can't get in due the lack of spots we offer you a 10% discount on the next weekly run. We only accept GOLD as payment (we accept gold on other high/medium pop realms as well). For prices, information and application feel free to add me on Arkhien#2198 or reach me out online on Ragnaros on the following character: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ragnaros/ArkhienArkhien16 14 May
14 May [H] <Excess> - Tarren Mill - Fresh guild LF players We're a small group of friends who recently returned to WoW and enjoy the game at a leisureble pace. We decided to come together and form a new place to call home. In terms of content, we enjoy everything from leveling to raiding Antorus. However, since we're attending university, sometimes school, work or real life have a higher priority than WoW. We're looking for mature, like-minded and social people who wants to clear normal/HC Antorus, push mythic+ keys together or just to wind down after a busy day. This is of course not limited to legion content as we're looking forward to enjoy BfA with you as well. Last but not least we're looking for people who wants a family and a place to call home. If a mature and social environment with room for work, school or kids has interested you, feel free to contact either one of of us on our btag or drop by our discord channel: Bootscut#2630 Azimba#2354 https://discord.gg/dDkmFKSElinora0 14 May
13 May [H] Indomitable 11/11HC recruiting for BFA. Disclaimer : Indomitable is a mature guild and is full of people that could be referred to as "!@#$s" and "%^-*!" however I swear they are nice and any problems are handled immediatly and discrete , do also not that this guild is NOT a MYTHIC focused guild , we might throw a few rocks at the first few bosses on mythic difficulty but we will never focus on clearing everything on mythic unless it comes our way. Indomitable was formed by Ex-Mythic raiders who wish to lay back and enjoy the game while still clearing current content. Our main goal is to have fun while we progress through the latest content on heroic and get curve only to then slowly look around the corner to throw a few pebbles in the direction of a mythic boss without running in there and focusing on it. Wether we kill 0 mythic bosses or all of them we will still stay just as happy and bant all the way to next tier. Raiding Days Wednesday : 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday : 20:00 - 23:00 (Optional Alt raid) Friday : 20:00 - 23:00 There are events throughout the week that are optional such as transmog runs, mythic key stone pushing and just general banting around with drinking games ( of course you have to be 18 + to attend these) The recruitment is open for everybody and we will always consider ANY exceptional player. P.s : We want social members too :) all are welcome to join our family <3 We constantly encourage people into conversation and to join the fun in our guild rather than stay on the sidelines , but if you wish to remain silent then that is in your full right aswell. Our runs basicly consist out of bants , focus and booze and often you can hear the excited nerd screams we all know and love when we kill a boss for the first time. We do expect our players to be geared accordingly to the content we wish to clear aswell as have sufficient knowledge about their class / spec / fight to perform up to a standard that keeps the runs enjoyable for everybody we offer help to achieve this of course in the form of m+ runs , consumables , advice and tactic explanation both verbally and written. Outside of this we also provide an excellent and mature enviorment with the word "Bant" being a widely used word to describe us , you can already tell we are a bunch of fun guys and girls where you'll be able to laugh and joke with. As for loot we use a loot council consisting of 3 to 5 people just to make it "fair". You can always check us out on https://indomitable.enjin.com/recruitment Thank you for reading this post ! If you have any further questions please redirect yourself to any members online but in particular : Inserted , powoz , zarloz , Terra Or add me on battle tag ! Anicky#21107Inserted3 13 May
10 May <Goodlife> Fresh guild getting into raiding Hello players, Goodlife is a guild on Tarren Mill that is making a fresh raid team. Right now we are a few friends combined, doing certain raids and mythic+ just to gear up. We want to continue our path in Legion and start on Mythic Antorus progression. Who are we? We are a few friends that all have cleared heroic Antorus and are fed up with having no progression on mythic. Most of us have been dedicated raiders when we were studying. We've gotten to the age where this is no longer a possibility since we've started our working carreer. What do we want ? We want to grow a mature and friendly community. We want to build a steady roster that will progress through mythic Antorus. It is a late start so we are keeping our eyes focused on Battle For Azeroth. This community will not be solely built around raiding. We want to help everyone clear their weekly +15's and do legacy raids / achievements for people interested. Raiding times would be: Wednesday & Tuesday 20.30 - 22.30 server time These times can be adjusted / increased depending on what the future holds in store for us. These times are meant as a start. Our main goal will be to increase this time to 3 hours twice per week. While we are waiting to complete our roster, we will try to pug competent people to complete our weekly raids. What are we looking for? We are looking for mature and friendly players who can show dedication and want to get back into raiding. Any class is considered right now. We play different characters and are willing to flex into a roster. We want people who can keep themselves from flaming or raging when things aren't great. People that are able to accept criticism and feel comfortable enough to speak up. Want to apply ? Message Balou#2712 or Microgun#2856 for any questions or invites.Tomlin1 10 May
09 May WTS Guardian Cub WTS Guardian Cub on Tarren Mill (HORDE) - 960k! My btag is marcus#24130Infinitus0 09 May
09 May Grunts of Dawn 5/11 recruiting. Grunts of Dawn est 2013 are recruiting. Hello to the Warcraft community, Grunts Of Dawn are Looking to recruit 2 great dps. One Dps should have a tank offspec with a minimum of 70 traits ideally Monk, DK, or Druid, (not DH), the other Dps should be a Mage, an Elemental Shaman or a Boomie. All exceptional applications however are considered. We are a mature Guild so only over 18’s need apply. Many of our members successfully juggle families, jobs, RL, and Wow. We can offer dedicated raiders a friendly environment with a mature and experienced raid team. The core officer team have a huge amount of experience in guild management and some of the core team have raided together on and off for over ten years. Our guild offers a lot more than most- The Guild bank provides raiders all their consumables - Gems, Enchants, Food, flasks, pots, repairs and tomes which can be used for raids, Mythic+ and PVP. Our core team makes sure that ALL members, whether a social or raider, get their +15 Mythic plus each and every week. So if you are looking for a chance to be part of something new and exciting please feel free to contact us through our site or in-game. Please check out our website at www.gruntsofdawn.com We would appreciate all applications though that portal. What you can expect: * A mature and inclusive guild atmosphere * kindness and respect inside and outside the guild * Guild raid repairs * Raiders gems, enchants, flasks, food, tomes, kites, potions, etc from the Guild bank * A stable raiding experience 3 nights strictly per reset (2 main raids, 1 optional hc clear) * Strong Progression for time invested * Balanced gearing. * Faceplanting on 0.001% Wipes :) What we expect from our raiders: * Communication * Focus and Preparation * Maturity * A drive to achieve the best they can. * A desire to learn from mistakes and improve with each boss attempt. * ~80% Attendance in general Raid Times: Wednesday, Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 - Mythic. Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Hc full clear socials and alts welcome at the RLs discretion. This raid is not mandatory. (Invites start promptly at 19:50) Officers and their real ids that you can contact: Anarthas (GM) - Anarthas#2873 Nasgore (RL) - gidbin#2715 Ameara (Officer) - Bana#2565 Deathhaas (Officer) - iihaas#2857 Anarthas GM of The Grunts of Dawn (Tarren Mill)Ameara21 09 May
07 May Pieces-Draenor Boosting Service <Pieces> [World Rank 6] are offering our raid boosts again, helping you to get your epic gear, achievements, mounts, titles or simply experiencing the highest level of raiding in person! We have a long history of successful boosting. On our Draenor thread you can find comments and recommendations from players we helped. https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613803045 We are currently offering: Full Mythic Antorus with guaranteed mount - 10.5m [includes ALL loot for your spec, guaranteed tier for your class, Cutting Edge achievement, Shackled Ur'zul mount, ... the Titanslayer title] Full Mythic Antorus - 7.75m [includes ALL loot for your spec, guaranteed tier for your class, Cutting Edge achievement, ... the Titanslayer title] Mythic Argus with guaranteed Mount - 7.5m [includes ALL loot for your spec, Cutting Edge achievement, Shackled Ur'zul mount, ... the Titanslayer title] Mythic Argus - 3.5m [includes leftover loot only, Cutting Edge achievement, ... the Titanslayer title] Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker to Aggramar (10/11m) - 4.75m [includes ALL loot for your spec, guaranteed tier for your class, Mythic Achievements] Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker to Coven of Shivarra (9/11m) - 3.75m [includes ALL loot for your spec, guaranteed tier for your class, Mythic Achievements] Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan with guaranteed mount - 1.2m or 5 tokens on any realm [Mythic Elisande/Gul'dan Achievement, “, Vengeance Incarnate” title, Felblaze Infernal] Mythic Trial of Valor + The Chosen achievement - 1m or 4 tokens on any realm [Mythic ToV clear, ", The Chosen" title, The Chosen feat of strength] Discounts for multiboxers or people buying multiple runs can be discussed! Also while buying a combination of runs, we’re able to offer you a suitable discount. Should you be interested in buying any of our services, please contact: Penkek#2282 Our wowprogress is found below. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Pieces Thanks and we hope to see you in game!Penkek24 07 May
07 May [H] - Tarren Mill - BFA - Solanum Tuberosum - LFM Good Day all! Solanum Tuberosum is a mature, friendly, laid back raiding (Horde) guild newly set up by a couple of friends who have been raiding together for a long time. Our goals currently at to set up a community within our guild which consists of people who not only wish to mythic raid, but also who like to take part in other parts of the games content be it M+ or PvP. We are looking for people who are not just interested in logging on, doing the raid and then logging off again. We look for people who are happy to socialise, chill and just generally help make the guilds atmosphere a fun and pleasant one. MINDSET ON RAIDING Our plans for Mythic Raiding is more of a laid back one. We will be getting all content down and completed AotC before any substantial nerfs happen and when content is completely relevant. Yet, we do not plan to make it a hardcore, strict atmosphere, we are not going for world or realm firsts, or maybe even 100ths (If it happens, it'll be a happy little accident, we're not striving to be the very best.) We think that raiding should be fun and filled with jokes, laughs and people enjoying themselves. That said, that doesn't mean we are not going to put in the effort to raid. We fully expect our players to turn up on time fully stocked to the raid and to perform their very best, because we believe that that is the best way to respect your friends while raiding. When it comes to raid leading, we believe that the raid leader makes the final decision, but we welcome our team to fully take part in helping him come to that decision. If you have an idea, bring it up (try bring it up after if possible if we're progressing on a current strat, there's always room for refinement.) We want people to be actively engaged within the guild and the raid. With the changes coming up to master loot, our loot system will be the basic personalised loot system. You won't be forced by the raid or guild leaders to trade away an item you have received. Nor will we tolerate people acting aggressively towards other due to someone not trading loot and keeping it for themselves. As we said, we are not aiming for world or server firsts or even first 100. We will get AotC regardless of master loot or not. If you receive a drop that you don't need, you are welcome to do with it whatever you like. That said, keep in mind that if do that, then there may be people in the raid who may do the same thing to you and won't share the loot you need in return. We expect maturity from our raiders. Most of the time, the more you give, the more you will get back from others and that is a mindset we encourage but will not force upon you. MINDSET ON OUR COMMUNITY I mean, we have a few rules that we follow. They're somewhat common sense, because it's just common decency. Lay off the racism, it just isn't cool. Same with sexism. This isn't Mad Men. Same with stuff that's anti-gay/lgbt/straight. People are allowed to be whoever they want. We don't care about NSFW chat, we encourage it. Just again, same as the above, know when somethings are appropriate and some things aren't. Don't be a dick to your guild mates. Jokes are encouraged. #$%^ talking is encouraged. Just keep in mind when to stop and when it's affecting people. Legit, if someone asks you to stop, stop. We expect our guild members to be accepting of their guild mates. People lead different lives. We take the time to respect and understand that, and respect them for it. One of our main tanks is ginger. He was born that way. He can't help it. We love him for it even if no one else does. See? This is what I'm talking about. RAIDING TIMES We plan to raid three times a week. Monday OR Tuesday : 20:00 - 23:00 CEST (Server Time) (UNDECIDED AS OF THIS MOMENT) Wednesday : 20:00 - 23:00 CEST (Server Time) Thursday : 20:00 - 23:00 CEST (Server Time) WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU We don't ask too much from our raiders all we want are: High attendance (We expect that sometimes people have RL issues. We do not penalise people for having to deal with RL -*!@, just let us know) Coming to raid on time, get there 15 minutes before the raid starts because the pull will be at 20:00 (again, let us know if you're gonna be late) Come stocked with food and flasks and potions. The guild is there to help, there are many people who can help you get the mats you need. Let us know! CLASSES All classes and specs welcome. We currently have two main tanks set in stone, but any off spec tanks will also be welcomed. If you want to contact us, feel free to message us on here or send us a message on Discord: We have a Discord server and we'll have a website up and running soon! * Me: Mango Jam#5418, B.net: Riario#21763, or Vangaux (ingame) * Theo: Theodore#8546 * Greg: Vimak#8156, Gregorington (ingame) * Howard: Happyhoward#8152 Thanks for reading!Theoplayswow0 07 May
06 May High Society Top Hat Hello guys! I have a friend that really likes top hats and i would like to make a silly present to him! Since i cannot afford that head because its very expensive, i would like to craft one for him. The problem is that this recipe is very rare these days and i cant find someone with it anywhere... If you have it, please (!), contact me! I have materials and i will also tip. Feel free to add me: Shoel#2794 Thanks in advance!Shoel5 06 May
05 May Are there any active pvp guilds? Hello, My name is gekkehuiss. I have a pretty much experience in pvp and i am looking for a pvp guild. On my current realm (Frostwhisper) are none (active) pvp guilds. So my question is are they any active pvp guilds on this realm? Please add me or let a reaction underneath here if you have any suggestions.Gekkehuiss1 05 May
05 May [H] Sorabi Tarren Mill. 4/11M, 2days raiding guild - Sorabi - is mature guild since cataclysm on Tarren Mill-EU.We are always looking for new dedicated players to improve our team. Progress is 4/11M so far. We are in looking for all kind of DPS and healers(monk, pala). All applications will be considered, because for good players there will be always spot in raid. We need geared ppl who is ready to go with us on progress. Socials are always welcome. We are also preparing for BfA to start raiding as soon as possible. Main raids are Friday and Tuesday, from 19:00h-22:00h CET. Wednesday is raid for ppl who still need gear from heroic, and alts. Guild exist since cawtaclysm. Our members are mature and experienced players from previous expansions.If you are relaxed and you loves joking you will get easy in our team. Guild rules: About loot, we are using ML or Personal, depends on bosses, if its ML we are using RCLootCouncil. We expect from you to attend more than 90% of raids, but if you have some big reasons it will not be any problem. Addons required for raids: BigWigs/DBM, RCLootCouncil and Angry Assignments You always need to be prepared for raids, gems,enchs,flasks,potions and runes. If you want to join us and you think we are guild for you, you can talk with any officers for joining us. Officers: serda#2502 - Droghtaran pedja#2457 - Perun ergoline#2536 - RaskucinDroghtaran1 05 May
05 May [H] TILT Gaming - Looking For Members TILT Gaming are taking a new direction for the remainder of Legion and BfA. We've all been Mythic raiders but we have nothing to prove any more. So we have decided to reform and do Heroic Raiding, Mythic+ Dungeons, associated Achievements and team based PVP. We are still deciding on raid nights and times, but the idea is that we have two raid nights a week being sure to leave time for all the other content. We all have lives outside of the game, so would like more like minded players to join us on our quest to reignite the fun of the content that we lost sight of when focus was on Mythic progression. Add me for a chat Porcpie#2986 Good luck and have FUN!Maiali4 05 May
04 May [H]Red Wine 2/11M - Need a home? Red Wine is a social raiding guild recruiting for friendly adult humour raids. Red Wine is a guild started by raid experienced players that has played and raided together since TBC. We started in hopes to make a guild that would feel like “home.” We are all at least 8/9 Heroic before we decided we wanted to make our own home. :) We like the social aspect of the game, and the atmosphere in the guild is something we take pride in. As we are fairly adult ourself (or should be by now I suppose...) we prefer people from the age of 20+ - We need people that will commit to raiding two days a week, show up 10-15 minutes beforehand, and be ready with their flasks/potions. - We want people that will contribute to a friendly, but focused atmosphere within the guilds raids. We try to keep this guild mature, but with room for a sense of humour to shake off a wipe. Patience is a must for progression runs. - We expect you to know your class, your role in the raid. We also expect you to look up encounters that you don’t already know. Our raid times and days are; Wednesday 20:00 – 23:00 Sunday 20:00 – 23:00 (Alt run days to be confirmed) *Invites at 19:45. Pull at 20:00* If you are social, with a positive attitude, an enthusiasm for the game, and an eagerness to raid, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for geared people that fit our quota. We do not class ourself as a "Mythic" guild. But we do, however, start mythic content in each tier when we have cleared heroic. We have a social night on Fridays where we drink wine and get to know each other a bit more. We like to call it "Guild Bondage." We have spots open for DPS: Druid, Mage, Priest, Warlock, Rogue Other classes/specs will be considered. If you are interested and want to chat, you can contact one of us in-game. Aidy - Aidy#21587 Beevicious - Carina#2810Aidy30 04 May
02 May [H] Infinite - 10/11M - 3days Raiding - Recruiting Infinite Infinite is a semi-hardcore guild that was created the 25th of October 2007 on Sylvanas EU and transferred to Tarren Mill EU on 10/1/2014. From its creation we have been raiding in every tier on the highest possible difficulty (Mythic). Our goal is to clear the content before the release of the next one. Raiding Days (during progress)* Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 Thursday: 19:00 - 23:00 Monday : 19:00 - 23:00 *Sunday as a raiding day might exist for the first few weeks of a tier release, and will be optional after that for various activities (Guldan mount farm, alt runs etc.) Current Progress 7 / 7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 3 / 3 Mythic Trial of Valor 10 / 10 Mythic Nighthold 8 / 9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 10 / 11 Mythic Antorus Recruitment Up-to date recruitment always at https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Infinite We are in High need of the following classes/specs: Balance Druid Discipline Priest Restoration Shaman Exceptional applications of all classes will be considered even if recruitment is closed for your class. We are also open for discussion for small group of players. We are also accepting applications for the forthcoming raid of Antorus Requirements: Have 75+ artifact traits at main spec Maturity - We expect our members to be mature, and be able to handle constructive criticism Attendance - We require high attendance of our raiders. You have to be able to attend all our raids per week Raid Performance - You should be able to play competitively with other players in the guild. As you are expected to perform equally or better to the other players of the guild Class Knowledge - You need to have very good knowledge about your class and spec. You also need to know and understand boss mechanics of current content. Communication - You need to be able to speak, type and understand English. We also require you to listen to TS during raids. ------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about guild or recruitment feel free to ask any of the following players: Guild Master Moowalker: Moowalker#1853 Recruiting Officer Limujin: Sale#2673 or by email: moowalker@infinite-guild.eu Also you are free to join our discord channel for any questions https://discord.infinite-guild.eu Website www.infinite-guild.euMoowalker53 02 May
02 May [H-PvE] <Momentus> 1/11M are recruiting all raiders! Hey there Tarren Mill et all, <Momentus> are a casual raiding guild who have just transferred over from Defias Brotherhood (Previously, <Momentum>). We're a laid back bunch of players who've been playing for a number of years, and whilst we raid to the best of our ability, we're all plenty older than we were back in BC, and keep a flexible environment to fit in with our lives outside of the game. We like to have fun and progress at our own pace, so we don't set requirements on things like artifact level, and aim to get as many people raiding with us as we can. Schedule We raid two nights a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, from 20:15 CET (19:15 GMT) to 23:30 CET (22:30 GMT). Progress You can see our previous progress here: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/defias-brotherhood/Momentum And our current progress here: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Momentus Our Legion Experience So Far After suffering from the ultimate Mythic boss, the raiding roster, at the end of Tomb and into ABT, we've lost a number of raiders and are looking to get our team back up to speed again. During Legion, we've progressed gradually into Mythic content, starting with only really Heroic during EN and ToV. When NH came round, we finally pushed into Mythic, managing 5/10M before ToS launched. With a bit more experience and knowledge, we dived into ToS Mythic sooner than we did NH, but due to roster issues, only ended on 4/9M. We've squeezed out our first Mythic kill in ABT a while ago, but have struggled with getting a full team together since then. Having lost a lot of time, we may not make Cutting Edge this tier, but are eagerly wanting to get back in the game and start pushing bosses down again before BfA launches! Who We're Looking For We're eagerly looking for new raiders of all classes and roles who are reasonably laid back, but are keen to ensure they're prepared for every encounter - aware of tactics, fully gemmed and enchanted, raring to down new content! If you love doing M+ too, awesome! If you're chatty and love wasting hours talking on Discord with guildies, awesome! If you love making exceptionally poor memes about the amount of times we wiped to Krosus' beams, awesome! We love to have all kinds of people in guild, and are happy to spend time with people who may not have had Mythic experience before too, so don't hesitate to apply. Recruitment Tanks We're currently trialling new Tanks. Healers We're looking for any Healers, but particularly Resto Druids. DPS We're current trialling a lot of new DPS, but could still do with a few more Ranged classes. Boomkins, Ele Shamans, Hunters would all be great. Mythic+ Whilst our main focus is on raiding, we've also previously enjoyed pushing high M+ keys, and during our hey days of the 7.1.5 season, were pushing +23s. We'd love to get back to doing this! Want to apply? Think that you'll make a great fit with Momentus? Our application form can be found here: www.momentus-guild.com/apply We're in the process of updating our website, so some information on there is out-of-date, but feel free to peruse! Guild Contacts Officer: Illienoth - HMNIW#2962 Officer: Curador - Drew#1312 Officer: Dakrohan - NMSISDSIGN#2801 Thanks for taking your time to check us out, and we look forward to hearing from prospective recruits!Illienoth5 02 May
01 May An opportunity to play professional mythic+! Greetings everybody! I have been blessed with the opportunity of creating a mythic+ team representing an esports organisation with the goal of trying to accomplish big things within the scene! I am currently looking for a tank & a DPS player (horde), who are sure they can put alot of time and effort into the game when Battle for Azeroth launches. Sadly, this offer is not aimed towards the average player and I have got a few expectations & requirements where the most important one is that -YOU- must have high endgame experience within either arenas, mythic+ or raiding AND be able to play or reroll multiple classes in Battle for Azeroth. Why am I looking for players from all of these categories? The answer is simple; I believe that if a player can perform at the highest level of the game (top 0,5% - 0,1%) in one aspect, you have the potentional to perform in other aspects aswell. If you believe that you have what it takes feel free to contact me and send me a BattleTag friend request: Noclue#2797, or send me a personal message on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CTiK_Naope and I will give you further information about the organisation and we can discuss different requirements and wonderings! -Do not try to contact me through the comments of this post! I might chose to ignore comments completely!- Best regards, Your fellow WoW player! :DNaopeyy0 01 May
01 May (H) Farming Guild <Bloody Brawler> Is Recruiting :) Do you like farming? Do you like doing old raids for mog runs and achievements? Then this is the guild for you. We are a farming guild that likes doing achievements, old raids for mog runs and many other fun stuff together with the guild members. Our focus is to do old raids, farm transmogs and do achievements together. We want to progress the achievements as a guild, both player and the guild achievements that is. There is no requirement for you, if you like doing what we do then you're in. We have no desire to do end-game content. Since the game started leaning towards the cosmetic side a lot lately, we want to make a schedule for old raid & dungeon runs as a guild. Right now we just do stuff together randomly, like whenever someone asks in the guild chat. Oh, almost forgot, we also do rep farms together, or like "Insane" title farms and what not. Yes, we like that. Some people even have a few tricks to share to speed up your farming and what not. If you like what we do then feel free to ask for the invite. Any guild member is able to invite people. My btag: Daisu#2104Daisu0 01 May