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04 May Guild Websites Welcome to 'Tarren Mill' forums! READ BEFORE POSTING! If you would like your guild to be added to this list, please post your web address and choose one of the following categories: Try to stick to the category, although more information about your guild is appreciated but not necessary. -Mythic Raiding -Heroic Raiding -Normal Raiding -PvP Orientated -Social I would like to add that "if" your guild disbands or changes to a different raiding scheme (PvP > PvE & vice versa), please post it here so I can re-update and remove your guild from the current list or update it's status. (optional but encouraged to do so) Don't have a guild website? Well get one now! http://www.guildlaunch.com http://www.guildportal.com http://www.guildzilla.com http://www.wowstead.com http://www.enjin.com/ ________________________________________________________________ UPDATED FOR NEW RAIDING SCHEMES - WoD 2015 ... ٠Mythic Raiding٠ Rapid Eye Movement - http://www.remgaming.com/ Hardcore Raiding guild currently crowned at the top of Tarren Mills Boss clears. NollTvåTre - http://www.nolltvatre.se A Swedish Hardcore Raiding guild formed in 2011. Prime - http://team-prime.eu/ Having been around since Wrath, Prime is a Hardcore Raiding guild on Tarren Mill-EU. Nihilum - http://nihilum.enjin.com/ Having been around since the days of Vanilla Nihilum is back in the PvE Game. Angered - http://angeredguild.com/ Hardcore Raiding guild with 5 nights a week Raiding schedule. Epiphany - http://epiphany-guild.com/ Formed in Mists, Epiphany is a 3 nights a week raiding guild. Infinite - http://www.infinite-guild.eu/ A Semi-Hardcore raiding guild found in 2007. Currently 4 nights a week raiding 19:00-23:00 ST Unity - Together since 2010, Unity's mission is to clear all Mythic content. Huhuholics - http://www.huhuholics.eu/ Experience since Vanilla, Huhuholics has been around for number of years. Currently raiding 3 nights a week 20:00 to 23:00 ST Bulwark - http://bulwark-eu.guildlaunch.com/ Fidelis - http://fidelis-gaming.enjin.com/ Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild with 3 nights a week Raiding schedule. Cerberus - http://cerberus-guild.shivtr.com/ Founded in 2012 on Karazhan-EU. Raiding 3 nights a week from 20:30 to 24:00 ST Da Noob - http://www.danoob.net/ Around since 2008, Da Noob is an International Raiding Guild. Sanctus Immortalis - http://sanctusimmortalis.enjin.com/ Fürõr - http://furor.forumotion.com/ A Hardcore 20 Man Raiding guild founded in 2009 ٠Heroic Raiding٠ Nibiru - http://www.nibiruguild.shivtr.com/ Nibiru is a Croatian Raiding Guild. ٠Normal Raiding٠ Body Count - http://body-count.enjin.com Brothers of Blood - http://brothers-of-blood.enjin.com/home ٠PvP Orientated٠ ٠Social٠ Crimson Sanctum - http://www.crimsonsanctum.enjin.com/ A Social 10 Man Raiding guild. Raiding 3 nights a week 20:00-23:00 ST ... ٠Mythic Raiding٠ Consideration - www.consideration.guildportal.com Formed in 2008 'Consideration' is a Raiding Guild based on Dentarg-EU. ٠Heroic Raiding٠ ٠Normal Raiding٠ ٠PvP Orientated٠ ٠Social٠ No Moon Over Me - http://aniko79.wix.com/no-moon-over-me Originally founded in 2004 and rebooted in 2014, a Social - PvP guild. ________________________________________________________________ List updated as of: 04.01.2015 - Thanks for the Sticky ;) [Previous Update: 28.06.2013]Waterspark217 04 May
8h [HORDE] Gallywix Boosting Community Gallywix Boosting Community Gallywix Boosting is a community with 175+ high-end 11/11 Mythic players from across Europe, most being active raiders within top 50 ranked guilds in the World. We bring reliable, quality boosts and accept payments on all realms in GOLD ONLY. Current Boost Schedule: ST = Server Time (CEST/GMT+1) Antorus Heroic Personal Loot - All unsaved boosters rolling out loot they don't need. - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday @20:00ST & 21:00ST Mythic Gul'dan Mount - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST, 18:30ST, 23:00ST & 23:30ST Mythic Elisande - Convergence of Fates trinket - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST & 23:00ST Full Mythic Nighthold + Gul'dan Mount - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST & 23:00ST 9/10 Mythic Nighthold (without Gul'dan) - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST & 23:00ST Heroic Kil'jaeden [Tomb of Sargeras] - Available Monday's @21:00ST & 21:30ST Mythic Tomb of Sargeras - Options ranging from a full run to individual bosses, Thursday & Saturday @23:59ST Mythic Trial of Valor - Available most days on request @17:00ST or 23:59ST (The Chosen is no longer available) Glory Achievement Runs - Argus Raider, Legion Raider & Tomb Raider - We hold 2 Argus and 1 of each Legion & Tomb per week Want a boost on a day or at a time not listed? Contact us and we will try to accommodate you. - In the very rare event of a failed boost, you will receive a free rescheduled boost or a refund - To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by joining our Discord server or contacting me directly by using one of the methods below: Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/MRJEgcd Discord - Xen#0798 Battletag - Executrix#2206 We hope to hear from you soon! :)Xenuk7 8h
9h [H] Tank/DPS DH LF Daytime Raiding Guild Due to my work I am unable to raid during the traditional times. I am available throughout the day though and as a result am looking for a mature daytime raiding guild for BFA. During Legion I mained a Havoc DH however I played mostly vengeance in M+ so I know both specs really well and can switch to either if required! If anyone has a home for me you can reply here or add me in game Derp#2752Genjî1 9h
14h <Openly Hostile> recruiting! Openly Hostile are a team of experienced and high performing raiders and we are always looking for more folk like us! We raid Tues and Thurs at 21:30-00:00 with Sunday as a flexible third day for early prog, M+ and other activities. Our intention is to take a mature and pragmatic approach to the game and especially raiding. We understand that real life comes first and we'll have realistic goals for what we will achieve in the time we play. We will also prioritise playing with "the right people" over quickly assembling a team just to get numbers. To be considered you must be able to play your chosen role to a high standard and will be expected to keep current enough to perform in the same ballpark as the rest of the team. You also would need to understand that the team is newly formed and it will take time and effort to get all the kinks worked out, so come with the right expectation! This is a great opportunity to join a newly forming, skilled team as a founding member and truly be a part of making something awesome! Add me on bnet on steveo#21656 or apply here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdDRnJ3gGRBhadgar1 14h
17h [H]'Red Wine' - Recruiting for BfA Raiding Red Wine is a social raiding guild recruiting for friendly adult humoured raids. Who We Are Red Wine was started by raid experienced players that have played and raided together since TBC with the intention to make a guild that would feel like home. We like the social aspect of the game and the atmosphere in the guild is something we take pride in. Most of the guild members are 21 + therefore we would prefer to recruit people from a similar age range. BFA We want to progress on from our raiding experience in Legion (2/11 mythic) and offer our raiders a minimum of HC progression in the upcoming expac with the possibility of moving into mythic as time progresses. Our Raid Times are as follows (server time): Wednesday 20.00 – 23.00 Sunday 20.00 – 23.00 Invites go out at 19.45, pull at 20.00 In between these core raids we run M+ as well as alt raids and possibly PVP. The type of players we are looking for are: - People that can commit to a 2 day per week raiding schedule, showing up 15 minutes before hand with all the relevant pots and enchants. - People that can contribute to a friendly but focused atmosphere both in and out of raid. - A mature outlook to wiping in progression, whilst having fun is the main aim patience is a must. - Understand your class and your role in the raid. Utilise the many resources online to understand these aspects of the game as well as boss fights. Overall If you are social, with a positive attitude, an enthusiasm for the game and an eagerness to raid, we would love to hear from you. At the moment we are recruiting for ALL CLASSES & ALL SPECS as we move into the new expac. If you are interested chat to one of us in game: Aidy – Aidy#21587 Beevicious – Carina#2810 Texman – Tydan#2550Texman1 17h
18h the <Battleforged Brotherhood> [H] is looking for you! Hey there, The <Battleforged Brotherhood> is taking in new members for BfA! As a guild our main focus will be on forming a strong RBG team for the upcoming seasons, as a new PvP reward system will be introduced. We are looking for active PvP minded people, that like us, love to play bgs, arena and Mc+ with guildies. You need to be over 18 years old and life in EU west. We have our own discord server, thats why having a mic and being talkative is a must when we play rbgs! Our recruitment for warriors and hunters is closed atm, all other classes are open for recruitment. DK's most wanted! See you soon in the battlefield!Shaymccormac2 18h
21h Praetor-Friendly Mythic guild recruit tank and dps <Praetor> Guild Intro/Info Formed back on 2007 at server Kilrogg and on September 2017 was transferred to server Tarren Mill in order to fullfill our higher aspirations at mythic raiding. Our goal is to be a distinguished PvE guild in this WoW in terms of community and fun. As such we’re always looking for players that share that goal. We are always on the lookout for exceptional players with a personality, we are not just looking for a “A warlock that gets the job done” we’re interested in the player behind that warlock. Progress: Our Goal for Battle for Azeroth is to improve every raid with faster clearing times, even faster trash clearing to make sure our time we spend together is as productive as possible. Recruitment: One Tank All dps classes (except rogue-hunter-Warlock) Our Raiding Schedule: Main Raids: Wed & Thurs. 20:00-23:00 CET Alt Raids: The majority of the guild plays more than one character, so for the full guild experience it’s highly encouraged to maintain alts and experience the guild in the non-progression mindset. Monday 20:00-23:00 CET What We Can Offer You: A guild that can make your time playing the game more fun and worthwhile, and an excellent raiding environment that always wants to improve itself What We Expect from You: Come fully maxed out (Gems, Enchants, Upgrades) Be prepared research the boss fights and learn our strategies Perfect/High Attendance Bring out the best out of your character Be a team player Communicate Contact: If you find our guild as a favorable match, you can contact me via Battle tag akalyptos#2214 or any of the officers (e.g. Sänguinius - Tushan#2315) Looking forward to hearing from you, PaikosPaikos0 21h
1d tarren mill community????? is there one like the title says... is there a TM community (horde)Sindorie1 1d
1d <Recurrent> looking for raiders for BFA! Hello to all inhabitants of Tarren Mill! <Recurrent> is the reunion of a high tier mythic raiding guild from WOD! After our break in legion we are teaming up again ready to tackle some new content, and is looking for more members to add to our raid team. We need more active, dedicated players willing to put in the effort that we are. We offer a stable and social raiding environment and possess a strong desire to keep progression going. Openings What we're ultimately after is a stable roster of reliable players - provide us with what we're after, and there's no reason we wouldn't consider you no matter what class or role you play. We value the player, not the class. How to Join Us We like our members to apply on our website: [recurrent.enjin.com]. We find that the very existence of the application process filters out those who will be unwilling to put in the effort we expect. After all, if a player can't be bothered to spend 5-10 minutes filling in an application, how likely is it that they'll be running mythic+ dungeons for gear upgrades every week? What Will the Weekly Raiding Schedule Look Like? We raid 3 days a week, 19:45-23:00 Server time, on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. What do we Expect from You? As I stated earlier, we primarily value activity and dedication. If I were to make a list of desirable traits in a raider applying to the guild, gear would be the least important on my list. Prove your reliability, your dedication and your willingness to listen, and we'll happily gear you up. We do, however, expect you to put in your own effort outside of raiding days in order to gear yourself up where you can; for instance, we'd like you to be running as many mythic+ dungeons as possible every week for gear upgrades. You will, of course, find plenty of people in the guild willing to run these with you. What Happens when I Join the Guild? When your application has been approved, you'll be invited to the guild as a 'Trial Raider'. During your trial period, you'll be judged on your attendance rate, your attention to boss mechanics, your level of preparation and the effort you put into improving your character outside of raids. Depending on these factors, your trial period may last no longer than 7-10 days. Conversely, we have some members who have never shed their 'trial' status because of poor attendance or poor attitude. For any interested applicants, I will leave my Bnet tag [VarmenBork#2675] and our recruitment officer [morty#22248] or discord [https://discord.gg/y9GYg6d] and once again our guild website [recurrent.enjin.com]. You will find practically any information you need on our website, and the application process is fairly self-explanatory, but if you have any questions add me and I'll happily have a chat with you.Varmenbork3 1d
1d <Devotion> recruiting for BFA <Devotion> is a new guild made by mostly 11/11M players, currently looking for exceptional players for our ultimate goal in BFA: Hitting the top 500 world ranking. What do we expect from you? - Previous mythic experience & logs. - Punctuality. We expect you to be in time for the raids. - Being able to take constructive criticism without being offended, this is key to success. - Being prepared before the raids (enchants, flasks, food et.c.). - In depth knowledge of your class & the encounter. - A working microphone What can you expect from us? - Structured raid leading. - Active & talkative community. - Competitive, but relaxed atmosphere. - Mythic + boosting teams. We do NOT accept: - Racism - Unanswered calendar invites. - Laziness. Raid times: Mon/Wed/Thur 19:45 - 23:00 server time Recruitment: - Currently recruiting good ranged dps (no warlocks) but if you think you have the right experience/logs, please send them to me anyways and I'll take a look at them. - We always welcome socials/mythic+ players. I'm interested, who do I talk to? https://discord.gg/cZ7ta9 - Starcaller#21795 - Sunny#22960 - Donz#2935Neøphyte6 1d
1d LF Guild Horde DH Hello everyone! I have recently returned to Tarren Mill and looking for a new home for my DH in either role (tank/dps). I'm looking for a mature guild, which raids 2-3 nights and able to finish Heroic before the next tier comes up. Also, I'm strictly looking for a guild who finishes raiding by 22.00 pm server time due to time difference. I'm mostly a pve player, who has been around since vanilla. I've have done some mythic raiding but it is not my priority. I try to keep up with changes in my class and do my research before the raid. I always bring my own pot/flask/food to the raid. If you think you have place for me feel free to contact me from here or in game #haerdalis1478 Cheers allDyrhain3 1d
2d guild looking for more members to its rosters :) <Varangian> (Raiding Guild)(PvP) Living in your moms basement? Quit school at 15, or got layed off.Can you survive solely on pizza and monster drinks? Varangian is looking for you. Bring your inner nerd, but please keep your drama on secondlife feel free to contact me on the forum or ingame. FOR THE HORDE! info tarren mill dentarg realm. faction horde. voice discord. most of our members play together in all kinda gaimz then we are not raiding bosses or rated bgs .Rexthor0 2d
2d LF Raiding Guild for BFA Hi, going to keep this post short and brief as I would prefer to speak over Battle net ID, however I'm a returning player, looking for a Raiding guild and friendly community for BFA, would prefer to get into Mythic. will post some basic info below. Age : 23 Language : English Schedule : Flexible Role : Healer/DPS Experience : Raiding Mythic in WOD, and been casual in legion, just HC from time to time. Battle ID : AshyBoy#2285Recipez4 2d
2d [H]FoolHardy - Two Night Raiding Guild Recruiting [H]FoolHardy 1/11M Who are we? Foolhardy is a two night a week raiding guild, with a focus on community and clearing content. Established as a top guild on Aerie Peak; we are recruting more players for our raiding roster as we move in BFA. Foolhardys core is a group of dedicated friends who wanted more from their Wow experience, moving together from Aerie Peak and starting over on Tarren Mill. We offer a fun and stable raiding environment suitable for new and vetern players alike as long as you aim to clear content and have fun along the way! What we are looking for? Mature dedicated players of any skill level looking to join a community and progress through BFA. New players and veterans are welcome as long as you have a desire to have a great time. What can we offer? - Two raid nights - M+ runs every Monday, with dedicated guild groups - Funday Friday (transmog runs, achievements, pvp etc) What is our schedule? Raids Tuesday and Wednesday 20:30-23:00 server time All other events take place from 20:30 server time Progress 1/11M 11/11HC ABT Currently recruiting; Currently open to all classes and roles, especially ranged DPS. Thinking of applying? Please fill out an application on our website if you'd like to join; https://foolhardy.enjin.com/ Feel free to message me if you'd like more info :) LLChopper#2437 (or Clodagh-Tarren Mill ingame) Recruitment OfficerClodagh10 2d
2d <Veo> tarren mill (H) söker spelare inför bfa Tjenare ! Nystartade Veo <Tarren Mill> (Horde) söker spelare som är 20+ inför BFA. (nystart från gamla Veo på Frostmane) Vi kommer vara en mythic guild som siktar på cutting edge. Guilden börjar sakta ta form nu och nya spelare kommer in nästan dagligen. Men vi söker fler duktiga spelare så man kan lära känna varandra och skapa en gemenskap innan expansionen släpps. Det vi söker nu är allt utom tanks. Ni skall ha mythic exp i legion. Raid tider: Ons 20.00 - 23.00 Sön 20.00 - 23.00 Alt/social raids: Fre/lör Socials är även dem välkomna! Vid några frågor tveka inte på att kontakta oss! Ansökan görs på https://discord.gg/Bq5zfaf Ha det gött ! barkiz#2499 gaulin#2165 chandler#2145 babbeeee#2165Barkizen0 2d
2d <Goodlife> 4/11M expanding roster Hello players, Goodlife is a guild on Tarren Mill that has recently started a raid team. Who are we? We are a guild that has been going for 4 weeks now and is looking to clear all raid tiers in BFA. we are a casual guild with a hardcore mentality towards raiding. What do we want ? We want to expand our roster with reliable and mature raiders. We want to keep a positive atmosphere towards every single raider. We will try to push it as far as we can in Legion, but are definately going for all cutting edges in BFA. Raiding times are be: Wednesday & Tuesday 20.00 - 23.00 server time What are we looking for? We are looking for mature and friendly players who can show dedication and reliability. Any class is considered, being a rogue or windwalker is a plus.We want people that are able to accept criticism and feel comfortable enough to speak up. What is our goal? Our goal is to get as far as possible (cutting edge?) in Antorus & get all cutting edges in BFA. Want to apply ? Message Balou#2712 or Microgun#2856 for any questions or invites.Surfingdudes4 2d
2d <Sugar Boys> Fun and rewarding Raiding Hey! <Sugar Boys> is a fresh guild that is creating a raiding roster. We aim to become a chill group that focus on becoming as good as we possibly can, while still holding on to the fun part. If you are looking for a raid team that you enjoy raiding with and have fun when you log on but isnt interested in carrying. look no further. Shoot us an application at http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdME2Zz7XE Or add me for further questions at Breadrost#2352Breadrozt2 2d
3d (H) Mythic Guild (10/11) raid at 9 lf DPS We are looking for DPS (ranges) for BFA! Crimson - Tarren Mill EU (10 Mythic down) is a guild for social members and end-game fanatics alike! We are an active guild that provides good company and pleasant and friendly raiding environment for all our raiders. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Crimson Our raiding times are every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 21:00-23:30 server time. Invites go out 15 minutes before the raids. If this has piqued your interest, feel free to contact our officer Azurá (Azura#2118) ingame on Tarren Mill. See you in Azeroth!Azurá2 3d
3d Trades | Feedback thread Hello! I sell pets/mounts and often trade gold with people on different realms. I'm usually trading from Tarren Mill and looking for gold on other realms. I've done quite a few trades already - feel free to leave your feedback here :) -Freyaluna#2718Freyaluna5 3d
3d Looking for Weekend raiding guild I'm coming back to the game after a brief period of time and I am looking for a Weekend raiding guild due to my schedule. Thanks in advance.Bromgarr0 3d
3d (H) Presto Letar folk för BFA Presto is looking to bolster our roster for mythic progression in BFA and are looking for new players with the same mindset as us. What is Presto? Presto is a Swedish only guild forged by players who have been playing the game since vanilla. What does Presto strive for? We are trying to get players of the same caliber as us, meaning you've probably been playing WoW for ages and are exceptionally skilled regardless of your role. If you're a previous hardcore raider or like pushing high mythic plus keys, that is a huge plus. How much does Presto raid, and when? Tuesday and Sunday. 19-23. What is the perk of joining Presto? You will have experienced and solid leadership that will be more then active, since most of us have exceptional amounts of time to put into theorycrafting and getting the tactics just right. What is Presto looking for? Currently were looking to find active and skilled players of any role. How do I apply to Presto? You can add my battletag, Toastad#2356 Or Trd#21328 and we will take you on our voice chat for a chat. We will not be accepting written applications since it doesn't answer our questions properly. https://www.presto-tarrenmill.com/rekrytering/Yenxú0 3d
3d PvE Boosts | Feedback thread Hello! I offer multiple raid boosts provided by guild <Embody-Drak'thul> 11/11M for Horde characters. Raid boosts: Full Heroic Antorus - Personal Loot - Done only once per week by 15 975+ UNSAVED boosters, rolling boosters' loot among customers at the end of the raid - Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker - A chance at the Antoran Charhound (Felhounds of Sargeras Mount) - Violet Spellwing (Argus Mount) - A chance at 945+/955+ items from each boss - A chance at the transmog weapons (from Aggramar & Argus) 9-11/11 Mythic Antorus - Up to 1 buyer per armor and set tier / Vanquisher, Protector, Conqueror - Buyers get all items up to 985ilvl - Possible to book only Argus for "Cutting Edge" achievement and "Titanslayer" title and mount as well. - Wednesday 19:20 Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan - "Vengeance Incarnate” title - Hellfire Infernal - Sunday evening (after 20:15), up to 5 runs Trial of Valor - "The Chosen" title ==> UNOBTAINABLE SINCE BFA PREPATCH - "the Chosen Dead" transmog set - max 8 buyers per week - Sunday evening (after 19:30) If you were interested in any of these boosts, you could contact me on battlenet, magicmaster#2541. Main thread with current feedback - https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618253600Alegon2 3d
4d [H] - Tarren Mill - BFA - Solanum Tuberosum Good morning all! Solanum Tuberosum is a mature, friendly, laid back raiding guild newly set up by a couple of friends who have been raiding together for a long time. Our goals currently at to set up a community within our guild which consists of people who not only wish to mythic raid, but also who like to take part in other parts of the games content be it M+ or PvP. We are looking for people who are not just interested in logging on, doing the raid and then logging off again. We look for people who are happy to socialise, chill and just generally help make the guilds atmosphere a fun and pleasant one. MINDSET ON RAIDING Our plans for Mythic Raiding is more of a laid back one. We will be getting all content down and completed AotC before any substantial nerfs happen and when content is completely relevant. Yet, we do not plan to make it a hardcore, strict atmosphere, we are not going for world or realm firsts, or maybe even 100ths (If it happens, it'll be a happy little accident, we're not striving to be the very best.) We think that raiding should be fun and filled with jokes, laughs and people enjoying themselves. That said, that doesn't mean we are not going to put in the effort to raid. We fully expect our players to turn up on time fully stocked to the raid and to perform their very best, because we believe that that is the best way to respect your friends while raiding. When it comes to raid leading, we believe that the raid leader makes the final decision, but we welcome our team to fully take part in helping him come to that decision. If you have an idea, bring it up (try bring it up after if possible if we're progressing on a current strat, there's always room for refinement.) We want people to be actively engaged within the guild and the raid. With the changes coming up to master loot, our loot system will be the basic personalised loot system. You won't be forced by the raid or guild leaders to trade away an item you have received. Nor will we tolerate people acting aggressively towards other due to someone not trading loot and keeping it for themselves. As we said, we are not aiming for world or server firsts or even first 100. We will get AotC regardless of master loot or not. If you receive a drop that you don't need, you are welcome to do with it whatever you like. That said, keep in mind that if do that, then there may be people in the raid who may do the same thing to you and won't share the loot you need in return. We expect maturity from our raiders. Most of the time, the more you give, the more you will get back from others and that is a mindset we encourage but will not force upon you. MINDSET ON OUR COMMUNITY I mean, we have a few rules that we follow. They're somewhat common sense, because it's just common decency. Lay off the racism, it just isn't cool. Same with sexism. This isn't Mad Men. Same with !@#$ that's anti-gay/lgbt/%^-*!@. People are allowed to be whoever they want. We don't care about NSFW chat, we encourage it. Just again, same as the above, know when somethings are appropriate and some things aren't. Don't be a dick to your guild mates. Jokes are encouraged. #$%^ talking is encouraged. Just keep in mind when to stop and when it's affecting people. Legit, if someone asks you to stop, stop. We expect our guild members to be accepting of their guild mates. People lead different lives. We take the time to respect and understand that, and respect them for it. One of our main tanks is ginger. He was born that way. He can't help it. We love him for it even if no one else does. See? This is what I'm talking about. RAIDING TIMES We plan to raid three times a week. Monday : 20:00 - 23:00 GMT+1 (Server Time) Wednesday : 20:00 - 23:00 GMT+1 (Server Time) Thursday : 20:00 - 23:00 GMT+1(Server Time) WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU We don't ask too much from our raiders all we want are: Coming to raid on time, get there 15 minutes before the raid starts because the pull will be at 20:00 (again, let us know if you're gonna be late.) Be punctual. Everyone has issues with their lives now and then, which is fine. If you let us know in advance we can work around it. But don't be late multiple times without letting us know. When you're in raid, you're in raid. Again, real life happens, people have to go for a myriad of reasons which are all fine. Things like going to eat dinner or taking something back to the kitchen multiple times a raid isn't one of those things. Wait till we have a 5 minute break. Come prepared with potions, food, flasks and talents repecc books. You're welcome to go and get some mats for an enchant for that new piece of loot that you've got, but don't do it if you're going to hold up the raid. This mean in between boss pulls is a no. But on the trash packs inbetween bosses is okay as long as you're not a heavily needed member of the party at that time. If you need any help getting prepared, please let the people in the guild know! We'd all love to help. Chatter is encouraged. We want people to talk! But there may be sometimes where chatter may get out of hand and focus will lapse. If that happens, please listen to the RL when they ask for silence on the comms. CLASSES All classes and specs welcome. We currently have two main tanks set in stone, but any off spec tanks will also be welcomed. To contact us, either join our discord on the link below, or add us on discord and get in contact for a chat! Discord: https://discord.gg/R9j5Qw7 Me: Mango Jam#5418 Theo: Theodore#8546 Greg: Vimak#8156 Howard: Happyhoward#8152 Thanks for readingVangaux2 4d
4d [H] Evo (5/11M) Recruiting for BFA! 2days Updated 17-07-2018 Hi! We recently migrated with the core of the guild from Frostmane Alliance to Tarren Mill/Dentarg Horde! Our new guildname is Evo. We are actively recruiting for BFA. We are currently on a break from raiding untill BFA goes live. Our core philosophy revolves around accomplishing succesfull Mythic raiding on a 2 days schedule. Cutting edge is possible with 2 days per week when you have a skilled and experienced roster that shares the same progression oriented mindset. Clearing as many Mythic bosses as possible before the next tier and improving in ranks is our main goal. We will keep working towards being a cutting edge 2 days mythic progression guild! Real life comes first, so we chose to spend a minimum amount of time in raids, yet we try to get the most value out of our raidtime. Raid days: Wednesdays 19:30 - 22:30 (Paris time). Sundays 19:30 - 22:30 (Paris time). IMPORTANT NOTE: During the first 2 to 3 weeks after a new raid release we have extra, OPTIONAL raiddays on the calendar. (19:30 - 22:30 (Paris time)). What will we offer? - A friendly but serious raiding environment. - Efficient progression. Player Requirements - High Attendance is a must as we only raid twice a week. We require players to sign up AND OFF for raids on the calendar atleast one day in advance! We require players to communicate with an officer if something pops up which requires you to skip a raid! - Be a Team Player. We seek players who understand there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. Raiding is a collective effort and everyone works together towards our goals. - Solid Communication. English speaking with a proper functioning microphone or headset is a must. We use Discord. - Significant Preparation for new bosses we face by researching the new encounters. Progression oriented mindset. - Being able to give and receive constructive criticism. - Laser focus during progression. Random banter is encouraged, but not during pulls. - Logs to back up you are capable of Mythic raiding. Character Requirements - Excellent Class- and role knowledge. - Staying on top of your class/spec changes. - We expect our raiders to complete their weekly M+ chest. Gear, Legendaries and AP is not everything; we value the qualities of an individual over gear. We will invest in people. Required Addons; Angryassignments and WeakAuras. WoW-progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Evo https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/frostmane/Titans+Inn (Old guildname before migration). Evo is recruiting ALL dedicated players for Mythic progression! If your class or role is not listed here but you think you are a valuable asset to our team, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We value the qualities of an individual over a specific class/role or gear. We will invest in people. (17-07-2018) For Mythic raiding in BFA we are in high need of; - Resto Druid HIGH NEED! - Any other Healing class HIGH NEED! (Monk is the only exception). - Balance Druid - Elemental Shaman - All other exceptional DPS players will be considered regardless of the class. Apply here!: https://goo.gl/forms/xJxMjlDyB6B5wHSa2 Please note that incomplete applications will immediately be deleted! For more information contact us: Geko#2385Nuon14 4d
4d [H] Indomitable recruiting for BFA Indomitable was formed by Ex-Mythic raiders who wish to lay back and enjoy the game while still clearing current content. Our main goal is to have fun while we progress through the latest content while maintaining steady progress. Raiding Days Wednesday : 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday : 20:00 - 23:00 (Optional Alt raid) Friday : 20:00 - 23:00 There are events throughout the week that are optional such as transmog runs, mythic key stone pushing and just general banting around with drinking games. Our recruitment is open for everybody and never stops , we will always consider ANY exceptional player. We are an active and social guild, if you are not capable of talking / playing with other people this might not be the guild for you. Our runs are very vocal in the sense we communicate with one another about whats going on in game and out of game. We do expect our players to be geared accordingly to the content we wish to clear aswell as have sufficient knowledge about their class / spec / fight to perform up to a standard that keeps the runs enjoyable for everybody we offer help to achieve this of course in the form of m+ runs , consumables , advice and of course explaining the fgight. Outside of this we also provide an excellent and mature enviorment , you can already tell we are a bunch of fun guys and girls where you'll be able to laugh and joke with. As for loot we use a loot council consisting of 3 to 5 people just to make it "fair" , or atleast we would if BFA didn't make that impossible :) You can always check us out on https://indomitable.enjin.com/recruitment If you have any further questions please redirect yourself to any members online but in particular : Inserted , powoz , zarloz , Terra P.s : If you wish to just be a social feel free to throw us a tell. Or add me on battle tag ! Anicky#21107Inserted1 4d
4d <eXsto> Boosting Services Hey Tarren Mill, <eXsto> has started up their raid boosts again, aiming to help others get that juicy gear, achievements, titles and see content you else might not see anytime soon. All for just some small coin! Currently, we are offering the following packages (all packages include any loot you want and can use): Antorus Mythic: 9/11 Mythic - 3.5m 10/11 Mythic - 4.5m 11/11 Mythic (no mount) - 7m Aggramar + Argus only (no mount) - 4m Argus Mythic (Chance on mount) - 4.5m * Argus Mythic + Mount - Negotioable *With the removal of ML, we will be offering a "chance on loot" run. This will be done by a guildgroup that will include 3-4 raiders that do not have the mount, making it a 33-25% chance for you to gain it through the drop. Note: price can be altered depending on how high a % you want! Nighthold Mythic: Gul'dan Mythic + Mount - 800k Additional Info: - We only accept gold payments! - All runs that are booked will require a reservation fee of 15%, paid as we set up your run. This will not be refundable in case of cancellation. The remaining 85% will be paid at the start of the run. - Main raiding day for these boosts will be Thursdays at 20:00, but if desired could be moved to Sundays at 20:00. - These prices are mostly fixed, but can be negotiated to a degree on a situational basis. If interested in buying a boost or for more information, you are free to contact us through the following methods: RealID: Inori#2754 / Zuw#2675 Discord: Inae#7362Inae2 4d
5d Group of friends looking for guild to raid for in BFA! Hello, We are 6 friends looking for a guild to raid for in BFA. Ages: 25-26 Country: Sweden Experiences: All of us have been playing since Classic. We have been playing both PvP and PvE, raiding in top-tier guilds and in causals. We raided mythics in 7.2 but took a break before the release of ToS and started playing a few days ago. We are lacking gear atm, tho we are aiming to start raiding in BFA. We are willing to adjust specs and possibly classes for whatever is needed. Classes: Warlock, [https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/tarren-mill/murphling#zone=11&metric=bossdps&bybracket=1&spec=Demonology] Warrior, Fury/Prot/Arms Druid, (All specs), Been top 250 world in M+. played mage in 7.2 [https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/24450432#zone=13&partition=1] Priest, Disc (Raiding all curves and most cutting edges and so on). Warrior, Fury Druid, Feral (Casual, works 2-shift) If you have any questions or want to have a chat please contact me in-game. Battle tag: ilanth#2271Murphling0 5d
5d <Hells Hemmat> Norwegian PvE guild Legion begynner å nærme seg slutten, og vi søker da nye spillere som er interesserte i å raide mythic i BfA. Raid tider: (Muligens noen forandringer før bfa) Onsdag: 19:00-23:00 Torsdag: 19:00-23:00 Søndag: 19:00-23:00 For øyeblikket ser vi etter: Tanks: Nei. Healers: Ja. DPS: Ja. Eksepsjonelle spillere vil bli vurdert uansett om de ikke er i søkelyset våres For å ta kontakt kan du enten whispere Dårligjeger ingame, eller adde Emphi#1763Emphes1 5d
6d Parity (H) TM EU Recruiting for BFA Mythic Raiding! About us: Parity (H) - Tarren Mill EU looking to strengthen our roster in preparation for BFA. The core members of the guild has been raiding end-game content together for about 5 years and has achieved a lot together in this time. A few accomplishments our core players achieved over the years includes (but not limited to): A tribute to Insanity Multiple Realm Fastest MoP CM times. Multiple Realm Fastest WoD CM times. Worlds fastest 10M HC Garrosh Kill (Before the release of mythic) Multi GladiatorsIn addition to all the aforementioned achievements we also have multiple Cutting Edge accomplishments in the past. Main Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 19:30-23:00 Sunday: 19:30-23:00Outside of our main-raiding schedule we also arrange a non-mandatory alt raid for those whom are interested. Mentality of Parity: Whether it’s raiding, M+ or any other activity in WoW we enjoy it a lot. This resulting in a fun and active atmosphere, not only during main-raids but also during off-days where you’ll find us doing keys, transmog- and mount runs, etc etc. That being said, we still strive and work towards overcoming the most challenging content that WoW can throw at us, meaning that once we’re raiding we expect everyone to bring their A-game. The goal for every raid tier is Cutting Edge. What we are looking for: We’re looking for active, dedicated and skilled players to strengthen our roster with. If you barely play the game and log on once or twice a week, you unfortunately do not fit our criteria. However, if you do enjoy doing content outside of raiding, may it be M+, Transmog/Mount-farms or the upcoming Island Explorations, you’re exactly what we’re looking for. Obviously it’s no requirement to be online outside raiding hours, but we would like to play and enjoy the game with like minded individuals. We're currently recruiting people for BFA and not further Antorus raiding. If you feel that you have what it takes to be one of the team and if our priorities lines up with yours - give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do. For questions about previous accomplishments, progression or anything else in general, add either of the B-tags below and we’ll get in contact with you as soon as possible. Sozelot#2307 Eemcee#21878 Kris3XIQ#2506Exiqh6 6d
13 Jul [EU][H] Looking for semi-hardcore/casual active guild Hey! Currently looking for active raiding guild with good atmosphere. Raid times preferably after 19:00 pm or later. Able to constinently raid up to 5 days in a week. Pushing or even just occasional M+ is welcomed. I dont mind PVP either, but just as side activity. Spending lot of time here (10hrs+/day). ABLE TO REALM TRANSFER Antorus: 4/11M, 400+ HC boss kills combined https://raider.io/characters/eu/quelthalas/Sethas FDK (BFA main) https://raider.io/characters/eu/quelthalas/Thaelos VDH (BFA secondary) Hafan#2293 in case u want to ask me anything :)Sethas2 13 Jul
12 Jul [H] <Acheron> (10/11M) - Recruiting for BfA! Acheron are recruiting for Battle for Azeroth! Acheron recently moved from Aggramar to Tarren Mill. We are currently considering any classes for our mythic raiding roster for BfA. In Legion, we achieved (when the content was current) 10/11 M in Antorus, 7/9 M in Tomb of Sargeras, 8/10 M in Nighthold, 3/3 M in Trial of Valor, and 7/7 M in Emerald Nightmare. In Battle for Azeroth, we aim to level up and achieve Cutting Edge on every raid tier! Raid schedule: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 20.30 - 23.00 CET. A bit about ourselves and how we like to run our raids: We are a friendly and mature guild with a relaxed atmosphere, and most of our members have a long experience playing this game. Many of us have commitments outside the game in various forms, and thus we choose to run with a shorter amount of official raiding time compared to many other guilds within our progress region. What makes us stand out you ask? 3 raid nights lasting 2.5 hours, and yet we remain competitive on clearing mythic content leaving you plenty of time for that thing called life. So if you find yourself struggling to find time to join raids for end game content, or if you just want to avoid unnecessary domestic aggro from your better half, Acheron might be right place for you. Interested? You can find more information about our guild and drop us a line in the application forum at http://www.acheron-guild.eu/forum/applications Best way to contact us is via Battlenet: Madmiké - Madmike#2874 Lamentation - Funebre#2730Lamentation1 12 Jul
12 Jul [H]Praetor-Friendly Mythic guild recruiting all for Bfa <Praetor> Guild Intro/Info Formed back on 2007 at server Kilrogg and on September 2017 was transferred to server Tarren Mill in order to fullfill our higher aspirations at mythic raiding. Our goal is to be a distinguished PvE guild in this WoW in terms of community and fun. As such we’re always looking for players that share that goal. We are always on the lookout for exceptional players with a personality, we are not just looking for a “A warlock that gets the job done” we’re interested in the player behind that warlock. Progress: 4/11 Mythic Antorus 4/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 6/10 Mythic Nighthold Our Goal for Battle for Azeroth is to improve every raid with faster clearing times, even faster trash clearing to make sure our time we spend together is as productive as possible. Recruitment: All classes are needed Our Raiding Schedule: Main Raids: Wed & Thurs. 20:00-23:00 CET Alt Raids: The majority of the guild plays more than one character, so for the full guild experience it’s highly encouraged to maintain alts and experience the guild in the non-progression mindset. Monday 20:00-23:00 CET What We Can Offer You: A guild that can make your time playing the game more fun and worthwhile, and an excellent raiding environment that always wants to improve itself What We Expect from You: Come fully maxed out (Gems, Enchants, Upgrades) Be prepared research the boss fights and learn our strategies Perfect/High Attendance Bring out the best out of your character Be a team player Communicate Contact: If you find our guild as a favorable match, you can contact me via Battle tag akalyptos#2214 or any of the officers (e.g. Sänguinius - Tushan#2315) Looking forward to hearing from you, PaikosPaikos0 12 Jul
12 Jul [H] Tarren Mill looking for new members Hey, I am an raider from a newly formed guild on the server. We all raided together in another guild but decided to make a new one where the whole team had came along. old guild prog was 11/11hc. we struggled to recruit for mythic due to late in the xpack so going to be putting our focus onto rebuilding team for bfa. We raid 3 days a week the days and times are as follows Wednesday 2030-2330 Thursday 2030-2330 Sunday 2030-2330 What roles do we need? Currently we require many DPS and Healer roles but all roles are considered. DPS With tank / heal off spec will be a plus! What do we expect of people? Ability to have banter and take a joke is a must Know your class Actively improve for yourself Good attendance What do we deliver in return? Stable leadership Good atmosphere Alot of laughs throughout your time here If anything here sounds like it could be of interest or you need any more information feel free to add myself or Kilgar for a chat Hoogpala -HoogOrigins#2108 Kilgar tag - sloth#21572 Csprh - CSPR#21643Csprh0 12 Jul
12 Jul <Openly Hostile> <Openly Hostile> on Tarren Mill are recruiting skilled players! We have a core of experienced and high performing raiders and are looking for more folk like us to build a super strong team for BFA. *Currently open to a couple more outstanding DPS* We'll be raiding Tues and Thurs at 21:30-00:00 with Sunday and others as off-days for M+ and other activities. Our intention is to take a mature and pragmatic approach to the game and especially raiding. We understand that real life comes first and we'll have realistic goals for what we will achieve in the time we play. We will prioritise playing with "the right people" over quickly assembling a team just to get numbers. We will not resort to filling a mythic roster at any cost (which usually means bringing in sub-standard players just to make up numbers!). Everyone will earn their spot and there'll be no carries, even if it means delaying mythic while we find the right players. To be considered you must be able to play your chosen role to a high standard (deep mythic experience or or able to demonstrate similar ability) and will be expected to keep current enough to perform in the same ballpark as the rest of the team. You also would need to understand that the team is a work in progress (2/4/9 at time of posting) and will take time and effort to get fully going, so come with the right expectation! This is a great opportunity to join a newly forming, skilled team as a founding member and truly be a part of making something awesome! Add me on steveo#21656 if this sounds like something that would interest you!Bhadgar8 12 Jul
11 Jul [H] <Excess> - Tarren Mill - Fresh guild LF players We're a small group of friends who recently returned to WoW and enjoy the game at a leisureble pace. We decided to come together and form a new place to call home. In terms of content, we enjoy everything from leveling to raiding Antorus. However, since we're attending university, sometimes school, work or real life have a higher priority than WoW. We are raiding every Thursday and Sunday from 19:00 - 22:00 (server time). For the time being we're having a break from raiding because of the summer holidays. We're looking for mature, like-minded and social people who wants to clear normal/HC Antorus, push mythic+ keys together or just to wind down after a busy day. This is of course not limited to legion content as we're looking forward to enjoy BfA with you as well. Last but not least we're looking for people who wants a family and a place to call home. If a mature and social environment with room for work, school or kids has interested you, feel free to contact either me or Azimba on our btag. Bootscut#2630 Azimba#2354Elinora2 11 Jul
08 Jul [H] Set fail for sail are recruiting for BFA Hi All, A new guild, Set Fail for Sail is starting up for BFA, The guild has been formed by a group of friends, all with past mythic raiding experience in high end guilds. We have all decided we'd like to take a more laid back approach coming into BFA and the main objective of the guild is to have fun, we're going to be sticking to a 2 days per week schedule (probably Tuesday and Wednesday) and are looking for like-minded players to fill our raid team. Currently, we're recruiting all classes and roles. We're not really fussed about your experience, we're not fussed about your achievements. All we ask is that you come into the guild with the mindset of having fun. Our main focus is not mythic raiding. If it happens, it happens but it will not be our primary focus. The only real requirements we have are: 18+ Only Be able to communicate both spoken and written English And lastly, Understand that this is not a progression guild. If progress and mythic's are your main aim, please, look elsewhere as you will be disappointed. Any questions, message me in game or on battle.net invi#2297 Thanks for reading :)Invi0 08 Jul
08 Jul [H] Infinite - 11/11M - 3days Raiding - Recruiting Infinite Infinite is a semi-hardcore guild that was created the 25th of October 2007 on Sylvanas EU and transferred to Tarren Mill EU on 10/1/2014. From its creation we have been raiding in every tier on the highest possible difficulty (Mythic). Our goal is to clear the content before the release of the next one. Raiding Days (during progress)* Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 Thursday: 19:00 - 23:00 Monday : 19:00 - 23:00 *Sunday as a raiding day might exist for the first few weeks of a tier release, and will be optional after that for various activities (Guldan mount farm, alt runs etc.) Current Progress 7 / 7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 3 / 3 Mythic Trial of Valor 10 / 10 Mythic Nighthold 8 / 9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 11 / 11 Mythic Antorus Recruitment Up-to date recruitment always at https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Infinite We are in High need of the following classes/specs: We consider all specs for BfA. We are also accepting small group of players. Requirements: Maturity - We expect our members to be mature, and be able to handle constructive criticism Attendance - We require high attendance of our raiders. You have to be able to attend all our raids per week Raid Performance - You should be able to play competitively with other players in the guild. As you are expected to perform equally or better to the other players of the guild Class Knowledge - You need to have very good knowledge about your class and spec. You also need to know and understand boss mechanics of current content. Communication - You need to be able to speak, type and understand English. We also require you to listen to TS during raids. ------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about guild or recruitment feel free to ask any of the following players: Guild Master Moowalker: Moowalker#1853 Recruiting Officer Limujin: Sale#2673 or by email: moowalker@infinite-guild.eu Also you are free to join our discord channel for any questions https://discord.infinite-guild.eu Website www.infinite-guild.euMoowalker58 08 Jul
08 Jul LF Raiding and M+ guild for BFA, Horde Looking for a semi-casual Horde guild who does normal/heroic raiding, mythic+ dungeons for me and a friend. We have been playing the game pretty casual until now(since the start of Wrath) with only LFR and world content stuff, but in BFA we want to start to take things more seriously. We don't have any raiding experience in WoW other than LFR, LFD and RBG and neither have we done Mythic+ content. I plan on maining a Rogue (Outlaw) and having a Warlock (Demonology) and Monk(WW) as alts. My friend is planning on maining a Mage and having Druid(Feral), Warlock and maybe a Hunter as alts.Konnek3 08 Jul
08 Jul Adapt 2/11M Rebuilding for BfA <Adapt> on Tarren mill is looking for excellent players to progress through mythic Antorus! *************************************** Current progression 2/11M Antorus 3/9M Tomb of sargeras **************************************** Raid days: Wednesday, Thursday & Monday 20:00 to 23:00 (ST) ************** Currently recruiting Mages Shadow priest Balance druid Feral druid Warrior Death knight Rogues Demon hunter Holy paladin Resto shaman ************** We always look for excellent player no matter the class, if your looking for a place to call home then why not try us out. About us: Formed the guild at the end of Tomb of Sargeras and went 3/9M before Antorus came out. We pride ourselves on being a closely-bonded guild of mature and yet idiotic bunch of players that rly just likes to have a good time, while the aim is to at some point clear cutting edge we like to just go with it and when we get there we get there, our goal for the guild is to make this the last guild you ever need to look for, we have a strong commited leadership team who intend on keeping this guid alive for as long as possible with a close and stable core. Our current core is very social and has a wide amount of experience across various top end content. What we offer you: - A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. we always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience or even enchance the atmosphere. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in. what we want: - players with a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We are all social creatures that enjoy each others' company. We are a guild of team players. - Drive to be the best at your class and spec - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. - we want each and every one of our memebers to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like minded individuals. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Adapt officer: Zireox (Btag Zireox#21255), Jtoria, Hopin (Fronomore#2632) Best of luck in your search for a guild.Hopin2 08 Jul
07 Jul WTS 28 frozen runes http://www.wowhead.com/item=22682/frozen-rune Hit me up if interested Angelol#2498Lohengreen2 07 Jul
07 Jul <Indomitable> Recruiting for BFA ! Disclaimer : Indomitable is a mature guild and is full of people that could be referred to as "!@#$s" and "%^-*!" however I swear they are nice and any problems are handled immediatly and discrete. Indomitable was formed by Ex-Mythic raiders who wish to lay back and enjoy the game while still clearing current content. Our main goal is to have fun while we progress through the latest content on heroic and get curve only to then slowly look around the corner to throw a few pebbles in the direction of a mythic boss without running in there and going hardcore on it. Raiding Days Wednesday : 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday : 20:00 - 23:00 (Optional Alt raid) Friday : 20:00 - 23:00 There are events throughout the week that are optional such as transmog runs, mythic key stone pushing and just general banting around with drinking games ( of course you have to be 18 + to attend these) The recruitment is open for everybody and we will always consider ANY exceptional player. P.s : We want social members too :) We constantly encourage people into conversation and to join the fun in our guild rather than stay on the sidelines , but if you wish to remain silent then that is in your full right aswell. Our runs basicly consist out of bants , focus and booze and often you can hear the excited nerd screams we all know and love when we kill a boss for the first time. We do expect our players to be geared accordingly to the content we wish to clear aswell as have sufficient knowledge about their class / spec / fight to perform up to a standard that keeps the runs enjoyable for everybody we offer help to achieve this of course in the form of m+ runs , consumables , advice and tactic explanation. Outside of this we also provide an excellent and mature enviorment with a side of banter. we are a bunch of fun guys and girls who you'll be able to laugh and joke with. As for loot we use a loot council consisting of 3 to 5 people just to make it "fair". You can always check us out on https://indomitable.enjin.com/recruitment Thank you for reading this post ! If you have any further questions please redirect yourself to any members online but in particular : Inserted , powoz , zarloz , Terra Or add me on battle tag ! Anicky#21107Inserted0 07 Jul
07 Jul [H] + [A] Dungeon Boost Service Hi All, I recently geared out this character after freezing exp to 101, which allows me to more efficiently farm groups of mobs for items, professions etc. An advantage of this is being able to solo dungeons easily, which is an advantage for you ! Therefore, I offer my services to you, as a dungeon booster for Legion 100-110. Other services and levelling is possible, fees to be negotiated individually (low lvl dungeon, artifact skin farm, AP farm etc.) Price: 2500g per dungeon, per person (negotiable in certain conditions)Timing: Mainly available during 18:00-00:00 most days How it works: We join Looking for Dungeon queue for quick teleport, extra group experience and increased damage for myself. Mass pull mobs until the boss when possible. Wearing maximum heirlooms to 110 will increase your experience and reduce number of dungeons needed,to level faster. All loot traded to you upon request. Runs take between 7 to 10 minutes, depending on conditions and queue time with full heirlooms, you should gain 1 level every 3 dungeons (~30mins) Conditions: You must meet the requirements to join the dungeon finder in LFG. (ilvl 680) You must trade the money inside the dungeon before we begin. (advance payment) Some players prefer to pay in advance also for multiple dungeons or in another realm (your trust) You can choose to take part with some caution, or to wait for completion. (keeping up prevents vote kick) When there is some interruption to service, we begin again with no extra charge. for that dungeon. (DC, server down, kicked) If you've got any questions or comments please let me know. :) You can add me in game : Andy#2326 I will also begin to stream my boosting: Twitch.tv/sarthennis.Zårthenniz14 07 Jul
07 Jul 2 Day Friendly Raiding Wed/Thurs 20:30-23:30 Reincarnated Horde Tarren Mill We welcome and consider all applications: Melee, Ranged or Hybrid spots available. If you hope to join as a social member and do not plan to raid, you may ignore any raid based questions on the app. Contacts: Tehkek#2468 , AltiarGaming#2290 & Arisu#2306 We are an established raiding guild (Wed/Thurs 20:30 - 23:30 server time) https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu...l/Reincarnated Sundays 20:30-23:30 are our Funday Raids for all members that care to join in, we include the odd achievement run. Here is a stream of everyone being really depressed because it's Monday Eve while achieving things: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168495379 http://reincarnated.guildlaunch.com Mythic Plus and other events (such as PVP) etc come as standard, much like real life (except easier in game let's face it) you need to put yourself out there and ask to join in groups, invite people to your groups or accept invitations in G-chat to meet peeps and make friends. Our peeps are also playing other games outside of wow together (PUBG, HS, DIABLO etc) and you'd be most welcome to join in general game talk, or the game itself. After a such a long time we officially open recruitment again. Our goal, as there is new content on the horizon, is to encourage potential new members into joining us now so we're all comfortable with each other (maybe even, friends?) by the time the new content is is in full swing! Our guild identifies as: - Trans competent: We accept average 'okay' players to super duper most exceptional #1, as long as you fit in with our people we are happy to have you. - Non-PC: We are full on freedom of expression, no topic remains unjoked and no person remains unsmackedtalked. In this way we are very much egalitarian, but we're also adults so we don't target specific people for the butt of a joke if they tell us it makes them sad (as that would be bullying). - Non-Elite: We all pull together to kill things and keep our Guild alive and running therefore no one person/group is exalted above the team as a whole, and we don't rage either, we kindly but firmly remove people that go down those dark roads usually after a warning unless one is a total misfit deliberately harming the Guild chill. - Racially Fluid: We accept that sometimes people just need to become Millhouse Manastorm and express their inner Gnome. FULL-TIME RAIDERS! As a full time raider we ask for high attendance, full buffs for your character and gear plus either a quick mind for learning, or a decent bank of knowledge of your class and the various ways in which it can survive the deadly boss mechanics. We also would like you to have a good balanced attitude towards raiding, this means we want to progress and do a bit better each raid/attempt but we understand that playing with humans will mean mistakes are made and things can go wrong, so instead of getting angry we work out what we need to and try, try again! Finally we do expect a really good attempt at an application, ideally in English and definitely in rhyme. The benefits of raiding at this rank are a priority in raids spots and gear above all others ranks and the sense of self satisfaction and high fivery when we get a new progress boss down. SUNDAY RAIDS - Optional Raids 20:30-23:30 (server time) Open to all able bodies, there is no priority system for Sunday raids and all loot is rolled for main spec > off spec. DEAR SOCIAL MEMBERS Our vision involves finding all the lonely social players spread out across time and space (or servers and guilds) and getting them together to create a proper social hub based in wow and even sharing other common games. Tarren Mill is a very busy horde server so moving here won't be a mistake, you may even start 100% fresh level a new toon here to meet people and get that feeling of something big beginning. [Inserting an update for 24/08/2017: We are making a little headway with our sociallite hunting however, it could be much better, so not only will we include actively headhunting for people that sound like they would be a really good fit from their forums posts on the regular, but we'd like to reinforce that we're still here after all these years, therefore totally worth any realm transfer fees & application. It's worth bringing this up as some of our new members tell tales where they transfer to a nice sounding Guild and by the time they get there the guild is dead and buried.] As an established raid guild we have a bit of a head start when it comes to bringing people together and the patience and resolve to see it through, although it will take a bit of work to really bring out the potential. It also means that we can offer social players more opportunities to see a bit of end game suited to individual circumstances and we provide two ranks to help us do that: SOCIAL MEMBERS Are people that want to mainly focus on playing their own way (collecting transmog/pet battles/random BGs...) while having some company to do so. This is best for people that choose not to raid much. We appreciate active social members though, even if all you want to do is catch pets while talking crap all day, you guys are important. Sunday raids are available most weekends to all able members but we also aim to build a really great base of social members that feel comfortable getting to know new people and contributing to making events based on the things they enjoy. As our social base grows we feel there should be opportunities for social members with the experience and well rounded attitude to represent for their fellow socials helping coordinate events and keeping base with officers for support etc. To help this process along, you are encouraged to put up your normal and weird events on the calendar, as who doesn't want to punch out local mobs wearing all grey items? SOCIAL RAIDERS This rank is for people who are ready to raid (similar to full-time raiders) but can't guarantee a regular attendance, for example, shift workers with irregular schedules or people that can only guarantee every Thursday raid. We also suggest this rank for people that are newer to raiding but not ready to trial as you have a chance to experience team raiding without fear of 'failing'. Build your confidence! All social raiders can sign up to any main raid and we will take you with us as much as we can and as far as you can handle it, loot/limited raid spots are prioritized full-time raiders > social raiders. Vanity pets are raid rolled.Altiar63 07 Jul
06 Jul <Oblivion> 11/11M Boosting Community Hello and Welcome to Oblivion's Boost Community, formed by top 11/11M Raiding Teams. We Provide our Boosting Services on Eu Horde Only. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. We accept payment on Any realm, you can find a regularly updated list of prices on our Discord Server. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/JtPYkdQ What do we provide: Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : Days: Any Day Time: 16:30 - 00:30 Server Time (Runs every 30minutes) Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title. Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Day: Any Day (6 runs per day) Time: 17:30/18:15/19:00/19:40/23:30 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Mount: Day: Any Day (6 runs per day) Time: 17:30/18:15/19:00/19:40/23:30 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Guldan Mythic Achievement and Mount! Guldan Mount + Full Run: Day: Any Day Time: Custom Time (What Suits You) Extra Info: You will get Full loot priority from all 10 bosses and Guldan Mythic Mount! Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 17:00/23:00 Server Time (Flexible with Times) Group Size: 20-25 all unsaved Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. You will Roll on Rings/Necks/Cloaks. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Everyday Time: 15:00/18:00/20:30/22:30 Server Time Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Boosters are unsaved! Antorus Heroic PL Special : Day: Custom Day (up to you!) Time: Custom Time (up to you!) Extra Info: We assign 3 unsaved players of the same class to trade all items to you. Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 17:00/20:00/22:30/00:30 Server Time Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Glory of Argus Raider : Day: Sunday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Glory of Legion Raider : Day: Sunday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Note: If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide, please join the discord and if the boost you are looking for is not listed then you can ask about it as well! Contact us Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/JtPYkdQReginé2 06 Jul
06 Jul Want to buy spectral tiger Spectral tiger Is someone sellin it on horde tarren millSylvana0 06 Jul
06 Jul RBG guild LF Players to play and push!! Hey guys!! "Disrespected Danger" PvP guild/community 2550+ last season RBG players LF Players to fill our rbg teams.. playing on different rating and exp so there should be games for everyone.. we play rbg daily!! Also recruiting ppl for arena and wpvp in BFA!! We are not 1 of those dead pvp guild who say that they wanna do a lot of pvp but nothing ever happens.. we already have rbg team playing on 2200+ cr atm some people are still crossrealm tho.. The guild started 1 week ago and already got a lot of active members in the guild and in the discord!! for more information join our discord and ask me (shredyo) any question you may have https://discord.gg/g6RejQG!! Here you can also ask if any rbg grps are up aswell!! We normally play most of our games with ppl 2,2k+ exp 2k+ cr and ofc the main team is 2,2k+ cr atm pushing for at least 2,4k+ this season! But we also have what we call the "Rbg School" where everyone is welcome with all exp and cr.. only thing req. is the motivation to push and the dedication to improve. If you are not on Tarren Mill but still interested it is posible you can join for some games.. even tho people in the guild have priority for the Rbg school games!! That was it for now feel free to join the discord and ask me questions and so on or whisper for a guild invite!! All the best your rbger // ShredyoShredyodh1 06 Jul
06 Jul NoM 11/11M Boosting Service (Horde) NoM 11/11M is now opening up the boosting service once more! We have been boosting since Mop, confidently providing full Siege of Orgrimmar runs for many months and also boosting throughout WOD ending HFC with lots of mount sales. Furthermore we boosted many people through The Emerald Nightmare. You can have a look at the comments and feedback we receieved here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/11181138612#1 and here :) https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17289172227?page=1 Now, we are offering the below runs, with your choice of the loots. Nighthold Mythic : Elisande and/or Guldan with mount and/or without mount. Antorus Heroic: Full run PL We accept gold in any realm. Please get in touch with the below people for more info. Linblad#2519 Eth#21276 San#2583 Tankermanse#2817 Laiyaaa#2606Aliné1 06 Jul
05 Jul Looking for a late night raiding guild! Old school wow player (since vanilla) that has not been able to raid with a guild properly for the last few expacs because of my irl job requirements is looking for a heroic or mythic aimed guild for BFA! I would be willing to tank or DPS, healing as a last priority as its my most least experienced field with raiding but happy to fill any spots for a raid that starts after 10:30 GMT! Cheers :)Odïn0 05 Jul
04 Jul Pieces-Draenor Boosting Service <Pieces> [World Rank 6] are offering our raid boosts again, helping you to get your epic gear, achievements, mounts, titles or simply experiencing the highest level of raiding in person! We have a long history of successful boosting. On our Draenor thread you can find comments and recommendations from players we helped. https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613803045 We are currently offering: Mythic Argus with guaranteed Mount - 7.5m [includes ALL loot for your spec, Cutting Edge achievement, Shackled Ur'zul mount, ... the Titanslayer title] Mythic Argus - 3m [includes leftover loot only, Cutting Edge achievement, ... the Titanslayer title] Garothi + Aggramar added for above boosts - 0.5m We are switching to a one day schedule until the prepatch (Doing 3x Garothi>Aggramar>Argus). We might do some full runs when prepatch hit and will be able to take buyers here. We are no longer offering The Chosen and Guldan Mount but we can set you up with other trustworthy guilds if you contact us. We would also like to thank every buyer/boostee we had this expansion. You made a significant contribution to the guilds success by allowing us to buy the supplies and gear we require. We trully appreciate it and hope to see you return to our boosts in BFA. Discounts for multiboxers or people buying multiple runs can be discussed! Also while buying a combination of runs, we’re able to offer you a suitable discount. Should you be interested in buying any of our services, please contact: Penkek#2282 Our wowprogress is found below. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Pieces Thanks and we hope to see you in game!Penkek26 04 Jul