Defias Brotherhood / Ravenholdt et al.

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28 Jul Defias Brotherhood et al. PvP Guild List & Links Dearest friends, as our brother Spectacles, god rest his soul, has perished in an unfortunate spacecraft accident I'm enacting his will by taking over the duties of PvP Guild Listing Officer of Defias Brotherhood and its associated satellite realms: The Venture Co, Scarshield Legion, Ravenholdt and Sporeggar. To have your guild added to this thread please write in the thread and I'll update it ASAP. Kind regards, Cindie C. Cinderson, PvP Guild Listing OfficerCindie7 28 Jul
13 Apr [A/H] RP-PvP Servers Roleplaying Information (26.11.16) ...General Information Defias RP Community Forum: To ask about Roleplaying ingame channels: /join LFRP To ask about Roleplaying Discord channel: Important Roleplaying Addons: -Total RP 3 -------------- Monthly Roleplaying Overlook: (lost interest to do this, but here's some past entries) September, 2016 - November, 2016 - -------------- Noteworthy RP related Realm Forum posts: (updated 01.12.2016) Q: How's RP on Defias Brotherhood (recent'ish thread, 31.11) -------------- Recurring Roleplaying Events: (All Event Timers are "Server Time", +1 GMT) [Alliance] Stormwind Council - Every Tuesday @ 21.00 Stormwind Keep, Petitioner's Chamber "A weekly "Stormwind Community" roleplaying event in where people gather around a table to discuss political matters and announce recent news. Most guilds in SW areas are represented." --Forum post: [Alliance] Ironforge Senate - Every Thursday @ 20.00 The Library, Hall of Explorers, Ironforge "A weekly gathering of Dwarven politics and others whose interest lie in the city beneath the mountain. " -- Forum post: [Horde] Horde Gathering - Every 4 weeks Wednesday @ 21.00 (Location & Date changes every time. Ask in LFRP when and request Calendar Invite) "A monthly Gathering of all Horde organisations, in where orders announce what they have been up to lately, followed by planning the future, discuss plans and mingle with the other Horde orders that you might not see often otherwise" -- Forum Post: -------------- Roleplaying Introduction & Server Info Hello. My name is Skarain, active Roleplayer on the server's since 7/2011, and I shall try to sheen some insight to the inner workings of the roleplaying community present on the server. What is Roleplaying? Roleplaying, as a starter, means immersing to your character and living their life as they were a person who belong to the universe. Being born in it, experiencing the events present in this world and shapen by those events into the person that they are today. Who they are, where they are from and what they are like as a person. While this can be done by your own, in your mind alone or by writing stories of your character, most players engage in roleplaying with other roleplayers. Usually, this makes for a better story as each character is able to get echo to their words and actions from other players. Together, they may go out on an adventure, exchange different views on matters or simply get drunk in a nearby tavern. Now then. Roleplayers are a minority among the playerbase of World of Warcraft, even on the Roleplaying servers. This means that not everyone you meet will be a roleplayer. Some may respond to you if you /say something to them, but in general most players simply go about their business like any average player. Likewise, to be a roleplayer does not mean that you engage in roleplaying "all the time". We engage in ingame activities, do raiding, pvp, leveling, pet-battles, end-game stuff just like any other. The difference is that we do take some time aside, like someone would for a raid or RBG, to engage in roleplaying with other people. Usually, this happens on the evening, between 19.00-23.00, depending on the guild and group of friends preferences. Where can Roleplaying be found? On these RP-PvP servers, Roleplayers are primarily found under Roleplaying Guilds. These guilds commonly follow a specific "theme", such as being a band of brigands, merciless marauders, devout Light-worshippers, protectors of the innocent, a noble house, an evil cult, race-specific groups, different organisations and the list goes on. These guilds then create events for their members, provide structure (around the concept) and encourage their members to progress their character stories. While Roleplaying can be found out without belonging to a guild, a general recommendation for a person new to roleplaying would be to join a guild. A guild lowers the entry level, immediately includes new recruits to their events and are able to provide help and advice where needed. To find roleplaying unguilded First: learn to make use of the "public roleplaying channels". These can be found at the beginning of this thread. In the channels, ask where roleplaying would be found. On the forums, read about the Events, In Character and Looking for Roleplaying entries for plots, campaigns and events that are open to be participated. Second: Engage in roleplaying offered. Learn about the different guilds, RP hubs and where people gather to roleplay. Third: Form contact with the roleplayers you meet, especially those who you end up roleplaying regularly with. This will get you invited into even more roleplaying, including plots and events that are not open to the public. Don't be shy! Lastly but most importantly, don't be afraid to talk to people. Nobody is going to judge you if your english isn't perfect, or if you take ages to respond. We all have been there. We know how it is. I personally are from Finland and I have learned most of my english by roleplaying (and using google translator/online dictionaries for support). Let others know if you are new, and they will show patience and if need be help you forward. We learn by doing. Roleplaying is no different from that. — Skarain, 13th of October, 2016 -------------- How to list your guild: ...Skarain153 13 Apr
15 Dec 2014 Which realms are you connected to? Hey all, this is a forum for those of you on the following realms: Defias Brotherhood Ravenholdt Scarshield Legion Sporeggar The Venture Co. Connected Realms are a set of standard realms that have been permanently and seamless “linked”. These linked realms will behave as if they were one cohesive realm, meaning you’ll be able to join the same guilds, access a single Auction House, run the same Raids and Dungeons, and join other adventurers to complete quests. For more information on Connected Realms, please read the preview blog post here.Takralus0 15 Dec 2014
14h [H] <Emerald Nightwear> looking for Try-Hard Casuals! Hey everyone. I'm Roamy, and I have a question for you lads and lasses. Do you recognize yourself from this description: You used to play a lot of games in your student days, hitting up the raids, maybe try out a few other mmos (Shoutout to Warhammer Online and Eve-Online). These days you've got a job, maybe some little buggers running around, wife/girlfriend/dog/cat and you don't really feel like going as hard as you used to, but you still read up on your class discord, try and min-max your character and rotation. Just out of habit. But you don't have the time anymore for 4-5 raid nights a week (mandatory attendance of course), dkp systems or being at AP 754 before being allowed to join a raid. If so, I have bad news for you. Doctor Roamy says you may just be what we coin a casual try-hard. Long introduction aside: We're <Emerald Nightwear>, a guild of aficionados of green negligee and bad puns. If we'd have to define ourselves in the categories of WoW guilds, we're a casual raiding guild that raids twice a week (Thursday 20:30 server time and Sunday 20:30). Our progress is ahotc on all previous raids, 9/9 ToS heroic (and some assorted half assed mythic stuff but that's not our goal YET) but we're somewhat prouder of our minimalist transmogs, questionable jokes on discord and (for some people) playing tabletop simulator with guildies. And we're recruiting! We've currently got a pretty solid roster of 15+ people, ranging from not-so-serious students/working people that play too much that have been at ilvl 930 for too long, to more casual oriented players that just want to have a laugh with their guildies. We're currently looking mostly for some (ranged?) dps, but all roles/specs/classes are welcome. :) Now, if after reading this you're thinking "Dagnabbit, I've memorised all of /r/warcraftdadjokes and I've got no-one to share it with, but this guild isn't specifically looking for my spec!" you can drop Zenroam, Rahvin, Rezah or any of the other officers a whisper and we'll see what we can figure out. Hope to see you in guild chat soon. :) Edit: Also, to give you a good idea of what the guild is about, here are my pinned guild rules which one of our fellow guildies "improved". Decide for yourself. ...Zenroam25 14h
18h Returning player looking for guild Hello everyone at defias brotherhood and all other realms I am a returning player I stopped playing last year I used to play alliance but now I am going to horde I am still fairly new to the game learning everything there is to learn but I am fairly confident in what I have done so far I am looking for a guild to help me get back into the game and a place I can call home I am going to be playing horde and more than likely a orc I enjoy playing pve and pvp (only done battlegrounds nothing serious) and I have had a very minor role play aspect aswell Still I feel I have a lot to learn whilst playing the game and I am looking for a guild where you don't mind having questions asked and helping someone out when it is needed I.e with quests and dungeons and pvp battlegrounds and just general info on the game I am looking for a pve and pvp guild the rp side isn't much of a selling point to me but I won't say no to it either Any replies would be welcome and I look foward to finding my new homeMukton0 18h
1d <Violent Circus>7/9M-6 hours/week LF healers Who are we? <Violent Circus> is an older, established guild on Defias Brotherhood. Historically, we have been a PvP guild that attracts skilled, competitive players. We have a ridiculous amount of gladiator mounts, the number of which is often used to settle disputes in the guild. But just because we have a PvP past, we are by no means less capable to do quality PvE, many of us have raided since the early days of Vanilla, back when killing a new boss took months and we are armed with the patience and knowledge to face new PvE challenges. Our officers have years of experience when it comes to running guilds, we have lead and managed successful guilds in the past, we have seen it all, and have been in most situations that could be considered difficult for a guild. With the arrival of Legion, we have focused mostly on PvE, as most of us were surprised by how much we enjoy the challenges of raid mechanics, optimal play and fat loot. We currently stand at 10/10 bosses in mythic NH (we managed to get our Gul'dan mythic kill in time for "Cutting edge "achievement), 7/9 M ToS and we are easily keeping up progresswise with guilds raiding 3 days a week or more. We aim to continue this focus throughout the expansion, until we overcome the mythic Sargeras/Jaina the Dreadlord/Murky/randomfinalboss. Naturally, we also enjoy doing mythic dungeons, battlegrounds and rated arenas, aiming to master our classes at whatever we pursue. Our progression raids are on Mondays and Thursdays (8-11 PM, CET). For extra gearing and non-raiding members, our farming raids take place on Sundays. We chat regularly on discord and we have a variety of beautiful accents on offer. We are rather international, having many players from Finland, UK, Norway, Netherlands and other countries, so we always communicate in English. By now, most of us are in our mid to late twenties. Some of us have replaced gladiator titles with marriage and children. We respect each other’s time and understand its value. This is why, when we do play, we try to be at our best. Who do we want? Due to our current focus on mythic progression, we want to recruit some new members to have a steady amount of raiders. We will currently consider ranged dps and healers only, our raiding team is quite full otherwise and with the risk of using a cliche here, exceptional players will always be considered. We do not accept social ranks usually but if you are interested in joining our amazing community, a well done application, in which the applicant shows he/she has the same values as us ingame, might get you a social rank in our guild. Here are some other requirements: · You are at least 20 years old, with a decent skill in English · You are able to raid, most of the time, on Mondays and Thursdays · On the raid times, you can join our discord channel and listen · You try to excel at your chosen class and are able to take criticism · You respect other players and put progression before drama or loot As you can see, it is good if you have serious raiding and pvp experience, yet potential and good attitude is a big plus . As we are competitive, we want people that try their best yet, at the end of the day, we understand that everyone makes mistakes. Typically, we do not encourage that and we try to resolve it as quickly as possible, on discord, should that happen. We have a channel for after-raid discussion. Just like your marriage counselor. As a final thought, this guild is both old and new, relaxed (with only 2 raids a week) yet focused and competitive, but above all we are a good community - even though, as harsh as this may sound, we have low tolerance for drama and attention seeking, therefore we do not encourage players with a past like that to attempt to join us. Our core of people stuck together through thick and thin ( for more than 10 years), a few met through this game and took the relationship further in the real world. We keep in contact all the time and there are plans for more of us to meet outside Azeroth. We do realize tight communites like these might seem scary for new people, but we always manage to succesfully integrate our newest recruits (if the will is there from their side too). Bottomline, if you want a place to call home again, after years of wandering around the world (of Warcraft) never quite fitting in anywhere and sometimes doubting good guilds like there used to be in the old days still exist, look no more . We can be all that and more for you. Players who wish to join us need to make an application at our wonderful website but if you need more information or are unsure about applying , you can always contact me on battlenet : Nephthys#1635 or Discord: Xethi#7709 Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck in your future endeavours in game or outside of it.Xethys54 1d
1d [A] <Resentful> PvE guild Recruiting Hello Resentful is always recruiting for people who have an interest of becoming a raider. We have an alt raid team also going at this point of time. About us We are a PvE guild which has been raiding for more than two years now. We have managed to down 11/12HC bosses on MoP (before the mythic nerfbat, after that Garrosh posed no problem and got 12/12 Mythic). After that we took on Warlords. We managed to kill 2/7M on Highmaul, 10/10 HC in Blackrock Foundry and got 11/13 Mythic in Hellfire Citadel. In Legion we have progressed 7/7 Mythic and 3/3 Heroic! During the darkest times of Nighthold we've killed 10/10 Heroic and 1/10 Mythic. We are currently 8/9 HC after getting the raid team back together from summer break. Resentful is a raiding guild founded on Defias Brotherhood. Now that all RP-PvP servers have merged we are looking people from all over RP-PvP servers! Raiding Days Invites start five-ten minutes earlier. Monday: 20:00-23:00 Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 Thursday: 20:00-23:00 We are looking for - Players that have constant attendance. - Players that are at least 16. - Players that are geared suitably for current content and willing to improve themselves. - Players that have a lot of patience as well as determination and consistency. - Players that don't quit when things get tough. - Players that know how to play their class well in any situation and don't heavily rely on specs. - Players that know what is good for the guild and not only for themselves. - Players that know how to have fun. - Players that have constant attendance. Recruitment Ranged DPS Death Knight Also looking for a PvP leader, who would be interested in organizing some PvP events. Contact: Paks-Sporeggar, Paksmagu-DefiasBrotherhood, Viikerkaar-DefiasBrotherhood Battletag: Torug#2938Paks60 1d
1d 50,000 People Used To Post Here Now it's a ghost town.Skittil16 1d
1d Looking for "Tristan" on the DefiasBrotherhood server! Hey everyone! I am looking for a player with the character name of "Tristan" on DefiasBrotherhood server. If anyone knows this person please tell him to get in contact with me! I just had a son and he is going to be named Tristan and I would very much love to name a character as a tribute to him so this is regarding whether the player is still active and willing to part with his name - payment can be arranged. Thanks in advance for any help I should recieve!Zinaroth10 1d
1d [H] Bella Horrida | PVP, PVE & WPVP Bella Horrida was formed in late April of 2016. For so long, we predominantly focused on World PVP as PVP gear was easy to acquire, and the realm was populated with World PVP guilds that were always up for a fight. As of recent, we've had to realign our focus in the game to what people enjoy doing most. The World PVP community is quiet, and with sharding, legendaries, ridiculous item level scaling and honor talents (among other things), there's next to nothing to fight in a medium sized group. Guild Events We run many different events, and have shaped the schedule around both the activities we want to partake in and the content that Blizzard are adding into the game. These events include but are not limited to: Rated Battlegrounds PvE Progression & Mythic+ Dungeons World PVP Guild Fun Events (FFA / Wargames etc) World PVP is often impromptu as well as having some scheduled events on the guild calendar. We often start up random World PVP, attacking random areas of the Broken Isles and Azeroth in an attempt to provoke the Alliance players to respond. The list of events we run are ever-changing, and we encourage guild members to come forward with suggestions so we can add them to our schedule. Guild Standards We ask that all of our members bring fun into the guild. We don't and won't tolerate drama. We are here to do things together as a guild and create an everlasting fun environment for everyone. All our members should look at joining in events that are put on the calendar and helping others in the guild whenever help is needed. We are all about teamwork and ensuring that every single person in our guild enjoys their time here. We also ask that all of our members have Discord with a working microphone. We don't expect you to be having a full blown discussion every two minutes but calling out vital information is absolutely imperative to RBGS, WPVP & other events that we will be running as a guild. Recruitment Requirements We have a few requirements for our members in the guild: Be 18 years of age or over. Be able to Speak and Understand English Have a basic understanding of the game and your class. Want To Join Us? If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with any of our members and you will be directed to an Officer or the GM. We will ask you several questions, making sure that the guild is a right fit for you and vice versa. You can also contact me through my directly, Throthnir#21518 Thanks!Throthnir3 1d
1d Wolfram is recruiting for non-casual PvP ! Wolfram is recruiting for non-casual PvP ! Questions and answears that might interest you: -" "Wolfram is recruiting for non-casual PvP" What does that mean ?" -It means that we are searching for active,mature,friendly, non-elitist social players that are also FOCUSED on doing Rated Arenas and RBGs at higher level ! -"What else does the guild require in terms of experience and such?" -Experience required is 2k during Legion/WoD ! -"But isn't it elitist to ask for 2k experience ?" -Our answear is no ! We view elitism as a state of mind and as a way for portraying yourself. -"What kind events do you have in the guild ? " -We host 2 times a weak Open RBGs and we are currently in process of building progression RBG group , also we have rated arena events that last whole season ! -"What is your goal as a guild ?" -We want to create a true ,social PvP community that plays together , has fun together and evolves together ! Quality over quantity that is what we are trying to achieve. What do we need in terms of classes and such: We at the moment are searching MAINLY for healers(Shamans/Paladins/Druids),FCs (DHs) and Target Callers (pref. Warriors/Dks) DPS of any kind are also welcome. If you are interested in joining our guild please contact me on Bnet. Nikola#2159 so we can have a little chat or write me here if you have more questions ! P.S. Lets make non-casual PvP fun again !Xzulrogg22 1d
2d [A] <Prime> C2 (3/9 M) - LF 1 dps- Greetings! <Prime> Crew 2 is a 2 day a week raiding group, based on Defias Brotherhood, who want to have fun while raiding but also take our progression raids seriously. Now Hc ToS is on farm we are moving in to Mythic ToS progression. 9/9HC 3/9M Raids: Monday and Thursday Times: 20:00 st to 23:00 st Recruitment is now open to 1 DPS who feel that this, perhaps more relaxed progression, is suited to them. However, if you feel that your ability and experience would make you a good fit for us then add me and we can have a chat :) Requirements ► You are responsive and aware during raids. ► Gearwise you are ready to make your way through the content we are currently progressing. ► You know your class, from the inside out and have a strong knowledge of game mechanics. ► You are a quick learner. ► You take feedback for what it is - A chance to improve and get better. ► You show up with a teamwork attitude, do your best to help the team be it's best, and encourage your fellow raiders to use their characters to their full potential ► You prepare yourself for every boss we are doing. ► You can attend both of our raid days. Social members are always welcome and we try to run a social/alts raid every Saturday! Also many of us enjoy M+ and are often to be found pushing the higher keys. Recruitment contact: Alanana Btag-Suzanna#1406 Raid Leader contact: Mushu Btag-Janko#2883 Apply to or add me for a chatAlanana19 2d
3d A <Straight Outta Stormwind> Weekend Raiding - H8/9 Hello and welcome to the recruitment thread for <Straight Outta Stormwind>, an Alliance guild on the realm of Defias Brotherhood that's seeking more members to join us in our laid back weekend raiding shenanigans. Firstly, let's go into some important details. We value a raiding environment where enjoyment is placed above progression, but in order to achieve that we expect everyone to pull their weight. Forcing others to work twice as hard if you slack is a no-no, though performing at an exceptional level with a bad attitude is just as unwelcome. Secondly, as a weekend raiding guild our raiding times will probably mostly decide whether you reach out to us - we raid at 20:00 to 23:00 server time, Friday and Saturday every week whilst very rarely raiding Sundays. And thirdly, a thick skin is recommended if you wish to join us. We do not have much in the way of boundaries when it comes to jokes, playful jabs too are to be expected - bullying however, is not something we accept. We're all here to have a good time, after all. If none of these major points have put you off, hopefully you're a fit for us! Here's a little about us - We were formed at the start of Legion with the goal of having a relaxed, weekend raiding environment but still aiming to all carry our own weight. Our members come from a variety of nationalities but all have a good grasp on the English language. Whilst the guild mainly operates in WoW, many members hang around on our Discord and play other games too. Many of us are in this guild because we lack the time to raid at other times during the week, so please understand the guild may not be buzzing with activity all day everyday, though members can usually be found on the guild Discord which is free to use in and out of raid times. Discord is mandatory for raids, but a mic is not required (But encouraged so you can join in with our bantz). We try to get keystone runs up and going through the week, we have keystone meet-ups scheduled through the week but spontaneous runs are to be expected as well. Many of our members also have a fondness for PvP, so if you're looking for arena partners you might be in luck - RBGs may one day be a thing, too. We have no experience or ilvl requirement, we simply expect you to put effort into getting your character up to speed, which we'll be happy to help you with, and to do your best in learning your class. Unfortunately due to past experiences, we can't consider you if you are 17 or younger - if you truly believe you're an exception to the stereotype, feel free to contact one of the officers in game. Heroic raiding is our focus, currently. We lack the members for Mythic, and the difficulty curve is not in the interests of some of our members - maybe in the far future this might change but for now, we take our time with progressing in Heroic content to avoid burning out and suffering a long grind before the next tier. About attendance - We do not expect 100% attendance, many of us only have Friday and Saturday evenings free to do what they want, and we totally understand if you want to spend it doing something else for a change here and there. However, we ask that you respect many people are relying on you to play your part in our team, so try to be reasonable with your absence. There's more to tell, but we won't build this text wall too high. If you are interested in trying out a place with us, or simply wish to know more, post here and leave us your Btag, or add me on Battlenet: GRNfish#2889. You can also whisper me on Riinae, or one of my officers: Genovah or Verldrana. Thank you for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon. winkyfaceRiinae2 3d
4d Looking for a PvP Guild As the title says...Oralifon0 4d
4d [RP-PvP/E] House of Yore is recruiting! Posters with a blooming white tree on them can be seen throughout Stormwind City. The text on the posters is written with a neat handwriting: "House of Yore is recruiting! A noble house offers jobs for guards, scholars, merchants and other varied professionals. For more information visit the Pig and Whistle in the old town or send a raven to the Circle. Signed, Matriarch Rhena Oxley Nerion Strongcrest, Herald Sehlune Ahrooney, Councillor of Influence Luxferous Haythorn, Councillor of Affluence" ------- The OOC: What is the House of Yore? The House of Yore is one of the biggest RP guilds on the server that offers their members weekly events, casual and fun enviroment, raiding and RBG's. We are mostly stationed in Stormwind City and recruit any members of the Alliance. Well, I am interested, who do I contact? Rhena, Luxferocious, Harchimodes, Sehlune, Bulaxxus, Skall and Elvo handle recruitment or you can ask any of our online members. If none are available you can also apply through the forums at: So, events, what are they? Every tuesday we have an in character guild meeting at 20:00 server time where we do the announcements and promotions, after that we attend the Stormwind City Council at 21:00 On thursdays the merchants and our work in shadows gathers with Luxferous for the Order of the Leaf. On saturdays the guards, the sturdy and the healers gather for the Order of the Oak. And on sundays the scholars and magic users have an event with Sehlune for the Order of the Root. Besides these we have RP-PvP or RBG's on mondays and we raid on wednesdays. I am new to RP, can I still join? Of course! We are ready to guide you to all things RP. If you have any more questions you can poke any member online or visit our forums!Elvo31 4d
5d [H] <Primal> 7/9 Mythic - LF Healer/Ranged Dps Primal is a horde guild located on the Ravenholdt realm, currently we are looking to add a few more dedicated and chill raiders to our core. Quick Breakdown: Simply put Primal is a guild all about entertainment and enjoying yourself we push ourselves hard and aim to achieve the best results we can but at the same time we keep our environment chill, friendly and welcoming. The guild was formed from an old core of another guild pre legion with the intent to come back together for mythic raiding and that is exactly what we've achieved. However now we're pushing ourselves even harder recent additions to our roster/changes have enabled the guild to reach new heights and we intend to keep pushing full steam ahead. Current Progress: EN 7/7M ToV 3/3M Nighthold 10/10M ToS 7/9M Raiding Schedule: -Wednesday 20:00-23:00 CEST -Thursday 20:00-23:00 CEST -Sunday 20:00-23:00 CEST -Monday 20:00-23:00 CEST (Non Mandatory Alt Raid) Specific Class Recruitment: Healers: -Priest Disc/Holy -MW Monk Ranged Dps: -Hunter MM or BM -Warlock Melee Dps: -Arms Warrior -Sub Rogue If your class or role is not listed but you're interested don't hesitate to contact anyway. Contact me here or via battle tag Greenzool#2273 or apply online at our website 5d
5d [H] <Ferus> Recruiting Who are we? We are Ferus. One of the, if not the, oldest active guilds on Scarshield Legion, having been formed a couple of months after the realm being created. Considering the considerable age of the guild, our members tend to be of the slightly elderly ilk as well, most of us being in our late 20's or beyond. We tend to prefer raiding, but may be found doing other things as well. As for the raiding, assume we will be doing heroics, while being open to mythic should we end up with the right amount of the right kind of people for it. But don't count on the latter. We raid Thursday, Monday and Tuesday, 20-23 all nights, ending raids no later than 23. Raid schedule may be subject to change at some undetermined point in the future, depending on when our raiders are available. Further, we recruit players, not characters. For the most part, anyhow, considering at least some semblance of class/role balance is good. So we are more likely to judge you on whether or not we believe we will like you than anything else. More detailed information can usually be found on our forum, which coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, is also where you should apply. You can find it at Also, outside the game we have an annual BBQQ, which so far has taken place someplace in Fennoscandia, as that happens to be where we have the highest concentration of members. Are you prepared to join us on the Broken Isles? Update We're currently at 7/9 heroic, and could certainly use some additional reinforcements. We're good on mainspec tank, but could have use of someone with a tank offspec. We also definitely want more healers. Other than that, we can make room for pretty much anything right now, provided that we get enough healers to accomodate.Gyrm20 5d
6d [H] The Ragged Banner casual 2d/wk raiding The Ragged Banner @ Defias Brotherhood EU is looking for new blood ! Who are we ? We are a small guild that focusses on clearing current content on heroic setting and doing small team stuff in between. A mature group of nutcases, even crazier tanks, James, ... We try to have fun in everything we do together. We're not about being the fastest, elitist of them all, we do things on our own pace. But we get it done every time. I joined The Ragged Banner over a year ago and never looked back. I've made some friends here that will last through different xpacs and games. When we're not doing the typical WoW stuff, you can also find us in Hots, LoL, HS, GW2 even, ... There's always something to do if you ask around. We communicate through Discord, which stays active all day with off topic nonsense or more serious discussions. We raid 2 days a week on Thursdays and Tuesdays, 20:00 - 23:00 server time. What do we need ? Currently looking for : - DPS (pref. ranged, but we can work around too much melee) How do I join ? Talk to one of our officers in Bnet : - Morgan#1415 - Saty#2769 - Fluffbut#21800 - Voxial#2776 Or add me on discord for a chat : Saty@8720 Then we'll have a chat with you on Discord, so keep your headset ready. Just to figure out if we're the guild for you and you're the guy/girl for us. We expect all of our members to be able to use Discord and its voice chat. I hope to welcome you soon into our family ! Saty.Satyrax2 6d
6d [A] <Saint Stallion> looking to recruit Hello. Our guild <Saint Stallion> is looking to recruit new members for all contents. Our current goal is to fill our ranks for a weekly raid night in ToS (clearing normal, then progressing heroic). Time: Thursdays, 20:00-23:00 CEST Right now we are mainly looking for healers and all kinds of DPS. Furthermore, we are also looking for players to join our RBG group. Apart from the weekly content we also clear mythic+ with all of our members on the highest key possible and quite often run older content for achievements. We use Discord for communication. Every member must at least join the channel during raids and preferably talk. Therefore, decent english skills are a must. Finally, we are not looking for players younger than 18. Do you wish to join our ranks? Feel free to leave a post below or message me (Aadas#21446) or one of the officers!Aadas0 6d
14 Sep LF Felsteel Longblade Crafter... LF Felsteel Longblade Crafter... Anyone got this who wont charge 40k for it?Trèp3 14 Sep
14 Sep Excuse me, where can I find the PvP? Hello everyone! I just transferred from the godforsaken Realm "Tarren Mill" and I'm looking for PvP. I don't care whether you have a guild or just a group of people that you're doing PvP with. All I care about is havin fun while PvPing. About myself: I play WoW since Vanilla. Since then I used to play Priest and Warrior, where Priest was my main ever since. I started a few alts around Draenor and carried them from expansion to expansion without really playing them. That changed with Legion: I primarily played this Paladin until I had to take a rather long-ish break from WoW (returned at the beginning of August). Now I am back, so what can the Defias Brotherhood offer? I care a lot about class control, which is why I know what I'm doing with this Paladin. Nevertheless, I find PvE and Arenas to be absolutely boring. I live for the Battlegrounds and open PvP and I'd love to be able to becom a part of a very active RBG group. Bnet: astruebale#2360 Cheers!Lichtbart5 14 Sep
14 Sep [A] <ey bby wats ur btag> RBG/wPvP/Arena Community Dear Defiasians, Me and my ol' band of travelers have found ourselves a new home. We met each other through our self-run discord server where we gathered people from all European servers that were interested in the PVP scene, to make finding people to play with a lot easier. In the discord server peoples armories are checked, and they are divided on faction/class/experience. Alas, we played with each other, ran some successful RBG's and what not, and decided that we wanted to form a guild together, to make our group even more interactive. So <ey bby wats ur btag> was born. We run the same ranking system as in the discord server, find people of equal experience! Although, everyone is welcome! We even already have a few people who are completely new to WoW - and we are willing to help everyone out to get better at PvP/The game in general. What will we do? RBG's (Already pushed 2k MMR within a few days) Premade Arena wPvP Events Friendly arena/bg battles and tournaments Training and practice Casual RP ---------------------- Original Discord recruit post: Hello European PvP Friends, I am Madnuzz, and I like having people to PvP with! I have seen a few tries at discord communities but have always thought "this can improve". Therefore me and my friends banded together and have build a Discord community over time, we already have over 100 active people! We've had our first Discord RBG group up and running yesterday and maintained a 80% winrate, with over 1900 MMR Suggestions are always welcome! Server features: Horde/Alliance ranks and separate chats! Online memberlist, sorted on rating! Armory-confirmed rating ranks! Find people of your own level for arena/RBG No more looking for people through forums/reddit! You can find and join us here: (backup link: ) ------------------------- Regards, Mad the mediocre warrior/mage/druidMadnuzz22 14 Sep
13 Sep [A] Unfinished Sympathy [9/9hc] recruiting lemmings! Hello there forum dwellers! Allow me to introduce the guild Unfinished Sympathy. Since the beginning of time (in the World of Warcraft) we have been around Azeroth battling evil wizards, raging dragons, demon warlords and unstable elements. This endless loot did not come without a price however, and every now and then we had to sacrifice a gnome to please the RNG lords. After years of doing this we are kinda running short on gnomes (or any other race at this point).. We consider ourselves a casual raiding guild with a friendly atmosphere where people are not only playing World of Warcraft together, but also many other games. In such we are more of a community than a strict raiding guild. Above all we value honesty and kindness, whereas skill (which can be developed) and gear (which can be farmed) are less of a topic when we are looking for new players. Currently we have cleared Tomb of Sargeras HC 9/9. To keep this on a weekly farm aswell as getting our roster strengthened, we are looking for more lemmings to join our ranks! While you aren't forced to raid in the guild, we are in fact looking for raiders mostly. (Casuals are obviously always welcome too!) The raids are on Wednesday and Friday, with an optional raid being Sunday. At the moment we raid 20:00 - 24:00 server time, though we are looking to reduce these raids to 3 hours each. All in all, we aren't only looking for the best skilled and best geared people. These things can be improved on to get you raid-ready if needed. We are trying to recruit people here, not just your character. So now you might ask yourself: 'Uhhh so I haven't seen what classes you are recruiting?'.. Well, the answer is that your class and/or spec does not matter (at least for heroic progression). Our tank and healer roles are partially filled by people that want to main dps. That said, there's a spot for you regardless of your role! If you're still reading this and you're somehow not completely annoyed by wasting the previous 3 minutes of your life reading this, then by all means either reply to this post or send me a whisper in-game! Any questions I'll gladly answer. I'll leave you with a vibe of how our raids are! (Though we are actually a bit more serious in our raiding usually ;) ) 13 Sep
13 Sep [A] Misfits-DefiasBrotherhood [2/9M] is recruiting! About Misfits The guild was created at the beginning of the current expansion. Although the guild is young, our roster is formed of players who have been active since Vanilla or BC. We are a young and friendly community who aim mostly at progressing in a chill environment. Our raid schedule: Main progress runs: Wednesday 19:00 - 22:00 Thursday 19:00 - 22:00 Heroic farm run: Sunday 19:00 - 22:00 We provide: - A group you can progress with. - Flexible Raid attendance. - A social and friendly environment. - We also have active Mythic+ groups. We require: - A good and respectful attitude. - We require a certain level of competency – Although we will help gear people - - We need to see a pro-active attitude in regard to gearing etc. - A willingness and desire to improve. Mistakes happen, we’re all human - all we look for is that you learn from these mistakes and improve. - You need to be able to listen on Discord. For more information feel free to check the following links: WarcraftLogs: WOWProgress: You can contact any of our officers: Gaiaa: Pitziz0r#2517 Agathodaimon: AcidBurnz#2982 Ponpom: Euphoria#2678Agathodaimon0 13 Sep
12 Sep [A, PVP] Looking for 3v3 stable partners Greetings I am looking for stable 3v3 pvp partners. That means that I am willing to start playing arenas freshly this season from 0 rating and push it sky high across not only multiple seasons but across multiple expansions. Requirements: Positive mindset Will to improve (if you leave after 3 losses I will find you and I will charge you for my time) Skype/TS or other comm app Classes: Shaman/Druid/Monk as healer DK/Paladin as damage (might be something else)Aellar5 12 Sep
11 Sep Server status Greetings everyone. I have come back recently to the game after a few months break. I have a character here on Defias and it is my main, i also have another character at Magtheridon, i have been enjoying Defias Brotherhood since the moment i have set foot here, most because of the community and because the server is considered one of the most balanced in population between factions, with a very decent amount of players, according do realmpop a total of 529 439. Last night i was playing with my main and i was in SW city, and i thought it was strange because it's weekend but even then SW didn't have the big amount of people around that i was used to see at the capital city, of course there is always people at the Auction House but still i thought that there was less at the trade square, then it occurred to log with my Magtheridon character and boy oh boy SW was packed with people running around and at the Auction House of the Trade Square, i was impressed by those numbers, which was weird because again and according to realmpop Defias Brotherhood has a bigger amount of players compared to Maghteridon for example. I apologize for the long post but these are some concerns that i am having in the past hours. I want to come back to the game because i have been having fun, i am back with my guild but i just want to know is Defias Brotherhood still a good server to be in terms of population? Is it a active server? Maybe there are peak hours when i would be able to see many more players online? Or maybe instead of SW people hang out in Dalaran? I would simply like to know where the server stands right now because i really don't wish to play on a desert, using a stronger word, dead server. I'm looking forward to hear from you guys. I wish you all a great day.Jovtin5 11 Sep
11 Sep [A] Divine Wrath - The legendary Guild. (9/9 HC) Divine Wrath is a newly formed guild, created by a friendly core of people with the desire to progress through whatever the Legion decide to throw our way. We aim to progress through content at a steady pace, aiming to work our way through Heroic and pushing into Mythic. We have a great atmosphere within the guild and like to build a close bond with eachother, we run plenty of Mythic+ dungeons outside of raid nights and actively encourage guild activities. We also have an active Discord channel where you will near enough always find fellow guildies to relax and have a laugh with. Into the Tomb! Our current raid times are as follows(all times are server based/GMT+1): Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Sunday 20:00-23:00 Tuesday 20:00-23:00 (Optional raid for progress) We are currently looking for all roles, however we have a priority on: DPS 1 Healer We need you to be HC ready, so min ilvl 910 is required for raiders. If you're interested, then you can contact us in-game, if you contact any guild member they can point you in the way of one of the officers. You can also contact us directly through Real ID Geekmandem#2340Suntus16 11 Sep
08 Sep [H] Made in Vanilla - Community CZ/SK Guild Greetings fellow Azerothians! We're recruiting for our Community Guild Made in Vanilla. We're semi-casual guild oriented on... well anything really. We are bunch of real-life friends and family/relatives who play together since Vanilla WoW in some cases. Since a lot of our members have family and kids we really can't guarantee attendance to PvE or PvP Guilds... so we made our own with some guild events here and there. But don't be mistaken... some of our members tend to be online every day. What can you expect in our guild? Friendly and mature atmosphere with jokes and stuff to maintain guild chat alive. PvP Groups - BGs, Arenas, Ashran, Outdoor PvP almost every day. PvE Groups - some of our members are in semi-stable groups for Normal/Heroic Highmaul. Also if number of people is high at any moment, we tend to group up and join some PvE content via Raid Finder. Guild from time to time make Guild Events like PvP Guild Tournaments, CM Races etc. Guild willing to listen, read feedback and help its guildmates. No need to be 24/7 online, play what you want, with class you want, how much you want. Sadly we're inviting only Czech and Slovak people because of communications. That limits our options to recruit people a lot, but I'm confident there are some peeps from our nationality as I played on Sporeggar and Defias for quite some time and I've met some ppl in the past. :) If you'd like to join this type of guild. Feel free to contact Keqin or Kwasha in-game. MiV Website: Cheers and thank you for your time! KeqKeqin4 08 Sep
08 Sep Some CZ/SK players at this server? Cus, WoW som hraval roky, teraz sa k nemu vraciam po asi 5-rocnej prestavke. Su na tomto serveri nejaki Cesi/Slovaci? Rad by som pokecal o servere, celkovoo Legione a pod. moze byt fajn mat vo friend-liste nejaky ludi z SK/CZ. Keby nieco, moj battletag je: Lewyn#2407 Budem rad ked niekto napisete alebo sa ozvete, v hre sa volam Elewynn.Elewynn0 08 Sep
08 Sep <Prime> C1 3/9M LF Healer and 1-2 Ranged DPS Prime is a long standing guild on Defias Brotherhood, now moving into it's 7th year. We have two raid teams, both of which are looking for a few members to further progression or stabilize the team, in order to be able to complete smooth and efficient raiding. Crew1 - 3/9M (9/9HC) at this moment in time. Raiding 2 evenings a week - Weds & Sun 8:30 - 11:30pm, with an optional thursday HC clear. Looking for Ranged DPS - Any class considered Looking for Healer - Holy Paladin or Holy Priest/Disc Priest Ideally the applicants will be of a similar level of progression, and must be geared suitably to jump straight into progression raiding. All applicants to Prime for raiding purposes must be available to attend the raid nights, must be reliable and sociable outside of the raiding hours also, as Prime is, and shall always remain, a very social guild at heart. For more information, check wowprogress or our guild website, or contact myself in game.Ileyna14 08 Sep
07 Sep WTS Shadowmourne goodies. Hey as the title says i want to sell all the Shadowmourne goodies as a bundle preferably. Let me know your offer here or ingame. Cheers.Frostymiss0 07 Sep
07 Sep AH ratio So when I was creating my character I selected this server, because the ratio was really nicely balanced. Though my experience is different - wherever I go there's an ally band and I rarely see horde. Is it due to the battlegroup imbalance or Defias Horde just do not play right now?Skalaris3 07 Sep
06 Sep [A][Rp-PvP] The Ninth Company *A poster on noticeboards at all Alliance capital cities.* Greetings fellow Alliance members. The Ninth Company is currently looking for new members to join for the mission at Northrend and for protecting of the Kingdom of Stormwind. The Ninth Company is an Alliance military order based in these times at Northshire and at Westguard Keep, Howling Fjord, Northrend. If you are looking for a membership, you may approach any Ninth Company member for further guidance on how to gain membership. Thank you and King's Honour! About: The Ninth Company is mainly a rp guild with some pvp along the way. Meaning groups for random bg:s and participating in rp-pvp campaigns and battles that take place from time to time on the realm. Mostly Ninth roleplay concentrates today to Northrend, but guild's second roleplaying area is the Kingdom of Stormwind, where Ninth serves as a military unit for protecting the Kingdom. We are a friendly guild and accept all races and classes to join. There are no requirements for joining, but for gaining ranks one needs to participate in roleplay. The ranks are general: Recruit, Armsman, Sergeant, Lieutenant, highest being Captain. These serve a roleplay sense and also requires some dedication. Ranks don't take a lot to gain, it only asks for participating and the rest goes with the flow. So this isn't very complicated and we aren't having an unwelcoming attitude towards new guild members or new roleplayers. If one wants to organize something with us, we will try to participate in it and help with getting ideas going that might bring the idea to be experienced for everyone in guild and on the realm possibly. So Ninth is open for ideas. Only keeping it in realism within the game world and so it's possible. Join for heroism and victory! Guild forums, for updates and information: 06 Sep
06 Sep Any guilds recruiting? 2715 355 posts 9 hours ago Greetings everyone. After a long time break i am trying to step back into World of Warcraft. I am in search of active and friendly guild with a mature community of people, me as a player i enjoy pretty much all that WoW has to offer for exception of RP because i suck at it. I have interest in doing dungeons, raids, meet and greet with guildies at some SW tavern for example :) , participating in events, PvP etc. I am a simple friendly dude just wants to chill and have some fun and would be awesome to find a guild with the same mindset. LYLT.Jovtin0 06 Sep
06 Sep [H-PvE] <Momentum> 9/9H 3/9M are recruiting! Hey there Defias et all, <Momentum> are a casual raiding guild, with a laid back bunch of players who've been playing for a number of years. Whilst we aim to raid to the best of our ability, we're all plenty older than we were back in BC, and keep a flexible environment to fit in with our lives outside of the game. We like to have fun and progress at our own pace, so we don't set requirements on things like artifact level, and aim to get as many people raiding with us as we can. Schedule We raid two nights a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, from 20:15 CET (19:15 GMT) to 23:30 CET (22:30 GMT). We also aim to run alt runs on Tuesday nights, but these aren't mandatory. Progress You can see our up to date progress here: Tomb of Sargeras Nighthold was our first time really pushing Mythic content this expansion, and we were perhaps a bit too cautious in our attempts in there. Whilst we're very happy with the progress we made, we're looking to do even better in Tomb of Sargeras, ensuring that we get through of as much of Mythic as possible. NEW - Two Teams To support our growing roster, we're now creating a second raiding team that will be looking to progress through Normal and Heroic content. For this team, we're interested in newer players who may not have loads of past raiding experience, but who is eager and looking to get involved in it. As its a fresh team, we're exceptionally flexible on what classes we need right now, and could likely fit in anyone! The new team will start on Normal, and move into Heroic as soon as they're ready (Which could be quite quickly). All we need from you is an ability to read up on tactics a little bit, and then learn them in game quickly. Both teams will continue to raid on the same days that we currently do. Recruitment Team One - Mythic Tanks We're currently full on tanks. Healers We're interested in any exceptional healers that aren't Paladins. DPS Warlock Any other exceptional Ranged DPS Team Two - Normal/Heroic Tanks We're currently trialing new tanks within the team, and aren't accepting new applicants at this time. Healers We're interested in some additional healers, no class specifics. DPS We're interested in additional DPS, no class specifics. Mythic+ Whilst our main focus is on raiding, we also enjoy pushing M+ keys, and currently have a couple of players trying to break the top 23 on realm. Outside of higher level keys though, we regularly have players online and pushing through keys of all levels. Want to apply? Think that you may make a great fit with Momentum? Our application form can be found here: Guild Contacts Co-Leader: Tirithor - HMNIW#2962 Recruiting Officer: Rellana - Keenhail#2607 Thanks for taking your time to check us out, and we look forward to hearing from prospective recruits!Tirithor31 06 Sep
05 Sep [A] Bloodberries – Polish Guild <HC> LF members! In polish: Nowo powstała gildia – Bloodberries poszukuje graczy do wspólnego grania! Skupiamy się na czerpaniu z gry przyjemności, równocześnie zachowując równowagę pomiędzy studiami oraz pracą. Ponadto poświęcamy wiele uwagi, by każdy grał na najwyższym poziomie - analizujemy logi, przechodzimy przez taktyki i wspólnie pomagamy nawet najmłodszym stażem członkom gildii. Wiele gildii poziomu HC/Mythic dostaje ciarek na samą myśl o osobach, które nie wiedzą co to prepoty etc., przez co większość ląduje w social, bez szansy na wyjście z nub landu a.k.a LFR. Gildie tworzy 15 osobowa grupa, która poznała się na początku Legionu i do tej pory trzyma się razem. Większość z nas ma styczność z wowem od samego początku w 2004 r. więc jeśli chcesz stworzyć miejsce, gdzie każdy może czuć się mile widzianym, mieć szanse grania na poziomie ponad casual, nawet zaczynając od zera to nasza gildia jest miejscem dla ciebie! Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany lub masz jakieś dodatkowe pytania, możesz skontaktować się bezpośrednio ze mną (GM – Qilue#2495) oraz in-game z oficerami Quinie, Nirthie, Moonconi. Serwer: Sporeggar, et al. English: Curretly we are looking for polish speaking members only. Stay tunned and as a guild we wish you the best loot possible :)Leyfi0 05 Sep
05 Sep Revived Guild Looking for Members (HC Raiding) Hey there fellow gamers, My Guild <Soulbound> has just been revived, our members lost interest around the Nighthold raid and fell apart. We used to do HC clears. Now i am looking for members to rebuild the Guild / Raiding team in anticipation of the New upcoming raid. Are you willing to help me rebuild this guild? do you want to join a guild from the launching stage and have some say in what happens with the guild? P.S. Raiding dates and times have yet to be decided, this will be done when we have at least a part of the core raiding team. Send me any questions or your info for an invite.Bronzeman0 05 Sep
05 Sep *Knights of the Blood* Late evening Raids Guild *Knights of the blood* is recruiting players to potentially become our core raiding team. The guild has just been created few days ago. Raid days have not been determined yet.But the starting times will be somewhere beetween 21-22h. Atm all classes and all specs are welcome requirement are minimum 890ilvl and the ability to learn,adapt and have attandence on raid nights. (You can still join as social if gearing up to 890ilvl or just leveling) Loot system will be personal at least for the begining phases of forming our core team. The guild is new but we have big plans for it in both pvp and pve segments. Server: Scarshield,Ravenholdt,Defias and sporregar,The venture CoBrokensoul0 05 Sep
04 Sep Sanity- Selling HC Tomb of Sargeras Boosting Hello dear Defias Brotherhood player base! Too long, Didn't Read Section first: Having trouble getting into pugs because you don't have Curve Achievement? Stuck in a casual guild that can't kill Kil'Jaeden HC? Or simply have an alt that you wanna grab some easy loot on? Have no fear! Sanity is offering to sell Heroic Tomb of Sargeras as well as Kil'Jaeden only kills for those who are unfortunate enough not to have it! Current Pricing = 350k for Kil'Jaeden 750k for Full Clear! Looting Method?: Personal Loot. Sounds Great! How do I sign up? All you have to do is to contact me on Btag: Artegor#2258 or sign up through PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ IT ALL & Quote: Artegor as reference! - we do take 10% deposit up-front to avoid time-wasters. The deposit is refundable if you cancel at latest 48 hours before the boost. What Days / Times are you boosting?: We currently boost Saturday & Tuesday nights. 20:00-23:00. Want a bit more Background Info? Here you go! I'm Artegor, currently GM of Sanity. We are currently offering a Boosting Service for Heroic Tomb of Sargeras & Kil'Jaeden himself! Personally I've been running End-Content Boosts since Siege of Orgrimmar specifically, those who were on Defias-Brotherhood server would probably remember me. I have boosted more than 750 greatly satisfied customers. These boosts are designed to be the highest Quality, Fast & Secure boosting services. You get the value for your money, while we do our service with a smile. The Team of Highly skilled & geared Mythic Raiders will accompany you to help you beat the challenge that otherwise you might have not really had the chance to do before Legion! Here you can find evidence of our previous successful runs: Cheeky Recruitment Plug: Spoiler: I'm not actually JamaicanArtegør92 04 Sep
04 Sep Looking for finnish guild Looking for finnish guildRengled0 04 Sep
03 Sep LF a Late Night Raiding Guild Hello there Guild recruiters. Im looking for a late night raiding guild, by that I mean a guild that starts their raids somewhere from 21:00 the earliest or 23:00 the lastest. ( these are the starting times not actual raid time) Im 910ilvl Balance druid I have Curve achivment. I have played wow for many years on both retail and private servers. Please contact me ty.Brokensoul0 03 Sep
02 Sep [H] NATURAL SELECTION 9/9HC RECRUITING Greetings Natural Selection are now recruiting for our mythic team Who are Natural Selection? Natural Selection is a horde based guild with players from all around the world many of which have played since vanilla, The guild atmosphere is very friendly and we try to help our members in achieving there gaming goals. What are our goals The current goal for the guild is to build a stable raid team consisting of ambitious dedicated raiders to clear the current raid content and really push in the upcoming raid content. What are the raid times? We raid three days a week on mon/wed/sun from 20:00 server time to 22:30 What Classes are we looking for? All applications will be considered, however we currently have high priority for the following: Mage Shaman rogue 3rd tank Healer If you have any questions about our guild please add my battletag mass#21382 and I will try to answer any queries you may have. ThanksJikundo0 02 Sep
02 Sep [A][PL]New World Order New World Order Witajcie polscy gracze! Grający samotnie i Ci, którzy mają dosyć grania w ekipie, która was nie rozumie! Gildia New World Order oferuje wam miejsce w swojej rodzinie! O nas: Jesteśmy Gildią prowadzoną w bardzo interesujący sposób. Gramy po stronie Alliance i tworzymy coraz to lepszą i zgraną społeczność w grze jak i staramy się poznać nawet poza. Posiadamy własny TeamSpeak. Staramy się pisać historię naszej Gildii najlepiej jak tylko możemy i uwieczniamy to. Nasz obecny Progress to: Tomb of Sargeras 8/9 N 0/9 HC 0/9 M Chcąc do nas dołączyć należy się zgłaszać przez Guild Finder, bądź przez nicki z gry: Guild Master- Althin Serdecznie Zapraszamy!Althin6 02 Sep
02 Sep [H] <Synergy> HC Raiding guild are recruiting Hi all, As we progress through the Tomb of Sargeras, Synergy are looking to find some more chilled players to join our heroic raid team of which we hope to progress into as far into Mythic as we can. Synergy is a guild created to allow the players in the game that enjoy raiding content but don't have the time to commit to mythic raiding, the chance to continue enjoying the end game content with a decent raiding team in a guild with a positive social aspect. We have been active since the start of Legion and so far have achieved all curve achievements prior to the next raid being released. Our members are regularly grouping up to clear Mythic+10's or higher each week as well as running our own farm raids. The raiding schedule we follow is 2 raids per week, Monday and Wednesday, starting at 20:00 Server Time, ending at 23:00 Server Time. Thanks for reading, if you think we may be for you, or if you have any questions just ask here or try grab me online :)Tryal14 02 Sep
01 Sep LF Horde Guild RBGs/world PvP and stuff Hello, Im looking for a guild that is active in PvP, especially RBG, world PvP and other stuff. I am 2.4k exp mage and Im planning to trasnfer here, but Im not sure yet. Im not definitely looking for r1 hardcore guild that has seriousness in its invite, but somewhat semi-hardcore 2k+ guild with RBGs and nice people. Im dont aim to be r1, but RBG around 2 - 2.1k will do for me. Can someone recommend one?Eadriel1 01 Sep
31 Aug Any Cool PvP Guild Out Here Hey bois, ToxicMemer and complete egomaniac here, anyone got a cool solid PvP guild for a newby like me to get some free rbg and arena wins with while I get drunk on discord and chat chit? Hitmeup HiddenPants#250381 -EgoEgomaniac0 31 Aug
30 Aug HELKPO!!! Are recruiting! Yes - the world famous Helkpo are recruiting! Pow! Can you tell us what Jesus's favourite cheese is? Do you prefer Trousersnake or J-Law? If you had to poop out a tree - what tree would it be? If you think you can answer these questions, kill bosses, and not stand in fire, then we're the guild for you! We do pretty well for a laid back guild. Back in the day we were Realm 1st and EU 20th for 10 Man Strict. Now we're guild 1st (or maybe 2nd) for progress, but realm 1st for Helkparties and realm 1st for fun in raids :) That’s our thing: we’re a social guild, we’re relaxed, and we raid. We have members with more hardcore backgrounds and have very casual members; both are fine and dandy, and very much welcome. No one is left out! Our long-serving members are evidence of the social side of this guild: annual guild meets in members’ homelands, and mini-meets in between for anyone who can keep up. We’re currently recruiting: DPS - Mage/Hunter/Warlock/Elemental - did we say Mage? Tank - Or a tank with a dps offspec Raiding: We raid Tuesdays and Sundays (progression) and Thursdays (for the lolz), 20.30 - 22.30 server time. Contact: Helkpo, Mailiah, Lurconis or Elliyena (or ping any Helkpii who can direct you to one of us!) Post an application on our forum here: and speak to us in-game!!Helkpo12 30 Aug
30 Aug [A] Animosity - 5/9 M ToS Recruiting Animosity [Defias Brotherhood] 7/7M EN, 3/3 M ToV, 10/10 M NH, 5/9 M ToS is recruiting a couple of DPS, a Tank and a Healer to strengthen our Mythic raiding team. Let me tell you a little about our guild. Animosity was created in February 2007, going for over 10 years now. After progressing quickly through TBC content and continuing this pattern through WoTLK. Battling our way through Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlord of Draenor with ups and downs. Currently we are progressing through Legion and all that comes with it. We are all contributing to a cheerful and happy atmosphere where people can strive for excellence and feel at home. Our dedicated and helpful members are the key to this whole community we all call home… Animosity. We raid 3 days a week: Monday 19.00-23.00 Wednesday 19.00-23.00 Thursday 19.00-23.00 What are we looking for? We are looking for dedicated players to bolster our raiding team and make it stronger than ever. We have a solid core of raiders and are looking for exceptional players to strengthen our Mythic raiding team. If you feel you have what it takes to take a spot on the roster and improve our community, feel free to drop an application on the forums. To see what classes/roles we need please visit our website. Whisper Ayahurai, Dathran, Rishman or Adresia ingame for more info or apply at www.animositydb.comShendau47 30 Aug
29 Aug (A) 110 Warrior Tank looking for a guild. Hello, I have just renewed my account after several months, I am in search of a unique guild who arent the best, but are making an effort to clear content, enjoy the game and develop their skills for their chosen class and overall knowledge of WoW. I am fairly average skilled at tanking, however i am very determined and have a keen urge to grow, put practice hours in and help others gear up. I'm mostly interested in; Dungeons Raids PvP I like to listen, learn and have fun.Dugley0 29 Aug