Defias Brotherhood / Ravenholdt et al.

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25 May Defias Brotherhood et al. PvP Guild List & Links Dearest friends, as our brother Spectacles, god rest his soul, has perished in an unfortunate spacecraft accident I'm enacting his will by taking over the duties of PvP Guild Listing Officer of Defias Brotherhood and its associated satellite realms: The Venture Co, Scarshield Legion, Ravenholdt and Sporeggar. To have your guild added to this thread please write in the thread and I'll update it ASAP. Kind regards, Cindie C. Cinderson, PvP Guild Listing OfficerCindie6 25 May
13 Apr [A/H] RP-PvP Servers Roleplaying Information (26.11.16) ...General Information Defias RP Community Forum: To ask about Roleplaying ingame channels: /join LFRP To ask about Roleplaying Discord channel: Important Roleplaying Addons: -Total RP 3 -------------- Monthly Roleplaying Overlook: (lost interest to do this, but here's some past entries) September, 2016 - November, 2016 - -------------- Noteworthy RP related Realm Forum posts: (updated 01.12.2016) Q: How's RP on Defias Brotherhood (recent'ish thread, 31.11) -------------- Recurring Roleplaying Events: (All Event Timers are "Server Time", +1 GMT) [Alliance] Stormwind Council - Every Tuesday @ 21.00 Stormwind Keep, Petitioner's Chamber "A weekly "Stormwind Community" roleplaying event in where people gather around a table to discuss political matters and announce recent news. Most guilds in SW areas are represented." --Forum post: [Alliance] Ironforge Senate - Every Thursday @ 20.00 The Library, Hall of Explorers, Ironforge "A weekly gathering of Dwarven politics and others whose interest lie in the city beneath the mountain. " -- Forum post: [Horde] Horde Gathering - Every 4 weeks Wednesday @ 21.00 (Location & Date changes every time. Ask in LFRP when and request Calendar Invite) "A monthly Gathering of all Horde organisations, in where orders announce what they have been up to lately, followed by planning the future, discuss plans and mingle with the other Horde orders that you might not see often otherwise" -- Forum Post: -------------- Roleplaying Introduction & Server Info Hello. My name is Skarain, active Roleplayer on the server's since 7/2011, and I shall try to sheen some insight to the inner workings of the roleplaying community present on the server. What is Roleplaying? Roleplaying, as a starter, means immersing to your character and living their life as they were a person who belong to the universe. Being born in it, experiencing the events present in this world and shapen by those events into the person that they are today. Who they are, where they are from and what they are like as a person. While this can be done by your own, in your mind alone or by writing stories of your character, most players engage in roleplaying with other roleplayers. Usually, this makes for a better story as each character is able to get echo to their words and actions from other players. Together, they may go out on an adventure, exchange different views on matters or simply get drunk in a nearby tavern. Now then. Roleplayers are a minority among the playerbase of World of Warcraft, even on the Roleplaying servers. This means that not everyone you meet will be a roleplayer. Some may respond to you if you /say something to them, but in general most players simply go about their business like any average player. Likewise, to be a roleplayer does not mean that you engage in roleplaying "all the time". We engage in ingame activities, do raiding, pvp, leveling, pet-battles, end-game stuff just like any other. The difference is that we do take some time aside, like someone would for a raid or RBG, to engage in roleplaying with other people. Usually, this happens on the evening, between 19.00-23.00, depending on the guild and group of friends preferences. Where can Roleplaying be found? On these RP-PvP servers, Roleplayers are primarily found under Roleplaying Guilds. These guilds commonly follow a specific "theme", such as being a band of brigands, merciless marauders, devout Light-worshippers, protectors of the innocent, a noble house, an evil cult, race-specific groups, different organisations and the list goes on. These guilds then create events for their members, provide structure (around the concept) and encourage their members to progress their character stories. While Roleplaying can be found out without belonging to a guild, a general recommendation for a person new to roleplaying would be to join a guild. A guild lowers the entry level, immediately includes new recruits to their events and are able to provide help and advice where needed. To find roleplaying unguilded First: learn to make use of the "public roleplaying channels". These can be found at the beginning of this thread. In the channels, ask where roleplaying would be found. On the forums, read about the Events, In Character and Looking for Roleplaying entries for plots, campaigns and events that are open to be participated. Second: Engage in roleplaying offered. Learn about the different guilds, RP hubs and where people gather to roleplay. Third: Form contact with the roleplayers you meet, especially those who you end up roleplaying regularly with. This will get you invited into even more roleplaying, including plots and events that are not open to the public. Don't be shy! Lastly but most importantly, don't be afraid to talk to people. Nobody is going to judge you if your english isn't perfect, or if you take ages to respond. We all have been there. We know how it is. I personally are from Finland and I have learned most of my english by roleplaying (and using google translator/online dictionaries for support). Let others know if you are new, and they will show patience and if need be help you forward. We learn by doing. Roleplaying is no different from that. — Skarain, 13th of October, 2016 -------------- How to list your guild: ...Skarain153 13 Apr
15 Dec 2014 Which realms are you connected to? Hey all, this is a forum for those of you on the following realms: Defias Brotherhood Ravenholdt Scarshield Legion Sporeggar The Venture Co. Connected Realms are a set of standard realms that have been permanently and seamless “linked”. These linked realms will behave as if they were one cohesive realm, meaning you’ll be able to join the same guilds, access a single Auction House, run the same Raids and Dungeons, and join other adventurers to complete quests. For more information on Connected Realms, please read the preview blog post here.Takralus0 15 Dec 2014
3h [H][PVE] Aurora 9/9 TOS NM 2/9 TOS HC Aurora is a PVE guild based on DefiasBrotherhood. Current progression 9/9 TOS NM 2/9 TOS HC. we are currently recruiting Personnel for our TOS Heroic|Mythic Team. Interested in joining a team of experienced ex professional Raiders, then you have come to the right place. whether you are a newer player just getting to grips with the fine art of end game raiding, or a grizzled vet with the head of LK on your mantelpiece. Aurora Wants YOU! Now a bit about us. This content tier we were in the first 70 guild in Europe to clear Tomb. and we aim to push our boundaries into heroic and mythic. We are a very close guild, we enjoy a good bit of banter and have members from many places over the world! we believe that to succeeded in raiding you need to have a good teamwork, a team that looks out for one an other and genuinely enjoys playing together, always pushing each other on and giving each other a helping hand, this is the sort of environment we encourage in Aurora. and one that has lead to success after success. Many of our players have families, some with children others have busy personal lives and heavy work commitments. Because of this we don’t expect you to attend every event. Our goal is to compete at the highest level in PvE end game, but also keeping our core principles at heart, we aim for our raids to be fun, with a pleasant atmosphere. We hate naming and shaming preferring to work with people directly in a more discrete manner to improve their play style, we do not shout over discord as other raid teams do preferring instead to positively encourage our raiders into being the best they can be. Raid times [Wednesday 8pm – 11:30pm] [Saturday 8pm – 12:30/1:30am] [Monday 8pm – 11:30pm] (We are aware that not all players can raid till 1:30am and its depends on the amount of raiders who choose to stay up that late.) If you are interested please contact: Umuda (Battle Tag ollie#22736) Burninghate (Battle Tag Burninghate#2100)Burninghate0 3h
7h [A] <Tactical Magic> [7/10M] are Recruiting Hello server community, Tactical Magic(established 2008) are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a strong emphasis on creating a positive and friendly atmosphere while making swift progression through content. Looking for laid back players looking to enjoy themselves while still wanting to progress through bosses and know when focus is required. Our raid times, in server time (CET) are: Wednesday: 21:00 - 00:00 (Heroic Night) Sunday: 21:00 - 00:00 (Mythic) Monday: 21:00 - 00:00 (Mythic) Attendance of both Mythic nights is highly preferred We are a very relaxed raiding guild and have great fun together as a group but we still look for progression so you are expected to give the best effort you can. However any angry comments or talking down to other members will not be tolerated. We raid primarily for enjoyment but with a high focus on progress. We are a very active guild, with an active discord and teams up doing Legacy Raids and Mythic+ aswell as everything inbetween. There is more to us than just a kick !@# raid team. If you want to hear more or join us! please feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly ingame either by ingame mail or you can add us on, please leave a note in the friend request telling us it is regarding the guild. Reimant#2819 Raven#1155 Sera#2993 Jhazz#21563 Many thanks in advance and good luck with your endeavors may they be with us or not.Ravenlunatic13 7h
15h [H] Revolt (3/9 HC ToS) - LF DPS Greetings fellow adventurers, Revolt are looking for predominantly DPS to bolster our mythic raiding team. Other exceptional applicants will be considered. Who we are: Revolt is a 2 night a week progression guild, founded by a group of veteran players. We are built around the philosophy of providing a solid raiding environment for players that no longer have the time to dedicate to extended raid times throughout the week. We've currently killed: Nighthold - 4/10 Mythic ToS - 3/9 Heroic Our raid times: (All times are realm time) Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 Sunday - 20:00-23:00 Saturday (non-compulsory/alt-raid) - 20:00-23:00 Classes/Specs we're actively looking for: - Druid (Balance) - Paladin (Retribution) - Shaman (Elemental) Realms on our battlegroup: - Sporeggar - Defias Brotherhood - Ravenholdt - Venture Co. - Scarshield Legion For further information, please contact me in-game via mail or whisper, or add me on Battle net. _____________ Waftycrank the Undying TinyHippo#2552Waftycrank2 15h
1d (A)<Degeneration X> 3/10 M Need dps Hey guys Due to a change in philosophy it is time to renew our recruitment post. Originally a guild focussed on pvp of all forms we would now consider ourselves a raiding guild with a keen interest in rated bgs and arenas. Our progress with our main team is currently 7/7 mythic in EN and 3/3 HC and we find ourselves somewhat hindered by a lack of diversity. As such we are looking for more non druid healers and non druid ranged dps. Good tanks will also be considered with no class restriction. We progress 8.30 to 11.00 server time thurs and 8.00 to 11.00 server time sunday. Our farm day is wednesday 8.30 - 11.00. Extra days sometimes added when close to a kill or full clear. We also run flex fridays for the more casual players where we have cleared 7/7 normal and hc and anyone can join with no real ilvl restrictions. It is a chance for us to all get on ts and have fun and also a chance for people to show they can make it in the progression team. If you want to have a chat then drop me a message anytime. My real ID is SpunkehMunky#2798 Alternatively you can apply on our website See you out there!Asheil40 1d
1d [A]<Violent Circus>10/10M -2 days/week Who are we? <Violent Circus> is an older, established guild on Defias Brotherhood. Historically, we have been a PvP guild that attracts skilled, competitive players. We have a ridiculous amount of gladiator mounts, the number of which is often used to settle disputes in the guild. But just because we have a PvP past, we are by no means less capable to do quality PvE, many of us have raided since the early days of Vanilla, back when killing a new boss took months and we are armed with the patience and knowledge to face new PvE challenges. Our officers have years of experience when it comes to running guilds, we have lead and managed successful guilds in the past, we have seen it all, and have been in most situations that could be considered difficult for a guild. With the arrival of Legion, we have focused mostly on PvE, as most of us were surprised by how much we enjoy the challenges of raid mechanics, optimal play and fat loot.We cleared Emerald Nightmare on mythic without much hassle and have since moved on to NH progression. We currently stand at 7/7 bosses in mythic EN and 10/10 mythic NH we are easily keeping up progresswise with guilds raiding 3 days a week or more. We aim to continue this focus throughout the expansion, until we overcome the mythic Sargeras/Jaina the Dreadlord/Murky/randomfinalboss. Naturally, we also enjoy doing mythic dungeons, battlegrounds and rated arenas, aiming to master our classes at whatever we pursue. Our progression raids are on Mondays and Thursdays (8-11 PM, CET). For extra gearing and non-raiding members, our farming raids take place on Sundays. We chat regularly on discord and we have a variety of beautiful accents on offer. We are rather international, having many players from Finland, UK, Norway, Netherlands and other countries, so we always communicate in English. By now, most of us are in our mid to late twenties. Some of us have replaced gladiator titles with marriage and children. We respect each other’s time and understand its value. This is why, when we do play, we try to be at our best. Who do we want? Due to our current focus on mythic progression, we want to recruit some new members to have a steady amount of raiders. We will currently consider ranged dps only, our raiding team is quite full otherwise and with the risk of using a cliche here, exceptional players will always be considered. We do not accept social ranks usually but if you are interested in joining our amazing community, a well done application, in which the applicant shows he/she has the same values as us ingame, might get you a social rank in our guild. Here are some other requirements: · You are at least 20 years old, with a decent skill in English · You are able to raid, most of the time, on Mondays and Thursdays · On the raid times, you can join our discord channel and listen · You try to excel at your chosen class and are able to take criticism · You respect other players and put progression before drama or loot As you can see, it is good if you have serious raiding and pvp experience, yet potential and good attitude is a big plus . As we are competitive, we want people that try their best yet, at the end of the day, we understand that everyone makes mistakes. Typically, we do not encourage that and we try to resolve it as quickly as possible, on discord, should that happen. We have a channel for after-raid discussion. Just like your marriage counselor. As a final thought, this guild is both old and new, relaxed (with only 2 raids a week) yet focused and competitive, but above all we are a good community - even though, as harsh as this may sound, we have low tolerance for drama and attention seeking, therefore we do not encourage players with a past like that to attempt to join us. Our core of people stuck together through thick and thin ( for more than 10 years), a few met through this game and took the relationship further in the real world. We keep in contact all the time and there are plans for more of us to meet outside Azeroth. We do realize tight communites like these might seem scary for new people, but we always manage to succesfully integrate our newest recruits (if the will is there from their side too). Bottomline, if you want a place to call home again, after years of wandering around the world (of Warcraft) never quite fitting in anywhere and sometimes doubting good guilds like there used to be in the old days still exist, look no more . We can be all that and more for you. Players who wish to join us need to make an application at our wonderful website but if you need more information or are unsure about applying , you can always whisper me or our other officers (Waters-Defias Brotherhood, Excali-Defias Brotherhood, Ernski-Defias Brotherhood, Sayolein-Defias Brotherhood). Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck in your future endeavours in game or outside of it.Xethys37 1d
2d Declaration of War! Declaration of War! Dear Horde, You are going to die. Starting this upcoming Sunday, Mortal will be taking the battle to the Horde. We are going to murder every guild that has fluffed our feathers or drawn our attention, and anything else that stands in our way. We also invite every Horde guild/group to hit us up for guild vs. guild or equal numbers fights anytime. If you're interested, message TheShadows#2854 We only fight in game! We'll see you on the battlefield!Ghostiderp23 2d
2d Looking for a Guild Hi I am a Retribution paladin lvl 110. I am looking for an active social guild. One that does PVP, Raids, Dungeons and generally helps each other and is a friendly bunch. Have tried a few guilds but when there is only about 5 people online at any one time there is not much you can do. So if you are looking for a new member then please give me a shout.Morbeous1 2d
2d TOMB KINGS - Undead only Guild TOMB KINGS - Guild for Undead [all classes] and Death Knights [way to join for other races] only . " Lets make Undead great again !" - Banshee Queen at Trisfal Glades Wall building site Hail Undeads! Information update date: 19.06.2017 Fast update: Check our Undercity Courier breaking news Magazine here, to learn about last events in Undead Lands!: Visit our Tombsite for it and choose Undercity Courier tab - We have forum now , added to the website too! Guild Name: TOMB KINGS [ Guild just started 17.06.2017 ] Guild Language: ENGLISH [just communicative is enough] Members are across the World / Europe Guild website: [ just created][website in English , do not worry] Status - number of Members: OFFICIALY STARTED! Already got few Undead with us and looking for more! Our numbers grows each day and our shadow is closer to lands of living with every hour! ABOUT US and WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR: Undead only players or Death Knights, self distance, love to just play RP and PVP, PVE, Questing, Adventuring, playing Dungeons, Raids, just playing at all, no need to close in activity names ! People who like to walk, ride thorugh Azeroth and having fun ! Game is not about stats only or racing for items. Level doesn't matter, you don't need teamspeak too. We are a Guild with no stress, no pro like pressure, having own pace Guild , where You can do what You want together with great band of undead friends. You wanna be active and help with Guild events, life, plans great! You wanna be just nameless part of great undead army, fine then, great too! As long as we exist and as undead we have whole eternity awaiting, we will be gathering of Undead with one mission - to dominate living ones and be most powerfull organization for Forsaken in known World. AGE: best around 30 - 40 years old, younger and older are welcome too! HOW TO JOIN: Just be an Undead [Forsaken] on Defias Brotherhood Realm and write in game to me: Cýrawnn, or to my ALT character: Kurhann my Battletag is: Cýrawn#2728 or Just Use Guild FINDER ! Short , cold story from our graves: Tomb Kings guild is a group only for Undead [Forsaken] and Death Knights [a way to join for other races]. Main goal of the Tomb Kings is good slaying of Alliance scum, active [as long as You can stay active for an dead body] adventuring, and little Role Playing together under the moon of Azeroth. Our guild has stress free atmosphere, no job like attitude and best coffins known to a human or elf. Tomb Kings target is to became large army of undeads, that will rise fear in hearts of our PvP enemies, and when we gather hundreds of undead we will march onward Stormwind and further to the south and east, making lands our own and those who survive our slaves. We will be very happy for any new Undead Members in our army, best the ones over 30 years old, but we will accept younger ones too, as long as their brain isn't totally rotten. Guild is slowly growing [and will be as long as WoW exist] on Defias Brotherhood Realm, and our website will be slowly and regular updated too. Have no fear and Join Me in Death and Unholy Adventure, help making Undead Great Again and bring and painfull end to the Alliance slaves. FOR THE HORDE! FOR THE UNDEAD ! LONG LIVE FORGOTTEN SHADOW! Cýrawn Thank You all and see You in Azeroth!Kurhann2 2d
2d The Shade [H] Hello, We are the Shade, and we've decided it might be a good idea to get some fresh blood in. Legion has seen us depart from our wpvp roots, and venture into PvE, whilst maintaining our long standing RBG team. Our current schedule: Raiding Thurs & Sunday 8:30-10:30 game time RBGs Mon & Tues 8:30/9-10:30 Times are a rough guide, we're not particularly strict. Currently, we could use one or two more reliable DPS for RBGs, finished last season at approx 1800-1900mmr. Class doesnt matter too much, would prefer you have a brain, although we are fairly heavy stacked towards hunters atm. For raids we're fairly comfortable and have cleared AOTC for EN & NH. A healer wouldn't go a miss as our regular hpala is intending to take a break soon, although dps-wise the more the merrier as long as you're not looking for a carry. I should also mention that whilst we're taking a hiatus from Wpvp this expansion, if the game-play situation becomes more tolerable we fully intend to return to the field, and you should be up for a scrap every now and again. Feel free to whisper anyone online for more information.Ávylon0 2d
3d [A-RP] The Senate of Ironforge tl;dr Weekly political RP event on Thursdays at 20:00 realm time. Location: Hall of Explorers, Ironforge. Intro The Ironforge Senate is a community organization on DB et al. It serves as an IC political arena for the Ironforge and Khaz Modan community. While all races are accepted in the senate, it primarily serves dwarven interests IC, whilst OOC the Senate exists to improve and bring added dynamics to the roleplaying community. The Council of the Three Hammers has a right to veto any decision made by the senate. The Council's veto operates as an IC and OOC mechanic to nullify decisions that were accepted by the senate IC, and decided OOC to be unsuitable. If you're interested in becoming a senator, could you please send an in-character in-game mail to Cyrík-DefiasBrotherhood (note the acute accent above the i) or Webbles-TheVentureCo detailing which position is being applied to and why you'd be suitable as a senator. Information Ruling a nation as vast as the Kingdom of Khaz Modan is no easy task and it is far too mighty for any one man, or even The Council of Three Hammers itself. This is the reason the senate exists — to serve the Council and aid them in governing the great mountain kingdom and the clans sworn to it. A gathering of people that handles the administration, organization and structure of the kingdom and then present their suggestions to the Council for them to consider. The senators themselves are chosen by the senate itself, based on merits and overall impression. An applicant is to present themselves before the senate with the credentials. Should the senate find the individual suited for the job, they will take a vote, and with a majority vote the applicant will be accepted as a senator. Organisation The Ironforge senate consists of five seats. The seats are all related to a specific duty which the senator in question is tasked with handling. Should a senator be unavailable or a seat vacant, then the task may be taken up by another senator. The senate holds regular weekly meetings in which matters of state are resolved and the senators report to each other — and the citizens — what they have accomplished during the past week or what they seek to accomplish in the coming weeks. In addition, this meeting also serves as a means for the people and foreign states to get a hold of the gathered senate. Furthermore, there are several issues that can only be resolved by the full senate. These matters include, but are not limited to: ♦ Declaration of war ♦ The forming or breaking of alliances ♦ The enactment of new laws ♦ Major reorganization of any part of dwarven society ♦ Election of new senators However, should a pressing issue demand immediate action, the action may be taken — but it must be brought up for a vote at the next available meeting. All decisions made by the senate are, at the end of the meeting, to be presented before the council for their consideration. Ultimately all power lies with them, and should they disagree with any decision, they may use their veto to nullify the decision. The senate cannot and may not protest against any decision of the council and must abide by these wishes. Failure to do so is considered to be treason. The Seats ... The Seat of Artifacts: Gimli IV Stormpike (Gimlivier-DefiasBrotherhood) The Seat of Artifacts handles the archaeological and demographic knowledge about Azeroth, and serves as a liaison between the Senate and the Explorer's League. The senator plans and executes expeditions to search for new artifacts as well as treasure hunts. They are also in charge of monitoring the kingdom's vaults and ensuring the local Thanes, who collect the taxes (set by the Senator of Transactions) from their Clans, send the appropriate sum in time. The Seat of Magical Affairs: Azapha Hutchins (Azapha-DefiasBrotherhood) The Seat of the Occult handles everything beyond the physical realm — affairs of spiritual nature, religion and all sorts of magic. The senator also serves as a liaison between the Senate and the Temple of Ironforge, the Arcane Library of Ironforge — as well as all the practitioners of arcane, divine or other. The Seat of Order: Sebastian Hutchins (Hutchins-DefiasBrotherhood) The Seat of Order is responsible for the senatorial branch of the Khaz Modan armed forces, including the guards. They are responsible for monitoring the movement of the armies and planning tactics they use in the field, as well as ensuring the quality of the guards' work. The Seat of Order also handles the legislature of Ironforge. It is their job to organize and maintain the law and justice system in Khaz Modan. The senator is also the High Judge of Ironforge, and it is their job to make sure that criminals are prosecuted and punished — as well as organizing and appointing the judges of Khaz Modan. The Seat of Relations: - Thoridge Darkale (Thoridge-TheVentureCo) The Senator of Relations handles all foreign relations and organizes the Khaz Modan diplomatic corps. While most major decisions lie with the full senate, the Senator of Relations is at liberty to conclude most non-vital affairs on their own. The senator also handles the relations between the senate and the citizens, as well as coordinating affairs regarding dwarven traditions that are not of spiritual nature, such as the brewfest, parades and other mundane celebrations. The Seat of Transactions: - Vacant The Seat of Transactions handles the equipment, trade routes, supply lines and logistics of Khaz Modan. It is their duty to ensure that both the military forces and the citizens of Ironforge are always kept supplied. The senator also handles all the industrial and technological advances on the Kingdom, and is responsible for the overview of the research of new instruments and weapons to help on the development of the Dwarven society. In addition the senator handles all trading with our revered allies, and finances of the Kingdom as well as deciding the taxes throughout all Dwarven territories. Additional Members Royal Liaison: Senator Barin Redstone (NPC) The royal liaison serves as the link between the senate and the king. It is he who presents and discusses the senate's suggestions with the king for consideration. Grand Chancellor: Cyrik Blackforge (Cyrík-DefiasBrotherhood) The Grand Chancellor is the chairman of the senate; declaring when senate will begin and end, decides the program of the day and decides who may and may not speak providing order and making sure certain protocols are kept to.Webblês32 3d
3d [H] <Synergy> HC Raiding guild are recruiting Hi all, As we progress up to the release of Tomb of Sargeras Synergy are looking to find some more chilled players to join our heroic raid team. Synergy is a guild created to allow the players in the game that enjoy raiding content but don't have the time to commit to mythic raiding, the chance to continue enjoying the end game content with a decent raiding team in a guild with a positive social aspect. We have been active since the start of Legion and so far have achieved all curve achievements prior to the next raid being released. Our members are regularly grouping up to clear Mythic+10's or higher each week as well as running our own farm raids. The raiding schedule we follow is 2 raids per week, Monday and Wednesday, starting at 20:00 Server Time, ending at 23:00 Server Time. We are currently looking to find a Holy Paladin ready to raid with us in Tomb, though are always looking for players of other roles to join us and help us expand. Thanks for reading, if you think we may be for you, or if you have any questions just ask here or try grab me online :)Tryal8 3d
3d [H-PVE] The Ragged Banner. (M+/Raiding/Relaxed) The Ragged Banner is recruiting! Be prepared to receive waves of Steamy Romance Novels from the quartermaster, be set on fire by our rogue (who now mains a demon hunter... I know... seriously...). Our aim is to keep the guild small with flexible, active members and keep a good atmosphere at all times. We've been pushing Mythic + (due to our size) since legion launched, but have recently acquired enough members to begin raiding and just cleared heroic NH! We're actively searching for new members to Raid, Run mythic+ & just chill with on discord. We're also trying to form a PvP 10v10 RGB team! What we're looking for: - Healers! (oh how we need dem heals) - Active, Friendly, Relaxed, Mature (not dictated by age) and like minded players. What we offer: - A well structured, friendly and dedicated group of players (Never forget that 2hour EoA run.. shudders). - Bunches of calendar events, Tmog runs, PvP nights, transmog competitions etc. - Officers for every aspect of the game, got an idea for a guild event just let us know. Contact myself or any member in game. -Okeo / Eldian- Meow#2590Okeo46 3d
3d [A] <Vengeance> [10/10M] Swedish Raiding Guild About Us Vengeance is a Swedish 3-day raiding guild on Defias Brotherhood established by a group of friends that wanted to raid together in Legion. Our mindset is to have a positive attitude to raiding and to be able to achieve Cutting Edge in the period of time given to us by Blizzard. While we have a relaxed view on the game in general, we expect the participants in our raids to maintain focus through long progression fights and to always be knowledgeable of current and upcoming raids and that they also possess great knowledge about their class. Legion Progression Tier 19 Realm 7th 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare (Realm 15th) 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor (Realm 9th) 10/10 Mythic Nighthold (Realm 8th) Raid Days Wednesday (20:00-23:00) Thursday (20:00-23:00) Sunday (19:00-22:00) (Optional Heroic Clear) Saturday (15:00-Until Cleared) Recruitment These following classes have a high priority, but we always consider remarkable applicants. We expect our applicants to have the gear and traits needed in order to raid at a Mythic level. ALL CLASSES CONSIDERED FOR TOMB OF SARGERAS Requirements to join - Since we are a Swedish guild, you must speak and understand Swedish - Preferably 20+ years of age - 900+ ilvl and Concordance Trait - Be able to attend atleast 2/3 raids every week - You must be an experienced Mythic raider, either from Legion or past expansions. We will not be holding your hand through progression What Vengeance will offer you We offer you a chance to raid with the best Swedish raiding guild on Defias Brotherhood et al. Besides our weekly raiding schedule, we also frequently run Mythic+ Dungeons and Rated Battlegrounds/Arena. All you have to do is ask in guild chat to find people to group up with. We have an active Discord where you can hop in at anytime and talk about anything. If you ever want to play another multiplayer game, just pop the question in Discord and start setting things up. Last but not least, what Vengeance will offer you is a steady and optimistic atmosphere during our raids. As long as you share the same mindset as us, we can guarantee that you will see bosses falling one by one. Contact If you are interested in joining us, you can send in your application at If you have further questions, you can contact me or the one of our Officers in-game or add me on my Battletag: Pavz#21645Pava7 3d
4d [H-PvE] <Momentum> 7/7M 2/3M 5/10M are recruiting! Hey there Defias et all, <Momentum> are a casual raiding guild, with a laid back bunch of players who've been playing for a number of years. Whilst we aim to raid to the best of our ability, we're all plenty older than we were back in BC, and keep a flexible environment to fit in with our lives outside of the game. We like to have fun and progress at our own pace, so we don't set requirements on things like artifact level, and aim to get as many people raiding with us as we can. Schedule We raid two nights a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, from 20:15 CET (19:15 GMT) to 23:30 CET (22:30 GMT). We also aim to run alt runs on Tuesday nights, but these aren't mandatory. Progress We are currently focussed on continuing farm of Heroic Elisande and Gul'Dan, whilst pushing slowly through Mythic NH, with a focus on getting as many bosses down in Mythic before ToS opens in June. You can see our up to date progress here: The Nighthold Nighthold was our first time really pushing Mythic content this expansion, and we were perhaps a bit too cautious in our attempts in there. Whilst we're very happy with the progress we made, we're looking to do even better in Tomb of Sargeras, ensuring that we get into Mythic as soon as we can, to maximise our attempts and to really have time to nail down tactics. To ensure we do this, we're going to minimise the time we spend in Normal, and instead look to jump into Heroic earlier on after release. Recruitment Tanks We're currently full on tanks. Healers We're interested in any healers that aren't Paladins. DPS We're currently interested in any exceptional DPS who want to push Mythic ToS. We're currently sat at 3 of certain classes, but we're willing to consider all exceptional DPS, particularly Ranged DPS. Mythic+ Whilst our main focus is on raiding, we also enjoy pushing M+ keys, and currently have a couple of players trying to break the top 23 on realm. Outside of higher level keys though, we regularly have players online and pushing through keys of all levels. Want to apply? Whilst we like to keep things flexible and light, we also take our raiding seriously! For that reason, we have an application form on the guild's Facebook page, and we encourage everyone in the guild to join us on there. We're a social bunch of people, and tend to keep chatting even off game. It also serves as a core part of guild information, with the officers posting up raid progress, tips and information like how to sim your own stat weights, as well as being a way to round people up for Mythic+ dungeons or other in game stuff! You can find us at We understand that not everyone uses Facebook, and whilst we encourage everyone to apply through there, we occasionally do applications in game and via Teamspeak. If you'd prefer to apply this way, please contact one of the guild contacts below. Guild Contacts Co-Leader: Tirithor - HMNIW#2962 Recruiting Officer: Rellana - Keenhail#2607 Thanks for taking your time to check us out, and we look forward to hearing from prospective recruits!Tirithor23 4d
4d 10/10HC, 10/10M -> Ice Cold Flex <- We are bunch of fun, loving, wowplaying goofsters, currently looking for more people in order to build a team unlike any other team before us. Our goal? Simple. Defeat any mythical foes in our path. We seek to do this trought cooperation in the effort against the legion. Only with YOUR help can this be achieved. But be careful. This enemy is lethal and fierce. Its dangerous to go alone, so come with us if you want to live. We raid Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday --- 19.45 to 23:00. We have 2 mandatory raids per week, and 1 optional raid day (for heroic/pranks/goofing). Please contact us on bzl#2429 if you want more info. pls. we are lonely. If you join us and we become world 1#, you can tell your friends you are in the best guild in the entire world, so really, what do you have to loose by joining us and raiding with us for at least a few months. Worst case scenario, you have a blast and get a bunch of new friends from around the world, and we enhance your life by introducing you to weird !@#$ you never thought existed.Bsl61 4d
5d [A] <Altoholics Anonymus> Recruiting for ToS “Altoholics Anonymus” is HC Raiding guild and we are recruiting reliable, goal orientated and skilled players to add to our raiding team and progress through ToS and future Legion PVE content. Current progress NH HC 10/10. Looking for people that play for fun, but also know how to play well and progress together as a team. Our recruiting priority is flexible, PvPers/PvEers, Casuals/Socials are all welcome. Server: Defias Brotherhood We raid on Mondays and Wednesdays 20-23:00 realm time. Open slots: DPS, Healers, Tanks Current progress: EN HC 7/7, ToV HC 3/3, Nighthold HC 10/10 What we offer: - Positive, drama free raid environment that's laid back and casual while still maintaining a progressive mindset - Having fun together, experiencing new content and progressing as a team are our priorities - Active Discord - check - Tipsy raids – check - Bad humour :) - check If you are interested in joining, feel free to add any of us on battlenet or friends list for a chat. Solley (Soley#2106) Foxieflower ( Lenzman Glasti Azäghäl SatwanSolley1 5d
5d [H] <CONTINUUM> (10/10 HC NH, 4/10 M NH) <CONTINUUM> (10/10 NH HC, 4/10 M NH) is looking for fresh blood to join our raiding-team for Tomb of Sargeras! We are looking for DPS-classes as of now, but everyone is welcome to apply! We are a semi-hardcore guild with our main focus set on progressing in PvE content. We value the social aspect of the game and we're doing alot of M+ outside of raids aswell. Raidtimes: Wednesday/Sunday(20-23). We use Discord for communication. Reply here or contact an officer in-game for more information! Officers: Zaphyrah, Teddan, Holyfirefc, Lelantoss, ZënjuTeddan5 5d
6d [A]<Violent Circus> Lf a resto shaman to call our own. As the title says our guild is looking for a dedicated resto shaman to integrate into our awesome community. A bit about our guild. Violent Circus is a guild made mostly by veteran players, many of us have started playing in Vanilla or other early expansions and have stuck together through hardcore and less hardcore raiding, arena, rbgs and even Wpvp during our 10 years of WoW. And even if we had our fair share of breaks in between, we always kept in contact and have therefore a strong foundation for our guild. In other words we are just one big family that keeps growing while we manage to successfully integrate new likeminded players. You can check more about who we are and what we have achieved in our recruitment post : . As mentioned in the post I linked above we are 10/10 in mythic NH, with 2 raids a week (of 3 hours each) and we are very confident we will get Gul'dan down in time for Cutting Edge achievement. All this being said, I have to specify that we have almost cleared the entire NH mythic without a resto shaman and we believe it is about time for us to get some of that spirit link love. We have been looking for one for a long time with no luck. So if you are a skilled resto shaman who thinks that he/she can keep up with the focused raiding attitude our guild has, while at the same time do not want to entirely kill your real life ambitions, then this is the right place for you. As a long waited resto shaman you will be treated very well with us! I can guarantee we are not one of those guilds that you join, do not manage to fit in and then will most likely end up wanting to leave after a few weeks (we have all been there). When accepted, you will find a permanent home, if you are willing to get to know us too. As a side note, we are also interested in a few more ranged dps and a holy paladin at this moment. If all the above seemed interesting enough, come have a chat with me. Nephthys#1635.Xethi1 6d
6d [A]<Divine Wrath> Recruiting For TOS Divine Wrath is a newly created guild on Defias Brotherhood Alliance We are a tightly nit guild with a solid core of friends and we're looking for more to join our group for progression in TOS and beyond! We are looking for all classes and roles, if you're interested, contact any member online and we'll be happy to have a chat! Are raid times are 6pm to 10pm BST If you would like to get a hold of an officers the btag is AliR#21143 We use discord for voice commsThóra0 6d
14 Jun Crime Syndicate has returned. due to corpsenmana and tanver becoming friends and going to meet up in real life, the guild has returned.Rotflap0 14 Jun
14 Jun [A][Paladin] The Paladin Only Guild — an experiment I would like to invite all players with their paladin chars to an experiment to create a paladin only guild. I have had this idea for quite some time but was never bold enough to try it out. The time has come it seems, so if you are interested contact me in game. The initiative will start under the banner of <The Argent Crusade>, an old roleplaying guild that originated on Scarshield Legion, If it takes of we will think about something new perhaps. From Warcraft lore: ”The Argent Crusade is a faction created from the union of the Argent Dawn, a few survivors of the Scarlet Crusade who didn't follow Abbendis to Northrend, and the Reformed Order of the Silver Hand.” The Argent Crusade is a union of various orders connected to the Holy Light and events at Lordaeron in the war against the Lich King and at Northrend finally. Also playing an important role in the Legion invasion of Azeroth. The Argent Crusade is not a single order but a faction consisting of multiple orders like Alliance and Horde are. So it doesn't belong to Alliance nor Horde but it has its own leadership and meaning to exist as a separate from other factions. The Argent Crusade answers to the Highlord of the Silver Hand, who is currently (unnamed hero) and the wielder of the legendary weapon Ashbringer, which the bygone Highlord Tirion Fordring wielded until his death on the Broken Shore. Though the Argent Crusade has lost most of its forces during the initial encounters with the Legion, it starts to come back on its feet, with the help from the existing Highlord (unnamed hero), and the Legion has been able to be confronted also with the help from the Argent Crusaders on the Broken Isles. However, the Argent Crusade still exists at Lordaeron, at Sanctum of Light beneath Light's Hope Chapel is the headquarters of the Highlord (unnamed hero) and settlement of Tyr's Hand being the last bastion of humans, who survived the Scourge onslaught and the plague at Eastern Plaguelands. The Argent Crusade also holds the settlement of Hearthglen at Western Plaguelands. These both settlements are mostly what survived from the Scourge invasion of the human Kingdom of Lordaeron in the Third War. Some in character info on what has taken place from the part of the guild The Argent Crusade: The Commander of The Argent Cursade for the settelement of Hearthglen at Western Plaguelands is Crusader Lord Aramal Blackstone (character name: Mallucis-DB). The Commander (after recent nomination) for the settlement of Tyr's Hand at Eastern Plaguelands is Laerthar Truthbearer (character name: Laertharnus-DB). The Argent Crusade has allowed a Stormwind military order The Ninth Company to have a standing headquarter at Tyr's Hand and later after relocating at Hearthglen, where the Alliance are currently staying. This permission was given by Aramal Blackstone. The Alliance needed a location for their army to strike the Forsaken reinforcements to Broken Isles. The mission of the Alliance is still ongoing at Lordaeron. The Ninth Company has been requested by Laerthar Truthbearer to have their mages build a portal for traveling between Tyr's Hand and Hearthglen. The Argent Crusade has held previously I and II Congress of the Silver Hand for the Knights of the Silver Hand, where Paladins from Alliance and Horde from multiple guilds took part. The Argent Tournament was held earlier, where both Alliance and Horde took part. Out of character Info: For now the guild is for Alliance and Paladin class characters. Guild is a roleplay guild with pvp and pve. Guild has some experienced roleplayers. Guild is willing to work with Alliance and Horde guilds in character, as long as it fits to the roleplay, but The Argent Crusade is not part of Horde or Alliance, The Argent Crusade is its own faction. Out of character the guild however is mainly for Alliance characters, but there is a guild with same name on Horde, in case there comes use for such. There are plans to continue the Argent Tournament and hold it once a year and to hold consecutive Congress of the Silver Hand events. You can request membership, if you have a paladin character and want to roleplay an Argent Crusader (alts are welcome), from Mallucis and Laertharnus. Website: Esarus thar no'DaradorMallucis7 14 Jun
14 Jun [A][Rp-PvP] The Ninth Company *A poster on noticeboards at all Alliance capital cities.* Greetings fellow Alliance members. The Ninth Company is currently looking for new members to join for the effort at the Western Plaguelands and for protecting of the Kingdom of Stormwind. The Ninth Company is an Alliance military order based in these times at the Tower of Azora, Elwyn Forest and at Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands. If you are looking for a membership, you may approach any Ninth Company member for further guidance on how to gain membership. Thank you and King's Honour! About: The Ninth Company is mainly a rp guild with some pvp along the way. Meaning groups for random bg:s and participating in rp-pvp campaigns and battles that take place from time to time on the realm. Mostly Ninth roleplay concentrates today to Lordaeron, but guild's second roleplaying area is the Kingdom of Stormwind, where Ninth serves as a military unit for protecting the Kingdom. There is also an outpost located at Greywatch, Stormheim. We are a friendly guild and accept all races and classes to join. There are no requirements for joining, but for gaining ranks one needs to participate in roleplay. The ranks are general: Recruit, Armsman, Sergeant, Lieutenant, highest being Captain. These serve a roleplay sense and also requires some dedication. Ranks don't take a lot to gain, it only asks for participating and the rest goes with the flow. So this isn't very complicated and we aren't having an unwelcoming attitude towards new guild members or new roleplayers. If one wants to organize something with us, we will try to participate in it and help with getting ideas going that might bring the idea to be experienced for everyone in guild and on the realm possibly. So Ninth is open for ideas. Only keeping it in realism within the game world and so it's possible. Join for heroism and victory! Guild forums, for updates and information: 14 Jun
13 Jun Solo wpvp Is it any good these days? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Tacto7 13 Jun
13 Jun Aurora [PVE] Recruiting for Tomb Hey guys! Aurora is a PVE guild with 10/10 HC NH. we are currently recruiting Personnel for our TOS Push. Interested in joining a team of ex experienced professional Raiders, then you have come to the right place. whether you are a newer player just getting to grips with the fine art of end game raiding, or a grizzled vet with the head of LK on your mantelpiece. Aurora Wants YOU! Now a bit about us. This content tier we were 3rd in Europe to kill the first 7 bosses in night hold under the name Gnome Land Security on the alliance side, only falling behind slightly with Star Auger. and we aim to push past that goal with the release of tomb. We are a very close guild, we enjoy a good bit of banter and have members from many places over the world! we believe that to succeeded in raiding you need to have a good teamwork, a team that looks out for one an other and genuinely enjoys playing together, always pushing each other on and giving each other a helping hand, this is the sort of environment we encourage in Aurora. and one that has lead to success after success. Many of our players have families, some with children others have busy personal lives and heavy work commitments. Because of this we don’t expect you to attend every event. Our goal is to compete at the highest level in PvE end game, but also keeping our core principles at heart, we aim for our raids to be fun, with a pleasant atmosphere. We hate naming and shaming preferring to work with people directly in a more discrete manner to improve their play style, we do not shout over discord as other raid teams do preferring instead to positively encourage our raiders into being the best they can be. Our current long term goal is EU first Kil’jaiden and we know we can get there. We don’t only do PvE, we also do PvP running battleground events every Friday and setting up arena teams during the week. We like to include our social members in all our events so all are welcome! Raid times [Wednesday 8pm – 11:30pm] [Saturday 8pm – 12:30/1:30am] (We are aware that not all can raid till 1:30am and its depending on the amount of raiders who choose to stay.) If you are interested please contact: Umuda (Battle Tag ollie#22736) Burninghate (Battle Tag Burninghate#2100)Burninghate3 13 Jun
12 Jun @[Joffie]Mythic+ Boosting group Customer feedback topic. In this topic you should find all the information you need regarding our mythic dungeon boost service at DefiasBrotherhood EU.(Horde) //----------------- General Information //----------------- Personal loot system. * - Payment is accepted on the following realms: Defias Brotherhood, The Venture Co, Kazzak, Twisting Nether, Outland realms. * - You can talk to any /Unlucky/ guild officers regarding your spot. * - The team's primary goal is to provide effortless, safe and pleasant atmosphere during the run. * - You can either follow a player /AFK/ or take part in the run, we won't let you die :). * - Customer satisfaction is as important as the speed of the run. We would like to provide you a fast and pleasant experience from beginning to the end. * - Customers will always be summoned to each dungeons. //------------------------ Frequently Asked Questions //------------------------ *Boost Alliance faction? Unfortunately no. Currently only horde side is available. *Is AFK mode supported? Absolutely, just hit follow at the beginning of the instance. *How can I contact you? Contact the Unlucky guild on Defias Brotherhood realm ask for Joffie or just add me via battle tag: Toxine#2958 *How long does a full clear take? Depend of the boost.Our goal is to provide a fast and confortable runs with a friendly atmosphere:) *Are there any discounts? Yes: regular customers and customers with an extra person will get a discount:) Mythic+ boost services: We will use your Key here. +2-3 Key: 5k/Chest so 15k total for 3 Chests +4-6 Key: 10k/Chest so 30k total for 3 Chests +7-9 Key: 20k/Chest so 60k total for 3 Chests +10-12 Key: 35k/Chest so 105k total for 3 Chests(weekly cache 905+) +13-14 Key: 40k/Chest so 120k total for 3 Chests +15 in time: 160k gold, guaranteed one chest (possible for more for free). Special offers: +2-3 key to +15 in time: 400k gold +4-6 key to +15 in time: 350k gold +7-9 key to +15 in time: 300k gold +10-12 key to +15 in time: 250k gold +13-14 key to +15 in time: 200k gold We can negotiate any other offer you might need. We also offer to use one of our own keys, but this adds 50k on top. As this means preparing the key in advance. Karazhan: Nightbane: Including mount + personal loot - 60k Full Kara run (includes Nightbane perks): 110k Regular Mythic Dungeons 10/10 Normal Mythic: 5k per dungeon Normal Mythic: 45k - 10/10 weakly fast clear. *840 ilvl loot which can be extremely helpful for a fresh 110 character. *A TON of artifact power and gear depending on how many dungeons you get! *Last but not least.. chance at a LEGENDARY item! Payment: Mythic+ : We require 50% of the payment before the run, and 50% at the end. Small fee might be required to reserve your spot, so we are not left hanging Most important is that you can be part of our friendly and dedicated team and experience the adrenaline and fun your self. Contact us: Battle Tag: Toxine#2958 Discord: Joffie#0918Jöf2 12 Jun
12 Jun Solo world PvP? Hey guys! I'm thinking about returning to this server after a long break. Is this server still active? Are factions still balanced? Also I love to do world PvP as a solo player (playing as a Horde) - is there a lot of Alliance players out in the world? I guess everyone's doing world quests so there should be players but I'm not sure if this server is still active. Thanks for answers!Sorgêsh74 12 Jun
11 Jun [A] <Straight Outta Stormwind> 10/10 HC Hello there! We are <Straight Outta Stormwind> from Defias Brotherhood. We are looking for new members to join us in our progression through Heroic content! Regardless of your role, if you've got the attitude that fits in here you're welcome. Our raid times are Friday 8-11 PM and Saturday 8-11 PM. Our raids require Discord, but a microphone is not necessary (though recommended to join in on our degenerate bantz). PvP events may also be formed at some point in the future. Who are we? Formed at the start of Legion, we are a relaxed, friendly guild made up of mixed nationalities, with members from the UK, Croatia, Poland, Belgium and Sweden. We don't take the game too seriously, but we also want to progress as far as possible with like minded friends, and help other guild mates progress and improve in the process! What can we offer you? - Discord to be used inside and outside of raiding. - Guild Events such as regular keystone dungeons, mythics, achievement runs etc. We do everything as a guild and encourage our members to take part! - A fun loving atmosphere inside and outside of raids, with an active community. - Discounted enchants, flasks, gems etc. - Progression and loot! What do we expect from you? We encourage all members to play their classes how they wish to play them, however we expect members to be punctual with raid attendance, and the aptitude to continuously improve their characters. It is also necessary to have a good understanding of English, and the ability to listen to instructions during raids. Finally, we expect our members to bring a positive attitude , and a good sense of humour! (Although we do recommend a thick skin as our banter can be quite brutal). If you're interested in joining us, or simply wish to know more, feel free to post here. Alternatively you can whisper Sazir, Annis, Genovah or Verldrana in game. Roles currently needed: All DPS classes (bonus points if you have a healing offspec)Annis16 11 Jun
11 Jun Crime Syndicate Reborn Again! Fixing our eyes on he whom is holy, the pioneer and perfecter of pizza. For the joy set before him he endured the oven, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the counter of Papa John. Then Papa said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of Papa's Favourite Sausage and Pepperoni?” If anyone acknowledges that Papa is the Son of Pizza, Pizza lives in them and they in Pizza. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Papa John. "I give them eternal discounts within 3 miles, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand, except on a Tuesday. My Papa, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Papa's hand without a leaflet. I and the Papa are one, with a 10% discount if you spend 15 pounds or more online." “For where two or three toppings in my name, there am I with them.” But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. Papa replied, “What is impossible with Dominoes is possible with Papa.” This is how Papa showed his love among us: He sent his one and only voucher into the world that we might order through him. Papa Bless. _____________________________________________________________ All YOU have to do, is, apply. RIIIIIIIIIGHHHT NOWWWWW!! HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wow is boring but you're more than welcome to play Minecraft with us and help us build spaceships. Velo knows everything about Minecraft. He has all the items tattooed on his body like that guy from Prison Break. WPVP Events are three times a week on the days and time specified below. * * * _____________________________________________________________ Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and apply on the website listed here.Smegtastic0 11 Jun
10 Jun Free +10 boosts Got a +10 you need to do for weekly loot but too undergeared? Contact me or healit in game and we will boost it for you. Probably 3 chests. Can also do anything under 10 maybe even a couple of them in a row for free. If it is over +10 it has no benefit to us at the moment. We will still do it if you offer us money though. No price structure. Offer what you want to pay.Asheil0 10 Jun
10 Jun [A] Kindred | Heroic PVE Progression Kindred [10/10HC] is a PVE focused guild that is always recruiting motivated raiders to join us for Heroic focused progression! Socials are welcome as well! Our aim is to clear heroic difficulty of each tier in a timely fashion. We try to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere meanwhile still valuing progression! We communicate using Discord, and we have channels dedicated to WoW and how to improve - as well as more general channels where you can find people to play other games with. --- Requirements Be able to communicate in English. Be able to accept constructive criticism and willing to always improve.--- Raid Nights (From 19.00-23.00 realm time) Monday Thursday---- To join Kindred: Please contact either: Duburr (Dubur#21558) Fonjask (Fonjask#1794) Ironwilled (Also known as Rockin, Staleale)Duburr9 10 Jun
09 Jun Døgnfluen! Søger Tank! [A] Døgnfluen er en dansk end game guild på Auchindoun EU som har været aktiv siden The Burning Crusade. Vi har vores værdier som primært består af vores gode humør og vores STORE flok af fantastiske mennesker som gør vor guild til et dejligt sted at være og samtidig skaber et godt raiding miljø for vores spillere både på hold 1, som fokusere på mythic progression men også for vores hold 2 som fokusere på at nyde hinandens selskab og hygge med noget casual raiding. Vores raid tider er onsdag, torsdag og søndag fra 19:30 - 23:00 Vi søger lige for tiden en aktiv tank som kan raide de 3 dage om ugen vi raider med hold 1, det skal helst være en Brewmaster Monk eller en Protection Warrior. De krav vi stiller til dig som raider er : At du MØDER velforberedt op til det stykke content der er planlagt for aftenen. Har ting i orden inden raid da vi har faste pause tider så vi tolerere ikke at folk smutter under raid, toilet BESØG er dog undskyldt. Du skal have Raidcall, som er det kommunikations PROGRAM vi har valgt at arbejde med. Du skal have EPGP Lootmaster og EPGP (DKP Reloaded) da vi bruger EPGP som Loot system. Vi har lige nu en progress på 9/10 HC i Blackrock Foundry og vi aimer efter at STARTE mythic så snart vi har fundet vores tank. Vi har en stabil raid gruppe på 18 personer og har lige nu en DPS på trial som vi håber lever op til forventningerne så vi står bare og MANGLER en stabil og god tank til at gøre vort raid hold fuldendt. Skulle der være yderligere spørgsmål til mig personligt, raid holdet eller guilden som helhed så kan jeg kontaktes in-game på Auchindoun under navnet Chezbrucee - LvL. 100 Human Priest. eller også kan jeg kontaktes her på siden hvis i efterlader en kommentar med jeres spørgsmål mm. Tak for opmærksomheden og hav en god dag derude!Chezbrucee13 09 Jun
09 Jun LF Guild Hi all! 882 assa rogue looking for a pve guild raiding NH normal, progressing to heroic, mythics+ and anything like that :DVaenthres3 09 Jun
08 Jun Newish player Guild Question Hello, Looking to join a guild for the first time. Only really levelled this character but have a few horde characters (level 20 ish) that I play too. Would anyone recommend a) joining a guild now and b) any guilds on defias? Sorry if this gets asked a lot, I tried the guild finder but had no idea where to start. Never done raids, big noob and looking to level and be social. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.Althorpedo1 08 Jun
07 Jun Buying Gul'dan hc (for gold) Greetings, I remember back in the days, when lfg was spammed with people selling archimonde HC kills for 20k gold. What happened to this kind of service? Im not a frequent player, but enjoy getting my curves. so I was wondering if anyone knew of, or could offer a Gul'dan HC kill, for gold. not the illegal dollars. Im 892 btw. if that helpsMorphie1 07 Jun
07 Jun LF A Kewl Guild Hello friends, I am in need of a guild that is causally raiding nh heroic /doing mythic + dungeons and stuff Not so serious but Not completely social either. If you got a nice cozy seat for me hit me up @ Seyton#21476Townes1 07 Jun
07 Jun [H] <Primal> 10/10 Mythic - Recruiting for Tomb Primal is a horde guild located on the Ravenholdt realm, currently we are looking to add a few more dedicated and chill raiders to our core. Quick Breakdown: Simply put Primal is a guild all about entertainment and enjoying yourself we push ourselves hard and aim to achieve the best results we can but at the same time we keep our environment chill, friendly and welcoming. The guild was formed from an old core of another guild pre legion with the intent to come back together for mythic raiding and that is exactly what we've achieved. However now we're pushing ourselves even harder recent additions to our roster/changes have enabled the guild to reach new heights and we intend to keep pushing full steam ahead. Raiding Schedule: -Wednesday 20:00-23:00 CEST -Thursday 20:00-23:00 CEST -Sunday 20:00-23:00 CEST -Monday 20:00-23:00 CEST (Non Mandatory Alt Raid) Specific Class Recruitment: Healers: -Holy Paladin Ranged Dps: -Hunter MM or BM -Warlock Melee Dps: -Retribution Paladin If your class or role is not listed but you're interested don't hesitate to contact anyway. Contact me here or via battle tag Greenzool#2273Zulgara4 07 Jun
07 Jun LF PvP Guild (H) Hi all, Me and a RL friend are looking for a PvP guild after faction changing. Somewhere we can chill out, play BGs/RBGs and do arenas etc. My friend is 2.3k XP whilst me, not so much but I'm wanting to push next season to try and get a decent rating. Any suggestions of good, active guilds are much appreciated! Feel free to add my Btag for a chat in game - Stell#21555Wañg0 07 Jun
06 Jun lf a heroic raiding guild Hi, im a ilvl 889 that recently specced to sub rogue that's looking for a friendly raid group that will take meNotxeno0 06 Jun
05 Jun Bringing xrealm to rp Greetings everyone, as the topic says there are plans I have to bring cross realm into roleplay between rp-pvp realm Defias Brotherhood / Ravenholdt et al. and the rp realm Argent Dawn. This will take place by using cross realm invites to either realm, at first from DB to AD, so that players from DB can join roleplay on AD. I have been playing on DB for many years and don't intend to move to AD in any way on my chars, to clear it up, but since DB has less roleplay to be had, and AD is very active with it, I've taken up a task to try to connect the realms with what I can manage, and with some others this could be made possible. What I've learned this far, it's possible to invite someone to a party on other realm, so that it's manageable, as long as few simple rules of the framework of World of Warcraft are followed. - The char inviting first member to the group has to be from the realm, where the party is supposed to be roleplaying. - The server changes in some situations also after being in the party, it follows these principles, that I've learned from testing it on my secondary wow accounts: -- after portaling or changing zones (sometimes: changing zones on flight or entering some locations possibly, "not yet fully tested"), the player will, if no one else from party is already in the zone, enter the zone of his native realm, if there is player from same party in the new zone, the player will join the zone in the realm of the party member who first was in that zone (only tested between DB and AD, don't know what it does if party member from a 3rd realm is already in the zone. -- Being a party leader doesn't effect at all after the party has been formed. -- Example in 2 player group: I'm from DB and Player X is from AD. I'm on AD once I join the party of Player X, if I portal to Dalaran while on AD realm in different location than Dalaran, with no one else already from party at Dalaran, I will be in Dalaran on realm DB. -- Another Example: If I portal to a zone from Dalaran on realm DB, and Player X is already in the zone I portal to, I will be in the zone on realm AD. -- These switches in realms can be done by reportaling or by joining the group, that is already in the wanted realm. -- It is important that when changing zones, the first one to enter that zone after portal (or possibly when on flight as well) is natively from the realm that the party is wanting to be in the zone else you have to reform the party starting with a player from the wanted realm, or by re-entering the zone in the order where first in the zone is from the wanted realm natively. Basically this is what I've learned so far from testing. I can with my few accounts to deal with the matter with some practice quite well, so I think it's possible to arrange some xrealm events too. I could use some ideas and help with this, but so far I think I'm trying to involve The Ninth Company and The Argent Crusade events some on Argent Dawn, and see what can be done about it. Since Total Roleplay 3 doesn't often read the tooltips of a player from another realm, it is advised to use an addon called XRP for Cross realm showing of some kind of detail on a tooltip. It works along with TRP3 some, only one module needs to be deactivated to make them use simultaneously. At least with it players can see options set in XRP when from another realm. So I'd just like to inform that this is what is in the planning, and I hope there will be some interest on this.Reyxor1 05 Jun
05 Jun LF Mentor Hello! I am a Goblin DK (Frost) that is LF a Mentor. My main activitys in WoW is running around doing PvP and questing.Hibbe1 05 Jun
05 Jun Crime Syndicate REBORN! We've brought the guild back after a 1 week hiatus. This time we're going to be the best again but with hardly no effort. This means if you're a druid, go feral or guardian. All hunters will be Marksmanship with mythic raiding gear and all mages will be going frost. We do not want any of you coming on teamspeak. We need anyone on horde to join and we can become the best guild on the server again and have nobody to fight against again. all YOU have to do, is, apply. RIIIIIIIIIGHHHT NOWWWWW!! HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now, to reiterate this statement to the general populace of Defias Brotherhood - We've brought the guild back after a 1 week hiatus. This time we're going to be the best again but with hardly no effort. This means if you're a druid, go feral or guardian. All hunters will be Marksmanship with mythic raiding gear and all mages will be going frost. We do not want any of you coming on teamspeak. We need anyone on horde to join and we can become the best guild on the server again and have nobody to fight against again. all YOU have to do, is, apply. RIIIIIIIIIGHHHT NOWWWWW!! HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! _____________________________________________________________ WPVP Events are three times a week on the days and time specified below. * * * _____________________________________________________________ Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and apply on the website listed here.Rotflap82 05 Jun
05 Jun [H] Waiting a pvp guild Hello guys, as title, I'm looking for a main pvp guild. I'm an active player but not hardcore, I login just to do some BGs, Arenas and RBGs or to farm Artifact power. I want someone to play with in pvp, this is why I'm looking for an active pvp guild.Smarkz2 05 Jun
04 Jun Embers Rising (H) is The Place to be! Hey, you! yes, you! are you looking for a cool and awesome Horde guild? Well, you're in luck. follow me and I will bring you victory! Embers Rising was created back in 2012, way back in pandaland. it was created as a re-roll guild. since then the guild has been raiding all the tiers. we just do Normal, and Heroic raids at the moment. so If you're looking for a friendly environment to do raids, mythic+ or maybe an arena. we are the right place for you. we have - friendly and open raiding scene. - people from all over Europe. - good place to meet new friends in the game. - a place where we do everything in game, and have fun while doing it. we are sitting on 7/7(H) and 10/10(H) at the moment. So, does this sound like a guild for you? a casual and social guild, who clears the raids. then give us a shout. get in touch with one of our officers, and we'll have you out there killing dragons in no time! This guild is also on FB 04 Jun
02 Jun [H] The Forlorn Order - Social guild for old folks Greetings All, The Forlorn Order is a social guild for older players (+25). We are interested in recruiting people who are highly sociable and particularly interested in parents, grandparents and people who have responsibilities outside of game who may feel that they struggle to maintain the requirements of some of the larger, more mainstream guilds. We are based on a core principle of putting no pressure on our members to attend things, instead adopting a "if there's enough people on, we will do it" type of attitude. For those who want to play a bit more seriously, we also have a mythics team run by officers Moodan and Arnmund. It has always been the goal of the guild to create a friendly atmosphere in guild chat, and our only real rule is that you are friendly and chatty, If you are interested in joining, please speak to a member in game and they will point you in the direction of a recruiter. Thanks for reading!Stejax20 02 Jun
01 Jun [H] Weapons Of Thrall (10/10HC) - recruiting for ToS Past Progression: EN:7/7HC | 1/7M ToV:3/3HC With the upcoming opening of the Tomb of Sargeras we want to fill our missing dps spots and start mythic progression as soon as possible. We prefer the following classes: Monk, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Rogue, Warlock, Mage, Elemental Shaman. Raiding schedule: Wednesday 20-22.30 Thursday 20-22.30 Sunday 20-22.30 What we expect from you: - To be a reliable raider - A minimum of 880-890 ilvl - To always give your very best for any encounter, even if your class does not perform well What we offer: - A fun, semi-hardcore raid environment with time for a laugh - A stable raid environment and decent progress - A mature and friendly guild environment If you think our guild suits you, dont hesitate to contact us : Lordzik#2233 , Ssyndrome#2721 , Extiza#2163 . Or visit our website www.weaponsofthrall.comSsyndrome0 01 Jun