Azjol-Nerub / Quel'Thalas

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13h <Emerald Watchers> Social/Leveling Guild Hello everyone, I would like to say few things about my newly made Guild called "Emerald Watchers". Emerald Watchers it's a Druid themed alliance guild, focused on PvE content and Social interactions at this moment. The Guild is only 2 weeks old at the time of this post, but i would like to see it grow and prosper with the help of nice and friendly people. Are you new to the game or leveling an alt, and you feel like playing alone is really boring? Does Druidism appeal to you? Or nature itself? Or you just want take things slow and easy, with a friendly chat here and there? Well Emerald Watchers is the kind of Guild i hope you are looking for! Sure at this moment the guild is a bit silent considered its few members, but I am willing to hope, that one day, with enough people, I will make a guild which it's members will be proud of, and have tons of fun activities! No need to have experience, for a social guild it's priority is the people over the skills! If you'd like to ask questions or an invite right away, please add my battletag as friend, Rowan#21532 or write down a post here. My playtime is almost every evening 15pm/17pm or 19pm/01am (realm time). We also have a Discord Channel ready to be set up for everyone.Honamar2 13h
1d Looking for Alliance Guild Hai! I've been flying solo for a while but I really want to be part of a fun guild where I can talk to people while playing and leveling alts. I'm very social, been playing since 2006, have a lot of knowledge about the game, love helping out new players and adore achievements. Are there any Alliance guilds out there that want to take me in?Arellas3 1d
2d Is the realm dying? So i just don't see too manny within the que list for The guild. Is the realm dying?Holbart0 2d
4d [H] New Day - Helpful and Friendly guild, for fun times Hello friends, I am here to tell you about our guild, called New Day. It is a casual and very friendly horde guild, filled with a lot of good and nice people. I know, for I try to get to know you all, at least a little bit. Currently we have 112 characters in the guild with 60 members total (61 if you join us friend!), and every evening 10 or more people tend to be online at the same time, talking like pirates or admiring each others greatness. We do a lot of things together, so if you join and there is anything you want to do with us or something you need help with, just ask in guild chat, and I am sure that someone will be able to help you. We focus on playing together for fun but we do try to do some more difficult things also. We have played a lot of mythic+ dungeons, and we have managed to get 5 max level people together to do that sometimes, and now we are also looking to do our first raid, to see how that goes. But you don't have to do any of that if you don't want to. We have a lot of fun events every week, like pvp, or pet battles, or contests where you can win prizes, all sorts of things. You don't have to have any experience to join us, or be of any high level, you just have to be a good person. We can learn things together if we need to, and if we want to. =) HOW TO JOIN: Add my battletag as a friend, it is Nethellus#2659 So if I get a random friend request, I will assume it is because of this thread, and I will talk to you and send you an invite to the guild. I play every evening from 20.00 to 00.00 (realm time) or more. You are very welcome, so please come play with us =)Loralyn0 4d
5d [H] Still A Pirate Ahoy! <Still A Pirate> is a newly formed guild, born from a collection of people who wanted to get back to the fun of WoW and raiding without all the elitist clap trap that appears to go with it these days. What that means is we expect people to have a sense of humour, remember there are real live human beings behind the screen, keep to their commitments and enjoy beating the living daylights out of bosses in order to get our hands on all that lovely treasure :-) Our raid team is 11/11 HC Antorus , but we are on the lookout for a few more to join the ship. All classes considered and folks willing to raid through the next expansion when it hits. We raid Mon - 7:45 to 22:30 Weds -7:45 to 22:30 these are our HC nights we also run on Fridays 7:45 to whenever a normal Antorus bash to which all members are welcome. For the HC raid we expect all members to have discord and the ability to speak! ( We don't bite!) DBM / Bigwigs, appropriate gems/enchants, a willingness to work with a team of people and a good knowledge of the raid be it from previous experience or from hitting the easily available guides. Our current team is built from a mixture of first time HC to 'Curve' ( god I hate that) players, some who have raided through every expansion and some who are just starting out. We are open to all classes socially for those who just can't commit to raid schedules because of all that boring stuff like work, kids, paying the mortgage etc. Think this could be a place to call home? Contact me for a chat Seri#21250Thaelis0 5d
6d testing please reply please reply to this as I am unsure if my posts are working :SFalashore1 6d
18 May Healer For 3v3 #Ødin0 18 May
18 May Trading Market Discord WoW Join the Trading Market Discord Channel! The place where you can Advertise/Find 101 Twink Boosts, HC Antorus Boost, Gold Realm Swapping, TCG Mounts (Spectral Tiger), Rare Items & More. Use this Discord Link to join: Enjoy!Hot2 18 May
18 May Guilds for noobs? Is there any guilds for low level new player, because not all of us is rolling lvl 110 chars from patch 1.02 and 20000hrs of raid experience? To be honest WoW is pretty boring when playing alone.Dharneoc16 18 May
18 May Ninth Order(11/11M) Mythic & Heroic boostruns Hello Azjol-Nerub / Quel'Thalas, Ninth Order 11/11M is selling boosts for mythic related content. With our history of successful boosts in previous expansions and great reputation as a guild you don't need to worry about a thing. Most of us have the experience of doing over a 1000+ boosts. Our group is made of officers and raiders from Ninth Order. If you ever have a complaint about any of our members do not hesitate to inform us and we will do our best to resolve any sort of misunderstandings. You will get exactly what you paid for, you will make friends, have a laugh and definitely come back again for either a run on your alt character or other boostruns. What are we boosting ? Argus HC only - 100k (Every Fri & Sat 22:15) Full heroic - 450k (boosters unsaved, Every Fri & Sat 20:00) Guldan mount - 1.6M (sold out, can only sell it horde side) 9/11M antorus - 4M 10/11M antorus - 5M 11/11M antorus - 8.5M Argus M only - 4.25M Argus M only + mount - 9.5M *** ask ingame Talho#2887 if you want prices on full loot priority *** *** 10-15% cut on the price if you pay Draenor Horde *** What will you be receiving from these boosts ? ALL 960, 965 loot that your class can use, this includes ALL the TIER tokens if they drop (1 per boss) ALL 970+ loot, that nobody wants. Our average ilvl is 978, you will have a chance for TF! If you paid for a full loot priority boost, you'll be getting EVERY 960-985 item for you class You get all achievements for killing the bosses A chance to get Antoran Charhound, Taeshalach and a RED Scythe of the UnmakerWhen are we boosting ? We are able to boost on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Our raids start around 19:45 and we finish at 23:30. A FULL mythic 11/11M boost can take 2 days (mostly about 1 day + 1 hour next raid day). Payment We accept gold on most big servers (Alliance AND Horde). If you are able to pay on Draenor Horde we can provide a 10-15% cut on these prices. Prices can and will be changed as the time goes by so feel free to poke me about them along the way. For additional information about the boost and scheduling whisper Talho#2887 and I will provide all the answers in game. Hope to see you soon! :)Talho8 18 May
17 May [H]Faster than Lag, new social guild - 2/11HC Good Morning there The guild So it's been 2 months since we opened the doors to our guild and I can say honestly that it has been amazing! We have gathered some very friendly and helpful players, formed great friendships and watched new players blossom. This type of guild is definitely unique, yes we are social to start but we aim to have regular content within the guild. It's absolutely aimed more towards players in a similar situation to us, so majority of events and activity would be during the weekend period. Guild activity Right now we have been running dungeons of every level bracket for newer and older players, most recently pushing Mythic+ keys. We do this every night almost and have a lot of fun doing so. For the last 2 weeks we have jumped in to peak at Antorus and have successfully killed the 1st 2 bosses, not a big deal to some of you but for us it's fantastic especially as we had only 8 in the group, 2 more and we'd clear normal quite quickly I'd say. Recruitment Socials of all levels the main priority Raiders for Saturday runs - A healer and Dps required Times Raid - Saturday 20:00 server time Mythic+ - most evenings from 19:00 onwards If so let's see what interest we have. You can also add me should you have any questions, (Sysmiclfc#2805). Old Post Information So once again a new expansion is upon us and everyone is rushing around trying to complete as much content as possible. Those of us who are not so keen on spending countless hours grinding are simply sitting back and relaxing while we wait. In our case we have decided to create new characters and start completely fresh on a new server, with the intention of takings these characters into the expansion as mains. We created a guild with a plan to use it as a place to stockpile mats for later use. Then we had a thought... We wondered if there were other players with the same mentality as us. Players who don't care about progression or endless hours of grinding but more about just logging in and relaxing, maybe enjoy a couple dungeons together or group up for some world quests. While at the same time you are happy enough to play solo if the guild is quiet in the evening. A place where there is no schedule or serious commitment. Could this be possible... About us So we are a real life couple who have played for many years, since vanilla for myself actually. We have seen it all and played under all possible tags but have recently became parents so our time in the week nights is limited. As such we don't and can't commit to raid schedules currently.Sysmìc12 17 May
15 May <Exception> Mythic Antorus Boosting Services <Exception> is offering multiple types of boosts please see below ofr the different types of runes we offer. What we have to offer right now is: Mythic +15 Dungeons for Weekly reward + Keystone Master achievment Argus Mythic + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot We ONLY accept gold as payment. If you can pay on Shattered Hand and connected realms you will get the cheapest prices. However we do accept gold on most servers. Antorus Mythic run is on Wednesdays at 19:30 server time. All our raiders are 965+ ilvl, so the run is smooth and efficient. To book a spot add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 We do our best to get our buyers as much loot as possible, this means no more than 1 buyer each armor and token type. For more info or if u have any questions please add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 or send me a whisper in-game.ßíó0 15 May
14 May New player looking for people to play/chat with I have only been playing the game for few days, but im having a blast and can see myself being a part of the community in the future. The only problem I have is that it gets lonely playing, as none of my friends even want to try wow. Hence I am looking for some people on the server that could also potentially help me level up or answer my newbie questions :PVoolzor2 14 May
13 May [A][5/11M]Raiding Paradise looking for members Raiding Paradise - Casual Raiding Guild Raiding Paradise is currently looking for additional members to fill our rooster. We are raiding 3 times a week, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 20:30 - 23:30 server time. Who are Raiding Paradise? We are a guild which started on 25/10/2016 with a small group has steadily grown since then. We believe in a having a healthy balance between raid progression and having fun. However, saying that, we do expect our members to take pride in their characters, have respect for their fellow guild members and come prepared. We try to keep a relaxed attitude in all the content we do, but some of the things we attempt are challenging and therefore requires a level of focus and commitment. As a guild, we have a diverse range of members and do appreciate that real life has to take priority over raiding sometimes. If this sounds interesting and like a good fit for you, then the next step is to whisper me or an officer for some more information. Current Progression Raid: 11/11HC Antorus | 3/11 mythic Antorus Recruitment: Tanks: Open Healer: Open (Low priority) RDPS: Open MDPS: Open Raiding times: Heroic Wednesday 20:30 - 23:30 Mythic Friday 20:30 - 23:30 Sunday 20:30 - 23:30 If you have questions, please contact Latrade, Hosster or Pleomax on battlenet. Contact information: Latrade#2983 Recruitment Hosster#2506 Raid Leader Pleomax#21175 Guild MasterDorfs1 13 May
13 May Healing Paladin Seeking Social Raiding Guild Seeking a social raiding guild, I am able to raid every two weeks, I have been playing world of Warcraft from the start and I am from the UK. feel free to message me in game or leave some info on forum or in game mail.Falashore3 13 May
12 May Looking for a Bulgarian Guild Hi, lf a nice bulgarian guild, I'm not a filthy casual and I know my stuff.I do both PvE and PvP. Sorry if this isn't the right spot to post this. Thanks for your attention. :)Tartarina0 12 May
12 May Azjol is now for new players? Hello all, My friends and I have been playing on Azjol-Nerub for some time now (nearly 2 years). Recently I noticed that the realm was changed to be reccommended for new players? My friends and I are anything but new to the game, and we find this relatively off putting. I'm not sure if it's fair to more veteran players to suddenly change the status of their long-time realm like this. I wonder if it should be considered to allow us to move our guild/characters to a different realm, if we please. Obviously, I don't have a problem with new players, and I know this really doesn't change much. It just hurts my ego a little bit (lol) that we're stuck here. ;) Any other thoughts on this?Telil12 12 May
12 May Looking for Raid Guild! Hey I'm looking for an Raiding guild, i started playing wow again for about 2 months ago. My current ilvl. is 870. But i'm gearing up as fast as possible. I'm fairly new to raiding, but i do an LFR in between quests. My character: Fury Warrior ilvl: 870 (in Progress) Server: Qual'Thalas (but i'm willing to do an server change if it's needed) Zöltan1 12 May
10 May <GuardsOfLife> relaxed guild looking to grow We are a relaxed and friendly guild with a semi-serious raiding group...What I mean by that is we are not super serious about progression (we go at our own pace) but we do expect that u have enchants gems flasks pots etc. Yes i need to say it you would be surprised :P We are a relatively new group (about 3 months now) and most of our members are pretty new to raiding. We have 10/11 on normal antorus as a guild (had to pug argus). So as you can see we are behind the curve a little. We will improve our normal raiding first before considering HC raiding. We are looking for like minded raiders to help us along the way and hopefully stay with us until BFA :D We need healers/dps, mostly, to grow the size of our group. Leave a comment below and we can take it from there :DArylion2 10 May
10 May Need Progression guild Need Progression guild cuz solo queueing is a pain any help is appreciatedXanicus0 10 May
10 May [A] <Iris> : 10/11 M Antorus - Recruiting About Iris: Iris is a long standing guild and currently one of the oldest running guilds on Quel'Thalas. Formed back in vanilla and still retaining a number of its members from that time, Iris is made up by a solid group of people, aiming to generally have a laugh while making a noticeable progress impression. We currently have a stable core Mythic roster but are considering all applications to fill out the final parts of our roster. We are primarily interested in taking on players looking to get stuck into the challenges of Mythic raiding, without having to put in the major time investment required to raid on a hardcore level. If you are the sort of player who finds Heroic difficulty a bit underwhelming, but don't want to have to dedicate all of your spare time to participating in and preparing for hardcore raiding, you should feel right at home raiding with us. Raid Schedule: Iris raids 3 nights a week during progression. Raiders are expected to make a minimum of 2 nights a week, attending as close to 3 as possible on average. (allowances of course are made with RL conflicts). Our raid times are as follows (EU Server Time): Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday: 20:00 - 23:00 Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:00 Recruitment: Death Knight: DPS (Medium) Demon Hunter: DPS (Medium) Druid: RDPS (High) / MDPS (Medium) / Healer (Medium) Mage: DPS (Medium) Monk: DPS (Medium) / Healer (Medium) Paladin: DPS (Medium) / Healer (Medium) Priest: DPS (High) / Healer (Medium) Rogue: DPS (Medium) Shaman: RDPS (Medium) / MDPS (Medium) / Healer (Low) Warrior: DPS (High) We are currently recruiting based on the priority listed above. We do consider all applicants regardless of our listed priorities. Anyone interested should look to contact Dist#2575/Zinkey#2536/Arkenstone#2164 in game for more details.Xinkey28 10 May
10 May [A] Sellrun Herald of the Titans Hello friends We, WotlK United, are selling the title „Herald of the Titans“ on Horde and Alliance side. For this feat of strenght/achievment u need to kill „Algalon the observer“ on 10-player mode with level 80. Also there is an itemlevel restriction to max 226 and weapons 232. So as a result you need a lvl 80 character to do this. Gear isn‘t needed because we‘re killing the boss for you. After the kill, you‘ll recieve the feat of strenght „Herald of the Titans“ and the title aswell. This title is accountwide for all characters above level 80. Our group is an experienced boosting group and started boosting Challenge Modes and Raids back in "MoP". Today we specialize ourself in "Herald of The Titans", because there are so many groups selling Mythic+ and Raids that aren't really special. FAQ: Prices: → All german realms: 100.000 Gold → Argent Dawn, Silvermoon, Quel‘thalas, Kazzak, Twisting Nether -EU: 100.000 Gold → All other EU realms 150.000 Gold Our service: → Fast boost (10-15 min) → Going AFK infight possible What do you get? → The feat of strenght: „Herald of the Titans“ → The title „Herald of the Titans“ Procedure → Whisper me ingame: Issra (Argent Dawn-EU alliance)/ Wînters (Blackmoore-EU alliance) or add me on Winters#2786 → Date finding → 50% party payment → Get boosted → Pay the rest With best regards. Wînters For questions, just contact me.Wînters6 10 May
07 May [H] <Twenty One Pilots> - Social raiding guild Twenty One Pilots is a social raiding guild whose main goal is to promote a friendly, helpful atmosphere. Whether you're a serious raider or you prefer exploring and collecting pets, you are welcomed to join us. Our main guild events are: Antorus Heroic (11/11) - Sunday evening. We aim to bring people who we notice are doing great in Normal and dungeons, and get everyone geared up. Antorus Normal - Saturday evening. Our veterans regularly clear everything within 2h. We are happy to have people new to raiding, and help get returning players back on track! Officers will work with you as part of a "vetting" process to ensure you are raid-ready in terms of gear and knowing your class. Achievement runs for old raids - Sunday afternoon. We did Pandaria and WoD achievements, currently working on old Legion raids. We may revisit some older ones too. We are also working on building a solid Mythic raiding team, probably for Monday evenings. There are also lots of Mythic+ guild runs happening, keep an eye on guild chat or post your own key and ask if anyone wants to join! People also group often to do various achievemets or farm for pets/mounts, and the occasional PvP match. If it sounds like something you're interested in, whisper any officer in-game, we'd love to meet you!Lainathiel6 07 May
29 Apr WTS Mythic Antorus Full runs. Who is running this boosts: we are a team of elite players raiding in world top 50 guilds, we have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many raids across all of our mains and alts characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: The loot will be on Master Loot and you are going to get all 960 items and all 965 items that you can use for your whole class and your spec and all tier tokens, all those you get for 100%. you get a chance on higher loot as well if we do not need the 970-985 loot we will also hand it in to you. -you get achievements for killing the bosses on Mythic. -and finally if you do not have the fel hounds boss mount you have a very decent chance to get that. (IMPORTANT NOTE):These runs are being done on both sides Horde and Ally. THE Price for the Mythic runs: First 9 bosses 5 million gold. 10/11 Mythic 6 million gold.(with out Argus) 10/11 Mythic with Argus and (without Aggramar) is 10 million gold. 10/11 Mythic with Argus+Argus mount and (without Aggramar) is 14 million gold. 11/11 Mythic 11 Million gold. 11/11 Mythic and Argus mount is 15 million gold. Argus Mythic kill without the mount is 6 million gold. Argus Mythic kill with the mount is 10 million gold. -Contact Information: discord(the best way to find me): Vivicraft#9221 add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452Vivicrafts0 29 Apr
27 Apr NoM 11/11M Boosting Service (Horde) NoM 11/11M is now opening up the boosting service once more! We have been boosting since Mop, confidently providing full Siege of Orgrimmar runs for many months and also boosting throughout WOD ending HFC with lots of mount sales. Furthermore we boosted many people through The Emerald Nightmare. You can have a look at the comments and feedback we receieved here: and here :) Now, we are offering the below runs, with your choice of the loots. Nighthold Mythic : Elisande and/or Guldan with mount and/or without mount. Antorus Heroic: Full run PL or ML We accept gold in any realm. Please get in touch with the below people for more info. Linblad#2519 Eth#21276 San#2583 Tankermanse#2817 Laiyaaa#2606Aliné0 27 Apr
26 Apr Fury warrior looking for casual raiding guild item level around 890, i'm a fairly new player but im getting the hang of my spec. My current guild is a rather small guild with 7 people online during peak, and i don't see them growing larger any time soon. I don't want that, i want to get started on some mythic dungeons, and try to get into raiding, so i prefer something with a lot of active members. I'm free most nights so whatever the raid nights are will probably fit in my schedule. Just looking for a relaxed athmosphere to progress in. short Q&A: I chose pandaren because i thought they looked funny, i didn't know about the whole stigma people have against them at the time. My favorite color is Animals by Pink Floyd I don't speak fluent Swahili and yes, penguins do have knees.Kushchronic0 26 Apr
26 Apr Celestial Guidelines 8/11 HC Mostly recruiting active tank, heal and additional DPS. All Socials are also welcome. We are 8/11 HC so far and we are currently progressing. Few of us including myself are HC cleared and our main goal is to ensure everyone has a chance of their raid success. Clearing HC as a guild is the main goal whilst preparing for BFA. We may look into casual Mythic kills in the future. We raid Wed 8:30 - 11pm ST and Sunday 8:30 - 10:30pm ST For HC and we also do Normal clears with mains or alts Thursdays 8:30 - 11pm ST using Discord. We may look into adding another raid night if the progression is falling behind. We also do keys mostly over the weekends to help gear up new raiders or those wanting to get their weekly done. If this suits you please contact me or officers in game. PS We do not accept merging with other guilds. We have players here who are working hard to progress. Bulwarkfury - Azjol-Nerub Guild Master Iceces - Azjol-Nerub OfficerBulwarkfury2 26 Apr
22 Apr [A] RofP recruiting (11/11hc Antorus) About Reflection of Perfection Reflection of Perfection is one of the older alliance guilds on Quel'Thalas, having been founded in 2006 and going strong since then. We're a mature, social raiding guild that takes our raiding seriously while still trying to have some good fun ! We've seen most of the content out there from Vanilla and TBC and Wrath (up to LK-10 HC). We continued the progression in Cataclysm and were one of the few guilds to kill Madness heroic on 25 mans. In MoP we were one of the last few remaining dedicated 25 mans guilds and went up to Garrosh mythic. In WoD we downed all content on heroic, and a few mythic bosses. For the last months in WoD we took the initiative to team up with several other guilds to keep the raiding going. We are now raiding the latest bosses in Legion, and recruiting for that. Current Legion progress Antorus: 11/11 heroic Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 heroic Nighthold: 10/10 heroic Trial of Valor: 3/3 heroic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 heroic + 1/7 mythic Raiding days & times: Wed, Thu & Sun, all from 20:15 till 23:00 server time. Occasionally we organise a 4th raid on Monday if we want to get a certain pesky boss down. Recruitment We are currently recruiting the following classes/specs for Legion: (for the most up-to-date list see our forums at Deathknight: dps (open) Druid: limited (dps) Demon Hunter: open (dps) Hunter: limited Mage: limited Monk: open (dps) Rogue: open Paladin: open (dps) Priest: open (dps) Shaman: limited (dps) Warlock: open Warrior: limited (dps) Note: even if we are closed for a certain class/spec/role, we are always looking for good players. Feel free to apply if you think you are such a a player. You never know :) What would we like from you? Raider attitude to gear&spec: gemmed and enchanted where possible. Raiding experience - any experience is desirable, but we are certainly also open to people new to the game as long as they are serious about playing in a team. Activity: we like to raid, but it should not be a second job. Therefore, we organise 3 (sometimes 4) raids a week but don't require 100% attendance. For member rank we ask that you join at least 1 raid/week, for raider rank at least 2 raids/week (on average over a month). Patience, maturity and a sense of humour - we're a social raiding guild that wants to make decent progress. Sometimes this will require patience whilst we learn to down new bosses and have our share of wipes! Sense of humour is a must have, but so is the ability to focus when raiding, even on farm content. Progression minded: you don't mind wiping while learning, and value your close personal relationship with the local repair npc. Ability to fully understand written and spoken English, and to listen up when needed. Ability to come fully prepared to raids - on time, with all the necessary consumables, and having read up on the relevant boss tactics. Ability to listen to Discord - even if you have no mic. What will you get from us? Raids and sometimes even raid progress (if the stars align :) Perseverance (we never give up!) Guild repairs (dependent on raid activity & rank) The happy, social and slightly deranged family that is Reflection of Perfection More information on our guild, and how to apply, can be found at You can also contact our recruitment officer Myroya in-game.Kielehaal56 22 Apr
22 Apr [A] <BuzzKill> A new guild looking for members! There are many guilds out there that have been around for years and have a good history at raiding on the server. But not this one, we are yet to do are first raid we are so new; but still, if you are looking for something new and fresh, without any fancy rules to start raiding, you are in the right place! But why should I join this guild that has only just been created and has done nothing? Well, that is a good question, the main reason being that we have so much room to grow as we are so fresh, we are looking for anybody that can use a keyboard to come raid with us! When do you raid? We raid on Wednesdays and Sundays, or whenever everybody wants to raid! What requirements are there? Well, there are only 2. You have to be mature, preferably 18+ Also a mic is necessary as this is the way we will communicate through discord! Do you do anything else apart from raiding? We do, we are hoping to set up a few mythic teams doing high level mythic dungeons, but for now we are focusing on Raids. I am new to the game, i don't know what any of this means?! Don't worry!! You are welcome to, we can help you in any way possible!! So how can I join this guild? It sounds great! Give me a /w when im online -Eltasana-Quel'Thalas And if I am not online, just leave a message here!! Glhf ;)Eltasana41 22 Apr
19 Apr Epistemic Rage <Epistemic Rage> are a new to sever Guild looking for undergeard or new players that want to get in to real raiding for bfa /w for more info need dps mostly add dreadnorth#2337 low player welcomeDreaddolly0 19 Apr
16 Apr Perceptive 11/11M Boosting Services Hello and Welcome to the Boost Community, formed by Perceptive's Guild Master which consists of a variety of boost teams of multiple top guilds. In the Boost Community, you can order which type of boost that you would like on discord or via , so if you cant find a boost team to do weekly M+15 for example and cant find one of our advertisers in game, you can now just order it on discord and get way faster responses and achieve the boost as soon as possible. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. We accept payment on Any realm, you can find a regularly updated list of prices on our Discord Server. Discord Link: What we Offer: Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : Days: Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday Time: 16:15/16:30/17:00/23:00 Server Time Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Trinket (Whispers of the Dark): Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Mount: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Guldan Mythic Achievement and Mount! Guldan Mount + Full Run: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Full loot priority from all 10 bosses and Guldan Mythic Mount! Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 17:00 Server Time (Flexible with Times) Group Size: 20-25 all unsaved Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Boosters are unsaved! Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 22:30 Server Time Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Antorus Glory Run : Day: Sunday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Mythic + Boosting Services: Mythic + Level 15 for Weekly : Day: Any Day/Time Extra info: This type of boost is only for weekly Mythic + 15 for Cache! Mythic + Level 15 Armor Loot : Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: This Type of Boost is for Full Leather/Mail/Plate/Cloth Group for Extra loot for you! Mythic + Level 20 for Score/Loot Day: Any Day/Time Extra info: Get More loot Drop and High Mythic + Score Note: If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide,Please Join the Discord. Discord Invite Link: 16 Apr
16 Apr [A]<Bind øn Equip>11/11(H) ?Mythic?Maybe? <Bind øn Equip> is recruiting and although always in need of PvE players who want to raid NOW we have absolutely no standards whatsoever :). 11/11(H) & down to a one night clear. Toying with the idea of a little mythic progression to bond before BFA the only thing we are missing is a few raid ready dps. Our mission has and remains to introduce players to the world of end game content in a friendly chill environment where your worth is not always based on your dps. Just a super friendly bunch of folks that enjoy end game content together & simply want to fill our ranks with quality people...nutters... degenerates... whatever you want to identify as. We raid Heroic Wednesdays & still maintain a chill easy breezy normal run every Friday. We are an extremely social guild with weekly events and contests, an active discord and plenty to do outside of the raid scene. We appreciate all our members. With about 250 active members we offer both a close knit social place to call home as well as a great core raid team to start (or return to) progression raiding with. We push keys daily. Please feel free to whisper me or any officer for more info. Guild pays for repairs. We take care of our player base and have fun when we play. Serious enough to get the job done but not too serious because after all... its a game! Our focus now is to help one another bide the time until BFA guaranteeing a strong player base to jump into the new expansion with! w/ Draekara-Azjol-Nerub or /who Bind øn Equip and find an officer if you have any questions... concerns... or just a joke to tell. PrrettyKitty#21117 on bnet & PrrettyKitty#6112 on discordDraekara15 16 Apr
14 Apr Ele shaman looking for HC / MC Raiding Guild Hey as the title suggests. Looking for a guild that raids casually but with progress. I dont want anything too hardcore just to have fun and clear content on a weekly basis. Feel free to poke me in game or here if you wanna chatLavaberst0 14 Apr
12 Apr [A] Reason, Azjol-Nerub, (Re-Roll) [A] Reason - Azjol-Nerub Myself and a long time friend have recently returned to playing after about 11 months away. On returning we started to look around for a small friendly guild to join..........we looked......and a coffee and looked some more. We did find a couple of guilds that offered us places but with them having 100, 200 and even as many as 400+ members we'd have just been another number. So we decided to start our own guild. Who is Reason and who are you looking to recruit? Reason is an Alliance guild on Azjol-Nerub. Over the next month or so we're looking for members of any level and any experience to come join us on the path to 110. Returning player? Great, we'll have you. Re-rolling? Great, we'll have you too. How big is the guild going to be? Whilst we are looking for anyone to come join us, apply fast as we'll be keeping Reason's member count small. Why? Well we feel this allows the guild to remain 'close knit' which hopefully in the long run will mean that we grow as a guild of friends instead of a guild where you feel like you're just another number. The idea being that we would like to be able to hit those dungeons, quests and raids knowing we're going in with a bunch of friends who know how to have a good time and a good laugh instead of going in with other guild members and it feeling like it's just another PUG. I hate that. Is experience/Play time important to you? Experience comes with time doesn't it. We all start somewhere. So we really don't care how good you are at WoW, nor do we care how long you've been playing for. All we ask is that you have a passion for the game and can log in with a smile, a hello, a desire to learn, to better yourself and the ability to take part in guild activities once in a while. That's all we want. What are the guilds goals? Having been playing since vanilla beta we've been there, done that. For Reason we're looking for a nice relaxed no pressure play style. We're not going for hardcore, but then we're not going for social either. We'd like to see and experience what WoW has to offer but in a non pressured way. Reason isn't a guild where we want our members to feel like everyday is a race to 110. We're not about trying to make our members do anything they don't want to do. It's not fun and causes friction, we don't want that at all. So our goals are simple, to experience what WoW has to offer in a relaxed friendly manor. Anyway that's our guild ethos and those are our ideals Interested? Great! You can visit our (under construction) webiste, where you can apply or you can /w Kayliss or Shortlich in game, leave a message on here or add me Thesourbrit#2279 or Crayfern#2821 for a chat. See you in game.Shortlich8 12 Apr
10 Apr PvP actions? Hey GoodFellas! Im looking for a guild who focus mostly on PvP Been looking for quiet a while and there seems to be just around Zerooo guilds focusing on PvP? Thinking about a server swap if no guilds available for PvP, any thoughts?Hárpy0 10 Apr
07 Apr Any Vanilla/TBC Quel'Thalas players left? This thread isn't a love in for those with rose tinted glasses of Vanilla/TBC, more a thread to see who is still about! I come and go, find myself easily burnt out by WoW now that I'm 27 not 16, who else is still hiding out there??Nubby30 07 Apr
07 Apr take a mount from the person above you since this is first post gimme swift zulian tiger :)Fleamane1 07 Apr
05 Apr Outland Revolution Hi please check out this video if you loved or enjoy The Burning Crusade and Outland. Add my Battle-Tag Rikard#2959 for interests in the new Project 70 on Silvermoon <Raiders of Outland>Zpikkz0 05 Apr
05 Apr Is there any pvp guilds on azjol-nerub? I really enjoy pvp and would love to join a pvp guild. i know its kinda stupid tojoin a pvp guild on a normal server, but i cant really afford a realm change right now. If there are any pvp guilds on azjol-nerub that are looking for members pls hmu. (on horde that is)Unimpressêd2 05 Apr
04 Apr Looking for friendly pve guild Good morning guy’s I’m a new player from +- the start from legion. I really like this game but now I want to do some more things that challenge me. So I’m looking for a guild with friendly and nice people who works together. So what quint of guild I’m looking for? A pve guild in Quel’Thalas with some players who plays also some pvp. A guild with friendly players who don’t get toxic and yell when there is a wipe. This are the things in Word of Warcraft that I liked the most: - Some mythic + dungeons, at the moment I’m doing 10+ keys but I want to hit the +15 keys - Weekly raid would be nice, at the moment I only thit normal raids but I want to hit the heroic part. - I’m also a pvp fan 2v2, 3v3 and some rated battle grounds. I need to learn a lot in pvp, I wasn’t able to hit the 2k raiting, but it’s hard when you solo que to find a good team when your low on exp. My highest raiting was in 3v3, 1.7k exp. Little more about my self I’m a 22 years old guy who lives in Belgium. I play this game the most in the week. I have discord so I’m able to communicate. I’m playing a destruction warlock and a death knight, on my dk I played unholy the most but I like also tanking some mythic plus dungeons. At the moment I working on some better gear. +-940 ilvl but that will be more in a few weeks.Buffone1 04 Apr
04 Apr [H] <Still A Pirate> 8/11 HC Ahoy! <Still A Pirate> is a newly formed guild, born from a collection of people who wanted to get back to the fun of WoW and raiding without all the elitist clap trap that appears to go with it these days. What that means is we expect people to have a sense of humour, remember there are real live human beings behind the screen, keep to their commitments and enjoy beating the living daylights out of bosses in order to get our hands on all that lovely treasure :-) Our raid team is progressing nicely, 11/11 Normal and 8/11 HC Antorus after just 2 weeks of starting our raids. But we are on the lookout for a few more to join the ship. In particular we'd love a mage and a warlock to join the crew, however all range classes would be considered. Also a dps with a HC viable healing offspec would be handy. We raid Mon - 7:45 to 22:30 Weds -7:45 to 22:30 these are our HC nights we also run on Fridays 7:45 to whenever a normal Antorus bash to which all members are welcome. For the HC raid we expect all members to have discord and the ability to speak! ( We don't bite!) DBM / Bigwigs, appropriate gems/enchants, a willingness to work with a team of people and a good knowledge of the raid be it from previous experience or from hitting the easily available guides. Our current team is built from a mixture of first time HC to 'Curve' ( god I hate that) players, some who have raided through every expansion and some who are just starting out. We are open to all classes socially for those who just can't commit to raid schedules because of all that boring stuff like work, kids, paying the mortgage etc. Think this could be a place to call home? Contact me for a chat Seri#21250Thaelis3 04 Apr
03 Apr WTB / Organize Normal Emerald Dream WTB Normal Emerald Dream for quest line, or get enough of us to run a Normal Emerald Dream very quickly one evening. Available every evening from 8pm GMT hit me up in game on my Rogue and were see what we can arrange.Decafinated0 03 Apr
27 Mar WTB Antorus HC run for GOLD! Are there any good guild on the server that sell these kind of runs for gold? If so let me know your price! Maybe a couple of bosses on Mythic even, all depends on the price for me! Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood Warrior Nectarines!Nectarines0 27 Mar
24 Mar [A]<We Blame Bj> Recruiting For Antorus 8/11 Hc <We Blame Bj> (A) @ Quel’Thalas/Azjol'Nerub are recruiting social and raiding members (16+). What is WBB? WBB was founded by family and friends in September 2010. As the name implies, we blame our Guildmaster Bjustice for pretty much everything that ever goes wrong. What are our goals & purpose? We are a well seasoned, social guild with casual, but focused, raiding. At the moment we are 8/11hc Antorus. Our goal for Legion is to have a regular group of dedicated people for normal and heroic raids. We have openings in all classes for our raid team, so now is a great time to join in. When do we Raid? We raid:- Saturdays 19:30pm - 22:30pm Sundays 19:30pm - 22:00pm Progress EN - 6/7 HC ToV - 3/3 N NH - 7/10 HC ToS - 9/9 HC Antorus - 8/11 HC Information and how to join For more information about who we are, visit our website: If you want WBB to be your new home, whisper Bjustice, Yadzia, Phorever, Ditchblade or Lavelia, or whisper an online member that can pass on your request. Currahee!!!Ditchblade46 24 Mar
24 Mar [H] Guild raid alliance (suit beginner raiders) Hi, I'm Myst the new leader of <Blood Oath>. We are a small(ish) guild that is struggling to have enough people wanting to raid to fill a raid team regularly. We are looking for (as well as new guild members) other guilds in our situation to form an alliance to start raiding together. This would suit you if your guild Wants to start raiding but don't have the numbers. Would prefer a regular raid team over PUGs. Want to keep your current guild, rather than join a raid guild. Don't mind wiping a few times and will not rage quit. How would this work? We would create a custom chat channel for the member guilds to communicate, have our own Discord channel also. We used to raid on Saturday evenings (7pm server) but this is open to discussion and flexible to suit all. I did something similar to this back in Wrath on Moonglade and it worked out great, we had 3 guilds working together and we got all that expansions raid content done :) If this would interest you or your guild, please contact me in game on :- Quel'Thalas - Mystbourne / Mystwynn / Kaieldriale Azjol-Nerub - Bearing or do a /who Blood Oath and ask any member for an officer. Thanks, Myst.Mystbourne3 24 Mar
20 Mar Nordanvind Rekryterar!! Vi i nordanvind söker efter likasinnade spelare att fylla ut våra platser. Vi är i första hand ute efter svenska likasinnade spelare, är du av vuxen ålder, barn, familj eller har förståelse för vad det innebär. Vi raidar Torsdagar och Söndagar 20:00 - 23:00 Vi ligger för närvarande på 11/11 Normal 10/11 HC, men vi behöver fler spelare. I huvudsak dps. /w Eldertroll eller Slurken in-game eller posta här MVH EldertrollEldertroll5 20 Mar
08 Mar [A] UK / Social Any UK based Alliance guilds looking for returning WOW player (37, M) - ideally social guilds with active players for levelling alts, questing, dungeons, pvp and maybe eventually raiding again?Wolfranger5 08 Mar
07 Mar New player looking for social beginner-friendly guild! Hi! Short backstory to where I'm at in the game... I started playing a bit of Vanilla WoW on a private server with a friend last week. After realizing I really like the game, I wanted more content and descided to buy a subscription to the main game a couple of days ago. Now, I've already tried out a few different realms and classes, and landed on a dwarf priest healer on the Azjol-Nerub realm. Managed to get him up to lvl 28 at this point and I'm just getting to that point where I'm not sure if I should keep questing or just going for dungeons etc for leveling from here on. In any case, that gives you an idea of my skill level. I'm 24 years old, swedish and speak fluent english. Would love to get involved in a social noob-friendly guild to learn more about WoW and get involved in some of the community activities :)Elonmust3 07 Mar
05 Mar [A] Safety Glasses Required - LFM (Re-Roll Guild) [A] Safety Glasses Required - LFM (Re-Roll Guild) My friend and I have recently returned to WoW and decided to look around for a small friendly guild to join..........we looked......and we looked. We did find a couple but they were all full up with lvl 110 doing mythic. So we decided to start a guild ourselves. Safety Glasses Required are an Alliance guild on Azjol-Nerub. We are looking for low level members of any experience to come join us on the path to 110. We want to instance together and grow as a close knit family of friends. Always looking out for each other and always willing to help. We have both been playing on and off since the game launched and have been GM's, Officers, Raid Leaders, hardcore, soft core and no core. Now we just want a group of friends to have fun with and play the game the way we feel it should a game not a job. So if you are interested /w Grayfern or Nenak on Azjol Nerub. Leave a message on here or add me Crayfern#2821 /cya on the flipsideGrayfern1 05 Mar