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50m [H] polish guild Hello is some polish guild? Or someon whana create?Xvias0 50m
1d [H] LF a casual, polish-speaking guild. As title says.Oblech0 1d
3d Old players doomhammer. If you don't remember me you probably not that old.Zerokewl8 3d
4d (A) Gladius Dei is recruiting 8/8 HC 1/8 M! Hello there! Gladius Dei is recruiting more raiders to fill in our ranks! We are a stable guild that's been around on Doomhammer since Vanilla '05. Our current progress 8/8 HC 1/8 M Uldir We want some more dedicated raiders to fill in our raiding team to get a good pool to draw from for future BFA progression. Right now we are mostly looking for DPS Preferably Hunters, Shaman, Warlocks, Demon Hunters, Druids and Mages And healers Druids, Shaman, Monks, Paladin. If you don't fall in this class category don't be afraid to message me anyway! Our raiding times (servertime) are during the evening as following: Wednesday 9PM - 12PM Thursday 9PM - 12PM Monday 9PM - 12PM We don't make you come to all 3 of our raids but if you want to be a part of the progress group then we want you joining 2 out of 3 raids. (Wed/Thurs) If you are interested in joining a guild that has tons of different nationalities, makes frequent Mythic+ groups and is very social in a relaxed environment then we got you covered. Please reply on this topic if you have any questions or contact me in game on contact Kaspahv#2789, Suitti#21364, Karei#2282 or Cassiopea#2157 Best of luck in your guild search!Kaspahv5 4d
4d Interstellar Bum Pirates is looking for more members! Ahoy Doomhammer and Turalyon, thanks for checking out our recruitement post! Insterstellar Bum Pirates is a social raiding guild formed in 2017. We are a laid back social guild, and our biggest goal is to have a social guild chat and discord. We have a relaxed enviroment for everyone who wants to enjoy the game with friends. We reguraly do Mythics and M+, heroics and normal dungeons. But also Legacy raids for transmogs and achievements and organize guild events. So if you just want to have fun in guildchat or want to do some content with friendly guildies, we got you covered! Every level, every class is welcome to the party! But wait, there is more! We also raid Uldir Normal (3/8) and want to try Heroic once our raid team grows. We help guildies gear for raids and we are currently looking for more friends to join in on the progression. Every role is welcome! The only thing we ask is that tanks and healers are able to communicate on discord, since this is crucial in progression raiding. DPS are fine just listening in. Raid time is saturdays at 21:00 realm time. So, if this sounds like your kind of Guild, feel free to give us a whisper! Contact info: Dipsylicious - BattleTag Dipsy#2685 Divinity - BattleTag Narcissus#2471 Frostille - BattleTag frostile#2973 Heartscream - Discord: Heartscream#7955, BattleTag Heretik#21472 Kalwei - Discord: Knight#1052, BattleTag Superpiski#2260Dubok1 4d
5d (H) <Killswitch> Recruting for raiding. Hello, fellow Doomhammer/Turalyon players! We here at Killswitch find us in a situation where we need to recruit, to get our raidnights more active. Who are we? We got started up at end of Legion and grew well and fast as all guilds do with an upcomming expansion. We have had our share of difficulties and let downs but trough a good solid core of players and with a change of leadership we grew into a good and solid guild for people to call their home here in WoW. We come from diffrent backgrounds but show eachother respect and enjoy the diveristy we offer. Many here are returning players but most are solid progression players that want to see that endgame raiding. For the moment we keep ourself busy and geared via Mythic+ just about every night and of course we enjoy other aspects of the game too. We took down the first 3 bosses of Uldir with ease and hope to continue that asap. We have an 18+ rule because most of us are 25++ and enjoy good conversations in guildchat or via discord. We have little to no tolerance for direspect to fellow guildmembers or people outside the guild and wish us all to enjoy this fellowship to the fullest. So you think we only need healers?` Oh no! We want every great person out there who bring something good to our roster. Are you a capabel tank, dps or healer? or maybe a returning/new player? We focus most on the person and not the character. If this sounds interesting and you want more information, please contact Noxh or Tawney, ingame or send me a message on Discord: Noxh#3850 Best Regards, Killswitch.Noxh0 5d
6d LF Guild with heirlooms unlocked Any guilds with heriloom unlocked accepting?Eijilioita0 6d
10 Oct Knights Templar guild recruiting We are a guild on Doomhammer / Turalyon realm. Looking to build it up. With active players. Few of us PvP but as our numbers grow will do more! Take in all sorts of players and try to help out each other out. Mail or whisper me in game.Bejimo0 10 Oct
10 Oct [A] Rogue LF friendly guild Hello everyone, Fresh 120 rogue looking for friendly and active pals to spend time with, be it pvp or pve as long as it is in company (and organized). Usually logged 20-24pm server time and any time i get to hide from my better (dictator) half.Darkral0 10 Oct
10 Oct Honorable victory is recruiting! Honorable Victory is recruiting! Following a quitwave due to BfA we are searching for new members! Must have a sense of humor and mature! We have uldir and mythic+ experience! /w me for invite or give a member a whisperZaramoth0 10 Oct
10 Oct [A]<Requiem> 4/8M, 8/8HC Uldir - Recruiting! Update: Recruiting ANY ranged classes (pref Warlock, Boomkin, Spriest) for BfA progression and top 100 Alliance Push. Add mdax#2695 for a chat or apply at [url][/url]. Who is <Requiem>? Hmmm. How to fit the ethics and ins/outs of our guild into a short advertisement. Take a seat, grab a Mountain Dew and maybe some Cheetos, and let us begin... <Requiem> are a long running 3 night a week raiding guild, located on Doomhammer/Turalyon EU. We have raided regularly since the days of Firelands in cataclysm and cleared all end expansion content at a Heroic/Mythic level equivalent since. What is your current progression in Legion? Since you asked so nicely: 11/11 Mythic in Antorus (Cutting Edge, world 504) 9/9 Mythic in Tomb of Sargeras 10/10 Mythic in The Nighthold (Cutting Edge) 3/3 Mythic in the Trial of Valor (Cutting Edge) 7/7 Mythic in The Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge) What are your collective goals? Our goal as a raiding team is to clear mythic raids while they're still relevant for those shiny Cutting Edge achievements, whilst having room to joke around and have fun during raid time. We're not super serious, we value enjoying the raid more than whining at people constantly, however we do expect a few things from our raiders: We require our players to understand and implement their characters to their full potential, which includes deep knowledge about your class and role, as well as bringing the best consumables, enchants and gems available. And, above all, knowing when to get serious when needed. We take the time to log our raids and review what we can be doing better each night, giving the team a strong backing by experienced players during progression fights. Why join us you ask? What can we offer you above the other 20 guilds recruiting? As mentioned above, we pride ourselves in keeping a light hearted, whilst mature, atmosphere during raids. We feel we can provide a real sense of community, and that you’ll feel relaxed, happy, but focused in when it comes to progressing on the next boss. In instances we need them, we provide runes and anything extra we may need to kill a boss, and will always provide a wealth of information regarding upcoming bosses and a forum to discuss ideas. You can rest assured that the raid team will be continuing through the longevity of Legion, with an aim to be amongst the top couple of guilds on the server. Above all, we invest in the player themselves, not the character they play. We have an extremely active Discord server which we use as our ‘community hub’, and you can often find players playing other games or generally hanging out every evening. When do you raid? We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Mondays from 20:30 'till 23:30 server time. Invites at 20.15. We also run alt raid nights for some downtime, and you’ll find us running Mythic+ every night of the week. How do you deal with loot? We have a loot council system in place, using RC Loot Council. Loot will go where it will most benefit the raid, and if you don't get it the first time it drops it won't be long until you are fully geared anyway. What do you expect from potential raiders? There are a few things we expect, noted below. Head over to our website for a more in depth list! • Ability to click the ‘sign up’ button in advance (sometimes harder than a raid boss) • Show up on time and prepared • Learn each fight – Know the mechanics of the boss • Be part of a team – This is a team effort after all! You may have to sit a fight, you may not get a piece of loot first time it drops, but this is part of the team effort. Legion makes it harder than ever before to bring the same people to every boss, without 3495 alts. Please understand this! • Prove your worth – Do well. Know the tactics, provide some feedback and you’ll get a starting spot for sure. • Patience – Mythic raiding can be hard, understand once in a while we may have a night wiping. It won’t deter us. We’ll get around to smacking the end boss in the face, and we’ll have fun doing it when we do. Interested? Head over to our website at below for more information: You can also whisper Kotah or Jaboli in game for more information. Additionally we have a second more relaxed raiding team, Team Aayala, that raids two nights a week on Wednesday and Thursday. Current Progress: 4/8HC Uldir. Contact Dakio or Seely for more info, or apply on the website. Add mdax#2695 for a chat or apply at Cheers!Kotah33 10 Oct
10 Oct [A] <Prohibicja> 4/9M 9/9HC polish guild recruiting <Prohibicja> is polish raiding guild and we are now recruiting to our main team! Because of that, I will keep rest of the post in polish (to whoever it might be offending, sorry for that!) Cześć! <Prohibicja> poszukuje graczy do uzupełnienia naszego głównego składu! Gildia została założona na początku dodatku The Burning Crusade, i od tego czasu stabilnie progressujemy każdy możliwy raid. Aktualnie, ze względu na braki kadrowe, raidujemy mythici z inną gildią na serwerze, dlatego nasz profil na wowprogressie może wyglądać inaczej niż jest w rzeczywistości, ale to można szybko zweryfikować Do naszego teamu poszukujemy głównie DPSów, z naciskiem na range, aczkolwiek każdy gracz jest mile widziany do zgłoszenia się do nas! Wszystkich, zarówno casualowych, jak i bardziej nakierowanych na raidy, chętnie przyjmiemy w swoje szeregi. Aktualnie do wyjścia kolejnego raidu, mamy 2-3 główne dni raidowe. W nowym patchu będą to 3 dni, środa, niedziela i wtorek, w godzinach 20:00-22:30 Czego oczekujemy od gracza? -jakiegoś doświadczenia w raidowaniu poprzednich tierów; -dostatecznie mocnego komputera na raidowanie; -przygotowania do raidów - taktyki, flaski, jedzonko; -poczucia humoru; -możliwości przyjmowania konstruktywnej krytyki; -nie bania się używania mikrofonu Co oferujemy: -przyjemną atmosferę; -możliwość progressowania czegoś więcej niż LFRy czy pugi; -zajęcia czasu poza dniami raidowymi - m+, -czasem stare raidy dla zabicia czasu po szybkim wyczyszczeniu raidu; Jeżeli jest coś co pominąłem, a chcielibyście się o tym dowiedzieć, zapraszam do kontaktu bezpośredniego: Syluri#2423 Pralin#2322 Tradmaer#2715Lukii6 10 Oct
10 Oct Looking for crew Hey guys! I'm new to the game. My friend ment to play with me but then somehow he changed his mind.. Soo I'm looking for few buddies to play with. LvL13 HordePepoofficial3 10 Oct
08 Oct Any oldskool Turalyon Vanilla Pvpers Any oldskool Turalyon Vanilla Pvpers about im back love to link up with u guys i still watch Niars vids and kno every1Darkist1 08 Oct
06 Oct [A] The Rampant Lions- Recruiting Casual Raiders Name: The Rampant Lions Faction: Alliance Server: Doomhammer/Turalyon The Rampant Lions are looking to boost our numbers, mainly those looking to raid in a social but focused manner. We are aware that real life takes priority over raiding so attendance is not mandatory, however this means that we will never be a Mythic raiding guild. The main focus of our raids is to get everyone together once a week and have fun while killing some bosses. We highly recommend that if you are looking to join, that you are active on the guild discord and in chat. We really are a social lot. About us The Rampant Lions was originally formed in Vanilla by a close knit group of friends, a lot of who are friends from school. In 2018 we reformed with a lot of the original members as well as some we picked up along the way. We are a small group mainly focused on the social aspect of the game but we have started to casual raid in BFA and are looking to expand our ranks. What we are looking for We are looking for a few more to boost our numbers. As attendance isn't mandatory to the raids we need some more to fill in the gaps. Looking for: Tank with dps spec. 1-2 Healers Any dps. Raiding Schedule Friday: 8pm-11pm GMT Currently at 6/8 Normal. We also looking to form guild Mythic+ groups on non-raiding days. Contact info If you would like to chat to myself or one of the officers in the guild, please feel free to add us on Bnet. Eurasia#2517 Powerclean#2405Beldo0 06 Oct
06 Oct Druide Heal cherche guilde fr ^^ Bonjour a tous, je suis HighKev, r drood cote alliance et je cherche un guilde fr salut ^^Hikev0 06 Oct
05 Oct Virtuous Syndicate Recruiting VS has been going for just over a year now and we’ve had highest of highs. We are currently 5/8 HC and is stuck on Zul as it requires some large group setup to get him down. We are a really close knit group and we get along great. Our raiding slots are Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 20:00 to 22:30 server time. We are looking for players to join us to progress in a fun relaxed not serious but serious manner. Let me know if you are interested.Anaba8 05 Oct
04 Oct (H) New Guild recruitment for effective players! Hello ladies and gents, Are you tired of Mythic Raid progressions, time and materials invested only to get four items with 15 item levels more? Are you tired of playing only one class for two days a week and wait until the next ID reset to have fun? If you answered both questions with yes, please continue reading. :) First things first, I have all 12 classes on max level and I love playing my alts. I am playing WoW since Vanilla and have been Raid leading in the past on a Heroic level. I managed to provide a lot of players with "The Chosen" achievement in Legion and I acquired all 36 Artifact challenge appearances, before the introduction of the maximum Concordance level. This small introduction is not to boast or anything, but to explain that I have a lot of experience and I am not a bad player. For me personally, the Legion spell reduction has massively decreased the fun to play only one class. The lack of variety compared to back in Wotlk, Cata etc. has removed a lot of fun and variety for me, which makes me a bit frustrating. I suspect the merger with Activision made this game very low complexity, in order to keep stakeholders happy by high subscription numbers. Anyhow; for me, doing the same content with the same character and progressing Mythic wipe by wipe for 15 item level higher loot is very boring and quite frustrating, due to lack of appropriate rewards. The Mythic mechanic is so much less forgiving and the 20 player limitation makes things really unpredictable (disconnect, lag etc.). Almost any mistake is automatically a wipe, which does not give me a feeling of progressing but rather relying on good "rng" to be successful. If I want to gamble, I play poker. On top of that, with the Warforged/Titanforged system I would rather do 2-3 HC clear runs and equip my alt characters with nice gear and learn the encounter from a different perspective (Tank, Healer etc.), than progressing % by % in Mythic content. If anybody else agrees with me and is interested in establishing a guild, with 2 raiding days per week, where we rush through HC content in 90-180 minutes? I have absolutely no interest in Mythic, as the effort is exponentially higher than clearing HC in a timely manner for a much lesser reward. We can discuss the possibility of organizing split runs and gathering a core member base with the required classes for flex raiding. Possible combinations: Tanks/Healers/Dps/Total 2/6/22 30 - most loot due to Heroic flex system 2/5/18 25 2/4/14 20 2/3/10 15 2/2/6 10 If anybody else is interested in this concept of Heroic split alt character raiding on a two-day basis, please give me a shout so we can have some fun with our main and alt characters. Cheers, Boellor BattleTag: Baljko#2359Boellor3 04 Oct
02 Oct [H] <Orgrimmar Rebellion> Recruiting new raid members! Hey there, thanks for reading our post! Priorities <Orgrimmar Rebellion> is mainly focussed on PVE content: - Questing - Dungeons - Raids What are we up to now? We're currently running the Mythic dungeons weekly to gear ourselves and our (new) members (hopefully including you soon!) In preperation for the upcomming raiding content but also for the M+ content. What's gonna happen next? We're gonna take things casual, but if you sign up for a raid or M+ you're expected to appear, since we're counting on you and keepin' an spot open! How can I contribute? Well that's easy! Join our guild! Join us in some fun dungeons and if you're up for it in some excited raids! Commitment level This one really depends on you.. our goal is to set up at least one raiding group run every week, maybe even two. But we understand that such a commitment takes a lot of free time and you got stuff to do besides WoW, so we're using the wow in-game signup sheet as much as possible for raid progression. For Mythic+ this is optional, most of us try to do as much of them as we can within a week besides our raids, you can obviously join us! Requirements Obviously a lot of guilds have requirements for you, this is needed to have a steady grow. We only require you to enjoy the game with us ;), it's a game after all and it should remain fun! However we have a few requests: - Have at least 1 character at 120 - Preferably above itemlevel 305(most of us are 330+, but we'll get you there soon). - A sense of humor ;) How do I sign up? - You can leave a reply here - You can whisper me or one of the other members in game (/who "Orgrimmar Rebellion") - You can find is in the in-game recruitement systemHolycheese2 02 Oct
01 Oct [H] <Voodoo> - Recruiting (Especially ranged DPS) Voodoo is horde guild established during legion. As a guild we are striving to have friendly, social and mature members that don't believe themselves to be the center of the universe. On the social side we're welcoming of all levels of experience, from new to the game to old school veteran. We are an english speaking guild, so we try to keep our guild and raid chat in a language where everyone is able to follow the conversation. Our members range widely in age, nationality and approach to the game, whether that be Raiding, Keystones or something completely different. During legion we cleared all content on HC, without having the intention of doing mythic. However for BFA we're planning to at least give mythic a fair shot and see how far we can go. We are currently 6/8 HC, 1/8 Mythic but progressing steadily. Our raid times are 19:45 - 23:00 Server time/CET on Wednesday, Sunday for the progress raid, and Thursday for our open raid. The progress raid team is chosen by the officer team based on performance we've witnessed. The open raid is open for all, this is where you can come along to experience Uldir and get some decent gear, this is also used as our primary scouting ground for who'll be brought along for the progress raid. Currently we're actively looking for ranged dps, but we're accepting of anyone who'd be a good fit for the guild, though you’ll have a harder time to get a raiding spot in that case. Though the guild strives to be friendly, we'll still be strict about coming prepared for progress raids, if you aren't prepared then you probably aren't coming along. Prepared: A state of being where your rings and weapon are enchanted, having your empty sockets filled with gems, having the amount of flasks needed for the entire raid, having brought potions befitting of your spec/class combination, having brought food in case feasts aren't offered as well as having sorted things that you could expect to make the rest of the raid wait for you. We don't have a website, and keep majority of our discussion that isn't in game to our discord. As such our recruitment is mostly occuring in-game, by speaking with an officer. If this sounds like something you could consider, or you just have questions in general about us you can always just whisper an officer to find out if it's for you. -Khada-Doomhammer P.S. Officer list Kwaiten-Turalyon, or any of the Kwait~ derivations that we have in guild. Spnørsta-Doomhammer, or Mielen-Doomhammer if ø isn't situated on your keyboard. DeadcanDance-Doomhammer, or Totoro-Doomhammer if you feel like speaking with a reasonable person. Khalaxia-Turalyon, if you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this elusive beast Druidmax-Doomhammer, if he isn’t busy. Khada-Doomhammer, or Ægroto-Doomhammer tho' the others would be better options overall.Khada0 01 Oct
30 Sep Monk Healer LF Guild Hey folks, I'm looking for a raiding guild. I'm available: (CEST Times) Mon - 19:30 onwards Tue - 18:30 onwards Wed - not available Thu - 20:30 onwards Fri - All day Sat - All day Sun - 4 week rotation - 18:30 onwards /23:30 onwards I'm from Ireland and I'm 31 years old. I've raid healed since Vanilla but due to my previous job I stopped raiding after MoP and only did some LFR since then. Most of my experience is with a Holy Paladin but I've allot of experience with Holy Priest and Resto Druid too. I've healed half the bosses in Uldir but couldn't do them all due to my work schedule listed above. This characters ilvl is 351 at the moment. Profile below: If you want me in your guild please either whisper me in game or reply to this. Bnet ID: Rycar#21539 CheersRycar2 30 Sep
30 Sep [A] Druid and Rogue looking for raid guild 2 veteran players are looking for a casual raid guild. We have done the whole levelling guild, our own, but are now ready for the next step. We have both played since 2005, with the odd gaps, and returned to WoW a few months ago. We are looking for a casual raid guild to start mythics and raids with. ScárV, Druid - Resto 335, Guardian 337 Glover, Rogue - Assassination 330 We are married, not to each other, so obviously have lives away from WoW but would class ourselves as mature players (but only in body, the mind is a different matter altogether). Please /w either of us in game for a chat to see if we would fit into your guild.Scárv2 30 Sep
28 Sep [A] <MockingMurlocs> is looking for casuals Tired of being part of a guild with hundreds of members? Prefer a smaller and socially active guild? Than <<MockingMurlocs>> is the place for you! We are a newly formed casual guild where both new players and veteran players of any levels are welcome to enjoy content together. We aim to help eachother out and we will soon have a discord server set up. If you are interested, feel free to message me or any of the other members ingame or just post a message here, I will check the post for updates, I promise ;).Nymila0 28 Sep
23 Sep Tank LF weekend raiding guild Hello there, I am looking for a raiding guild that raids in During weekends(Saturday+Sunday). mainly because I created my account when I was outside the U.S but I moved here cause of college. Obviously I'm not in this server but I am looking around all the servers and will transfer the moment I am contacted by a guild that needs me. You can contact me in game or in discord or reply to this post ^_^. boogieface#2948 Discord: Boogieface101#1069 In game: Brutality - RunetotemBrutality2 23 Sep
20 Sep Looking for an item anyone have a spare Void-shrouded satchel [Touch of the void heirloom] will pay. 2k-10k google searching says it values is. im on doomhammerTentaghoul0 20 Sep
17 Sep realm change Hi! Guys, I need your help... A week ago I started to play with my boyfriend on Doomhammer, but today somehow it droped me to Turalyon, but only me my boyfriend is still on Doomhammer. Do you have any idea how can it happen? or how can I go back?Mightybeast2 17 Sep
17 Sep [A]354 Retri Paladin LF heroic raiding guild I used to raid back in WOTLK as part of a guild and would like to get back into it. Tried some PUGs and got 8/8 normal and 4/8 heroic in Uldir first week but struggling to process past that stage due to ever-changing groups and people failing mechanics. I'm pretty patient and focused, have notched up 80 wipes at Zek heroic so far without giving up. Always researching bosses beforehand and learning from mistakes. Looking for raiding group on the Doomhammer-Turalyon Realm. I can raid almost any day of the week providing its during the evenings/night times and can also run Mythic+ with guildies for extra chances at gear. Bnet is Loliance#2303 / Bravehearth-Turalyon ingameBravehearth1 17 Sep
16 Sep Old Paladin looking a hearth to sit by Hello, I am an old (playing since Vanilla WoW and throughout all expansions before) strictly pro-Alliance gamer looking for a home here. My old account is no longer available (long story) and I've made fresh start here on Turalyon. Looking for a cozy small community (guild) to strike roots. I don't like crowded 100+ online members "everyone welcome" guilds (no offence), so that's why I prefer something moderate. I am mostly interested in a casual PvP/PvE, been "passively" looking for an arena mate long since and also interested in RBGs. But mostly I am looking for some fellow spirits to play with. Hope to meet new people! P.S. I'm GMT+3 located and mostly play after 18:00 GMT up to 5 times a week.Colgrain0 16 Sep
15 Sep Healer LF Guild Hey folks, I'm looking for a raiding guild. I'm available: (CEST Times) Mon - 19:30 onwards Tue - 18:30 onwards Wed - not available Thu - 20:30 onwards Fri - All day Sat - All day Sun - 4 week rotation - 18:30 onwards /23:30 onwards I'm from Ireland and I'm 31 years old. I've raid healed since Vanilla but due to my previous job I stopped raiding after MoP and only did some LFR since then. Most of my experience is with a Holy Paladin but I've allot of experience with Holy Priest and Resto Druid too. I've healed half the bosses in Uldir but couldn't do them all due to my work schedule listed above. This characters ilvl is 351 at the moment. Profile below: If you want me in your guild please either whisper me in game or reply to this. Bnet ID: Rycar#21539 CheersRycar0 15 Sep
15 Sep Horde heal monk+tank DH LF raiding guild Looking for a new raiding guild for myself and a friend both at 343 ilvl. Both of us have completed part of normal Uldir and are looking for a guild to complete the rest and heroic. Avaliable almost any time to play weekdays and weekends. Yraco#2947 15 Sep
14 Sep Beginner guilds in Turalyon ? I'm a level 29 draenei warrior, looking for a casual, friendly guild. Haven't been able to find any or been accepted to any as of yet.Slayerofsins6 14 Sep
13 Sep Virtuous Syndicate looking for Ranged Dearest WoW lovers VS is looking for some ranged dps to buff our raids. We are currently 7/8 in Uldir Normal and is aiming for a clear in the new reset. Please whisper Anaba / Mahimata / Turelio in game or just message me on here if you are interested :) A mage would be first priceAnaba6 13 Sep
13 Sep Joint Alliance/Horde guild and community recruiting Hi, <A>Ad Infinitum and <H>High Society are casual joint alliance/horde guild and cross-realm community looking for people to join our cozy gang. A long term guild founded by retired mature hardcore raiders, the guild caters for all sorts of people; altaholics, occasional players, casual raiders, mythic dungeoneers, inexperienced and very experienced people are all welcome. We even have friends from other servers too. The guild is a friendly chilled out environment where you should feel equally at home if you wish to mostly go it alone, or to find some friends to go on adventures with. Our mythic plus team could probably do with a few more members too. We mostly communicate via our blizzard community channel or discord to keep as many of our players in contact as possible. If you are interested or have more questions its better to get in contact on -my Bnet-Syntesis#2468 (evening) -or discord ( (daytime) as I have too many alts to be able to be pinned down in game :)Synbios0 13 Sep
12 Sep Brewmaster LF Raiding Guild I am a brewmaster monk (349) and i am looking for a Guild that is raiding HC. I am a student and am available pretty much every night, while i would like to stay horde i wouldn't mind changing to alliance. I have done 8/8 normal with a pug. If you would like more info/ do some test runs whisper me ingame or add me on Bnet (Lennart#22636)Laryy0 12 Sep
11 Sep [A] Warrior Tank (346) LF Guild, Mythic/ Raids Hi, looking for a Guild - for both Mythic/+ and Raids and ofc hangaround in general. Use Discord and even if i play serious, wont tilt for minor stuff. Have done alot of raiding up to 60, even raidleading. Will accept any role; reserv/ off-tank/ main-tank as needed. Hit me up here or ingame, DJ1337#21624Brittish0 11 Sep
10 Sep Bulgarian guild? Is there a thinkg like that in the server?Radagazt0 10 Sep
09 Sep [A] <The Good Place> recruiting The Good Place is looking for a few good men. Or women. Or dwarves, elves, gnomes.. even those doggie things.. We're recruiting is what I'm saying. If you're interested in joining a new guild (part of a multi-game clan) which will do all the usual PvP and raiding, but with a focus on building a *community*, then we've got the place for you. We've literally just started, so we can't offer you much in terms of perks or past achievements, but that does mean you'll get in on the ground floor for reaching new ones. For more information, have a look at our (in-progress) website or drop me a line here or in game. Common, what are you waiting for? It says Good on the tin, so it can't be bad right? Ermon GM of The Good Place https://yargaming.comErmon6 09 Sep
08 Sep [A] Resto shaman LF raiding guild Hey, I recently returned to the game and now I am looking for a raiding guild. I used to raid alot during WOTLK, CATA and MOP but haven't been active the past 4 years. I would now like to start raiding again. Preferably 2-3 raid days a week, which days don't matter for me however I will only raid till 22:00 / 22:30 server times on weekdays. Does anyone happen to know a raiding guild in need of a resto shaman?Nymeli2 08 Sep
05 Sep Returning player LF new home Hello! I recently returned to WoW after a lengthy break - haven't really played actively since Cata because of life getting in the way. I have some more time to devote to gaming recently, but still can't commit to regular raiding again, so I'd like to find a mature, social guild to make dungeons, questing, expeditions, warfronts etc less lonely and help out with dps/heals (possibly tanking too, when I get some alts levelled) where I can. Just leave a message here or w/ ingame if you have a guild that might be a good fit! Looking forward to talking to you!Armah0 05 Sep
03 Sep The Ranch[H] - is recruiting! (Casual Guild) Hello everyone! The Ranch is a casual social guild which was initially created to help new players experience WoW in a social and friendly environment. We have since then branched out and recruited plenty of players, young and old. There's plenty to do for everyone! We recruit any level or class! If you're interested in joining a fun social guild to experience the game at low or high level then The Ranch is the perfect for you! Currently we are organizing plenty of guild dungeon runs at max level and we're also forming a group to organize a raid every once in a while! Don't worry, if you have zero experience in Dungeon content you are still welcome! Come and join to learn from seasoned veterans! If you're interested then contact me in-game or post a reply to this topic!Yarr0 03 Sep
03 Sep Resto shaman is looking for Raiding Guild I'm an old wow player, looking for a guild for Raid progress. Availability : Sunday - Thursday eveingns, prefer to skip Friday/Sat evenings ( parties, rest... you know :) ) I'm on free occupation so in most cases available from a day till late night times. On a new release i can spare some extra time ofc. Feel free to answer here or contact in game. Thanks.Etissa6 03 Sep
03 Sep Fresh 110 LF a guild to get into raiding I'm a 25 years old software developer who recently started playing again after not (really) having played since TBC (so I am a little out of practise). I'm looking for a guild with whom I can start getting used to dungeons/ mythic+ and eventually progress to raids. Hit me up if you are willing to take a beginner on a journey ;)Yukihara3 03 Sep
03 Sep New player progression I started playing this from scratch earlier this week and as a completely new player the sheer amount of content is somewhat overwhelming. Right now I'm just happily going about doing all the quests that I see, when should I start thinking about dungeons and guilds etc.? Will the quest line naturally guide me through the natural path?Asfaloth1 03 Sep
03 Sep Belgische of nederlanstalige guild Is er hier op server belgische of nederlanstalige guild die actief is en ook raid ?Boenker3 03 Sep
03 Sep [DUTCH guild] Optimus Pruim- Bloodhoof[H] Optimus Pruim is a guild on Bloodhoof/Khadgar with members from Belgium and the Netherlands. We’re currently not recruiting new members.Puik2 03 Sep
02 Sep Looking for a home Hey, Ive been playing since a little before BC but once my guild disbanded after Wrath i have pretty much played on my own since. I am looking for a mature guild to do casual raids, mythic + and rated pvp with. I have played Paladin since BC but currently maining my Monk for the last 3 expansions. If you think you can give me a home please send a /w in game :) My monk is Zephaar and my Paldin is Mythrildor.Mythrildor1 02 Sep
02 Sep Healer LF Raid Guild Hey folks, I'm looking for a raiding guild. I'm available: (CEST Times) Mon - 19:30 onwards Tue - 18:30 onwards Wed - not available Thu - 20:30 onwards Fri - All day Sat - All day Sun - 4 week rotation - 18:30 onwards /23:30 onwards I've raid healed since Vanilla but due to my previous job I stopped raiding after MoP and only did some LFR since then. Most of my experience is with a Holy Paladin but I've allot of experience with Holy Priest and Resto Druid too. I've no experience with Monks until this expansion but I feel very comfortable playing this class. This characters ilvl is poor at the moment as this is the 3rd healer I've leveled to 120 as I was trying to find something I enjoyed playing. I healed half the Mythic dungeons on my paladin and felt a change was needed and so far monk feels much easier/better to play. I intend to get my ilvl much higher before the 5th and I should be all set to go by then. If you want me in your guild please either whisper me in game or reply tp this. CheersRycar2 02 Sep
30 Aug LF Heroic raiding guild needing a tank Hello! I am a Demon Hunter tank looking for a casual heroic raiding guild. I started playing in Legion when the Nighthold had just been released. The time i can spend raiding are in the time zone BST and are as follows: Monday --- Friday : 4 PM ---- 10 PM Saturday : All day Sunday : 6 PM ---- 10 PM Thank you for reading!Asuraa0 30 Aug
29 Aug [H]Decepticons Galore - New & Recruiting! Decepticons Galore - Newly formed and looking for active dedicated players. No - We will not raid hardcore to be realmfirst but we will surely make a steady progress for the sake of the challenge. The three founders are down to earth guys who decided to try to create a smaller community where people who played the game for a long time would join up and progress with success. So far we have been enjoying the release of bfa and want to share that joy with you guys as we progress through Mythic+ and raiding. We are looking for players who are down to earth, have prior raiding experience, the minimum age of 18 and a itemlevel minimum of 335. Language is restricted to English and we ask you to respect that. Raidtimes will be as follows: Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 (extends if players wants) Sundays: 20:00-23:00 (extends if players wants) Mondays: 20:00-23:00 (extends if players wants) These times will be scheduled in game and might change depending on what we need, might be more interesting to do Mythic+ and then we'll switch to that. If this sounds anything that suits you - hit me up in game or whereever you feel comfortable. Thanks for reading. Regards SSlitwrizt0 29 Aug