Doomhammer / Turalyon

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18h [A] <Blooded> 6/11M recruiting 1 dps! -> Currently looking for 1 dps <- Hello, and welcome to a <Blooded> recruitment post. I’m here to introduce you and give some insight into our guild and hopefully pique your interest! Here at Blooded we aim to create a comfortable, fun but also advancing raid group focussed around progression and a good laugh (we hope). As a guild we want raiding to be primarily fun; having raided since pandaland we have always had an element of light conversation, memes and of course a good laugh usually at our leaders expense. And so we are never strict about what the player does personally, as long as they contribute and listen during raids that is fine with us. Although we have been shifting to a more serious structure in Legion we don’t want to lose this fundamental aspect of our guild actions; we only want to make getting further part of it. We want stock raid members in case of a missing person, we want optimal performance from our players if we can (but we are hopefully there for bringing that out) and we ultimately want to progress in raids. Recruitment information - You need to have some heroic experience, but no need for mythic experience - Your gear needs to match your experience - You’re available for 75% for all raids - You feel ready and have the patience to deal with progression - You need keep on top of your main class/spec, and upcoming fights Raid times We’re currently not doing heroic on official raid days besides a weekly kill on Argus HC Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Tuseday 20:00 - 23:00 Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 alt/optional raid Legion progression EN mythic 7/7 ToV mythic 2/3 NH mythic 7/10 ToS mythic 5/9 What do we want? From you We're a mythic raiding guild seeking like minded individuals who like walks on the beach and also to maybe kill a dragon? But in all seriousness we want members who can raid with us, who are willing to listen and are willing to grow. We need stable members but we’re not asking for anything extreme, we value people’s personal lives and understand that sometimes things pop up. But most important is to grow and have fun with us. We also need people who accept that sometimes they will need to step out for certain fights or raid nights if needed, as should our current raid members. From us We’re aiming to keep a stable raid team of around 28 people, or rather a group of friends who really enjoy playing together. As for progress, we’ve always tried to do a little bit better than the last tier. But for this tier we’ve set our goals a little bit higher aiming for the end bosses and hopefully clearing the raid once and for all. Add our recruitment manager in you're interested Gigs#2131Wjozw11 18h
1d Zombina remembrance event Dear Horde and Alliance, Dawn of the Undead of Turalyon-Doomhammer would like to invite you all for one of a kind event. On 22nd of April we will be holding a ceremony to commemorate our original Founder and Guild Master Zombina, who passed away after a long fight with an illness on April 22nd 2007. As our yearly tradition a ceremony will take place in Brill, where we will honor the memory of our dear friend. If you knew Zombina or if you want to pay respects to a fellow WoW player, we would like to invite you to come to Brill on April 22nd at 20:30 (CEST). After the ceremony we will continue the event with games and old raids to remind ourselves of the past. So if you want to witness something, you haven't witnessed before please come and join us. Also formal clothing required (tuxedos!). P.S. The ceremony will be conducted in Orcish / Gutterspeak.Tireath0 1d
3d Perceptive 11/11M Boosting Services Hello and Welcome to Sham's Boost Community, formed by Perceptive's Guild Master / Management Team, which consists of a variety of boost teams of multiple top guilds on Tarren Mill Horde . In Sham's Boost Community, you can order which type of boost that you would like on discord or via , so if you cant find a boost team to do weekly M+15 for example and cant find one of our advertisers in game, you can now just order it on discord and get way faster responses and achieve the boost as soon as possible. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. We accept payment on Any realm, you can find a regularly updated list of prices on our Discord Server. Discord Link: What we Offer: Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : Days: Saturday/Sunday Time: 16:30/17:00 Server Time Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Trinket (Whispers of the Dark): Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Mount: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Guldan Mythic Achievement and Mount! Guldan Mount + Full Run: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 19:00 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Full loot priority from all 10 bosses and Guldan Mythic Mount! Tomb Of Sargeras : Tos Mythic First 6 Package: Day: Sunday Time: 17:30 Server Time Extra Info: You will receive 6 Achievements and Full Loot Priority for your Class and Spec! Tos Mythic Full Clear Package : Day: Sunday Time: 17:30 Server Time Extra Info: You will receive 9 Achievements , Full Loot Priority for your Class/Spec and The Darkener Title! Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 17:00 Server Time (Flexible with Times) Group Size: 20-25 all unsaved Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Boosters are unsaved! Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: 10 runs per day Time: Team runs from 16 ST till 23 ST, 10 runs per day Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Antorus Glory Run : Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Mythic + Boosting Services: Mythic + Level 15 for Weekly : Day: Any Day/Time Extra info: This type of boost is only for weekly Mythic + 15 for Cache! Mythic + Level 15 Armor Loot : Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: This Type of Boost is for Full Leather/Mail/Plate/Cloth Group for Extra loot for you! Mythic + Level 20 for Score/Loot Day: Any Day/Time Extra info: Get More loot Drop and High Mythic + Score Note: If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide, please add one of the battle tags or Skype or Join the Discord, and if the boost you are looking for is not listed then you can ask about it aswell! Contact us Discord Invite Link: Skype: Prinishivace321 Battle Tag: Vyndon#2654 and Prinishivace#2678Shamserk7 3d
4d Old players @ Turalyon Looking for some old names @ Vanilla and few expansions. If anyone, please tell me whats up and if theres plans for BfA/Classic? It would be nice to open up a guild with some old names inb4 BfA, or Classic. My main focus is on Classic, but expansions are always inviting.Gulleplutt2 4d
5d Reroll Guild - Want to see all content again? Hello there, After playing very casually the past several years, and only being really active in vanilla, I decided it was time to relive all the beautiful content of this game. If I can gather enough interest I would like to start a reroll project, we can level from 1 to 110 together, taking breaks at 60/70/80/90/100 and taking the time to clear all content! No rushing or skipping. I guess a few weeks to a month at each level cap would give enough time. We will be ready for the new expansion when it releases. There would be 2 nights a week when there will be organised events such as dungeons/raids/questing/PvP/fun. I would love to gather about 20 active players to start this fun project, more will join along the way! Give me a shout out in this thread or in game to show interest, the details of this guild will be decided together with all interested players. Server: Doomhammer EU Faction: HordeTherealsix4 5d
12 Apr Are <B.I.G> still around? hey all, i was on doomahmmer in vanilla and early tbc before moving on to adventures new. i used to be in <B.I.G> and <Synergy>. just wondered if they are still alive. would be nice to catch up with everyone who remembers me! Boomshack Night elf shadow priest and Lilboom gnome warrior.Athona1 12 Apr
11 Apr [A]<Requiem> 11/11M Antorus - Recruiting! Update as of 11/04/2018 - > Now 11/11M, we're recruiting players (specifically a healer or dps with healer offspec) for re-clears and BfA! Add mdax#2695 for a chat. Who is <Requiem>? Hmmm. How to fit the ethics and ins/outs of our guild into a short advertisement. Take a seat, grab a Mountain Dew and maybe some Cheetos, and let us begin... <Requiem> are a long running 3 night a week raiding guild, located on Doomhammer/Turalyon EU. We have raided regularly since the days of Firelands in cataclysm and cleared all end expansion content at a Heroic/Mythic level equivalent since. What is your current progression in Legion? Since you asked so nicely: 11/11 Mythic in Antorus (Cutting Edge, world 504) 8/9 Mythic in Tomb of Sargeras (12% best attempt on KJ) 10/10 Mythic in The Nighthold (Cutting Edge) 3/3 Mythic in the Trial of Valor (Cutting Edge) 7/7 Mythic in The Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge) What are your collective goals? Our goal as a raiding team is to clear mythic raids while they're still relevant for those shiny Cutting Edge achievements, whilst having room to joke around and have fun during raid time. We're not super serious, we value enjoying the raid more than whining at people constantly, however we do expect a few things from our raiders: We require our players to understand and implement their characters to their full potential, which includes deep knowledge about your class and role, as well as bringing the best consumables, enchants and gems available. And, above all, knowing when to get serious when needed. We take the time to log our raids and review what we can be doing better each night, giving the team a strong backing by experienced players during progression fights. Why join us you ask? What can we offer you above the other 20 guilds recruiting? As mentioned above, we pride ourselves in keeping a light hearted, whilst mature, atmosphere during raids. We feel we can provide a real sense of community, and that you’ll feel relaxed, happy, but focused in when it comes to progressing on the next boss. In instances we need them, we provide runes and anything extra we may need to kill a boss, and will always provide a wealth of information regarding upcoming bosses and a forum to discuss ideas. You can rest assured that the raid team will be continuing through the longevity of Legion, with an aim to be amongst the top couple of guilds on the server. Above all, we invest in the player themselves, not the character they play. Even if you haven’t killed any mythic bosses, we’re willing to take a chance on you proving your skill and dedication, whatever gear or experience you have. If you can, two weeks later you will be fully mythic geared anyway and part of a team that gets stuff done, whilst having a good time. We have an extremely active Discord server which we use as our ‘community hub’, and you can often find players playing other games or generally hanging out every evening. When do you raid? We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Mondays from 20:30 'till 23:30 server time. Invites at 20.15. We also run alt raid nights for some downtime, and you’ll find us running Mythic+ every night of the week. How do you deal with loot? We have a loot council system in place, using RC Loot Council. Loot will go where it will most benefit the raid, and if you don't get it the first time it drops it won't be long until you are fully geared anyway. What do you expect from potential raiders? There are a few things we expect, noted below. Head over to our website for a more in depth list! • Ability to click the ‘sign up’ button in advance (sometimes harder than a raid boss) • Show up on time and prepared • Learn each fight – Know the mechanics of the boss • Be part of a team – This is a team effort after all! You may have to sit a fight, you may not get a piece of loot first time it drops, but this is part of the team effort. Legion makes it harder than ever before to bring the same people to every boss, without 3495 alts. Please understand this! • Prove your worth – Do well. Know the tactics, provide some feedback and you’ll get a starting spot for sure. • Patience – Mythic raiding can be hard, understand once in a while we may have a night wiping. It won’t deter us. We’ll get around to smacking the end boss in the face, and we’ll have fun doing it when we do. Interested? Head over to our website at below for more information: You can also whisper Kotah, Jaboli, or Serhehe in game for more information. Additionally we have a second more relaxed raiding team, Team Aayala, that raids two nights a week on Wednesday and Thursday. Current Progress: 2/11M, 11/11 HC Antorus. Contact Soulwrencher or Raistlinmaje for more info. Socials players are always welcome! If you feel like you would like to hang out with us, drop us a message in game or on here. ADD ME -> mdax#2695 to discuss. Cheers!Kotah26 11 Apr
08 Apr Ninth Order(11/11M) Heroic and Mythic boostruns *** We are boosting 11/11M now ! *** Hello Doomhammer / Turalyon, We will be doing boosts on Wednesday & Thursday(Thursday is mostly reserved for Mythic boosting). Most of our raids start at 19:45 server time. With our history of successful boosts in previous expansions and great reputation as a guild you don't need to worry about a thing. Our group is made of officers and raiders from Ninth Order. If you ever have a complaint about any of our members do not hesitate to inform us and we will do our best to resolve any sort of misunderstandings. You will get exactly what you paid for, you will make friends, have a laugh and definitely come back again for either a run on your alt character or other boostruns. We are boosting the following : - Full heroic Antorus Personal Loot (450k, all our boosters are unsaved and items will be rolled out) - Guldan mount (1.7 million) - 9/11M antorus (4.5 million, all tier tokens will be yours + loot we dont need) - 9/11M antorus + loot priority (all items will be yours 2 speccs of your choice) - 10/11M antorus - 10/11M antorus + loot priority (all items will be yours 2 speccs of your choice) - 11/11M antorus - 11/11M antorus + loot priority (all items will be yours 2 speccs of your choice) - Argus M only - Argus M only + mount (12 million) *** We accept payment on most big servers *** *** Add me on for the remaining prices *** Prices can and will be changed as the time goes by so feel free to poke me about them along the way. For additional information about the boost and scheduling whisper Talho#2887 and I will provide all the answers in game. Hope to see you soon! :)Talho3 08 Apr
05 Apr Virtuous Syndicate looking for raiders We are passionately looking for players in our guild. We have cleared HC Antorus multiple times and are currently bored to no comparison with it. If you are keen to join us to try and mess around in some mythic raiding or just looking for a guild where you can get to know the peeps and get ready for the long awaited expansion, pop me a message.Anaba4 05 Apr
05 Apr Outland Revolution Hi please check out this video if you loved or enjoy The Burning Crusade and Outland. Add my Battle-Tag Rikard#2959 for interests in the new Project 70 on Silvermoon <Raiders of Outland>Zpikkz0 05 Apr
04 Apr [A] <Prohibicja> 4/9M 9/9HC polish guild recruiting <Prohibicja> is polish raiding guild and we are now recruiting to our main team! Because of that, I will keep rest of the post in polish (to whoever it might be offending, sorry for that!) Cześć! <Prohibicja> poszukuje graczy do uzupełnienia naszego głównego składu! Gildia została założona na początku dodatku The Burning Crusade, i od tego czasu stabilnie progressujemy każdy możliwy raid. Aktualnie, ze względu na braki kadrowe, raidujemy mythici z inną gildią na serwerze, dlatego nasz profil na wowprogressie może wyglądać inaczej niż jest w rzeczywistości, ale to można szybko zweryfikować Do naszego teamu poszukujemy głównie DPSów, z naciskiem na range, aczkolwiek każdy gracz jest mile widziany do zgłoszenia się do nas! Wszystkich, zarówno casualowych, jak i bardziej nakierowanych na raidy, chętnie przyjmiemy w swoje szeregi. Aktualnie do wyjścia kolejnego raidu, mamy 2-3 główne dni raidowe. W nowym patchu będą to 3 dni, środa, niedziela i wtorek, w godzinach 20:00-22:30 Czego oczekujemy od gracza? -jakiegoś doświadczenia w raidowaniu poprzednich tierów; -dostatecznie mocnego komputera na raidowanie; -przygotowania do raidów - taktyki, flaski, jedzonko; -poczucia humoru; -możliwości przyjmowania konstruktywnej krytyki; -nie bania się używania mikrofonu Co oferujemy: -przyjemną atmosferę; -możliwość progressowania czegoś więcej niż LFRy czy pugi; -zajęcia czasu poza dniami raidowymi - m+, -czasem stare raidy dla zabicia czasu po szybkim wyczyszczeniu raidu; Jeżeli jest coś co pominąłem, a chcielibyście się o tym dowiedzieć, zapraszam do kontaktu bezpośredniego: Syluri#2423 Pralin#2322 Tradmaer#2715Lukii2 04 Apr
04 Apr [A]<MM> 9/11M is recruiting Hi All, For those that don't know us, <MM> was formed in Vanilla on Turalyon and we've been raiding since. We are looking for one healer and a DPS or two! Recruiting Healer: Rdruid, MW, HPr preferred DPS: ALL apart from Hunters Raid Times (ST, GMT+1) Wed, Thu, Sun: 20:00 – 23:00 Expectations and requirements We value attendance, performance and attitude very highly and these are the key qualities we will be looking at throughout your trial period. It’s very important to us that you are able to attend the 3 main raids each week so that we can evaluate you properly. Obviously real life comes first, such as emergencies, however if you know you will consistently miss a particular raid then you should not apply. It is also important that you are prepared and ready for invites 15 minutes before the raid so we can start promptly. Since we are pushing to do the hardest content in the game at a reasonable pace, you will be required to perform to a certain standard, this means you need to be able to listen to the raid leader, execute our tactics correctly and output the dps/hps we need for that fight. Trials will be required to reach a 50% ranking on average for their gear level. While we do not want to encourage padding or ignoring tactics, this will certainly fail your trial, we do want to ensure that you understand your class/role to a high level and therefore can perform well. We strive to do the best we can and therefore it is important you share our passion, this means outside of raids we expect you to be doing content to increase your performance, that could involve doing M+ for gear that has synergies fit for your class, that could be AP/legendary farming. We also expect you to read up on your class/role outside of raids. Any fights that you have missed the progress for, you will be expected to catch up on the tactics by talking to someone that was there, reading up the threads for bosses on our forums, or looking at guides online, however since we make our own tactics, I would encourage you to do this as a last resort. Doing these will help you to perform at a level you are proud of and that we want on our team. A trial period will last about 4 weeks. Still interested? Great, you can contact us here, in game or our forum (and make an application) at! Kind regards, Smaj Smaj#2700Smaj2 04 Apr
04 Apr lf clan pl Siemka szukam klanu który pozwoli mi się dobrze bawić i podpowie mi co i jak jestem nowy w wowHambi1 04 Apr
03 Apr 951 Resto / Balance Dru ReRoll LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hi there, I have just come back from a break, due to guild disband and have decided to reroll to this Druid for BFA and onwards. I'm looking for a Mythic Raiding Guild, 2/3 days with your usual evening raid times. My experience this expansion is as follows; 2/11M Antorus. 5/9M ToS. 8/10M NH. 2/3M ToV. 7/7M ENM. Although I have played since Day 1 of the game and have raided since Vanilla pretty hardcore until the end of Firelands when I went a bit more casual. Just whisper me in game, or add me on Leonhardt#21687 for a chat and such.Leonhardt3 03 Apr
23 Mar Recruitment Closed CLOSEDChuggnorris5 23 Mar
21 Mar (A) Gladius Dei - 4/9 M 2/11 M is recruiting! Hello there! Gladius Dei is recruiting more raiders to fill in our ranks! We are a stable guild that's been around on Doomhammer since Vanilla '05. Our current progress is at 7/7 M, 2/3 M ,3/10 M, 4/9 M and 2/9 M We want some more dedicated raiders to fill in our raiding team to get a good pool to draw from for future Antorus progression. Right now we are mostly looking for DPS Preferably SPriest, Shaman, Warlock, Demon Hunters, Mages If you don't fall in this class category don't be afraid to hit me up anyway and see if we can work something out! Our raiding times (servertime) are during the evening as following: Wednesday 9PM - 12PM (Progress) Thursday 9PM - 12PM (Progress) Monday 9PM - 12PM (Farm run) We don't make you come to all 3 of our raids but if you want to be a part of the progress group then we want you joining 2 out of 3 raids. (Wed/Thurs) If you are interested in joining a guild that has tons of different nationalities, makes frequent Mythic+ groups and is very social in a relaxed environment then we got you covered. Please reply on this topic if you have any questions contact Kaspahv#2789 or Suitti#21364 For the Alliance!Dursang31 21 Mar
18 Mar New player looking for guild [A][DPS] Hey guys, I recently started playing the game and I'm still leveling my paladin. I'm looking for a fun community with whom I can maybe play more than just WoW. My current schedule is irregular, but I do my best to play as much as possible. I like playing DPS on my paladin (holy) and I'm still learning the game. I hope to join a guild of more experienced players who are willing to teach me the way of playing so I can become more useful in dungeons and maybe even raids!Sorgy0 18 Mar
15 Mar (H) Questions about this server! (2/11M) Hello there, everyone! Currently, me and my 2/11 Mythic guild are trying to seek a new home in order to recruit some potential new raiders for Battle for Azeroth. We grew very curious of this server and wanted to ask everyone here as to what it is like on the Horde side. Questions such as: - Are there players on the Horde side seeking to do Mythic raiding? - What the social atmosphere is like on the server? - Despite the ratio, are there still Horde players continuing on nonetheless? Would love to know more about Connected Doomhammer, any information would greatly help us out in deciding what to ultimately do here (if it comes to it).Calling1 15 Mar
15 Mar [A] <Easy - Lightbringer> 2/11 (M) is recruiting. <Easy - Lightbringer/Mazrigos> is recruiting. We are presently 2/11 Mythic. We are happy to discuss cross-realm applications by single individuals or small groups of players. Recruitment is currently open for DPS and healers. Applications of exceptional quality, or those from players with raid leading experience will always be given special consideration regardless of our current recruitment status. Minimum requirements for Raider applicants for Antorus Mythic: iLvl:950 Artifact level: 74 All Epic Gems, Fully enchanted, etc. Raid attendance: 50% (we raid on Mon/Wed/Thu/Sun from 21:00 to 23.30 server time) To apply to Easy, please complete an application form in our forum. Make sure to read the sticky, and to complete the application form in full. You do not need an account to post an application. The link to our forum is We are happy to discuss applications by small groups of players. If necessary, create a character on Lightbringer or Mazrigos and contact an officer: Templaar, Rotkwa, Nephesh, Liria, Irukandzi <Easy> was founded in 2006. It has a long and stable membership; many of us have raided with Easy for 10 or more years. We are an adult guild and we tend to keep chat clean and to raid in a pleasant and non-threatening atmosphere. We don't bench members once they qualify as raiders - we have a system which gives preference to raiders who have been rolled out of a previous raid. We prefer raiding as friends together to hardcore progress, but our progress is usually solid enough, but without the aggro of hardcore raiding and without compulsory attendance at all raids.Halfamo0 15 Mar
14 Mar [H] <The Northern Lights> are recruiting: ABT 11/11(HC) Current Progress in Legion - 7/7 EN (HC), 3/3 ToV (HC), 10/10 NH (HC), 9/9 ToS (HC) & 11/11 AtBT (HC) 'The Northern Lights' are looking to boost our ranks as we look toward the 'Battle for Azeroth' expansion. We're currently 11/11 AtBT HC and still running the raid on a weekly basis for the time being because.... why not right? //-------------- A little bit about the Guild: We are a friendly bunch of people from a wide range of backgrounds; former hardcore raiders who no longer have the schedule and casual raiders. We all have one thing in common; we enjoy low drama progression at a light pace of 2 nights per week (Monday and Thursday 20:00-23:00 server) in a relaxed atmosphere. We understand that real life tends to get in the way, but that doesn't stop us getting through content at a good pace. //-------------- Onto the recruitment part: We are looking for all DPS classes, in particular some ranged DPS and melee DPS that wouldn't mind stepping in to for AFK tanks; Windwalker Monk, Havoc Demon Hunter, Ret. Paladin, Mage, Warlock and Hunter. Ideally, we're looking for; * Mature applicants * Previous experience in Normal or Heroic raiding * Item level around 940 But it's not an ideal world! So please feel free to apply if you don't meet those requirements and we can have a chat in-game with you. Also, we will consider any exceptional applicants for other roles in a raid which we are not currently looking for. Finally, if you don't like the raiding scene; you can always apply as a 'Social' member and join us on farmed bosses, fun-runs through old content, or even a few laid-back Mythic+ dungeons outside of our raid schedule. //-------------- Visit our website at or you can send an in-game whisper to the following characters for more information; GM: Redwillow Officers: Akeso and GrimmgørGrimmgør24 14 Mar
13 Mar Looking for Guild, Turalyon Hi, I'm a returning player I stopped playing WoW right before Cata came out, just recently created a new account and started playing again on this warlock. I would like to join a guild that's social and where people don't take things too seriously and treat each other with respect. I do dungeons all the time and plan on getting into raids and heroic/mythic stuff down the line. Message me or send me an invite if you want to know more! Thanks!Elesia0 13 Mar
09 Mar Arms warrior looking for a PVP Guild Hey, I haven't played Legion in almost a year, and only just hit max. Looking for a guild that focuses on Arena/Rated Battlegrounds, anyone recommend any? ThanksApogno0 09 Mar
06 Mar [DUTCH guild] Optimus Pruim - Bloodhoof[H] Casual LFM This post is in English but we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Optimus Pruim is a guild on Bloodhoof/Khadgar with members from Belgium and the Netherlands. We’re a CASUAL guild and we value the SOCIAL aspect. We're not a raiding guild! We're a social bunch who enjoy different aspects in WoW, raiding happen to be one off those. We have a strong active core at the moment with guildies and a bunch off friends outside off the guild. Together we’re venturing into Antorus HC. Our progress: We’re very pleased with the direction the guild is going, and we want to continue this way in BfA. That’s why we’re on the lookout for like minded dutchies/belgians (18+) to expand our dutch/belgian WoW community. If you want to know more check out our forum post with more details: or add my battletag: Stougmeister#2832 Remember, we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Groet en misschien tot later, PuikPuik0 06 Mar
05 Mar [H] Dead Weight is recruiting! 7/11 Mythic Dead Weight [H] is a guild on the server Stormscale-EU. We recently moved from the realm Bloodhoof/Khadgar-EU to Stormscale-EU. Currently we are 7/11 Mythic and we’re going strong for achieving Cutting Edge this, and upcoming raid tiers. Our goal is to clear Mythic Antorus in this tier, so we’re only considering players that are on par or better than our top players in the guild. We strive to develop as a guild. All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding and a good social mentality during raids in order to created a pleasant environment we can enjoy as well as being able to progress raids at a reasonable pace also you will be needed to attend the raid prepared. We expect you to min/max your character and you should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it’s directed at you. You’ll also be required to install Discord and have a working headset and microphone and also be able to understand the English language. We raid the following days and times: (SERVER TIME) Wednesdays 20:30-23:00 Thursdays 20:30-23:00 Sundays 20:30-23:00 We are currently looking for: -Blood Death Knight -Fury/Arms Warrior -MM Hunter -Affliction Warlock -Frost/Fire Mage We are also taking exceptional players in consideration. Are you interested? Please contact Yvafourtwenty-Stormscale in-game or add Yva#21447 feel free to add any of the other officers too: -Azörius: Abobalypse#2387 -Discordiansz: Discordians#2834 -Ruxi: Miz7#2772 -Canine/Anubis/Coyote: TheKingEcho#1129 Team DWYva4 05 Mar
04 Mar <Pure> is now selling Fiendish Hellfire Core! <Pure> are now offering to sell a boost for the Mount Fiendish Hellfire Core from Mythic Gul'dan in The Nighthold. The boost costs 1M gold and includes any loot. The boosts will take place during Pure raiding hours which are Wednesday 19:45-23:15, Thursday 19:45-23:15. We will try to arrange to have your boost at the start of our raid night. Please contact one of our officers (ingame or PM), Helmsley, Fingle, Torty or Silvercrowe to reserve a spot. Additional Terms and Conditions: • We accept payment of gold on either the Turalyon or Doomhammer EU servers. • It is recommended (but not required), that the buyer have Mumble installed for ease of communication during the run. • The buyer shall pay the agreed upon fee immediately before the raid begins. Thanks for your time, <Pure>Hélmsléy0 04 Mar
03 Mar Old Warlock looking for a casual raiding guild Hi! I have been playing WoW for over 10 years now...both horde and alliance. I saw that Doomhammer / Turalyon was tagged as a new player realm and as I fancied a fresh start, I thought this would be a good place to come! I have raided heroic content historically, but havn't done much raiding this expansion due to work commitments. I love the community element of the game and this is what it most important to me. I am not looking for a guild that only uses Discord to communicate, but a guild that does actually use their guild chat too :) I would also like the opportunity to raid normal or heroic content when I have time. So if there is an attendance requirement on raiding, then I am not the right player for you. I am a 'mature' player, who is very friendly and enjoys questing and helping out others. Please feel free to reply to this message if anyone is interested in offering me a spot in their guild :) Thanks!Symfora0 03 Mar
28 Feb Looking for a progression guild Hey guys, I just started WoW last week and i noticed that, sadly, raiding old content at the appropriate level isn't a thing anymore, I really don't want to miss out on all of that great content (i tried doing old raids solo but it's just not that fun to me). I was wondering if there were any guilds in this server that did progression raiding. I'd be willing to take my time and organize it once in the guild! I can start over a character without any problems and level it up accordingly.Nkisi0 28 Feb
27 Feb Looking for something fresh, new, exciting ??? Hello fellow WoW´ers ! My name is Näruxo (Battletag: Näruxo#2882) and I am the Guildmaster of a brand-new Horde Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, called <HowMuchTheFish>. We just started out a few days ago, and are now happily recruiting for our Raid Roster in an effort to tackle Normal/Heroic and later Mythic, both in Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and beyond. Our raid days will be wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday - starting on 20:00 p.m each. You could be either a new player aswell, or a veteran, who took some time off of playing or someone who wanted to tone done his hardcore raiding schedule a bit. Currently recruiting all classes - this is YOUR chance ! I promise a nice guild and raiding enviroment, fair loot, and hopefully getting back all the excitement, that you felt, when you were in your first guild, ready to gear up your main for raiding or doing some M+ ! Would love to hear from you ! Sincerrely, Näruxo#2882Täntrum0 27 Feb
26 Feb Looking for Social Guild Hi, New to the server, are there any social guilds recruiting? ty!Alrewulf0 26 Feb
25 Feb [H] EU-Kazzak <HowMuchTheFish> LFM 180 78 posts 1 sec ago Hi all, <HowMuchTheFish> is a brand-new progression Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, which aims at a semi-hardcore approach when it comes to raiding. Our goal is to eventually do Mystic and progress through BfA and beyond. To do this, we are recruiting for our 25 man Raid Roster (for Normal/Heroic). We will raid on wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays, from 20:00 CET each. Right now we are looking for the following classes to build up our Raid Roster : 1 Tank (any class) 1 Retribution Paladin 1 Havoc Demon Hunter 1 Fury Warrior 1 Feral Druic or Frost Deathknight 2 Assassination Rogue 2 Affliction Warlock 2 Mage (Frost/Fire) 2 Hunter (multi-spec) 2 Shadow Priest 1 Holy Paladin 1 Discipline Priest 1 Restoration Druid 1 Restoration Shaman We accept socials aswell !!! Additionally, we are in need of dedicated Raid Leaders/Officers. If you would like such a role, please approach me :-) Here is our website, where you can file your application : Alternatively, whisper Näruxo#2882 ingame. Cheers, Näruxo, GM of <HowMuchTheFish>Näruxom0 25 Feb
22 Feb New player looking for guild! Hello boos! I'm quite new to wow and just starting leveling my new character yay. It sometimes gets kinda lonely, dont know anyone here. Ive thought I maybe should join a guild and well here I am looking for one. Any casual lgbt friendly would be nice. PM me or add. Thanks!Khlorea1 22 Feb
16 Feb BlackList - Gned-DoomHammer I would like to just Offer a name to your Blacklist pile to never invite to guild or raid, this pleayer will take unneeeded gear, and withdrawl stacks of items that are intended for others from guild bank, he did this to us before guild quitting after being with our guild for quite some time Hope you dont get the same happen to your Guild or RaidsJaffaa0 16 Feb
12 Feb Doomhammer/Turaylon being tagged as 'New Player' server So, what do you think about Doomhammer/Turaylon being tagged as a 'New Player' server? The realm could use some new players.Brennen2 12 Feb
09 Feb LF Guild Me & my wife (sin rogue and ench shammy) are looking for an active m+/normie casual raiding guild to join. We are both from the UK and just looking to have some fun in the game and hopefully some casual progression and make some friends. Cheers!Aran1 09 Feb
05 Feb LF Guild MM Hunter/Resto Shaman Looking for Raiding guild Cleared all previous raids on HC with some Mythic experience looking for a fun guild pushing progression at a steady pace who also do things outside of raiding.Azein3 05 Feb
04 Feb Mythic Raiding - Guild Partnership Hi, Vigilantes has now cleared the current content on heroic and it seems like we are stuck with this raid probably for 6months to a year. To avoid us all dying from boredom and the death of guilds, we are looking for another guild in a similar position to partner with, to get some mythic kills. We are looking to partner with another guild rather than a merger. We are not hardcore raiders and are not looking to hit mythics hard, but would like to gradually get some new kills / progression to keep the fun going. We currently raid from 8pm to 11pm wed and sun, but we can be a little flexible around this to get something together. If any guilds are interested, either contact me in game on Shadowyz or in discord on Shadowyz#9945Sentinalz1 04 Feb
04 Feb Monk looking for RBG and casual PVE guild. 128 posts 1 sec ago Just starting to get into PVP this expansion and would love to push 2K and unlock that sweet mog lol. I have been playing wow since very late Vanilla so id like to think i am experienced although a bit rusty. I am not fussed if I heal or dps and I can take criticism. If you think you can offer this little monk a home please send me a message. Oh i have just race changed new name is ThunderpawArkanos0 04 Feb
01 Feb LF social guild Hi, I'm looking for a social/casual guild to join on horde side. Have mostly played alliance so don't really know anyone from "the other side".Cachaça0 01 Feb
31 Jan Has Doomhammer been deleted? My Characters are on Doomhammer since day 1. Now if I create a guild or look at my character they are all listed as guild name - Turalyon character name - Turalyon I want Doomhammer back! and no I'm not paying 59.99 for a pre order 9+ months awayIronwill1 31 Jan
26 Jan [A] Vigilantes are recruiting! (11/11 HC) About us Vigilantes is one of the oldest guilds on Doomhammer. The guild was founded in February 2005, and has always maintained a casual, but dedicated attitude to raiding. We have a fairly large portion of active social members as well as a core raiding group. In the Legion expansion we have mainly focused our efforts towards raids on Heroic difficulty, and if the situation calls for it, some Mythic progress at the end of the raid tier. Our goal is to clear all raid content on heroic well before the next raid tier is released, while having fun on the way. We are recruiting We are primarily looking for skilled DPS to bolster our raid team. Both melee and ranged are welcome. If you are playing a different role, you are still welcome to apply, but you will need to be flexible in terms of which role you fill as we are currently quite high on both healers and tanks. Still, we would like you to hear from you if you feel you have something to provide for our team. We are also welcoming social applications. Keep in mind social members need to re-apply as a raider should you wish to be part of the raiding team. Raid and event times Our official raid times are Wednesday and Sunday, 20:00 to 23:00. Optional raids are typically held on Monday, 20:30 to 23:00. Mythic+ runs are being hosed throughout the week, but often on Fridays. Alt/Social runs are normally being held when we have over-geared the current content. What we hope to see from you If you are applying as a raider, we expect a fairly high attendance. Feasts and cauldrons are normally provided by the guild, but you are expected to have your own consumables in backup. In terms of your performance, we do expect you to have a personal interest to always improve your game. This means having all your gear up to par with enchants and gems, reading up on how to play your class/spec, and also how each raid encounter works. For both raiders and social applicants, it is important for us that you fit the general personality profile of the rest of the guild. Most of us are grown ups (at least we like to think we are), and with that comes family, jobs, kids, etc. If you are enjoying our company then you'll have a great time playing WoW, and vice versa. Did we peak your interest? If you'd like to know more, please head over to our website or get in touch with any of our officers (Shadowyz, Erodin, Kazar, Tyrini, and Tordall). We are happy to answer any questions you might have before (or after) leaving your application on our forum. For information about how to apply, please visit our forum We hope to hear from you!Tordall9 26 Jan
25 Jan LF guild Hello Me and Caleesi ( priest) are looking for a heroic raiding guild. i am tank / resto but am tempted to go play my mage nagoyah as main mage caleesi is holy but is also willing to play hunter. caleesi hunter: we both got raiding experience in other expansions we pref to raid 2 to 3 nights a week. can not raid till really late 23.00 would be tops due to real life so any guild recruiting? can always contact me on Goråidh#2251Goråidh4 25 Jan
25 Jan LF guild Raid/Mythic+ Hey, LFG who does Mythic+ and dungeon raiding. I recently came into a lot of time on my hand and willing to put in hours/hard work into finding a guild that Has active members who want to progress as much as me. Past raiding experience in WoLK. Willing to play Resto Druid, but will play another chr if the guild needs it. I just find myself logging every day and having no interaction with any players except for LFR which is just sad. So any help into finding a home where I can have some interaction and make some friends I would really appreciate it.Mongor3 25 Jan
17 Jan Looking for friendly and mature guild I'm a mostly casual player who loves achievements more than raid progression, but also wouldn't mind dipping into a raid every now and then. My current guild basically consists of me and two mates, and it's a bit quiet... Would love to find a guild with people with positive attitudes!Glowien3 17 Jan
17 Jan Hunter LF Guild MM Hunter Looking for Raiding guild i wish to push my progres and be part of a team :) Have Mage as alt and Holy PriestMitke2 17 Jan
16 Jan [A] Waste Management 9/9 HC 3/9 M (joint) <Waste Management> is Recruiting. We are a friendly and relaxed Raiding Guild situated on the Doomhammer/Turalyon server and are currently looking to recruit like minded people from a variety of classes, Waste Management was formed at the start of Legion with a casual yet committed approach to each raiding tier that is released. Aim of the game for us is to have a laugh, kill bosses and progress. We are looking to fill out our Raiding Roster in order to move into Antorus raiding and look to mythic progression in the future. Current Progression: Antorus the Burning Throne 11/11 Heroic Antorus the Burning Throne 11/11 Normal Tomb of Sargares 3/9 M (joint) Tomb of Sargares 9/9 HC Having Raid Progression at the same level as us is desirable but not essential. Raid Days: Wednesday | 8 - 11pm ST Thursday | 8:30 - 11:30pm ST Due to most of us being employed,we are currently raiding on Wednesday and Thursday @ 8 - 11pm Server Time. An optional alt/casual raiding day is added at the weekend when ever the raid leaders work life allows him to have a weekend off. Currently Recruiting: High: A tank of any spec Medium: DPS of any spec and 1 healer of any spec Application Process: We're a guild that is formed from a group of friends that returned to WoW and are looking for any one who is wanting to raid. if you are interested, please send a message to one of our contacts below and we'll have a quick chat just to see who you are, what class you play and if you have any inflexibilities in your schedule we should know about to accommodate raid times. Contacts: Zoliath#2968 ElMz#2320 Dism#2404 Loot: We currently use a Loot council system with the main goal of efficiently gearing our core raid team for fluid progression, our system is a simple: Raider main spec > Trial Main spec. And to those that are interested in the guild but not raiding, Social players are also welcome. We try to have an Alt/social raid at the weekends for people that can't commit to raiding days. Many thanks GM of <Waste Management> Wardrobe! ;)Wardrobe2 16 Jan
09 Jan [A] Weekend raid team 2/11M looking for dps :) Hi guys, We are looking for a healer at this moment as priority recruitment, all applications welcommed. :)) Friday Marines is a raiding Team and Guild, raiding Heroic and Mythic content 2 days per week: Friday and Saturday 20:00-24:00, with optional raids also on Wednesday (non-progression content for Mains and Alts for AP and fun). Recruitment status (updated: 15 Oct 2017): =================== - 1 healer (ideally Shaman / Paladin / Druid) - 1 dps, most classes possible (especially ranged, but all welcommed) More info or apply at : or just add Shandril#2428 (Shandril) or Mak#2170 (Mickella) for a in-game chat about raiding with us. :) Some selected info about the team follows. We are in between semi hard core and casual raiding, however many members are ex-hard core raiders who do not have that much time any more as before, or are alts of current hard-core raiders who seek even more fun in raids on their primary alt. Team was created on 2nd November 2012, and for initial 4 years was a cross-guilds team, however, with the changes Blizzard made in Legion to Master Looter UI, a Friday Marines guild has been created with aim to have 80%+ team members in guild, yet still to maintain original spirit of cross-guilds team for those ppl who for valid reasons can't leave their guilds. By default new members are expected to join FM guild, unless otherwise agreed with Officer. REQUIREMENTS / EXPECTATIONS FOR ALL RAIDING MEMBERS AND TRIAL RULES 1. Attend all raids on weekly basis, unless some rl unexpected pops up - if you have a permanent conflict with one of the raiding days, better not join the team, as we do expect participation and dedication to the Team :) In terms of specific attendance requirement it is 80%, so allows for 3 missed raidsd per 2 months. 2. Prioritize Weapon artifacts activities, as it has big impact on progression, especially at the expansion beginning. For new members it is expected to be up to speed with AK, and 52 ranks (concordance) with commitment to push it up further. 3. Have all the best consumables (food, runes) always ready and used during progression raids. Flasks are provided. Gear fully enchanted with BiS enchants. We try hard to keep our raids nice and calm. Occasionally, on some progression fights, we may fail to maintain this, but that's rare. We all make the effort to keep the atmosphere in raids relaxing rather than stressfull, while still reasonably pushing for progress. - Contribute to this approach! :) In terms of trial rules, it is pritty simple: what matter for the decission is: (1) attendance - if you can't make most or all raids it makes really no sense to join the team, as the trial will be failed for sure; (2) game play skills - which means ability to execute tactics precisely and consistently plus knowledge of the class demonstrated by good dps or hps output relevant at your gear level; (3) personality fit for the team - we are a bunch of old timers, mature people, with families and jobs, we treat WoW as great way to relax after a had week at work or Uni, so we tolerate no shouting, fingerpointing, or drama - if you kind of emo person, easy to upset or annoy by whatever reasons, you will not fit well, and best is to stay away, however, if you warm and kind in your heart, tolerant for unintended mistakes sometimes, you certainly will find Friday Marines a nice group to raid with. Thanks for reading and see you in raids hopefully! :)Shandril3 09 Jan
08 Jan McVitties Gaming Community & Warcraft Guild Recruiting [EU] [PC] McVitties - Social - Casual - Raid - PVE - PVP - Events & Discord Looking to Recruit More Members We are mainly an English Speaking Gaming Community We are Mostly EU Casual & Social player base ( but have room for anyone WorldWide) - - Looking to Group with other members in any game with use of the Discord features, to do group with other members for ingame activities IF You Want some Fun Join us and Play. Dont be Shy to Organise your own events in discord - ppl with join if they are free :) McVitties is always looking too expand more into Different Types of Gaming & too Group with other players. We have long standing Social / Casual Guild in World of Warcraft on Alliance Side - Turalyon / Doomhammer We have a Discord which is available for anyone to join and use: use code - xcXKYFW - to join We have a Facebook Group We have a Steam group We Have a Battlenet Social Group Some of us Love To Eat Cake or Biscuits, Talk about it and to Have Fun while we are Together. If You have any issues - Message me anytime - Jaffacake#1928 APPLY NOWJaffaa1 08 Jan
19 Dec [A] Absolution is looking for more Ranged DPS We are a recently reformed guild several years old. Currently raiding through Heroic content whilst looking to bolster our team with some active raiders, also recruiting socials, Preferably 18+. Experience required While we would prefer experienced raiders we are open to new or returning raiders who are willing to make the effort to develop and show consistency. If you put the time in, we will meet you half way. Raid days/Times Thursday 20:15- 23:15 Sunday 20:15-23:15 Monday 20:15-23:15 Raid Progress Emerald Nightmare HC 7/7 - M 3/7 Trial of Valor HC 3/3 Nighthold HC 10/10 - M 1/10 Tomb of Sargeras HC 9/9 Antorus the Burning Throne HC 8/11 Recruitment Tanks - Closed Healers - Low, perhaps with a good ranged offspec. Ranged DPS - All Classes Melee DPS - Closed Though these are our prefered classes for recruitment, all are welcome to apply. Whisper Malizia, Noxxi, Pericus, Meztez, Gwehymn in game or leave a reply to this post, Thanks!Poysonivy4 19 Dec
13 Dec Healer looking for guild to get back into raiding Hey, I used to raid in TBC and WotLK, and a couple of very tame attempts in Cata and MoP, but I would like to get back into it now. I prefer playing healer, but I have all classes at 110 with the exception of DK. Ideally I would be able to join a guild that are established and have a core of raiders, as I have seen to many attempts on newly started raid guilds that ends up with massive investment of time and energy to go nowhere. I can not start raiding earlier than 20:00 server time most days .. :/ Shameshady#2427Edvart1 13 Dec